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5-Minute Crafts PLAY
5-Minute Crafts PLAY 2 months ago

Love to envelope chocolate into pastry 11:01 ! 🍫 🥞
Try for yourself!

And check out 16 GLUE GUN HACKS FOR KIDS

Sevim Zengin
Sevim Zengin 2 months ago

So talented💫

niteryder84 2 months ago

Came for the Nutella and was disappointed when it turned into a potato convention. I feel cheated.

Rahma Yasser
Rahma Yasser 2 months ago

❤️👌🎄❄️⛄️ merry Christmas and happy new year

джюлия Богомаз


Saloni Choudhary
Saloni Choudhary 2 months ago

Background music for first dish is soo very soothing getting the Christmas vibes out of this.

may july
may july 2 months ago

that was all a bit dumb as no idea at all what the ingredients where how silly

Ramya Ramaya Balaji
Ramya Ramaya Balaji 2 months ago

Wish u merry Christmas from India. Did u accept plzz put ❤️

Valentina Rodriguez
Valentina Rodriguez 2 months ago

What the thing you put the chocolate on and is that thing butter

Nuwan Perera
Nuwan Perera 2 months ago

looks so delicious 🍡🍡

Stony Tina
Stony Tina 2 months ago

Here's another lovely idea:
- Cook brussel sprouts until between al dente and mushy.
- Stick a wooden skewer in.
- Dip in molten chocolate.
- Let it cool.
- Serve in a festive manner at a kids' party.

Stony Tina
Stony Tina 2 months ago

5 minute crafts..... bake for 30 minutes....
Things do not add up.

pierrette Alexandres
pierrette Alexandres 2 months ago

🍰🥧🎅🤶🤴👳‍♀️👳‍♂️🎄💖 i love this video and this chanel !!

Nath Only
Nath Only 2 months ago


Spoken Word97
Spoken Word97 2 months ago

They should've put christmas music with it

Hossain’s channel
Hossain’s channel 2 months ago

Looks delicious
Following your channel
Looking forward
When you have enough time please watch my YouTube also
Thank you



Nadim Hamdar
Nadim Hamdar 2 months ago

Oups, I randomly clicked on this video called "10 Hacks to cook potatoes"

Raul griffith
Raul griffith 2 months ago

good job guys thanks that food is on my mother list love you guys😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😀😙😚

Lilit Bayatyan
Lilit Bayatyan 2 months ago

Wow I love it💖😍

Maria Jesús
Maria Jesús 2 months ago

Gracias ya lo veré que yo estoy de duelo no tengo ganas de nada este año para mí en terminar navidades para siempre ya ya lo veré más adelante ah no tenía ganas y cada día estoy pegar España pero sé que tenemos buenos vídeos y si ya lo hice yo ya hace tiempo y está muy rico

Catherine Miller
Catherine Miller 2 months ago

Friday December 21 2018

Delhi Food Trap
Delhi Food Trap 2 months ago

Wonderful! doing gr8 job cant w8 for next one keep going always there for you...
your frnd~Craze of slime stay tuned👍👍👍💝💝💝👍👍👍

Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris 2 months ago

How do you seal in the chocolate on the very first one? It would ooze out while baking? I’m going to give it a try this week coming though.

Liz Queen
Liz Queen 2 months ago

When you lactose intolerant 😭😪🤤

Benjamin Stewart
Benjamin Stewart 2 months ago

Idea for next time Christmas treats put
kul kulls, it tastes awesome guys.

Ava Fortuna
Ava Fortuna 2 months ago

I thought this was Christmas-

Lydia Tapia
Lydia Tapia 2 months ago

Que delicia todos los bocados❤️🥰😋

Basiliki Xilikioti
Basiliki Xilikioti 2 months ago


Dianne Lo
Dianne Lo 2 months ago

These seem to be all pre-made puff pastry. You can make your own dough.

Sherie Rodriguez
Sherie Rodriguez 2 months ago

Awesome! Want to see more

Khadija Aliyeva
Khadija Aliyeva 2 months ago

1:13 Christmas ideas?! 😅

Oma Chris
Oma Chris 2 months ago


Otis Hames
Otis Hames 2 months ago

It’s not even Christmas foods it’s just potatoes lol

Jose Chapa
Jose Chapa 2 months ago


diego freitas
diego freitas 2 months ago


Mauren Bermudez
Mauren Bermudez 2 months ago


Rofizul Islam
Rofizul Islam 2 months ago


Rofizul Islam
Rofizul Islam 2 months ago


Simon Barlow
Simon Barlow 2 months ago


Urtė Šmitaitė
Urtė Šmitaitė 2 months ago

Gad ideas!!!

Kauser Wahid
Kauser Wahid 2 months ago

<3 da 1st hack! Btw is dat egg wash?

Mary M
Mary M 2 months ago

That cranberry wreath had some suspicious looking folds...🙈🙈🙈

Sharkbait Ooh haha
Sharkbait Ooh haha 2 months ago

Loved the melted snowmen! So clever

Mr.Abhijit Bordoloi
Mr.Abhijit Bordoloi 2 months ago


Beryl Rose
Beryl Rose 2 months ago

Wow, what great ideas
Thank you

Maro Hamadeh
Maro Hamadeh 2 months ago

Gues👯your chanel name is *5minute crafts*and this video and your videos aren't 5min. Its more💁👱merry chrismass and happy new year🎅2019-->2020😄😄

Donna 2 months ago

Very creative, I actually want to make all of these but I you can't really call it 5 min crafts when most of them need cooking for 20 min, still love the ideas though.

Mawa 2 months ago

Potatoes: poor man Christmas lol

Uncreative Gacha Roblox kid

eats just the spinage cuz im like that

Emma Kinney
Emma Kinney 2 months ago

Any one else have troubles staying asleep?

Herty Passah
Herty Passah 2 months ago

Pls can you please give me your contact details

NiNi to #6
NiNi to #6 2 months ago

Must try some with my grandkids

suzie matejka
suzie matejka 2 months ago

No closed captions. Disappointed

Lisa Otruba
Lisa Otruba 2 months ago

Just buy larger clothes i buy them ;lol talking about the ad

Julio Bravo
Julio Bravo 2 months ago

I need to know the ingredients

Krisy 2 months ago

Why is this for “kids” they use knives and VERY hot oil that could burn you , they also use the stove and other things “kids” shouldn’t use. When I say “kids” I mean younger than 10, I am considered a kid but even I agree that you shouldn’t give me a deep fryer.

anima reptile
anima reptile 2 months ago

Who have exactly recipe for this 1:59 please?

Quelqu'un a la recette exacte pour ce plat s'il vous plaît ? 1:59

Sneha Chavhan
Sneha Chavhan 2 months ago

I just love all the ideas 😍😍😍😍

Creed Diskenz
Creed Diskenz 2 months ago

I don't know why you sometimes write the ingridients and sometimes not, but it really sucks!
The vid is okay...but you really lack in the small details...and thats not good...

Blonde Bailey
Blonde Bailey 2 months ago

The 1st item, the puff pastry chocolate Christmas tree? I'd cut how much chocolate is placed inside. I'd use probably half of that amount, maybe a little more but 2/3rds would really be pushing it. Some toasted hazelnuts sprinkled on top would be my choice of nut, if I used nuts. You could even make a vanilla drizzle with powdered sugar, vanilla, milk & a tad of butter if you want. The choices for the top (or even leaving it plain like a chocolate croissant) are endless. I want to bake some of these! Oh and fyi, some homemade jam (or store bought) would also work instead of chocolate. Cherry pie filling, lemon, etc, would work also.
Edit: I'd also go lighter on the egg wash, that's a bit too liberal in application. On the pancakes you could use Nutella instead or simply mix chocolate chips into the batter. And that sauce would be too sweet and probably too rich. Use whipped cream instead. On the other items such as the potatoes, just use whatever spices & seasonings that sound good to you. I personally like "Bam" from Emeril Lagasse. Or use individual ones. Get creative, that makes the best cooks!

Sha'Quora Dunbar
Sha'Quora Dunbar 2 months ago

Why is the first 4 minutes all potato ideas?? Like who tf eat all potatoes for Christmas???

Rahma Yasser
Rahma Yasser 2 months ago

❤️👌🎄❄️⛄️ merry Christmas and happy new year

Dawn Wallace
Dawn Wallace 2 months ago

Nice but no measure ments on anything are how to make

Shaw 2 months ago

This vid will be 1 year old today

Laurie Tijerina
Laurie Tijerina 2 months ago

You have wonderful creative ideas!

Emma Scott
Emma Scott 2 months ago

Puff pastry fixes everything

Really Random Rainbows

Did anyone see that sprinkle🙉

Jennifer Shaner
Jennifer Shaner 2 months ago

Ok what happened to "10 yummy Christmas pastry ideas" ? All I saw was 1 Christmas pastry idea, and the rest was boring, ( my 12 year old could make) potatoes ideas. Wtheck!!!!! Whack

Anjali Khattri
Anjali Khattri 2 months ago

I thought the 1st on was a 🍕 pizza
Like if you love pizza😜😛

Emma Clowes
Emma Clowes 2 months ago

It would be a lot better if you TOLD US WHAT INGREDIENTS you're using.

Rabbit Feathers
Rabbit Feathers 2 months ago

Please add recipes

Treva Perkins
Treva Perkins 2 months ago

This is so relaxing!

Davyd Leech
Davyd Leech 2 months ago


Anna Lou
Anna Lou 2 months ago

This Is a disgrace to all foods ever made, grown, or eaten

Ava Love
Ava Love 2 months ago

Now that’s a baked potato 🥔 🤩🥵🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Brenda Mashburn
Brenda Mashburn 2 months ago


Tina X
Tina X 2 months ago

Anyone notice that one of the recipes where 20 minutes?

Lana Lovely
Lana Lovely 2 months ago

That makes me wanna get some puff pastry and make all of this

Pamela Nagorr
Pamela Nagorr 2 months ago

Nice ideas, only if the ingredients were given to ALL the recipes....

Kavita Aher
Kavita Aher 2 months ago

Y food items vdio on 5mins craft play??

elizabeth richardson
elizabeth richardson 2 months ago

All these things look so YUMMY!

Phoenix Nightingale
Phoenix Nightingale 2 months ago

Yeah, not really seeing "Kids Crafts" cause I know I wouldn't let my kids cook, bake or use kitchen knives or the deep fryer or the oven without me in the room.

Lisa Hudgins
Lisa Hudgins 2 months ago

10 delicious Christmas ideas...hummmm...not Christmas at my house....

06Violet 2 months ago

I don't have enough patients for that pie... haha

panoulis tavr
panoulis tavr 2 months ago


Meno Bowser
Meno Bowser 2 months ago

2:02 why do the potatoes look slimy?

Regina Jordan
Regina Jordan 2 months ago

Wouldn’t it be nice if they tell us the recipes?

Taffy Kins
Taffy Kins 2 months ago

What is the filling for the potato "jelly" roll? That looks so delicious, I'd love to try making that. (4:00)

DOG TALK 2 months ago

1 Christmas hack+potato hacks

Elisa Miranda
Elisa Miranda 2 months ago

Yes there are kids out there that can do all of this but generally most kids cant do all this without their parents

김예지 2 months ago

Isn’t this for KIDS 😂

Susanna 2 months ago

This is kinda copy of So yummy

Bilaa H
Bilaa H 2 months ago

What is that yellow liquid you put on top on the puff pastry? Butter? Egg?

Imira Alkizwini
Imira Alkizwini 2 months ago

Me so hungy

Vanlalhluni Mami
Vanlalhluni Mami 2 months ago

I like it i am from mizoram

I like all your video

MM crazy
MM crazy 2 months ago

3:07 just.. no..

rabooey 2 months ago

Mmmmm raw dough Christmas tree.

Ирина Петрушевска

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