Christmas at Borough Market ✨ Festive London Walk to Hay’s Galleria \u0026 Tower Bridge


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Information Christmas at Borough Market ✨ Festive London Walk to Hay’s Galleria \u0026 Tower Bridge

Title : Christmas at Borough Market ✨ Festive London Walk to Hay’s Galleria \u0026 Tower Bridge

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Frames Christmas at Borough Market ✨ Festive London Walk to Hay’s Galleria \u0026 Tower Bridge

Description Christmas at Borough Market ✨ Festive London Walk to Hay’s Galleria \u0026 Tower Bridge

Christmas at Borough Market ✨ Festive London Walk to Hay’s Galleria \u0026 Tower Bridge

Christmas at Borough Market ✨ Festive London Walk to Hay’s Galleria \u0026 Tower Bridge

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Watched Walker
Watched Walker 2 months ago

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00:42 - Borough Market - popular Southwark market selling artisan and specialty produce, as well as tasty street food
04:21 - The Globe Tavern - pub
04:43 - The Shard lights for 2020 - 20 storeys of the building lit up with more than 575 LED lights, featuring a Morse code message spelling out ‘Thank You’ in NHS blue and white
05:05 - London Bridge Underground Station - in fare zone 1, served by the Jubilee and Northern lines
05:17 - Padella - bistro
06:24 - The Southwark Tavern - pub
07:30 - Wheatsheaf - pub
08:25 - The Market Porter - pub
09:46 - Borough Market Christmas tree
18:10 - Southwark Cathedral
18:41 - Sarah Ballantyne Square
19:03 - View northeast towards the City of London
20:33 - Mug House - pub
23:54 - London Bridge City Pier
25:49 - ‘The Navigators’ - kinetic sculpture by David Kemp
26:09 - Hay’s Galleria - shopping centre’s Christmas tree
29:20 - HMS Belfast - 9-deck WWII warship-turned-museum with naval guns, permanently moored on the River Thames
30:16 - River cottage - bar & deli
32:20 - Stag reindeer, fox and robin illuminated sculpture
34:20 - Gaucho - Argentinian restaurant’s dining igloos
35:04 - City Hall
36:50 - Bridge Theatre
37:21 - Tower Bridge - a combined bascule and suspension bridge, built between 1886 and 1894
37:57 - The Vault 1894 - bar
39:03 - View across the River Thames to the Tower of London
40:55 - The Scoop at More Riverside
44:29 - El Vino - tapas bar
46:16 - London Bridge Station - served by Southern, southeastern and Thameslink trains
46:51 - The Shipwrights Arms - pub


wadda funiture
wadda funiture 2 months ago

l'm from Sri Lanka 👍

wadda funiture
wadda funiture 2 months ago

Nice video nice YouTube channel 👌

wadda funiture
wadda funiture 2 months ago

Hi friends beautiful city 👌😍😍

mımı ʟuňѧ
mımı ʟuňѧ 2 months ago

bom andar com você ..

David Parada
David Parada 2 months ago

Had fun with your video this time. I had my phone and followed your path using Google Maps. It took a while to find the name of the building until I found it: The Shard. Gorgeous. Very envious of your city.

Daniel Dravot
Daniel Dravot 2 months ago

Three minutes in, no close-ups of food or signage. What’s the point?

Steven Weitzman
Steven Weitzman 2 months ago

Would be nice if you offered personalized videos for a fee of course . I’d be interested

SiNA NSN 2 months ago

Look like good video thank you

Travel Channel
Travel Channel 2 months ago

Really beautiful city

Alan Byrnes
Alan Byrnes 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Walker 🎅 🎅 🎅 🎅 🎅 🎅 🎅

Jo Line
Jo Line 2 months ago

I love your videos. Thanks for producing.

Freelie Lee
Freelie Lee 2 months ago

Nice video. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy

Pamela Dawson
Pamela Dawson 2 months ago

Thank you. I really liked seeing the Tower Bridge. Be safe...

Hoe Bui
Hoe Bui 2 months ago

I like London.

Jeff Kelley
Jeff Kelley 2 months ago

Nobody captures this like WW

Imran Zazai
Imran Zazai 2 months ago

London is Lovely interesting and amazing city.

GERS1 2 months ago

The streets seem better lit here than in your Belgravia video.


wonderful nice

Ghani Khan
Ghani Khan 2 months ago

Dream city

Марина Терентьева

London is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. I am delighted.

S. H.
S. H. 2 months ago

all this talk about everything being completely shut down in London and here is borough market open and bustling.

editor informal
editor informal 2 months ago

Dear WW , panning of the camera is not too fast ?

editor informal
editor informal 2 months ago

Expensive London, very costly.

Ibrahim Sahil
Ibrahim Sahil 2 months ago


VIOLY JAY 2 months ago

It's a shame tht we don't get to fully immerse ourselves with the amazing food and set up during this winter.. was definitely looking forward to eating out more

Geek Street Travels
Geek Street Travels 2 months ago

Love Borough Market! Thanks for the walk 👍😊

Kratika Yogi
Kratika Yogi 2 months ago

Thanks for the walk during christmas time....I enjoyed your video alot....👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Malcolm Fairs
Malcolm Fairs 2 months ago

Best city in the world

NAN 2 months ago

thank you <33

Jussa Pekkala
Jussa Pekkala 2 months ago

Very good video. I have enjoyed all your videos this year. I wish you and all londoners very nice Christmas and Happy new year.

robert white
robert white 2 months ago

WW, You know I am already a big fan of your channel and videos, but I think this is one of my favorites!! You really captured the festive, yet everyday feel of the city and that great Borough Market!! I am a foodie at heart and have 30 years in the hospitality field so anything featuring food is special to me. Love that market and best wishes always!

Ingliz Tili Darslari O’zbek Tilida

Hello from Uzbekistan 🇺🇿
I had lived for two years in England London
My apartment was in cable street close to Tower Bridge, I use to walk everyday)) I still remember like yesterday, It was in 2010 to 2012))

Ambient Walking
Ambient Walking 2 months ago

Super awesome great video! Really love this! Thanks!

Al Wida
Al Wida 2 months ago

the video that i waiting for....borough market

mickey leboeuf
mickey leboeuf 2 months ago

Ah, my neck of the woods today. Borough mkt used to be a fruit and veg wholesale place. Used in lots of tv and film locations, most notably, lock stock & two smoking barrels. All the pubs you went past are all old haunts of mine

hope and love
hope and love 2 months ago

Nice video my friend!!

Moisés Rodrigues
Moisés Rodrigues 2 months ago

I love London!

PLANE SHORTCLIP 2 months ago


Balu Panneer
Balu Panneer 2 months ago

Very happy Christmas bro.

Steven Weitzman
Steven Weitzman 2 months ago

This is amazing

Virtual Tours Travel
Virtual Tours Travel 2 months ago

This experience is unforgettable. Feels like I am really there walking around London at Christmas, the borough market has so much to offer and the Galleria looks amazing. I really want to visit here. The bridge looks more lovely at night. Thank you so much for this tour :)

New Walker
New Walker 2 months ago

Borough Market looks beautiful with the Christmas decorations and lovely night walk !! Awesome 🥰✨👍

Streets of Asia
Streets of Asia 2 months ago

Watched Walker, my fellow walker and honored friend, it is always such an honor to be able to come to your channel and witness fully the successful scenery of London city!

Jatt Drive
Jatt Drive 2 months ago

wow nice video👍🌹

Dixie Rose 56
Dixie Rose 56 2 months ago

Thank you🙏🏼❤️

Mom and Baby Stroll
Mom and Baby Stroll 2 months ago

Borough market is one of my favourite places in London, thanks for the walk during Christmas time :)

Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty 2 months ago

Walking along the Thames and having a bite to eat and maybe a pint is enough to be happy I think, ha!
Beautifully done WW,, we will get through
This I swear!!❣️
Rest for Christmas and stay well🎄🥰

claudio gubiani
claudio gubiani 2 months ago

London is Magic...

Falcom Scott
Falcom Scott 2 months ago

Great walk here Watched Walker hopefully next time there won't be any rude people in the chat & Tower Bridge looks stunning late at night have a good evening!

Joe White
Joe White 2 months ago


abderrhman cherit
abderrhman cherit 2 months ago

I love GB

Walking New York City

Nice video mate. 😎

Татьяна Мишина

Спасибо за чудесное видео!!!!

Pablo Amat Gómez
Pablo Amat Gómez 2 months ago

I hope that 2021 will be better

Pablo Amat Gómez
Pablo Amat Gómez 2 months ago

I love London 🥰👍🏻

يوميات ام محمد واولادها

Keep it up 👍🌷

Voilà Patricia
Voilà Patricia 2 months ago

I really enjoy every video you make :) Thanks for your amazinfg work! xxx from Barcelona.

yosef yosef
yosef yosef 2 months ago

نشكرك على هذا المجهود الكبير ياصديقي العزيز💐💐💐

Video Vault TV
Video Vault TV 2 months ago

Best way to lose weight is on the treadmill watching your videos!

VITOR GAMES S2 2 months ago

Harry Potter City :)

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i m Bhavesh 2 months ago

Waiting as usual