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Title : Turn Up The Sun [2005 Manchester]

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Turn Up The Sun [2005 Manchester]

Turn Up The Sun [2005 Manchester]

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Airwolf898 Airwolf898

Manage this being played back in Knebworth 1996!

Mason Mennell
Mason Mennell 2 months ago

That first line by liam just makes we want to get up! Amazing vocals and delivery

darren thomas
darren thomas 2 months ago

23.49pm. friday night. it is only rock n roll, but i like it[!] [!] FUCKING ROCK{!] [!] AND FUCKING ROLL[!] [!] AND RHYME IT WITH 'LOL'.
Turn Up The Sun

I carry madness everywhere I go
Over a border and back to the snow
So if you see me and I look right through
You shouldn't take it as a reflection of you

Come on, turn up the sun
Turn it up for everyone
Love one another
Love one another

The boys in the bubble
They wanna be free
And they got so blind
That they cannot see
But I'm not your keeper
I don't have the key
I've got a piano
I can't find the 'C'

Come on, turn up the sun
Turn it up for everyone
Love one another
Love one another

Come on, turn up the sun
Turn it up for everyone
Love one another
Love one another

Mr. E
Mr. E 2 months ago

Is this the concert that is available on Oasis Blu Ray?

Casper Oomen
Casper Oomen 2 months ago

1:27 he's feelin it haha

keith moon
keith moon 2 months ago

Ame a todos!!!

john mouzon
john mouzon 2 months ago

Absolute fcuking tune ❤️

mao ryu
mao ryu 2 months ago


Chili Head
Chili Head 2 months ago

Noel! ✊🇬🇧🕴️

SPF 86
SPF 86 2 months ago

I was there ✌🏻

ドラム初心者 2 months ago


gabrielles27 2 months ago

Come back for humanity
Greetings from Holland

Annette Ryan
Annette Ryan 2 months ago

Luv this concert footage with the barrier disruption, followed by a classic reset..
Liam in fine form, along with big brotherly wit! Zak Starkey on the drums and "George" playing keyboard's on a "SUN" song, that hearkens back.. to another era in "Brit-Pop!"

SuperBlackted 2 months ago

Just a little bit brilliant

chris mcarthur
chris mcarthur 2 months ago

wonderful song.

John Hill
John Hill 2 months ago

Lady’s and gents the one and only zak statkey

Tommy Morgan
Tommy Morgan 2 months ago

What an opener for a concert, set the stall out early! I seen Liam live in Dublin a couple of years ago and he sounded brilliant. It was absolute bedlam in the crowd, flares and drinks getting thrown everywhere!!

Cactus Llieda
Cactus Llieda 2 months ago

Andy Bell wrote it

SpiceIsNice 2 months ago

this is fucking mega

crapa loco
crapa loco 2 months ago

Everywhere i gaow

Infamous619 2 months ago

Fucken madferit!

Łəø Haigh
Łəø Haigh 2 months ago

Im Just Waiting for the day my mind games come out to play
To watch the magic unfold through the mouths of other souls
And rejoice the world ridding demons that behold |a power so strong| where love is simply none
And take back my crown that's been passed down through the music and sounds of those way before and into the future.

Sam Davidson
Sam Davidson 2 months ago

This is just sounds like a stoner rock song that hasn’t been tuned down 2 steps I swear, it’s like Oasis’ take on an early Queens of the Stone Age song to me

RED CAN BAND 2 months ago

This very version is the best. Huge influence on us. A dream if we get there.

tjs00 2 months ago

Look at that crowd bouncing...

oojedioo 2 months ago

Biblical ❤️❤️❤️❤️ swagger rock un roll ❤️❤️❤️❤️

C T 2 months ago

Love when noel first added the live rift at the start even liam was suprised that night

Marky 2 months ago

One of my all time best gigs ✊

ImIsaac 2 months ago

you’d never know it wasn’t by noel

Justin Bleasdale
Justin Bleasdale 2 months ago

Anyone else still listening to this in 2020?

Alfie J Carr
Alfie J Carr 2 months ago

I get goose bumps watching this everytime

Mason Mennell
Mason Mennell 2 months ago

His voice sounds great in this but quickly deteriorates later in the performance

Norberto Velazquez
Norberto Velazquez 2 months ago

Temazo verdadero sonido Oasis

Literally Me
Literally Me 2 months ago

14 years ago.

Miguel Aranda
Miguel Aranda 2 months ago


유명재 2 months ago


Paul Watkins
Paul Watkins 2 months ago

Say wot u want about oasis, but they where a class band...

Nick Dearnaley
Nick Dearnaley 2 months ago

I remember being in this crowd well, it was mental

Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 2 months ago

Great tune written by Andy Bell! 😀🎶🎶

Jack T0059
Jack T0059 2 months ago

I carry a madenuuuuuuuuuuuuusa

Esteban Martínez
Esteban Martínez 2 months ago

Best Oasis opener ever.

Paddy Partington
Paddy Partington 2 months ago

It wasnt just the music the pure excitement about them was electric atmosphere it was a great time to be alive

Marco Ramos
Marco Ramos 2 months ago

"I'll carry a madness, everywhere I go" in Liam's voice is fucking biblical

Marc Fitzgerald
Marc Fitzgerald 2 months ago

The greatest Oasis song of all time

Lexa Rulesca
Lexa Rulesca 2 months ago

count the cellphones

The Lad
The Lad 2 months ago

Fancy wearing a red jacket. What a prick.

Jonathan Peralta
Jonathan Peralta 2 months ago

Que rico

BOSSMATE 2 months ago

The best !! Oasis’s

Mr Sifter
Mr Sifter 2 months ago

If ever proof was needed should they ever get back together, it’s Gem & Andy that should get the call.

Mancunian 2 months ago

Better than the album version.

Insert Name
Insert Name 2 months ago

Dat opening line....djeezuz.

nirvana dev
nirvana dev 2 months ago

anybody from 2019, who's still listening to this awesome band ?

Michael Hanratty
Michael Hanratty 2 months ago

The best most oasisy sounding song...

... Happens to be written by Andy Bell

Tony R
Tony R 2 months ago

Best Oasis song Noel Gallagher didn’t write

Hicham H
Hicham H 2 months ago

It's even better than the official studio version...these guys know how to make music..

The macho man Ric savaging

Andy bell wrote a fucking tune here with this.

Rogue Will
Rogue Will 2 months ago


pistol goo
pistol goo 2 months ago


Juan Ignacio Bitar
Juan Ignacio Bitar 2 months ago

que temazo lopario

Wyndzzy 2 months ago

Andy Fucking Bell.

luis valenzuela
luis valenzuela 2 months ago


Queens of the Drone Age


Gary Hamilton
Gary Hamilton 2 months ago

Compare this to the 2006 Argentina Gigs and there like chalk and cheese, the 2006 performance was Liam going all Nasal and barely pronouncing the words, the beginning of the end sadly. This is how I'll remember them.

Pete Schork
Pete Schork 2 months ago

and no smartphones....

John Fitzgerald Chinaski

Koreans go crazy with this.

전예성 2 months ago

I lovl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Turn Up the Sun

tropicwave1 2 months ago

Turn Up the Sun     Oasis        I carry a Madness,
Everywhere I go,
Over the border.
And back to the snow.        So if you see me
And I look right through
You should not take it
As a reflection on you     Come on, turn up the sun
Turn it up for everyone.    Love one another
Love one another      The boys in the bubble
Want to be free
They got so blind
That they cannot see       Well I'm not your keeper,
I don't have your key.
I got a piano,
But I can't find the see    Come one, turn up the sun
Turn it up for everyone    Love one another
Love one another      Come on, turn up the sun,
Turn it up, for everyone     Love one another,
Love one another.                Songwriters: ANDREW BELL, ANDREW PIRAN BELL© Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

최도현 2 months ago

어쩌다 알게된 all around the world로 입문해 오아시스 덕후가 돼버리다니...

대장동재명 2 months ago

비틀스가 리버풀을
오아시스는 멘체스터를
특별히 멘시티 축구팀의
열열한 써포터 들이다

Si Hopebgood
Si Hopebgood 2 months ago

"We love one another"    <3

Carlos Jean
Carlos Jean 2 months ago

Showzaço! Ame um ao outro! 

Grace Santana
Grace Santana 2 months ago

I always cry when I remember that I have seen this performance alive!

André Santos
André Santos 2 months ago

just like 1323156 other Oasis songs

PercySt89 2 months ago

Oh fuck! Liam is the best fuckin frontman in this fuckin world! LG live forever!!

fabiarq13 2 months ago

Amazing! best band in the world!

Raúl Tamez
Raúl Tamez 2 months ago

This is fuckn epic, you feel this music in your veins

sgtSNIPESHOWsgt 2 months ago

wow....just wow

Franco 2 months ago

Andy Rocks

TheDiamond909 2 months ago

lets be fuckin fair here this is fuckin out of this fuckin world.......

Leonardo Patty
Leonardo Patty 2 months ago


renata m keller
renata m keller 2 months ago

uma das músicas sensacionais que demorei pra prestar a devida atenção.

Gord Allmighty
Gord Allmighty 2 months ago

Epic epic epic! 2005, Manchester, very good year. Very good gig.

Martin Watson
Martin Watson 2 months ago

Liam is the greatest frontman ever and I know music is totally subjective but fair to say that's a fact. L LIVE FOREVER.

1 1
1 1 2 months ago

crowd looks fuckin epic!

flubbz53 2 months ago

@goundenter ????

TheDiamond909 2 months ago

i cant imagine music getting better than this

Abner James
Abner James 2 months ago

really impressive tune for andy to have written - i woulda believed it was noel if you had told me

johnpault1 2 months ago


Joe Howarth
Joe Howarth 2 months ago

im gonna go to bed now

gator055 2 months ago

Mad fer it

MultiTyrannosaurus 2 months ago

@callumrocker1 yes; a clever Dick.

Léo Fiorini
Léo Fiorini 2 months ago


crocker1 2 months ago

Fuck yes my friend, Rock & Roll isnt music, its a lifestyle ! \m/

N1ck64 2 months ago

Liam sounds fucking amazing!

Noel Haigh
Noel Haigh 2 months ago

fcuking classic.....

MultiTyrannosaurus 2 months ago

@stcuthbertsvillage: Your argumentation is decidedly nonscientific and nonreflective; sorry.

MultiTyrannosaurus 2 months ago

@stcuthbertsvillage: Thanks. Oh, by the way: You say: "It's just rock n roll". Really? I think, it's it not at all, because: R&R is, in the narrow, historic sense of the word, a music style concerning the 50ies and 60ies, well represented by musicians like Bill Haley, Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, CHUCK BERRY, Eddie Cochran, Shakin Stevens and much others, but NOT Oasis! Even if Neill Young sang : "Hey hey, My my, R&R will never die...", best-covered by THEM !

MultiTyrannosaurus 2 months ago

@stcuthbertsvillage: Ok, maybe i should have written "outstanding", "outreaching" or something like that. Satisfied? PS: english is not my mother-tongue...

MultiTyrannosaurus 2 months ago

@stcuthbertsvillage: What's the problem? I did not mean "Avantgarde"!

MultiTyrannosaurus 2 months ago

@jonnytheoasisfan : o no, rather better than "Lyla"; my oppinion!