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Information Christmas Decorating Faux Fur DIYs | Tree Skirt DIY

Title : Christmas Decorating Faux Fur DIYs | Tree Skirt DIY

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Frames Christmas Decorating Faux Fur DIYs | Tree Skirt DIY

Description Christmas Decorating Faux Fur DIYs | Tree Skirt DIY

Christmas Decorating Faux Fur DIYs | Tree Skirt DIY

Christmas Decorating Faux Fur DIYs | Tree Skirt DIY

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Tabitha Robinson
Tabitha Robinson 2 months ago

You remind me a lot of Emma Roberts.

Nicole Sharp
Nicole Sharp 2 months ago

Loved both of the DIY’s. I needed a tree skirt idea and now I have one. Thank you!!

RR26 2 months ago

I have to say the tree skirt looks s...o... CHEAP, like the one sold in a dollar shop.

Annesha Adams
Annesha Adams 2 months ago

loveeee your videoss

Distinctive Fabric
Distinctive Fabric 2 months ago

hi this is amazing!! how can i possibly reach you for some inquires?

Mary Marks
Mary Marks 2 months ago

I just purchased faux fur to make my tree skirt! Yeah!

Annie g
Annie g 2 months ago

Love it but where did you get your supplies?

Louise von Montfort
Louise von Montfort 2 months ago

Lovely! 😍

Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia 2 months ago

Great diys !!!! Love them !!!!

Tangy XoXo
Tangy XoXo 2 months ago

I am so making the Xmas tree skirt. TFS!

Phoebe 2 months ago

neat. =)

Mary Marks
Mary Marks 2 months ago

Love, Love, Love!!!!!

Sharpie57 2 months ago


jennmable 2 months ago

So cute! Thank you stimulating our imaginations!

Jenna Weeks
Jenna Weeks 2 months ago

Yes I absolutely love them both! Thanks for sharing love y'alls new home and congratulations to both of y'all!

Pratv Tuiletufuga
Pratv Tuiletufuga 2 months ago

Amazing designπŸ‘πŸ’–

Mia-Karo Ints
Mia-Karo Ints 2 months ago

She's just like emma roberts

acase4490 2 months ago

How is the stool a Christmas DIY??

sunita Kandhai
sunita Kandhai 2 months ago

hi sharrah ...luv your program....

Dulce Nola
Dulce Nola 2 months ago

Can anyone tell me what type of dog that is?? I'm in love 😍😍😍

Jtru 2 months ago

lovely ideas :)

awesomeskylineally 2 months ago

Sharrah yes these two are absolutely my favorite DIY so far. Also love how your tree looks you and Rebecca have me on a winter theme this year. I LOVE IT.
Big hugs Alli

rneustel 2 months ago

I love the stool!

Johanna Cruz
Johanna Cruz 2 months ago


Alishaaa -May
Alishaaa -May 2 months ago

Waited a year for these!

Debra Kelly
Debra Kelly 2 months ago

I love your DIYs. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the tree skirt.

Piggy Oink
Piggy Oink 2 months ago

I love how people are making Christmas days and thanksgiving hasn't even happened

Kdramaadditct 2 months ago

she has an emma roberts look!

Christine Sciberras
Christine Sciberras 2 months ago

love this DIY !! 😍

Envy 2 Jenevie
Envy 2 Jenevie 2 months ago

Wonderful diy it would look amazing with the tree that I'm giving away on my channel!! I will definitely have to do the chair diy tho have been looking for one just like it πŸŽ„β„οΈβ„οΈβ€οΈοΈ

Sur Sr
Sur Sr 2 months ago

I'm not American so I have such a hard time understanding her accent(not the mom's). But I LOVE her videos. I watch them a few times to catch her words.

T Bissonnette
T Bissonnette 2 months ago

Easier to just get a fuzzy throw and put under the tree, Marshalls and Homegoods carry them pretty inexpensively and they are much thicker & lux than faux fur that you get at the fabric store. I would also add foam to the stool.

Realtra Dark
Realtra Dark 2 months ago

Next time you use faux fur, use a box cutter and only cut the back of the fabric. It limits shedding and you're not stuck with fuzz all over the place.

Silvia 2 months ago

The stool is fantastic! And luckily there is some gold!πŸ˜‚ love it, thanks Sharrah! Sf!

Victoria's Horsevlog
Victoria's Horsevlog 2 months ago

Love your Channel and your lovely ideas!
Greetings from North Germany with the first snow of the season tonight <3

Laila Papin
Laila Papin 2 months ago

love this! It would be cool to know the price each project ended up costing. Love all your videos!!!

Swiftmints 2 months ago

Are you and your mom doing the 25 days of Christmas this year?

Tenessa Nikirk
Tenessa Nikirk 2 months ago

I love these but I wish you would look at the camera, I feel like you're talking to a wall because you don't look at the lens haha.

Amanda Koch
Amanda Koch 2 months ago

Have you tried the string and pencil trick for a circle cut? Tie a string around a pencil, put pencil at center of fabric ( in this case the corner tip of the folded fabric), measure the string and cut it, then just pull taught and trace your way around 😬

Hien Dinh
Hien Dinh 2 months ago

Love your 🌲

Judy Spencer
Judy Spencer 2 months ago

Great idea for painting the legs!

The Panda Mom
The Panda Mom 2 months ago


Bee Angelful
Bee Angelful 2 months ago

great ideas, I wish I hadn't tossed out my faux fur now :(

Patrise Mciver
Patrise Mciver 2 months ago

i love love love it

SimplyStormie 2 months ago

No batting for the stool?

Brandy Hoyt
Brandy Hoyt 2 months ago

Where do you get the faux fur?? Funny I was just wanting to do this !

Abbyhere 2 months ago

I think I would of added some foam or an old cushion to the stool just to add some volume and comfort

HI CAM 2 months ago

cool ideas! white faux fur is so festive for the holiday's.

Erin James
Erin James 2 months ago

Congrats to you!

Laken Remsberg
Laken Remsberg 2 months ago

Loving these videos πŸ˜„πŸŽ„

Glam Chic
Glam Chic 2 months ago

😱OMG😱 SHARRAH!!!!!!! I πŸ’ž the stool, I need to make it. THANKS FOR THIS DIY 😘

Living to DIY with Rachel Metz

Loved this so much!

Priya Sharma
Priya Sharma 2 months ago

love your diys soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

Jessica Park
Jessica Park 2 months ago

You're so fun to watch. xD

Emily Cc
Emily Cc 2 months ago

Love it 😍

Emily Cc
Emily Cc 2 months ago

Plz answer me love you so much you inspire me love you 😘

Funko Junkies
Funko Junkies 2 months ago

This is such an awesome idea... thanks for sharing, Where can I get the legs? and metal pieces at?

Emily Cc
Emily Cc 2 months ago

Love your diys and other videos love you so much

Summer S
Summer S 2 months ago

So beautiful I love your moms and your Christmas videos

Carmen Sk
Carmen Sk 2 months ago


afsha sayed
afsha sayed 2 months ago

r u decorating tairil nd ur house ???
ur ideas r quick simple nd very easy
thank you
nd u r very lucky u got a such a lovely nd amazing mom