Coastal Christmas Decorations ❄ Living Room Tour 2015 | Charmaine Dulak


Charmaine Dulak

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Information Coastal Christmas Decorations ❄ Living Room Tour 2015 | Charmaine Dulak

Title : Coastal Christmas Decorations ❄ Living Room Tour 2015 | Charmaine Dulak

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Frames Coastal Christmas Decorations ❄ Living Room Tour 2015 | Charmaine Dulak

Description Coastal Christmas Decorations ❄ Living Room Tour 2015 | Charmaine Dulak

Coastal Christmas Decorations ❄ Living Room Tour 2015 | Charmaine Dulak

Coastal Christmas Decorations ❄ Living Room Tour 2015 | Charmaine Dulak

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Vanesa Saravia
Vanesa Saravia 2 months ago

Love love love love 😍😍😍

Beverly Roberts
Beverly Roberts 2 months ago

Everything looks very charming for the Christmas holidays, and I truly love the wrapped gifts.

Love Sinigayan
Love Sinigayan 2 months ago


Angelica Joy
Angelica Joy 2 months ago

Charmaine, what's that that you use instead of the candle?

Angelica Lamas
Angelica Lamas 2 months ago

I love watching christmas house tour. but some people just kill it when they talk to much

Michelle’s Journey
Michelle’s Journey 2 months ago


Heather Judge
Heather Judge 2 months ago

That such a cool theme! So unique and gorgeous!

tea t
tea t 2 months ago

love it!

AngelVibes 2 months ago

omg ur christmas tree is so beautiful ! love the theme you have going in ur house

mot ley
mot ley 2 months ago

You have the most irritating voice.

euroca1 Canada
euroca1 Canada 2 months ago

Beautiful....! Love it....❤️❗️

dollsmaria ortiz
dollsmaria ortiz 2 months ago

Everything looks beautiful 🎄☃❄️

Angi Kraft
Angi Kraft 2 months ago

Beautiful room

Alouha04 2 months ago

love your Christmas decorations.

Ava! 2 months ago

Thx so much for replying so quickly. So sweet 😊

Ava! 2 months ago

Can u please have direct link for white faux fur rug. I know u said amazon but they have so many sellers. Want exact one.

Sharjah 2 months ago

Not sure if you"ve mentioned before but where are the white candle holders are from? The one on the coffee table. Beautiful Decor

Kimberley Roya
Kimberley Roya 2 months ago

So pretty!!! I love :)

Johnnel Adderley
Johnnel Adderley 2 months ago

Charmaine your living room is gorgeous. You have such great decorating style. I am in love😆😆.

Yurai Solar
Yurai Solar 2 months ago

Where did you get the pastel nights on the white tree

EDB 2 months ago

What color is your living room wall?

Mirna Fuentes
Mirna Fuentes 2 months ago

If you don't mind where did you buy the art frame on top of the target bookshelf when you first behind the video ? Thank you!

Erline Nicol Ruz
Erline Nicol Ruz 2 months ago

Do a house tour plzzzz

Betzaida agosto
Betzaida agosto 2 months ago

beautiful living room &n decorations 😊

TogaedPancake95 2 months ago

i love the Christmas idea. You should check out your near Kohl's because the one i work that sea theme now at Kohl's.

cindy williams
cindy williams 2 months ago

you decorated your home so beautifully! i love everything about it. it seems cozy and very christmas-y! happy holidays :)

Jasmine Airdelle
Jasmine Airdelle 2 months ago


katyprecious 2 months ago

You must have a huge tjmaxx. The one near me is small, barely has any nice decorations :( I looooove your style, always have! haha

Carrie 2 months ago

Omg your tree is gorgeous!

F Lester
F Lester 2 months ago

Thank You!!

MeLsPlace Closet
MeLsPlace Closet 2 months ago


Joanna Malefaki
Joanna Malefaki 2 months ago

So pretty!

Monica Lofgren
Monica Lofgren 2 months ago

the room looks so cozy! love it!

JustJen 2 months ago

I love your tree!

Angel Kedi
Angel Kedi 2 months ago

This was so ur decor

Katie Bradley
Katie Bradley 2 months ago

It looks so cosy! ❤

Persi 2 months ago

You're so stinking cute! Love your style. Come decorate my house! Haha😄

F Lester
F Lester 2 months ago

Yes, beautiful! Please provide the link to the tree.

Milena 2 months ago

It looks fantastic 😍😍 I love it

Elizabeth Himes
Elizabeth Himes 2 months ago

That wrapping paper though 😍😍😍

Jorgina Yambot
Jorgina Yambot 2 months ago


Sarah 2 months ago

your living room look so cosy, and your tree is amazing

disorganized glitter
disorganized glitter 2 months ago

I absolutely loved the decor! you did a fantastic job on your christmas decor :)

Gabby Cardona
Gabby Cardona 2 months ago

such a beautiful home

Kristin Tan
Kristin Tan 2 months ago

Your living room is like a white Christmas, it's so beautiful!

Gillann Mae
Gillann Mae 2 months ago

Your living room is total goals! I love your tree so much! It is absolutely gorgeous! *

Miss Rosa
Miss Rosa 2 months ago

I love you home decor! 💖 Your Christmas tree is Devine! 🎄❄️ I love all your decorations. 🎁🎅🏻🌟

Salt and Light Scents

I LOVE the count your blessings pillow!!!! I might paint it to match my decor because I definitely gunk I need it now!!!! Your living room is gorgeous Charmaine!!!💙💙💙

Tiff Saud
Tiff Saud 2 months ago


Kerennys Rivera
Kerennys Rivera 2 months ago

so beautiful!

Shy Lade
Shy Lade 2 months ago

So beautiful!!

Aprille 2 months ago

Hi Charmaine! Where is the gift wrap from? Love the decor!!

Darlene Chavez
Darlene Chavez 2 months ago

omg your home is so so pretty just like your planner lay outs. wishing you a great Christmas sweetie. from Texas.🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄

Joann Abaygar
Joann Abaygar 2 months ago


 𝕿𝖍𝖔𝖚𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖑

Charmain, if you can find it could you please link for the tree it's SO pretty, it looks SO much nicer that what you would think from Walmart like WTH! lol

Melissa Kennedy
Melissa Kennedy 2 months ago

Gorgeous!!! Love your style so much!

Jazmin Chua
Jazmin Chua 2 months ago

Looove it!

olivia enciso
olivia enciso 2 months ago

wow am the first