First time listening to HAPPY NEW YEAR BY ABBA | REACTION


Sincerely, K.S.O.

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Information First time listening to HAPPY NEW YEAR BY ABBA | REACTION

Title : First time listening to HAPPY NEW YEAR BY ABBA | REACTION

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Frames First time listening to HAPPY NEW YEAR BY ABBA | REACTION

Description First time listening to HAPPY NEW YEAR BY ABBA | REACTION

First time listening to HAPPY NEW YEAR BY ABBA | REACTION

First time listening to HAPPY NEW YEAR BY ABBA | REACTION

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mccorama 2 months ago

Any message shared by ABBA and Mr Rogers must be true: every neighbour is a friend

Manfred Buchdrucker
Manfred Buchdrucker 2 months ago

Hi K.S.O. if you love the sad Song´s of Abba, try this one: Happy New Year. Stay Healthy!!!

Anita Blomqvist
Anita Blomqvist 2 months ago

Happy new year from Sweden . I allways loves Abba and Agnetha and Björn was neigbour when I was eight nine years old .

Steve Aldrup
Steve Aldrup 2 months ago

Such wonderful harmonies. The gals voices almost meld into one...

D Lind
D Lind 2 months ago

Um... why is it that I can't listen without an asterisk * pops out, and the music dies for 1-2 seconds - maybe every 15 sec.? (I am a premium member of youtube - so it can't be them (I guess)
Love your reaction and the choices you make!

Paul E Crosby
Paul E Crosby 2 months ago

Gorgeous record ♥

GSAddict 57
GSAddict 57 2 months ago

Bonne et heureuse année 2021 de la part d'un ABBAfan français ! Surtout une bonne santé à tous et espérons-le, enfin les nouveaux titres tant attendus de nos quatre chers suédois

Yanwardi Wardi
Yanwardi Wardi 2 months ago

ABBA never old. càn you react without you covered by vanny vabiola fr indonesia. her voice smooth & powerful

William Mayes
William Mayes 2 months ago

Abba- hello. Just discovered your channel with the vid you made on listening to Blue notes “The Love I Lost” and enjoying your channel and this vid as well, and song reviews. I have a few comments on the Love I lost review vid as well.

mccorama 2 months ago

Here's to a million circles of love and change!

fodsaks 2 months ago

Aww... I just wanted to hug you when you dabbed your eyes.
It's a lovely song isn't it.

Melina Kristin Mercury

So emotenel ♥️🥺 Happy knew year to you, thank you for all your music in 🍾🥂🎇🎆🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Jenny Vaughn
Jenny Vaughn 2 months ago

Happy Holidays!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Jenny Vaughn
Jenny Vaughn 2 months ago

Nice vid. I have my family with me and we have a Christmas movie playing.

semipalatinsk1 2 months ago

This song came off the Super Trouper album in 1980. Agnetha was not pregnant at this time. Her only two children, Linda and Christian, were born 1973 and 1977 (the father of both being Björn, her fellow ABBA band member).

The Opinionated Man
The Opinionated Man 2 months ago

My Cute and Adorable K.S.O.,
I don't believe Agnetha (singing lead) was pregnant at the time. Her first with Bjoern was a daughter born in 1973. A son would later show up in 1977. A year later, Agnetha and Bjoern would separate in 1978 and file for divorce in 1979. Their divorce became final in 1980. Bjoern and Benny are the authors and composer of the song that was released in 1980. The finality of the divorce could have had a bit of influence on the lyrics itself. I also sense a little bit of hope written in between the lines also. The last decade of the 70's wasn't just about disco, arena rock, high platform shoes, and Star Wars. it was about the increase of drug abuse, Watergate, Nixon resigning, the death of the 12 Israeli athletes during the Munich Olympics perpetrated by the terrorist group Hamas. There is hope that the next decade would be so much better. I'm putting this into my Christmas/New Year playlist.

God Bless

Bandido894 2 months ago

About dress I think it's the fashion of that time, still it was 1980. She wasn't pregnant at this time and even he was her husband at the window, they divorcerd already 1979.

Josef Schiltz
Josef Schiltz 2 months ago

This is a beautiful, yet a very sad song.

Alack, for pity!
I, not remembering how I cried out then,
Will cry it o'er again: it is a hint
That wrings mine eyes to't.

And yet . . sing it again.

WhatUC 2 months ago

Genius song about human frailty vs hope. It's an emotional rollercoaster.
I feel that synth motif that goes low note - high note - low note symbolises the high of the party between the lows of normal life

TheMetallic2018 2 months ago

please react to DON'T ANSWER ME by THE ALAN PARSON PROJECT official video, please please I know you will enjoy it a lot, both the music and video are enjoyable, its an old song but its gold

Bunny Bachman
Bunny Bachman 2 months ago

Hearing ABBA just immediately takes me back to my teens. Happiness and sadness at the same time. I wished I could have seen them in concert and what it would have been like. They are one of my all-time favorite bands.

Porfle Popnecker
Porfle Popnecker 2 months ago

I think Starbuck's should make a creamy new drink called "Fappy Frappe."

JL 2 months ago


Chris Travers
Chris Travers 2 months ago

Can you put in the title when it's paused? I understand why but I struggle to watch with the style of pausing you do.

Escorpio Omega
Escorpio Omega 2 months ago

Thank you for this reaction
and Merry Cristmas for you!

When you see the video and hear the song
Agnetha's voice is sublime, clear and beautiful, like an angel
and Frida in the second and third back vocals was fantastic
As always, excelent
Agnetha + Frida

Another song for this time:
"I have a dream"
with roles inverted
Frida as lead vocal and Agnetha as back vocal
you can check it:

GOD bless you and be careful

No1KCfan6 2 months ago

Leave it ABBA to have a song titled "Happy New Year" that makes you feel sad. It's a pretty song, though.

Geoff Field
Geoff Field 2 months ago


Donna Reinhart
Donna Reinhart 2 months ago

Everthing Abba sings is gold.

ander lundberg
ander lundberg 2 months ago

So Good Reaction and talking

J0HnF_UK 2 months ago

This is one of those, 'cold light of day', type songs. It's more fitting to listen to this at New Years as the Christmas festivities are pretty much over by then, and the 1st January tends to be rather sobering with the prospect that you have to go back to work/school in a couple of days time. The whole sentiment of this song kind of fits into the sense of melancholy that tends to happen when the party is at an end and you have to get back to some semblance of normality, once again. ABBA always do these types of song with a huge amount of optimism thrown into the mix. It's a sad song but it's always so damn cheerful! 🤣

Neil Hornby
Neil Hornby 2 months ago

Merry Christmas lovely, thank you for every thing you've done this year x

wencire one
wencire one 2 months ago

Hi KSO, nice work with Happy New Year, it's almost as if you can read my mind 😉, have a wonderful day to you and your family ❤🎅🎄🎁👍

Mark 2 months ago

They only recorded one more album after this.

Steve Dow
Steve Dow 2 months ago

Another emotional song worth reacting to is The Way Old Friends Do. Similar sentiment, both women sing lead lines, and only ever recorded live, during their 1979 tour.

David Schecter
David Schecter 2 months ago

LOVE this song.

Eric Englehardt
Eric Englehardt 2 months ago

I don't care.. Everytime I look at you I feel good..I don't particularly care what it is you are reaction to, though I am courios how you feel about certain things,you just have a blast about it all , and I love it. Here's hoping you have the merriest Christmas and a very good next year..

Mats Lindkvist
Mats Lindkvist 2 months ago

Hi K.S.O.
We in Sweden are the masters of melancholia. We always ends up in the top of happiness indexis but there is always this stroke of sadness. Read for instance Stieg Larssons books or listen to Roxette music. We are never satisfied. By the way, you are beatiful both on the inside and outside.

Treva Land
Treva Land 2 months ago

Merry xmas to you with me ;)


Joyeux Noël de France 🇫🇷 🎅🎄🙏🎁🍾

Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones 2 months ago

Aww poor Agnetha. Late 1980 and 1981 was the post divorce weight gain era. No babies. 🤣

Anne Smith
Anne Smith 2 months ago

Abba!!!! You will love anything by them ,huge band 🥰

Kris A
Kris A 2 months ago

Merry christmas! That I wanted to say first of all...concerning this clip and song,its fantastic...I know I am a big ABBA fan but I really dont think I say too much when I claim that that this is the best new years eve song out there...happy song,happy video,abit of a sadness in it too,melancholy is perhaps a better word....but its beautiful,as all of ABBAs work...the ladies sounds like true angels and their voices perfectly melts togehter,its just a pure pleasure to hear it mixed with Björn and Bennys brilliant music..

Jo Smith
Jo Smith 2 months ago

Such a melancholy song - merry Christmas 🎄 and happy new year - I think we will all be glad to see the end of 2020’

Stephen Hanft
Stephen Hanft 2 months ago

Terrific New Year's song by ABBA. Another popular New Year's song I would recommend you try is Barry Manilow's "It's Just Another New Year's Eve."

Rook Master
Rook Master 2 months ago

Although this is not a particularly happy song, it is one of my very favorite ABBA songs. And Agnetha's singing on this track is just so phenomenal, so full of tenderness and emotion.

scottarooni 2 months ago

I agree with Josh Fitzerald's comment. It's surprising how this song still resonates 40 years after it was released. As always, thank you for your insightful reactions, KSO! Happy holidays and let's hope in 2021 we will find a world "where every neighbor is a friend."

Lucinda Goodwin
Lucinda Goodwin 2 months ago

I think you would like "What Are You Doing New Years Eve" by Ella Fitzgerald

M 2 months ago

Well, they were just divorced. So any glow on her face must be caused by misery I think. They sing Happy New Year, but sadness & melancholy are all what this song is all about. 'Happy tunes disguised as melancholic songs'. That's what Abba did best. That's also why it's the best group there ever was in my opinion

Josh Fitzgerald
Josh Fitzgerald 2 months ago

This song always makes me emotional too, and this year, it's expounded by the pandemic and not being able to be with family for the holidays. This is a deep song and one that resonates hard right now. Thank you for reacting to this song. Happy Holidays!

Ann Mills
Ann Mills 2 months ago Have you heard Silent Night by Stevie Nicks ? ☮️💜.

Tango Eliott
Tango Eliott 2 months ago

ABBA. Yes. She was at the end of her marriage. Had a baby 1973 and 1977. This was recorded around 1980. They were divorced 1979. She was not pregnant. Remember Bjorn wrote the lyrics.