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Fruity Liana
Fruity Liana 2 months ago

So pretty! Are you applying a glossy top coat for the designs or are you using the colours used to paint them? 💖

Summer Jones
Summer Jones 2 months ago

Love love love the video such cute nails.. butttt I clicked on the video cause you said “gel polish only” in the title, but you had to use acrylic powder to achieve the look I don’t have acrylic powder, so I have to buy it to be able to achieve this or is there another way to do it that doesn’t involve the acrylic?

Simple Nail Designs
Simple Nail Designs 2 months ago

Beautiful colors 🥰

Margaret Humphrey
Margaret Humphrey 2 months ago

Amazing, how much would this cost in the salon.

Layla Martinez
Layla Martinez 2 months ago

Omg I love those nails they are beautiful and I learned a lot

NaturallyNai 2 months ago

Love the video

LASH3SKA Nails & More

These are amazing 😍