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crown for christmas full movie مترجم

crown for christmas full movie مترجم

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Nurul Aisyah
Nurul Aisyah 2 months ago

Beautiful ending... Muuuaaahhh 🤗🤗..perfect love perfect love and everything is perfect. 😂

Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown 2 months ago

My favorite movie christmas 👑

Sharon Caputo
Sharon Caputo 2 months ago

Love this movie wish there was a second

Anagha R.Chandran
Anagha R.Chandran 2 months ago

What a lovely movie! I loved how the daughter changed for the better under Allie's love and care as a governess and in the process, the king ended up falling more in love with her.

Betty Samuels
Betty Samuels 2 months ago

Well Acted! Great Storyline As Well! Thanks For Sharing!

unknown6138 2 months ago

42:38 Bled castle! As a slovenian I feel proud now😁

Wendy Carry
Wendy Carry 2 months ago

Very romantic

Wendy Carry
Wendy Carry 2 months ago

Very romantic

Sonia Megan
Sonia Megan 2 months ago

I'm so glad I found this movie. It's sooooo interesting

Katie Marie
Katie Marie 2 months ago

Thank you !
I Love this Movie !!! 😚💕💕

Antonia Valdes
Antonia Valdes 2 months ago

Thank you!

Verlinn Files
Verlinn Files 2 months ago

I have watched this movie 10 x my favorite !

Chouann Mesecar
Chouann Mesecar 2 months ago

To have a nother season

Julie Lovelace
Julie Lovelace 2 months ago

One of my favorites. The king.....A Hottie. My goodness he's handsome

Pam Forsyth
Pam Forsyth 2 months ago

Danica Mckellar is one of the finest andmost beautiful actress in the United States and the World. And most of all I hope that she'll be around for many more Years to come. C&P Forsyth.

Joan Black
Joan Black 2 months ago

I love this beautiful movie a classic thank you for uploading all these wonderful movies🦋💛🙏😇🌺❤️🌈💐🧚🏾‍♀️🌸🧚‍♂️🌼

Patricia Vanca
Patricia Vanca 2 months ago

The film seams to be also în Romania. Un roumanian actor (Matei) is there too (he dance with Celia).

Fernande Togher
Fernande Togher 2 months ago

I love this movie

Lisa Mathis
Lisa Mathis 2 months ago

I love this movie with Danica McKellar ! The little girl who played Theradora ,,,,she is an excellent child actor ! One of my favorite Hallmark movies !!!

curlysunflowers 2 months ago

I watch this movie every Christmas since it been out and several times 😍🤗😘

Willie Janse
Willie Janse 2 months ago


Jana Ažman / B PLUS d.o.o.

I love the view on lake Bled in Slovenia.

Anie Love
Anie Love 2 months ago

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Thomas Cabral
Thomas Cabral 2 months ago

I love this movie with Danica McKellar and Rupert William Perry Jones I just love it it’s very heartwarming and by Hallmark . Much needed during this very stressful times we live in . ❤️🎄👍Two of my most favorite actors

Penny Damcott
Penny Damcott 2 months ago

I truly love. This Christmas movie

Renee G
Renee G 2 months ago

Love that kiss at the end. I hope I can find someone who will kiss me like that.

bobbie snodgrass
bobbie snodgrass 2 months ago

Out of the 6 versions I've found of this movie, this is the best version.. clear video n audio great for visually impaired people who need clear crisp imagery

Alecia Bjorlie
Alecia Bjorlie 2 months ago

I had to laugh when Allie took her purple sweater and pulled it out like a dress to curtsey. This is one of favorite Hallmark Christmas movies. ☃️🎄❤️

Nigel Watson
Nigel Watson 2 months ago

Where can I get this movie to download??? It's litterally my favorite

Maryflor Cervantes
Maryflor Cervantes 2 months ago

I love this movie. I watched this movie many times in Hallmark Channel.

Arlene Bello
Arlene Bello 2 months ago


Akio wiegie Manalo
Akio wiegie Manalo 2 months ago

beautiful movie i love this im so happy watching i love couple love team

Sarita Kotze
Sarita Kotze 2 months ago


Racheal Lange
Racheal Lange 2 months ago

Thank you so much...I saw this movie,but it was in German....Well I am learning German ,and It is not so easy for me....So I did not understand all of what was said...Ugh..

Daphne Brooks
Daphne Brooks 2 months ago

Great movie 🍿

K and K Ranger
K and K Ranger 2 months ago


K and K Ranger
K and K Ranger 2 months ago

i love these kind of shows

waseeem khh
waseeem khh 2 months ago

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