Mabel Mafuya Happy Xmas - Happy New Year (1960)



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Title : Mabel Mafuya Happy Xmas - Happy New Year (1960)

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Description Mabel Mafuya Happy Xmas - Happy New Year (1960)

Mabel Mafuya Happy Xmas - Happy New Year (1960)

Mabel Mafuya Happy Xmas - Happy New Year (1960)

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Tabo Kamwendo
Tabo Kamwendo 2 months ago

Sweet sweet memories Christmas in kitwe 1985

Bertha Muz
Bertha Muz 2 months ago

There is no Christmas without this song. I didn't know it was actually sung by a Zambian lady. Great memories of days we would wear stone wash jeans, smokers or mataki and be sent to go buy chibuku by our elders in the hood

Makungu Chilambwe
Makungu Chilambwe 2 months ago


0scar chibwe
0scar chibwe 2 months ago

Indeed it brings back memories to most zambians❣️❣️❣️, 2020 December

allan wengo mtonga
allan wengo mtonga 2 months ago

Reminds me of Kafue, makes me miss mum,

David Lungu
David Lungu 2 months ago

Lord God.memories and memories of those days and the people that have gone before us

Mubiana Katukula
Mubiana Katukula 2 months ago

I love it

pry mus
pry mus 2 months ago

My favorite ever, it brings peace in me

Rodrick Mazimba
Rodrick Mazimba 2 months ago

Always listen to this song

Martins Shumba
Martins Shumba 2 months ago

Who's still listening into 2020? This song got too much memories.

tylama 11
tylama 11 2 months ago

I have teary eyes right now. This classic takes back to my childhood with my late brother.

Agness Tembo
Agness Tembo 2 months ago

It still lives on 2019-20🙏❣️😍💓

Rodrick Mazimba
Rodrick Mazimba 2 months ago

I love this song

Mike Mudimba
Mike Mudimba 2 months ago

2019 South Africans killing other Africans who went through same struggles.

Kazavop 2 months ago

My family all love this song

Milupi Sam
Milupi Sam 2 months ago

Happy 2019!


hey gone are the days when christmas had a meaning to us zimbabweans

Wanga Maiwanga
Wanga Maiwanga 2 months ago

2018 Christmas...

Sitwala Wamunyima
Sitwala Wamunyima 2 months ago

2018 still playing

Butale Nyambe
Butale Nyambe 2 months ago

Song for ever
My day one song

peter musangu
peter musangu 2 months ago

To most of us, Zambia national broadcasting corporation radio was our best friend throughout childhood every December, all because of this song. I would be listening to the radio the whole day, just so that I can hear this song. I would ensure my dad is listening as well immediately it plays just to remind him I have expectations for Christmas. For me, there was no Christmas and new year without this song. The song was Christmas in itself and it was new year.

prince anthony
prince anthony 2 months ago

a lot of memories...those days this song was a big shoes, new shirts....we ate a lot of rice and was just awesome....Christmas time

Joseph Phiri
Joseph Phiri 2 months ago

Wow my great song and my old favorite song down on earth since I was bon till now

Naledi Nobaza
Naledi Nobaza 2 months ago

I never knew until today umakhul'Mabel was a musician as well.

Mbangweta Mbangweta
Mbangweta Mbangweta 2 months ago

brings about great memories of Christmas back in the days in chingola

Michael mbuzi
Michael mbuzi 2 months ago

My Christmas and New Year would not be complete without listening to this song and as far as I am concerned it is both a classic and legendary.Always been played on the national radio in Zambia since before independence of Zambia ie early 1960. That in a way also exposes my age!

Justin Chisenga
Justin Chisenga 2 months ago

This song brings sweet memories for Christmas and New Year to most Zambians. Who would not remember it being played on radio (Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation) near Christmas each year? I love the song.

chalwe mchenga
chalwe mchenga 2 months ago

A timeless classic, it has been played on national radio in Zambia since the 70's. It has flagged of the festivitie period every year since then.

Onitter Mabuza
Onitter Mabuza 2 months ago

Down memory lane!! I'm loving it.

busiku nkolola
busiku nkolola 2 months ago

This song it has brought my childhood memories