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Michael DeMeo
Michael DeMeo 2 months ago

Very Very Very Very Very Very 😔 😟 🙁 😥 😞 😿 😔 😟 🙁 😥 😞 😿 😔 😟 🙁 😥 😞 😿 😔 😟 🙁 😥 😞 😿 😔 😟 🙁 😥 😞 😿 😔 😟 🙁 😥 😞 😿

JOSHUA CARY 2 months ago

Slenderman I mean come on

Bunnexx 2 months ago

2:24 what? she was going to what? ground her daughter for stabbing someone? like what does this mean?

Dead inside
Dead inside 2 months ago

This happened not to far from where I was born

ZayTaz 2 months ago

Me who's a 12yrs old girl: Yea so thats why i never went to a sleepover in my whole life :)

Cursed 2 months ago

I don’t know if I should hate those girls…

Personally I think it’s the websites fault and their small brains

MissUrielle Shakir The SIREN-Arc Angel Uriel. USA

Slenderman is a Demon. Read your Bible’s folks, Demons are real.

Shadedoctor 2 months ago

bro what kind of friend is that my friend only stabbed me once with my own pocket knife like thats fucked up 19 times

MissUrielle Shakir The SIREN-Arc Angel Uriel. USA

WOW this gives new meaning to the old saying, “WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE WHO NEEDS ENEMIES.”

Janna Ledferd
Janna Ledferd 2 months ago

Pure evil and also being groomed to do pure evil. Be honest with your kids about consequences of listening to people telling them to do bad or inappropriate things. It's never ok.

Ana Banana
Ana Banana 2 months ago

Sycopaths have signs since very small age,unfortunately adults don't pay attention to them and eventualy they do crimes wich could be prevented.

Yt Lol
Yt Lol 2 months ago

God bless this little angel.

Dan-Gaming573 2 months ago

This Is Also Called "The Slenderman Case" Back In 31 May 2014..

William Ambrogio
William Ambrogio 2 months ago

These kids are so screwed up that they CAN'T tell what is Real and what CHARACTER is !!
And these fictional horror characters pray on weak minds,
Kids need to be taught about these. Fictional Characters, as what they are Fictional !!

•°Caliel•° 2 months ago


Chris Hunter
Chris Hunter 2 months ago

The title of this is soooo wrong. I've never had a friend try and stab me....

Gobe 2 months ago

What year was this?

Wesley Bradshaw
Wesley Bradshaw 2 months ago

I’m not saying this is the parents fault becuase it’s definitely the two friends’ faults but parents need to be careful of what their kids are doing becuase it’s so easy for something to become an addiction for a kid. I speak from personal experience

Vortex2781 2 months ago

Once they said fictional character I knew who it was right away and I literally got chills

happycat1971 2 months ago

And what became of these two evil monsters???

Grace Bible Church of Moscow-Stowe Vermont

Oh no this is so sad but at least she survived

MachboltMC 2 months ago

bro she is a fricking legend for surviving that, i pray for her soul

Poyo Poyolo
Poyo Poyolo 2 months ago

SlndeeR MenN DiD It

space Fox
space Fox 2 months ago

They are soo rude is that assault! there so rude I hope they don’t live long they will get BAD BAD BAD karma like death friends are soo nice but those are pure evil they came from hell THIS IS HORRIBLE I HATE IT >:( this is very sad this makes me angry there bad people

KittyPlayz 2 months ago

how did she survive??

KittyPlayz 2 months ago

hey i have the teddy

Muddassir Ahmad
Muddassir Ahmad 2 months ago

সে বাঁচলো কি করে?? তাও আবার হার্টে ছুরিকাহত হয়েছিলো??

CherryGames #saveukraine

Can we ignore the fact that morgen's mom looks like the og spitter man

bushmann 2 months ago

The Slenderman part was unexpected

🌒Moondrop🌒 2 months ago

This is from slender man

Shaun Gomez
Shaun Gomez 2 months ago

What a backstabbing story!
I am displeased with those friends betraying the other friend for pointing the tip of the blade and causing a stabbing frenzy shortly after that!

KIDCOREFNAF 2 months ago

Damn, Did her friend get a death row?

Ella Edmondson
Ella Edmondson 2 months ago

Julius Caesar?

King Richz
King Richz 2 months ago

Not friends

Tori Neal
Tori Neal 2 months ago

Jesus, please continue to have your hand on this baby! This was nothing but the grace of God that this precious girl made it out alive!

Twisterman101 New
Twisterman101 New 2 months ago

damn wtf did I just get myself stuck into. This is addicting as hell lmao.

Jackie Estrada
Jackie Estrada 2 months ago

God was with her

Joe Bone
Joe Bone 2 months ago

Slender man was always joke when we were growing in the early 2000s kids born late 2000s early 2010s are fucking little phsycos cause they never had a ass whoopin.

yeoping 2 months ago

because of “slenderman??” wtf, if ur kid isnt mature enough for the internet dont give them any source of it

MsAjsmith2 2 months ago

Omg I saw a movie like this case really similar

(Vanny_May) 2 months ago

I clicked on this by accident but I'm so sad

Covid The pill
Covid The pill 2 months ago

We don’t call children like these friends

We call um friends ends “because friends ends with. “ end “

Sofia 2 months ago

Im sick to my stomach how somebody could do that, she’s a strong girl for surviving ❤️

luvleyellie ☻︎-nothingmatters :D

what the heck?! Killing your best friend to prove something I would’ve took whatever they were stabbing her with and stabbed them back.

Ba Sher
Ba Sher 2 months ago


Scoobyfan 86
Scoobyfan 86 2 months ago

Those girls omg they’re blinded by ignorance they said they wanted to please the fictional character slender man by trying to kill another child I would dress up as slender man and torture them say “ I am not satisfied with your sacrifice now I’m going to kill you both for your failure mwahahahahahaaa

Izaya Martin
Izaya Martin 2 months ago

These girls belong in a loony bin for the rest of their lives. Disgusting!

yadi :o
yadi :o 2 months ago

god blesed her

MasonTheMaster724 2 months ago


Aaa H
Aaa H 2 months ago

That girls are mean, so mean. I HOPE THE BEST FOR THE VICTIM.

gail crowe
gail crowe 2 months ago

I once heard someone say that they were stabbed in the back and at first they just thought they had been
punched but it was only when they felt blood running down that they realised they had been stabbed.

Hiphophooray5 2 months ago

Trust issues, buy one here for free!

Ronald Smith
Ronald Smith 2 months ago

Put those lil girls to DEATH!! They don't deserve to be on this Earth with you and I!! They are Sociopaths and need to die!! I don't believe in 2nd chances!!

𝕊𝕨𝕒𝕘𝕘𝕪 𝕤𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕤

Having ur two friends turn against u like that would be heartbreaking,especially because she would’ve thought that they were her friends
me writing that thinking ‘yeah ik im safe mom,bc I don’t have any friends!’

vidisha kambli
vidisha kambli 2 months ago

This case truly haunts me , i always wondered why my mom warned me about making friends i have the answers now , i made great friends for life time by the way because my mom had been strict about it i had to choose people wisely to bring home or go around . I thank my mom always.

MrChicken 2 months ago

the friends are PYSCHO

Legaxy3 `
Legaxy3 ` 2 months ago

I wonder if the creator of slender man knows about this, and if so, what does he think?

All this because if a photoshop challenge

Legaxy3 `
Legaxy3 ` 2 months ago

Wait, is this the slender man thing?

I will find out when the vid is over but it’s probably not

Edit: ok, it is

Kayla Stubbs
Kayla Stubbs 2 months ago

It's fake

Vitcher 2 months ago

"Lord, protect me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies."

anonymous fan
anonymous fan 2 months ago

the only thing i was planning when i was 12 was how to not make a fool of myself in front of my crush😭not a murder

ruby#save🇸🇩 2 months ago


Zoe Thomson
Zoe Thomson 2 months ago

This is the dark side of "not-like-other-girls"

Earl Greco
Earl Greco 2 months ago

An awful story. Thank Goodness the victim survived. Another reason why parents should be more involved with what their kids are doing on the internet.

Keaton 2 months ago

Since i live in Milwaukee Wisconsin i hear police cars outside all the time

Michaela Reads Books
Michaela Reads Books 2 months ago

It’s like your friend not being your anymore but more painful (her friends are a horrible persons)

AIKO 2 months ago

that mom saying " were trying to figure out a consequence for her" for some reason made me so upset. like ma'am your daughter should have an at least 20 year long sentence in prison.

HappyFrogPlayz 2 months ago

Those aren't friends if they literally are trying to murder you.

lol deshawn
lol deshawn 2 months ago

like the law&order case lmao

xxxidove 2 months ago

That girl is so powerful and strong she deserves a metal

Sobia Pérez
Sobia Pérez 2 months ago

My daughter will not let her daughter spend any nights with friends 👍🙏
She can have friends over to spend the night at her home

Charles Ndung'u
Charles Ndung'u 2 months ago

I hope she heals mentally as well!
Sick bastards out here hurting kids through pseudo accounts.

— kαciee
— kαciee 2 months ago

2:20 Morgan’s mother was wondering how she was gonna her? Did she think was gonna be able to go home after or something?! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Amaya Stalford
Amaya Stalford 2 months ago

they would try to kill their bets friend just to prove that slender man was real

💀 Mace - Prisoner 💀

Hmmm 19 stab wounds reminds me of something.... 28 STAB WOUNDS slams the paper on the table

Mya Mya
Mya Mya 2 months ago

Im just glad those girls didnt know how to actually kill someone

Kathleen Clanton
Kathleen Clanton 2 months ago

This is so demonic!

Kayla Grenier
Kayla Grenier 2 months ago


Jack Lloyd
Jack Lloyd 2 months ago

Is there a full video of this
I need more context

Arcnetive 2 months ago


Cindy Nimeskern
Cindy Nimeskern 2 months ago

Those are not friends!

Vonnie Joshua
Vonnie Joshua 2 months ago

These kids were possessed. You have to really monitor what your children watch because it can be very impressionable and seep into their subconscious. I feel bad for Payton. It was a tragedy happened to her. She’s going to need lots of love and protection to get through this. I would move if I were her parents..

Lizzy West
Lizzy West 2 months ago bbb

Brenda Saxton
Brenda Saxton 2 months ago

How do you stab your best friend! Sad story

Denny 2 months ago

These kids are so full of it with the slender man non sense the older or bigger one coerced the younger or smaller one into doing this by bullying her no doubt some jail time and serious therapy is needed.

Heather Lowry
Heather Lowry 2 months ago

Omg that's horrible if that was me I would never forgive myself

Roger 2 months ago

Those wreen't friends. She might know them, but they are not friends.

Mrs. Amazing
Mrs. Amazing 2 months ago

Let those 2 be passed around by some molesters for awhile!

Kate Fuentes
Kate Fuentes 2 months ago


Zxz Zz
Zxz Zz 2 months ago

I was taught thiers no such thing as a friend! 34 years later and I only got one lol

u don't know me dw
u don't know me dw 2 months ago

"ugh I hate you mom you NEVER let me go have sleepovers with my friends" this is what your moms worried about listen to what the adults say it's better to have a true enemy instead of a fake friend - Tom and Jerry

RainyDays 2 months ago

What has this world come to?

Jassy Jas
Jassy Jas 2 months ago

i love you all

Eathan Walter
Eathan Walter 2 months ago

These kids are out of their fucking minds. “I got this plan off of a creepy website” stfu you don’t try to murder someone just because you saw it on a website. Wtf these kids need to be locked up for good

A Raye of Sunshine
A Raye of Sunshine 2 months ago


OnlyTeagan 2 months ago

As someone who’s 12 and becoming 13 in June 6
I could never handle the amount of pain, I would be like dead

Niko Jaytim
Niko Jaytim 2 months ago

thats very horrible like i could not imagine what i would think in that situation. but fr those two are hardcore simps for slenderman fr😲

Gatlel 2 months ago

Those girls talk like physcopaths, you can hear it in their voive

isa 2 months ago

this made me cry i feel so bad for the girl

Marry Mcnamara
Marry Mcnamara 2 months ago

I remember this case glad Payton is doing well now. Hope she knows she did nothing to cause this. Those two girls are pure evil. They deserve no mercy.