Vintage 1950-1960's C9 Christmas lights



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Information Vintage 1950-1960's C9 Christmas lights

Title : Vintage 1950-1960's C9 Christmas lights

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Frames Vintage 1950-1960's C9 Christmas lights

Description Vintage 1950-1960's C9 Christmas lights

Vintage 1950-1960's C9 Christmas lights

Vintage 1950-1960's C9 Christmas lights

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No Name
No Name 2 months ago

Like the old lights better then Led ones, but they look like death to me ! They just a fire hazard

H G 2 months ago

whats the amp rating for 1 string? i put 3 together, and the plastic around the fuse melted..

Tom Franco
Tom Franco 2 months ago

I can remember back in the early 1980s when people use these on the outside of their houses during Christmas me and my friend stealing bulbs one time getting chased down the street by the owner of the house

Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee 2 months ago

It is very possible to find the old style C7 and C9 light strings like these and also sets of replacement bulbs for them.....many online shops sell them....just stock up on replacement bulb sets, which are very cheap.. They are the best and the old time glow is the best. I only put up the old style lights. They are beautiful.

Jowy Boone
Jowy Boone 2 months ago

The old one's are the best

Kenn Saunders
Kenn Saunders 2 months ago

Correction, there was no colour coating on the inside of the bulb, it was part of the glass blowing. Argon gas would not take to inside colour coatings.

Kenn Saunders
Kenn Saunders 2 months ago

Old school is still the best, I have all of my parents old stuff going to the 50s

Kenn Saunders
Kenn Saunders 2 months ago

My Dad was a General Electric Lighting Sales Rep in the 60s. They were the first to come out with the left hand thread socket and bulb for Public Utilities for public parks etc. Reduced the theft of bulbs because people never thought of a Christmas Bulb being made with left hand thread.

lazy mations
lazy mations 2 months ago

They look like the ones they use in movies and shows

norm lor
norm lor 2 months ago

we had these exact sets from which company I have no clue but just one bulb burnt out and the whole set lost power, but it was a magical time for we kids and growing up in this era gave us greater appreciation for those light Companies to bring Christmas alive for 3 yr olds. I actually despise the LED's of today for no other reason than losing the magic of decades gone by .it's hard to put a finger on it but a $700 Santa is not for me!!

The Bman
The Bman 2 months ago

You might find the manufacturer by going to the U.L. website and entering the "Issue Number" on the tags, IIRC those are unique to each manufacturer.

johnny 2 months ago

I have the C9 red and green wire type. I put them inside around the front window. You can't beat the warm glow that really feels like Christmas. I have two 15 bulb sets. I just use one set a year.

gacj2010 2 months ago

Love the old c7 lights for indoors and I use a dimmer with them ...keeps them cool

Archie whiting
Archie whiting 2 months ago

Can you buy these anymore and if yes where?

GEMINITREKKER 2 months ago

The Blue is Great! Wish they made that color now.L.E.D. blue is the closest you'll get to that nowadays.

Mike Donato
Mike Donato 2 months ago

I remember I was little boy Christmas light

Justin Figgins
Justin Figgins 2 months ago

Cool vid!

Jaden Good
Jaden Good 2 months ago

I mean when you turn them on?

Jaden Good
Jaden Good 2 months ago

do you get the old smell from them?

Sandman Kelley
Sandman Kelley 2 months ago

Thanks for posting. I enjoyed your video greatly. I was fortunate enough to obtain four sets of these this Christmas.

Traffic Control Freak

My aunt gave me some vintage C7 lights that look amazing at night

Steven Villman
Steven Villman 2 months ago

These vintage/antique Christmas light strings and solid/glow/ceramic/painted/opaque Christmas light bulbs remind me of my Grandma's old Christmas light bulbs and strings, to which were given to me (as well as me buying more of the same in thrift stores and antique stores). Therefore, I nick-name any Christmas light bulb or light string that was made before 1980 as "Grandma bulbs", especially if they have twisted cords (in the case of Christmas light strings) and are solid/glow/ceramic/painted/opaque (in the case of Christmas light bulbs) – *LOL!!!!!* XD :D

6672rock 2 months ago

Can you still find replacement bulbs for those vintage string lights?

Mr.DahliaKing. 2 months ago

the pink is just stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr.DahliaKing. 2 months ago

VICNASTY1989 I wann ask - don't have any yellow opaque 1950s - 1960s C9 christmas lights?

Jordan U
Jordan U 2 months ago

These are very neat sets. I have a few older Noma sets myself, both C7 and C9.

wildbill9919 2 months ago

Cool. Thanks for posting. I still use incandescent C7's from the 1990s to decorate the house. But I went to LED C7's for the tree because they do not get hot.

Michael Williams
Michael Williams 2 months ago

Are you serious about the government doing this? They're telling us what to buy in regards to lights?

Michael Williams
Michael Williams 2 months ago

Amen brother!

radiopackrat 2 months ago

It's nice to see a new generation interested in vintage Christmas lights. For more information on the web, check out oldchristmastreelights and the yulelights collection. By the way, your bakelite sets have 2 types of bulbs. The GE ones had an outside color coating that was fused to the glass while the Japan made bulbs had an inside coating of dry silica powder. The soft glow of these bulbs cannot be duplicated by modern technology.

Ben M
Ben M 2 months ago


VICNASTY1989 2 months ago

The reason they look different is because they used to put the ceramic color coating on the inside (which produced more vibrant color), the newer just start to go dull after awhile. Check thrift stores, and eBay- there around. -Thanks for watching!

VICNASTY1989 2 months ago

Very true, its a shame the government is phasing out incandescent Christmas lights! -Thanks for watching!

Daniel Jacobs
Daniel Jacobs 2 months ago

Better than the LED crap nowdays!

VICNASTY1989 2 months ago

@andycflbulb I'm a traditionalist, I like the ceramic coated ones- but I have also had the clear and transparent (and they were both very nice). You really cant go wrong with C7 or C9- LOL!

andycflbulb 2 months ago

good name! You are like me then, by putting in night light bulbs! Which are better in your opinion- ceramic coated ones or the transparent ones that are colored but the filament is still clearly visible?

VICNASTY1989 2 months ago

@andycflbulb Yeah, I always called that "Super Nova" when the bulbs got real bright, and many a Christmas we had night light bulbs in our sets of C7's- LOL! I still have a few sets of those to.

andycflbulb 2 months ago

the c7 ones are fun when the bulbs burn out. The filament will short and glow very brightly for a anywhere from a few seconds to 15 minutes! It's interesting to watch! I like the c7 ones since in an emergency you can put in a night light bulb as a replacement

andycflbulb 2 months ago

nice colors! Those christmas lights that are the old style is cool!