Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas (Official Lyric Video)


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Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas (Official Lyric Video)

Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas (Official Lyric Video)

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Ashleigh 2 months ago

Idgaf if its april

KayDubs 2 months ago

I seriously don't care if it's not Christmas right now, this song's nice.

Nelly Osadchuk
Nelly Osadchuk 2 months ago


John Silver
John Silver 2 months ago

Голос и музыка шик! Слушаю Криса больше 30 лет

Lena Igumnova
Lena Igumnova 2 months ago

Очень люблю эту песню!!!!!!!!!!

Nelly Osadchuk
Nelly Osadchuk 2 months ago

Chris s p a s y b o!!!!!

White cat
White cat 2 months ago

Крис Ри реально гений )))))

vladan jevtic
vladan jevtic 2 months ago

im old man.but,my soul is young,like when i was listening this song for first time.i saw my home last time before 10 years end i never seen him again,to end of my,this song have special emotions for me.until im live i have sad in my soul.tnx Chris for this beauty

Наталья Евстегнеева

Прекрасная песня!!! Удивительной скромности человек. Поёт не выставляя себя. Не потому ли так чаруют его песни?

Linda Tkachova
Linda Tkachova 2 months ago

A mne nravitsja. Snego ždjom. Obeśali. Vsrm s novim!

Linda Tkachova
Linda Tkachova 2 months ago

Samaja prijatnaja dļja naśej segodneśnej žizni.

Tya John
Tya John 2 months ago


veselin borisov
veselin borisov 2 months ago

outside snow is raining today in January but i miss Christmas

Светлана Захватаева


Heather Hopkins
Heather Hopkins 2 months ago

Thank you I love this Chris Rea. Greetings from British Columbia Canada. I hope you are SAFE and feeling as chipper as is possible during these tough times. I appreciate your talent and I will be age 77 on my next bday in May 2021. I wanted to let you know that I dedicated a song you wrote for your sister to T-rump but it was the answer to my misery at the loss of my first love affair back in the 60s. <3

imasmurfy1 2 months ago

I can't stand anything Christmas. blech! but for some reason, i like this a lot.

Koscsó Emília
Koscsó Emília 2 months ago

Xmas is gone but this music always is with us!

marco campagna
marco campagna 2 months ago

ciao Bravissimo Chris Rea ti aspetto a Roma

Laura D'Amico
Laura D'Amico 2 months ago


Laura D'Amico
Laura D'Amico 2 months ago


MrGlaid 2 months ago

Крис ты лучший, вернись, нам тебя не хватает!!!!

Clicky_ SLO
Clicky_ SLO 2 months ago

very goog music

Antibrak Crossbowman
Antibrak Crossbowman 2 months ago


Жизнь прекрасна


Music Tzitzos
Music Tzitzos 2 months ago


john bryant
john bryant 2 months ago

Just to cap a rubbish 2020 I just heard that Chris's car filed it's MOT.

Соломон Тороттельман

Дорогой Крис Ри. Здоровья Вам, счастья, и всего наилучшего. Привет с Украины!

Acushla54 2 months ago

Soon as I heard it I knew it was Chris Rea but I only just found it this Christmas... something good out of 2020

surjaningsih handojo
surjaningsih handojo 2 months ago


Nailya Baimukhanova
Nailya Baimukhanova 2 months ago


Vlad Malek
Vlad Malek 2 months ago

I was 18 years old when I heard this song for the first time, as I listened to the name Chris Rea and I fell in love with so unique, unrepeatable voice. I'm 43 years old now and still listening to this along and CHRIS Rea! And loving it. Merry Christmas 🎄

falcef falcesoft
falcef falcesoft 2 months ago

Top Xmas Song. Bye bye a merry Christmas for you. My strumental version for trumpet

server1 2 months ago

Driving where ? The yearly road tax in Sweden is $2000 for a new diesel car. You mean,
- I'm Scootering around like a fairy on the highway and ordering takeout from bicycle heroes who make $4 an hour.
Welcome to the future Marty Mcfly.

Совет Ангелов


Sharlez123 2 months ago

Terrible, just terrible.

白競超 2 months ago

Great song ! Greetings from Taiwan.

Carla Stockdale
Carla Stockdale 2 months ago

This song makes me smile Merry Christmas everyone !!

Nyah Elliott
Nyah Elliott 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 🎄

Nikolaos 2 months ago

Α nice christmas song performed by a wonderful artist..
Merry Christmas from Athens!

sabrina ueda
sabrina ueda 2 months ago


Sam's Vlogs trains & more

Hasn’t he been driving home for Christmas for the past 34 years?

Soulpower MSRS
Soulpower MSRS 2 months ago

Is it just me or does one of the melodies sound exactly like 'Hello Detroit'?

Cheryl Abbott
Cheryl Abbott 2 months ago

Merry Christmas listening in 2020💖💖💖

Steven Lloyd-Jones
Steven Lloyd-Jones 2 months ago

Still the greatest Christmas song

Dream_Fan 2 months ago

Mate Just Park Yer Motor You Have Been Driving For Over 30 Years Ya Fucking Bam

Notorious Gaming
Notorious Gaming 2 months ago

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

Joy Chan
Joy Chan 2 months ago

Just love this song. ❤❤

ChiaraxD lol
ChiaraxD lol 2 months ago

My mother hates this song. she thinks her stupid other songs are great.

Nicky 9
Nicky 9 2 months ago

My dad plays this every year, bless his heart. Merry x-mas to all. Stay safe, and have a fantastic day.

Juna Prime
Juna Prime 2 months ago

Fahring home für CHRIESTMAS

Jarmila Fabok
Jarmila Fabok 2 months ago

This is the most beautiful Christmas song ...🎄⛄ ♥️

LR MUSIC 2 months ago

It just shows that real life inspiration brings us the best songs. LOVE THIS! Christmas is not Christmas without this song. Was there an official video for this?

Оля 2 months ago

Touches the soul😉

Nino Putigliano
Nino Putigliano 2 months ago

Stupenda ❤️❤️

Fynn1222 2 months ago

playing minecraft with friends on discord, looking outside the window and realising that its snowing and listening to this song! just legendary

Людмила Моисеенко

Спасибо, спасибо! С наступающим Рождеством, здоровья вам люди!!!

Rosi Jiménez
Rosi Jiménez 2 months ago

😍 Preciosa ‼️ 👍🏽🔝👌🏽
Happy Xmas 💫🌟
💫 Chris Rea
Thanks 😉😊☘️🍀☘️

It's a Beautiful Day
It's a Beautiful Day 2 months ago

You're the best !

Amanda Davey
Amanda Davey 2 months ago

Happy Christmas Chris! ☃️

MarcusTomatos 2 months ago

This track stands out head and shoulders above all the old and new shite Christmas records.

Cristina Fons
Cristina Fons 2 months ago

Preciosa canción llega al corazón te llena de amor y de mutcha paz felices fiestas a
Todo el mundo paz y amor

Grace Walsh
Grace Walsh 2 months ago

Drive safely enjoy the holidays

christian felix Manfredi

Merci jolie mélodie de noël . Joyeuses fêtes à tous à travers le Monde que la paix soit avec vous Courage nous vaincrons le Covid 19

TurtleMC1993 2 months ago

27 and this I can't believe I've only just found this mastepiece. There really is such a select few that I still enjoy and this instantly became my favourite Christmas song of all time without any nostalgia I absolutely love it. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks Chris rea. well done sir

Chain Sapphire
Chain Sapphire 2 months ago

Soooo relaxing, the tune is so good it makes me dance.

brenda 2 months ago

My all time favourite christmas song

Bo Andersen
Bo Andersen 2 months ago

Thank you for giving us this song Chris Rea 🙏🎁

Cher-Kwang Han
Cher-Kwang Han 2 months ago

Yes 👏🏼👍🏼🎄🎄👍🏼🙏🏼👊🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Sylvia Garcia
Sylvia Garcia 2 months ago

You have a beautiful voice. This song is amazing. This is the first time i have heard it. Thank you so much for this song!

максим михеев


 💸💸💸 😳😳😳💡 💡💡💡💡 😃💎💎

Robert Kristof Paulsen

I haven't lived in my home town for over a decade and not even in my home country for the last few years. I've always liked this song, especially ever since I could relate to it personally when traveling home for Christmas each year. This year, it gets me all teared up because I can't. Alt blir bra!

Elena Agostini
Elena Agostini 2 months ago


Raimundas 2 months ago

Jazz stile wine , Christmas music protections master Chris Rea all Time stay first 🎄🎉

Άννα Μωυσιδου

Υπέροχο χριστουγενιατικο τραγούδι

Derrick Pressley
Derrick Pressley 2 months ago

I'm 41 years old and I heard this song for the first time at work 2 weeks ago. I hate Christmas songs, and I completely love this song. Simply beautiful!

George Tanay
George Tanay 2 months ago

From the heart of a pure musician. Chris Rea has etched his musical legacy upon the fabric of the universe for eternity. He's a unique and gifted artist, and will live forever through his extensive oeuvre. Thank you Chris, in bringing this song, along with all your masterpieces, for the world to enjoy. Merry Christmas!

Brenda Wilder
Brenda Wilder 2 months ago

nice song

Nnenna Nwosu
Nnenna Nwosu 2 months ago


Lusine Manukyan
Lusine Manukyan 2 months ago

My magic songs about Christmas 🎄❤️ 🎄🎄🎄

Matthias Moeser
Matthias Moeser 2 months ago

Best Christmas Song Ever, especially by driving your car... 👍🎅🤶❤️🎄😎🚘

Bella and Casper's funny cat vids

I love this song 🚗🏠🎄

Mišiak 2 months ago

this is my best christmas song :) thank you

Clary 2 months ago

I love this song...!!! Every year I imagine myself driving home for Christmas to be with my whole family....

corcovits van de veer

Lock down 2020/21.december.

corcovits van de veer

voor iedereen een fijne kerst boom! wha.

Anthony Paul
Anthony Paul 2 months ago

One of my top favorite non church Christmas songs ever. It's basically impossible for me to play this just once at any given time.

A T F VMAF 2 months ago

Superbe chanson 🎅

Lera Orel
Lera Orel 2 months ago

magic song, waiting for a miracle on christmas🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Dee Bee
Dee Bee 2 months ago

I play this song in the winter, spring, summer and fall.

Visionary Phoenix
Visionary Phoenix 2 months ago

This song brings happiness & serenity to me, love it, thanks Chris Rea!!

Philip Cousin
Philip Cousin 2 months ago

I could listen to this song every day! Beautiful 🤩

Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas song. Thank you, Chris. Right now, though, I'm Looking For The Summer and can hardly wait to get On The Beach.

Carlota Martins
Carlota Martins 2 months ago

Best, best Christmas song!!!!!

Gingerwhale 2 months ago

Hey Chris! I would just like to add my voice to millions of others & say that your magnificent song is by far the best Christmas song ever produced. Always brings tears to my eyes. Best wishes & God bless. And a very Merry Christmas 2020! ❄️ 🎅 🎄 ❄️

но нейм
но нейм 2 months ago


Sara Castroianni
Sara Castroianni 2 months ago

I love this song so much!!!

Jóna María Jóhannsdóttir

Besta jólag til þessa

Chanel_Lady 2 months ago