Is the CHRISTMAS TREE pagan???


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Information Is the CHRISTMAS TREE pagan???

Title : Is the CHRISTMAS TREE pagan???

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Description Is the CHRISTMAS TREE pagan???

Is the CHRISTMAS TREE pagan???

Is the CHRISTMAS TREE pagan???

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José Diaz
José Diaz 2 months ago

Its a man tradition brother period, may YHWH bless you brother in YESHUA name

Kenny Will
Kenny Will 2 months ago

Watch this video. Very informative on Christmas.

Talo S
Talo S 2 months ago

Christmas is made up With bullshit sayings from random non religious people.

Mst 786
Mst 786 2 months ago

Bro it's pure paganism. All the respected Christian scholars are they are agreed on that's not even a jesus Christ birthday later on they christianized for more ppl to convert. Its nothing but then pure paganism

Jorge Valenzuela
Jorge Valenzuela 2 months ago

Asherah is made of wood

Isaiah C
Isaiah C 2 months ago

Christmas isn't biblical and has nothing to do with jesus christ , you forgot to mention jesus christ of nazareth was not born on dec 25, if our lord jesus christ was not born on December 25 WHY CELEBRATE IT,

Isaiah C
Isaiah C 2 months ago

What's is the point of Christmas " to celebrate the birth of christ" where in the bible does it say christ was born on dec 25th ??? Christmas is pegan

richard fote
richard fote 2 months ago

Its about idolitry. The first commanment.

Kwasi Papafio
Kwasi Papafio 2 months ago

If the Most High YAH says in Jeremiah 10:2 "learn not the way of the heathen". He definitely doesn't want you celebrating pagan holidays. Let God be true and every man a liar.

shirelle anthony
shirelle anthony 2 months ago

An idol is anything you look to for something outside of and before going to Yah. He is our source of everything. All other things are resources you better make sure are coming from the one true God. That passage also talks about not learning the way of the heathen. Deal with the origin of the tree and how Israel adopted all these days from the peoples around them. Also at the end you pointed out how many sins were done under trees. The first tree was considered magical and to help with fertility. Go down that rabbit hole. The balls on the tree were offerings to the gods. We were only told to keep the feast days. Xmas celebrate the winter solstice and many other gods let's be real all of it IS PAGAN.

Shell Perry
Shell Perry 2 months ago

Love your enthusiasm, but please dig deeper! It's a phallic symbol. There's often more to it than what it may seem... Praise YaH!

Nadia M
Nadia M 2 months ago

One who takes the time to study God's word determines if one is approved of God or not. ... 2 Timothy 2:15 says Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling ACCURATELY the word of truth. Do not listen to everything or everyone because clearly some do not dive deep enough into studying the Word of God before teaching others. Christmas is PAGAN period not some of it! If the church you attend puts up a Christmas tree you should find another place of Worship.

The Truth TV
The Truth TV 2 months ago

@everyone lol, so I definitely DO NOT believe in Christmas and am WELL AWARE of its pagan origins, you won't see me advocate or promote that here, this video was just showing that the VERSES IN THE BIBLE people use to show that the Christmas tree is pagan are being used OUT OF CONTEXT. <3

The10leopard 2 months ago

Any idol IS idolatry.

Ellis Washington
Ellis Washington 2 months ago

I DISAGREE with what you deem as enligtment. This Christmas tree tradition is definitely a "pagan practice". I recommend that you consider asking God Himself for "revelation knowledge" regarding this matter.

Light Son of Light
Light Son of Light 2 months ago

The verses say nothing about idols or worship. You’re add to scripture to twist it to what you want. Same thing the Israelites do and why they were abandoned by God at least for a time. This is why Satan only has to change the concept a little. Do not do this, means do not do this. Period end of story.

Siobhan C.
Siobhan C. 2 months ago

Here's some serious info regarding Christmas

Siobhan C.
Siobhan C. 2 months ago

It's not about the Christmas tree and viewing the Christmas tree as an idol the Christmas tree is a symbol for the missing member the phallic member of nimrod when semaramis cut him apart and his body parts went all over and the only part she could not find was his penis. The Christmas tree is a symbol for that member that is missing and the decorations on it began as testicles that were dipped in gold and silver and hung on the tree. All of Christmas is a pagan ritual that is still being fulfilled whether you think you're celebrating Jesus or not you are still fulfilling and satisfying the enemy because you're still taking part in these ritualistic actions. the reason why children are brought by their moms and dads and placed on Santa's lap so that he can find out what they want for Christmas was because the children were given as sacrifice to Satan Santa Satan and so you are fulfilling a pagan ritual under the name of God? The Christmas tree isn't about worshiping the Christmas tree or seeing as an idol it is about the entire holiday that is pagan and nature and in honor and worship and glory of the sun gods Not the son of God Jesus christ. So much misinformation is being spread around and especially spread around incorrectly by other Christians and telling others that this type of behavior is okay so long as you do it in the name of Jesus Christ or in celebration of his birthday period do you think your wife would appreciate it if you celebrated her birthday on the actual birthday of your ex? Say her birthday is January 30th and your ex's birthday is September 9th do you think your wife wants you to celebrate her birthday on September 9th because it's in honor of her but yet it's your ex's birthday? No of course not! Well God feels the same way! We are not to celebrate the pagan created holidays and the worldly celebrated holidays that are not in the name of Christ or requested to be honored in the name of Christ. So many Christians want to celebrate all of these worldly holidays but yet where were you for the day of atonement or Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah? Hannukah? Did you celebrate Jesus on those days? Or did you just pass them by and decide to celebrate Jesus on the days that the Earth celebrates the sun gods?

Bluu Trtl
Bluu Trtl 2 months ago dont just grab a tree and put it prune it with tools so it will stand and to look nice...stop making excuses dude...shalom

theone true
theone true 2 months ago

Dont celebrate Christmas and please stop telling your lies. You probably think the laws are done away with also? I believe sunday worship is sun worship also.

CJMendoza804 2 months ago

But does Christmas have pagan roots?

Luther H GrindstoneMtn

Thank you Sir for speak the truth. You know so much. I can tell you study and read your Bible. Hold fast to the book as that is all we have left in this old failing world. God Bless you.

Christian Pulido
Christian Pulido 2 months ago

If it's not a Christmas tree in jerimiah explain what carved wooden idol do they hammer down with nails other than a tree

eric seballos
eric seballos 2 months ago

What does the Christmas Tree have to do in Relation to Jesus Christ's Birth?...Absolutely Nothing!..Then Why Celebrate or do such thing?...Hanging balls symbolizing the Unconquered sun, mistletoe, reindeers, santa clause? Should a Christian even do such things? Is that the kind of Worship God commanded us to do in order to please Him? Stop and think about it!

Richard Clark
Richard Clark 2 months ago

Deuteronomy 12:30 how did these nations serve their gods ? Even so will do likewise
The pagan nations serve the evergreen tree because it never dies it’s always green
Why would you want to do as the heathen
When you are doing Christmas and the tree in your house you are doing the same as the children in wilderness just by putting God name on now it’s ok. God does not want to be worshipped like the other nations we are to come out from amung them be ur separate
Jesus told us to remember his death
Christmas celebrate his birth
Let me ask you is it ok to celebrate Easter eggs with kids ?

Well Done Good & Faithful Servant Mathew 25:23

Christmas Trees = Ancient SUNworship

Groups such as the Asatru Folk Assembly in the US recognise the celebration as lasting 12 days, beginning on the date of the winter solstice. In most forms of Wicca, this holiday is celebrated at the winter solstice as the rebirth of the Great horned hunter god, who is viewed as the newborn solstice sun.

Stacia Goodlit Betty
Stacia Goodlit Betty 2 months ago

Ok its not about it being pagan though but its the origin of the Christmas Tree

Christ's Creation
Christ's Creation 2 months ago

Jeremiah 3:9 KJVS
And it came to pass through the lightness of her whoredom, that she defiled the land, and committed adultery with stones and with stocks.

Stocks are trees

Christ's Creation
Christ's Creation 2 months ago

Deuteronomy 12:2 KJVS
Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and under every green tree:

Christ's Creation
Christ's Creation 2 months ago

Under every green tree

david brown
david brown 2 months ago

You are correct in saying that Jeremiah 10 isn't referring to a Christmas tree, but it is referring to an idol carved from wood decorated with gold, but that doesn't change the fact that Christmas trees still come from the origins of pagan practices that were adopted into the Christian faith and then changed in a way to try and make them become an honoring memorial to God which isn't what Jeremiah was talking about. In that sense we can't call Christmas trees idols because no one worships a Christmas tree, but we can call them false memorials or symbols born and modified from paganism. Therefore Jeremiah 10 has nothing to do with a Christmas tree, but God still says don't adopt pagan practices, change them, and do them, and say that you do it to honor me ~ Deuteronomy 12:29-32 which is what people do with the Christmas tree unknowingly.

Bible Flock Box
Bible Flock Box 2 months ago

Finally someone with some common sense regarding Jeremiah. I don't think there's anything wrong with gifts. The wise man even gave Jesus gifts. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it.

Aaron Rondale
Aaron Rondale 2 months ago

Wow! That's good bro!

Jae D
Jae D 2 months ago

Just this week I got a video from someone who claimed the Christmas tree was pagan and quoted that same verse in Jeremiah. Praise the LORD, He already explained that verse to me a while ago. Let's study God's word for ourselves.