The King's Singers - Gaudete (arr. Brian Kay)


The King's Singers

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Information The King's Singers - Gaudete (arr. Brian Kay)

Title : The King's Singers - Gaudete (arr. Brian Kay)

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Frames The King's Singers - Gaudete (arr. Brian Kay)

Description The King's Singers - Gaudete (arr. Brian Kay)

The King's Singers - Gaudete (arr. Brian Kay)

The King's Singers - Gaudete (arr. Brian Kay)

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Kris K
Kris K 2 months ago

Love this! Love The King's Singers!

Jecila for Jesus
Jecila for Jesus 2 months ago

Lovely ! Well sung, boys.

P S 2 months ago

Great countertenor as always.

Érica Concê
Érica Concê 2 months ago

Beautiful... 🥰🥰🥰

Greetings from Brasil.

HUUUUUURRRR 2 months ago

1:26 is what I was waiting for, for the Soprano to go up the the right part.

Isaac Te Paiho
Isaac Te Paiho 2 months ago

Can you guys do one of these style videos for Spaseniye Sodelal by Chesnokov? Amazing video too the energy in the last few measures was electric!

gapstander 2 months ago

I just discovered you guys last night in this youtube 6 only format which delayed my bedtime by 2 hours; as I caught up I discovered Jakub Orlinski in the process. O what unutterable joy ! Your heavenly sounds melt away the covid-jadedness. Sing on - this is your God-appointed time. Thank you KS and thanks be to God for your giftings. (This evokes beautiful memories for one who more than 60 years ago sang alto in the school chapel choir).

Dave Smith
Dave Smith 2 months ago

Listen to this, it'll knock your socks off.....

Agnes Absenger
Agnes Absenger 2 months ago


Agnes Absenger
Agnes Absenger 2 months ago


miguelius0303 2 months ago

¡ es un destello escucharlos ! , ¡ Que don les dió la Divinidad a vuestras gargantas ! Y cómo nos ayudan a elevar nuestro espíritu . Infinitas gracias

Philippe pencet
Philippe pencet 2 months ago

so beautifull and pure! I enjoyed

Alexander Lotharson
Alexander Lotharson 2 months ago

Well, this is not bad. I still prefer the 2017's version of Anuna, but these guys give it a little touch of barbershop. And the guy with the Norwegian sweater is really good.

Paul Marquez
Paul Marquez 2 months ago

Great counter tenor and bass...good job men.

Andrew Turvey
Andrew Turvey 2 months ago

Why isn't this written out in 4/4, and last bar of the phrase in 2/4?
Great performance, though!

Alejandro Mosquera Souto

Cima de lo bello. Portentosa interpretación!

Alessandro Marzico
Alessandro Marzico 2 months ago


Kushluk 2 months ago

What is their skin care regime? lol

John Alexander
John Alexander 2 months ago

Fab. What fun! Beautiful singing

Gaggy Mott
Gaggy Mott 2 months ago

Don't like this arrangement....Too 'fancy' 😩

gianni mancino
gianni mancino 2 months ago


D E 2 months ago

wow I sung this ages ago in my chorister days and I'd completely forgotten that this song existed. my jaw literally dropped when I heard it again. absolutely brilliant

Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas 2 months ago

Still prefer Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span. But these guys are excellent.

SpaceMoses_ 2 months ago

The rightmost gives me BA's Adam Rappaport vibes...

Anny Landers
Anny Landers 2 months ago

Wonderful voices!

Jake Broer
Jake Broer 2 months ago

Reminds me a lot of a Spanish piece from the 16th century called Riu Riu Chiu.

Richard Kramer
Richard Kramer 2 months ago

A worthy contribution to the collection of Christmas carols/chants/anthems we have all come to welcome, especially in times of a pandemic when the spirit of hope is dashed in the lives of so many. As a retired priest and Latin teacher, their enunciation of the Latin was clear and matches that of all of us who were trained in both Latin and Gregorian Chant - the same being used to this day in Gregorian chant. The counter tenor work was much appreciated as well.

Lisa Qin
Lisa Qin 2 months ago

Don't understand a single word. But you guys sound like angels.

bravaLiz 2 months ago


Evelyn U
Evelyn U 2 months ago

One of my favorite carols. I have yet to convince a choir director to let us sing it.

Lanfranco Marcelletti Jr

Fantastic, as always, performance. I am a true admirer of your work! A question: why do you use the “g” in the Italian way, but not the “c” or “t”? I am always researching about the pronunciation. If you have any bibliography or advice, I am very grateful!

Penelope New
Penelope New 2 months ago


alison alcock
alison alcock 2 months ago

So joyful!

Curtis Daniel
Curtis Daniel 2 months ago

I first enjoyed this from the Steeleye Span Group in the 70s. Great version here - especially with the lyrics in the background. Thanks to you All!

Geoffroy Lamarche
Geoffroy Lamarche 2 months ago

I absolutely love this, so full of joy and life. Great!

Joe Berta
Joe Berta 2 months ago


LeftLib 2 months ago

This version sounds different to the previous one that the King's Singers did many years ago (which I found on YouTube). The pronunciation of the words this time is closer to the Steeleye Span version, which is IMHO the best version ever. I like this version a lot as well, as with anything the KS do.

Dakota Dunman
Dakota Dunman 2 months ago

Where my Bass 1 gang?!

Deshaun Rua
Deshaun Rua 2 months ago

This made me feel better about being a Baritone heh

lemongrove57 2 months ago

Love this song. My sisters and I sang this once for a Christmas event. I remember we did one of the verses as a round.

Henrietta Gold Coast
Henrietta Gold Coast 2 months ago

Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!

Gwyn Ellis Hughes
Gwyn Ellis Hughes 2 months ago

Wonderful voices as usual! But I personally feel that this arrangement is a touch too fast.

Deutschprofessorin 2 months ago

Where can I buy this acapella version? Please! I need it!

An Cla
An Cla 2 months ago

Wow beautiful

reson8 2 months ago

Fantastic! Such a good rendition :)

muttaification 2 months ago

Very nice, would love to hear ”la marche des rois” :)

Rosa Angela
Rosa Angela 2 months ago

Thank you for all your effort and the beautiful music of the channel. I wish you all the best for the year 2021.

Felipe Martinez Director


Dina Andrade
Dina Andrade 2 months ago


Tatata TARTINE 2 months ago

The version of your glorious predecessors.
More seriously, amazing singing. Bravo!

Natu El
Natu El 2 months ago

Is it Latin or Italian? Or what?

LD Dixon
LD Dixon 2 months ago


JL B 2 months ago

Could listen all day long!

Richard Martin
Richard Martin 2 months ago

I love it! It's very uplifting, and it's great to have the score to sing along with too. Thank you.

A Dedow
A Dedow 2 months ago

This is fantastic! If you guys aren't in the same room, I dunno how you're matching each other so well, but it's even more amazing!

Marilyn Woolford-Chandler

Wow Fabulous having the musical score helped a lot. I love your faces. Intent focused an the lower voice soloist with an apparent smile as you sing which is very endearing.Sorry not to buy any merchandise yet.. I want everything . Yes greedy I know

Edouard Vinet
Edouard Vinet 2 months ago

Magnifique !

Mark Jolley
Mark Jolley 2 months ago

Equal too steelye spans version!!

J SC 2 months ago

Loved the renaissance voice approach.

Dom Eonce
Dom Eonce 2 months ago

Cool arrangement, and great production.

Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace 2 months ago

Wonderful work from the King's Singers, as usual. But I must admit I prefer the simplicity and elegance of the original composition.

Simonetta Simonatti
Simonetta Simonatti 2 months ago


Jacek Ni
Jacek Ni 2 months ago

Dziękuję, Wesołych Świąt 😍

Sally Ann Loveday
Sally Ann Loveday 2 months ago

Ooh, that TKS was absolutely divine... sighs Thank you chaps, I shall 'oft to my bed now, perchance to sleep' with this wonderful rendition wafting around in my head.. SUBLIME HARMONIES as always..

Thank you and Happy New Year dear young Sirs, (I am fast approaching 6 decades, so you are all young Sirs to me) from Wales ..x

Golinaz 2 months ago


Marco Bosio
Marco Bosio 2 months ago

It is always a pleasure listening to your interpretations!

Nathan Lowry
Nathan Lowry 2 months ago

With the number of time changes in the piece, methinks you may be messing with your fans, to join in...

MsGotenChan 2 months ago

Kein Paul Pheonix, aber sie sind ja noch jung... weiter so.

V P 2 months ago

Best Version I've ever heard. You made it brilliant, Gentlemen! Merry Christmas!

James Walton
James Walton 2 months ago

Wonderful! What a lovely Christmas gift. Thank you for all your work this year. God bless you all in 2021.

Reverendum Random
Reverendum Random 2 months ago

OMG! I was trying to look for this song and I mistook Gaudete as Audete, so in the end I gave up looking for it. Thank you for uploading this! It is very good! Blessed you and have a merry Christmas and happy new year!

OrganGuyPhil 2 months ago

Love this! 🎶😍🎶

Richard Mendoza
Richard Mendoza 2 months ago

That pronunciation is so amateur. Everything else is perfect of course.

Daniel Chráska
Daniel Chráska 2 months ago


Charlotte Jordan
Charlotte Jordan 2 months ago

🔔💫🔔Thanks all for this cheering music exactly what's needed.
Wonderful to see you Ed again,knew I would one day ,pal Jill and I were your first fans from the Sunday afternoon gatherings at Girton,BRILLIANT

Frederic Gallo
Frederic Gallo 2 months ago

Happy Xmas from Barcelona!

T.D. Wilson-Renwick
T.D. Wilson-Renwick 2 months ago

I've enjoyed an older version of this piece performed by The King's Singers from A Little Christmas Music for many years, but Countertenor 1 makes this one absolutely sublime! My new favourite. Bravo!

C Arcticus
C Arcticus 2 months ago

thought I spied Patrick cycling along the river Cam past kerb kollective on christmas eve afternoon? He was gone before I could be sure and say hello! thank you for the beautiful singing!

Jilk 2 months ago

rock on, dudes

Cantus Firmus Becker
Cantus Firmus Becker 2 months ago

Bravo! Weiter so!!!

Lee Gab
Lee Gab 2 months ago

Can you do To believe by Matthew Evancho/ Jackie Evancho 😃 Happy Christmas

Brianna Cox
Brianna Cox 2 months ago

i listened to Gaudete Shreds too much and i half-expected to hear that with this video hahahaha

Anka Voskuilen
Anka Voskuilen 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!
I love to join you in singing carols! You were great at the ceremony of lessons and carols at Kings College Cambridge!

CollieMusician 2 months ago

Excellent !!!! Un grand bravo !!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻🌠

Robert Wolz
Robert Wolz 2 months ago

Sounds intense and incredibly peppy! Merry Christmas!

Marc Maurice Konrad
Marc Maurice Konrad 2 months ago

der reine Wahnsinn.. mega gut!

dagbbc253 2 months ago

Nice one fellas. I played the other Gaudete on this channel side by side for a 12 string.

Carol Turner
Carol Turner 2 months ago

A beautiful piece of music. Great voices & very well sung. Love the counter tenors double octave at the end. Fantastic

Mirella Czajkowska-Turek

I am listening, and I am smiling. Beautiful ❤🙏

Sujowy NZ
Sujowy NZ 2 months ago

A favourite since the mid 70s! This is a superb version. But now I want to listen to Steeleye Span version that switched me on to it way back then.

46nuage 2 months ago

joyeux noël à toutes et à tous !

pinkdispatcher 2 months ago

Fantastic! I've known an older King's Singers' recording of this gem for a long time, and it inspired me to perform it with a few fellow singers at our Church ten or so years ago. It's fun to listen to, but also a lot of fun to perform, and it isn't too hard.

Svenja W
Svenja W 2 months ago

Wow! Simply: WOW!

MrGreatplum 2 months ago


Lisa G.
Lisa G. 2 months ago

AMEN!! Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Spiceguy 2 months ago

Merry Christmas world!

ladytenor9876 2 months ago

Wonderful 🎼🎵🎶🎇🌠

Irenesinger 2 months ago

Nicely sung, but sadly it's executed at too frantic a pace as if its a race to the finishing line. A pity.

Wako Kambe
Wako Kambe 2 months ago

What a beautiful Christmas Gift of Music! Thank you. ✨🎁✨💝🎄✨