6 year old little Irish girl hilariously insists on going to the pub πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Little Irish Girl Katie!

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Information 6 year old little Irish girl hilariously insists on going to the pub πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Title : 6 year old little Irish girl hilariously insists on going to the pub πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Frames 6 year old little Irish girl hilariously insists on going to the pub πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Description 6 year old little Irish girl hilariously insists on going to the pub πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

6 year old little Irish girl hilariously insists on going to the pub πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

6 year old little Irish girl hilariously insists on going to the pub πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Kevin A
Kevin A 2 months ago

Imagine her as a teen, whoa!

Tata Khe
Tata Khe 2 months ago

Was drinking Guiness when I watched this. And the more I drink it, the more I understand this cute and smart little girl's pressing need to go to the pub!

FacelessJanus 2 months ago

On her dad "Everytime you go away, he thinks ...." This girl has me in tears. She is very persistent in arguing her case though.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton 2 months ago

"Oi'm NOT doing his head in!" LOL

d d
d d 2 months ago

me face is sore smiling: they're in trouble if there are siblings...

carig121 2 months ago

Don't let her go to the pub under no circumstances, she's too smart, if she goes, she will end running it and you'll be the one begging to go there.

Paul Adventure
Paul Adventure 2 months ago

Mark my words. She will one day be a MP...............she argues better !

HBJay 2 months ago

This lovely super cute girl should be signed up for a part in a film or show. So funny.

Labtyd3 2 months ago

My mom, 'Because I said so.".... end of discussion.

softshoes 2 months ago

A negotiator at heart.

SoCalJellybean 2 months ago

Has this kid passed the bar exam yet, because I smell one hell of a lawyer!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Nordic Snowhammer
Nordic Snowhammer 2 months ago

I think the world will be run by this little lady by the time she's 10.

M B 2 months ago

This was priceless.

frank 2 months ago

This little one will become wealthy handling the most complicated legal cases the UK's embroiled in, after she rewrites much of British law.

Edward Brett
Edward Brett 2 months ago


Julie ann Smailes
Julie ann Smailes 2 months ago

Kissed the blarney stone ...πŸ’•

123 G
123 G 2 months ago

Please don't let the English see this lol

123 G
123 G 2 months ago

Not helpin the auld stereotypes

Ann Purple
Ann Purple 2 months ago

Guys I think she wants to go to the pub

Gregory Muller
Gregory Muller 2 months ago

Please let the poor girl out for a short beer!

alexcindia 2 months ago

Cute babyπŸ‘Άβ˜ΊπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

Greg Deeth
Greg Deeth 2 months ago

I've watched this video a dozen times and I swear she's gonna get her way one of these times. She's relentless, so cute.

Bubba Hottep
Bubba Hottep 2 months ago

That is a sharp little girl.

Rosenogle familyfun
Rosenogle familyfun 2 months ago

man she is Learning Well !

Azelia Star
Azelia Star 2 months ago

I just came to say... you don't have to explain any of that. She seems like such a lovely child and she is obviously more than well taken care of or she wouldn't be half as sharp as she is! And also thank you a million times over for sharing this. It has brightened my day so so so much! She is awesome!

Dean Forrest
Dean Forrest 2 months ago

...wow. She’s a handful. Oh darlin’ I just read your explanation....what a shame you have to explain that being a good parent means you have to tell the 6 year old she CANT GO TO THE PUB..every time I say that out loud it makes me laugh. Drive on mom. You’re doing a great job.

alex 2 months ago

Lawyers take note. This is how it's done.

Ekan Ang
Ekan Ang 2 months ago

Your girl is fabulous, no need to explain anything.

BLACK LISTED 2 months ago

I'm surprised how these Generation is growing πŸ˜‚

Dennis Mullen
Dennis Mullen 2 months ago

It's her weekend off. Genius.

firstname lastname
firstname lastname 2 months ago

Do all Irish people have those Pikachu cheek things?

Donna Sanders
Donna Sanders 2 months ago

This wee lass is hilarious!!! I love how she ratted out her da, for naw cleaning!

Francis Furtak
Francis Furtak 2 months ago

Ha ha ha hah ah ah aha ha ha ah

Joe-e Geo
Joe-e Geo 2 months ago

God bless!

Nathaniel Steiner
Nathaniel Steiner 2 months ago

HOLY MOLY. She is throwing one heck of an argument lol. I feel bad for you , she will only get older and smarter lol... Best of luck with this one (Not in a bad way) she is a smart one!

TolitsDTerrible 2 months ago

I'd say she should go. She's more mature than most of the people there.

Sea Winds
Sea Winds 2 months ago

lol she is a smart wee doll

Simon Edwards
Simon Edwards 2 months ago


Paul Hecker
Paul Hecker 2 months ago

She talks better than most adults.

Klaus 4186
Klaus 4186 2 months ago

she’s gonna make a great attorney someday! Bless her littleness. After all of that it would be hard to keep her from β€œgoin’ to da pub”

Marcia Bradshaw
Marcia Bradshaw 2 months ago

The way she dropped her dad in it means he won’t be going to the pub either πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ₯°

Steve Blixt
Steve Blixt 2 months ago

She presents a sound argument, for a six year old lawyer!

Mathew Cooke
Mathew Cooke 2 months ago

"I will stick to my limit and only have 3 pints of guinness mummy!"

Pretty Gold
Pretty Gold 2 months ago

This is just the practice conversation for what is coming 10 years from now.... Word for word.... Lol

Jan PhD
Jan PhD 2 months ago

In America by age 6, the Feminists say kids can decide to have gender reassignment procedures and even surgery... because to Feminists, children are fully adults.

carl byrne
carl byrne 2 months ago

Can someone check and see if daddy made it out from under the bus 😁

ExEssex :
ExEssex : 2 months ago

"I'm six, and my own mother won't let me go to the pub!" We went now and again. We had to stand outside. At least, I got a Britvic Pineapple Juice out of it.

Aaron Tindall
Aaron Tindall 2 months ago

Hysterical 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 She's a little firecracker and she loves her dad

M Riippa
M Riippa 2 months ago

mom u cruel...

Rodney Betts
Rodney Betts 2 months ago

She has really good arguments in her favor for going to the Pub except that she is only 6, lol

Richard smith
Richard smith 2 months ago

Terrible every 6yr old irish girl should go to the pub lol

terence barrett
terence barrett 2 months ago

Ahh man this 6 year old little girl,coming on 41, is a wonderful star 'wonderful adorably bright'

bart_van_es 2 months ago

>uploaded december 2019 right before coronavirus blast
she knew well what she was doing

D:U:C:K 2 months ago

I have to watch this at least once a month and it cures all my sadness

miss understood
miss understood 2 months ago

She is lovely.

Tony Conway
Tony Conway 2 months ago

She s brilliant enjoy her so much for a 6 year old TONY CONWAY

Robert stephens
Robert stephens 2 months ago

She is absolutely intelligent and just so expressive.
So adult, just look at how she fliks her hair back.
And of course the cheeks just add to it all.
Georgous kid you are, stay out the pub though

Dildozer 2 months ago

She makes a compelling argument. Hahaha

TEN BEARS 2 months ago


KRO 2 months ago

Excellent points made, very convincing, take her to the pub, give her a Shirley Temple and a bowl of pretzels!

Ansfrida Eyowulfsdottir

What a fantastic, lovely, bright little kid!


Amber Marie
Amber Marie 2 months ago

She's too young to go to a pub I agree completely with the mother but she dose makes a compelling argument.
Your going to have to watch out when she gets older, God bless you and good luck to yaβ˜˜οΈπŸ˜†πŸ€

Nick Genovese
Nick Genovese 2 months ago

OMG , YOU GUYS are in trouble with this little fire sprite!! Her arguments are valid for such a little girl. WOW! Wait until she's a teen!!! She wants to go to pub!!! And daddy won't listen cause he's always on his phone.!!! Give her a few sips of beer and she'll be sleeping in no time!! LOL πŸ€£β€πŸ‘β˜Ί

Utha 2 months ago

Damn, imagine this girl at 16? Her vocabulary and reasoning skills are amazing, most kids would have thrown a tantrum by this.

jennifer page
jennifer page 2 months ago

You've got to give it to this littke lady she tried so hard and was very well spoken. Maybe just wait a couple of years, yeah?

ben dover crabbey road studio

I see a future in parliament in that sweet little girl...i hope she got to go..

Ian Benson
Ian Benson 2 months ago

She's going to be a lawyer

jim davis
jim davis 2 months ago

Ok, time to break out the belt.

Jack Marstons wife spiritwolf

Lol that's 6 year old me wanting to go with my mom to her work πŸ˜‚

goddess ofearth
goddess ofearth 2 months ago

She is sooo πŸ₯°

Elaniago 2 months ago

She’s so clever, though!

Stephanie Evans
Stephanie Evans 2 months ago

What an amazing little one, obviously destined to be one of this world's best negotiators!!

Terry Ellsworth
Terry Ellsworth 2 months ago

Lil lass Katie is the greatest of all time. Mum and pa are no doubt in for a world of fun banter with this lil genius

Steve Crago
Steve Crago 2 months ago

This is hilarious.

Sal Altschul
Sal Altschul 2 months ago

Oh, bless her heart. Poor wee thing. If it was daylight she could go to a. pub with a beer garden for lunch, hang out with her mum and aunty like a right grown up, lol, but not at night. Not at six, not at seven. Not on, lol. Bless.

Justin Hopper
Justin Hopper 2 months ago

In Ireland it’s odd if a 6 year old doesn’t want to go to the pub lol

Appleholic1 2 months ago

Poor little kid went through all that trouble putting her makeup on just to go to the pub.

MrWaalkman 2 months ago

Okay, so it's 2021, has she been there yet?

You don't want her ending up an old maid at the age of ten, do you?

John Evans
John Evans 2 months ago

Maybe she likes her beer.

George Pope
George Pope 2 months ago

That accent. . .

Soosalah 2 months ago

Horrible close-captioning.

Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee 2 months ago

First time I saw this, I thought: β€œYeah, she’s going to law school.”

Burton Pierre
Burton Pierre 2 months ago

Soo cute doesn't understand what a Pub is lol

n 2 months ago

soo...is no one gonna talk about the blush-looking stuff on her face?

Matthew Livermanne
Matthew Livermanne 2 months ago

She's going to be a handful when she gets older

TheCodexNecro 2 months ago

My daughter is just like this. They get an attitude so young! Full of sass, and yeah, i've also been thrown under the bus many times haha. Funny little things.

Debbie Dace
Debbie Dace 2 months ago

That little girl will grow up to be a woman to reckon with. She'd be a great politician. πŸ‘πŸ˜„

madzub 2 months ago

She is going to buy that Pub in 10 years or so

Rick Botkins
Rick Botkins 2 months ago

I can relate to this young girl.... Since the pandemic started my own Governor won't let me go to the pub.

DaniDesi P
DaniDesi P 2 months ago

I don't have kids, but i do have a niece/nephew 4/7. I'll try to have more constructive conversations with them. Only problem their grandma is the old fashioned type and cuts them off.

Arsenico971 2 months ago

This girl expresses herself better than many adults.

DaniDesi P
DaniDesi P 2 months ago

It is very good that parents today allow their kids to express themselves. Even if they have the rationale of a child. I'm sure we all have or know adults who would IMMEDIATELY shut down a child who spoke like your daughter. "Children, should not speak until they are spoken to". Remember that?

Such dialogue builds communication and vocabulary skills.

Keep it up

DaniDesi P
DaniDesi P 2 months ago

Curious, does the pub know about this video? I'm sure the bartender loves it.

Renea Dijab
Renea Dijab 2 months ago

Just came across this even though it is a year old. I’ve watched it 5 times already. I think it’s hilarious. Clearly, she is very intelligent. I think we all understand why Dad had begun to β€œignore” her. I believe his head was done in with such persuasive arguments!

IDrop76 2 months ago

@2:10 , men listen closely, it starts and a young age and they never grow out of it. LOL

Madelaine Winger
Madelaine Winger 2 months ago

Wow...she's more well spoken than most adults.

Country 2 months ago

πŸ€ youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCgh0tWIJxArCelmOutq35T97MPXSJb86

TMULLINS1428 2 months ago

She is the cutest thing ever...take her to the pub dad..

Lincoln MacEachern
Lincoln MacEachern 2 months ago

Surely the drinking age in Ireland is six.

Daemon Maher
Daemon Maher 2 months ago

This is brilliant makes my day every time I watch it