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darragh gregory
darragh gregory 2 months ago

He admitted that there was no women that rang the BBC and the hurricane he was talking about was in Florida

TelevisedPork 2 months ago

Hurricane Rafael?

Damini dhar
Damini dhar 2 months ago

Michael is a legend saw him in Eastbourne he is very down to earth

Ercan Hassan
Ercan Hassan 2 months ago

Does anyone know who the lady was that rang in?

Huzaifah Zaheer
Huzaifah Zaheer 2 months ago

It was not his fault the weather computer got it all wrong

molemole666 mole
molemole666 mole 2 months ago

bill giles forecast later that evening was just as wrong,he admitted it the next day

TheLifeOf Floyd
TheLifeOf Floyd 2 months ago

It takes a man to admit his mistakes, but takes a bigger man to find a humorous side too it also

Natewatl 2 months ago

All the wanker had to do was to explain the definition of hurricane meant "tropical" cyclone and emphasize that 100 mph winds would otherwise be considered hurricane force.

Barry Graham
Barry Graham 2 months ago

The irony is that he claims the woman calling in was actually not even true, he made it up. What an amazing coincidence that he chose that day to make up such a story.

WarwickshireMidlands Weather


ERL 2 months ago

You know, I give credit to Michael for doing this because he spent a long time after the storm trying to explain how the forecast 'wasn't wrong' when it clearly was by most measures. No one should really apportion blame to him because weather modeling was not like it is today, in 1987. It was a freak storm afterall, and obviously many, many others at the Met office missed it too, including the big cheeses whose job it is to issue warnings and the like.

James Knight
James Knight 2 months ago

the point of doing this ?

James Pipe
James Pipe 2 months ago

MICHAEL FISH GETS IT RIGHT - 25th Anniversary Forecast

Zoomer30 2 months ago

Supposedly he was referring to Hurricane Floyd in the US (which was already dying out). With the lack of data and poor weather models they had to deal with in 1987, they did the best they could. When a storm goes through a "bombogensis cycle" (air pressure drops 1mb an hour for 24 hours) it can intensify very quickly.

mrface19 2 months ago

It wasn't a hurricane, he was right.

Martino Lopez
Martino Lopez 2 months ago

Didn't people die?

Dnbray 2 months ago

is this a joke

Elliee... 2 months ago

Getting ready for the storm tonight x

RedJoe10 2 months ago

Do you know what, I'm sure he said something else once upon a time...

Nosa Ikiddeh
Nosa Ikiddeh 2 months ago

That's the ticket Michael!

alan patterson
alan patterson 2 months ago

Did any of the other weathermen forecast a hurricane?