German Christmas Market 2020! (Home Edition)


Deana and Phil

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Title : German Christmas Market 2020! (Home Edition)

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Description German Christmas Market 2020! (Home Edition)

German Christmas Market 2020! (Home Edition)

German Christmas Market 2020! (Home Edition)

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Deana and Phil
Deana and Phil 2 months ago

What do you miss most about the Christmas Markets? 🎄🍷🌭

juggernaut 74 skullcrusher

Es scheint so , als hätte deine Frau schon einen kleinen sitzen....hihihihi..goldig..X)

Jennifer Cichantk
Jennifer Cichantk 2 months ago

Love those hats you two have! Where did you get them?

Rebi - Chan
Rebi - Chan 2 months ago

As I was four years old I found out my parents we’re bringing the presents and I told my 3 years old sister about it, oh she was so sad😭

And I was laughing 😅

Erica Doss
Erica Doss 2 months ago

We actually had a lot of German traditions growing up...I'm from the south...and we had gingerbread advent....GLUHWEIN...brats......
Dinners etc and we had our big get together Christmas Eve...and then a simple dinner the next day.. And we continued to celebrate through epiphany!and of course church! Amazing how many traditions from the old country came over with my ancestors and were passed down through the generations..

Erica Doss
Erica Doss 2 months ago


Julius Lehmann
Julius Lehmann 2 months ago


Fabian Hartmann
Fabian Hartmann 2 months ago


Fabian Hartmann
Fabian Hartmann 2 months ago

Lol und jetzt hatte es gerade bei mir um 20 Uhr -11°C und es hat riesig hohen Schnee, jetzt hat es doch bei euch bestimmt auch Schnee?

Fabian Hartmann
Fabian Hartmann 2 months ago


Vier Touchdowns in einem Spiel.

Die Bananenplätzchen sehen aus wie Frikadellen 😂😂😂💕💕💕 Nix für Ungut, guten Appetit. 😊

Vier Touchdowns in einem Spiel.

Das mit dem Kartoffelsalat und Würstchen kenne ich persönlich überhaupt nicht; wir haben es nie an Heilig Abend gegegssen und ich kenne auch niemanden, bei dem es das gibt. Es wird immer festlich aufgetischt und etwas Besonderes gegessen. Das mag aber jeder anders handhaben.

Da Slim Ripper
Da Slim Ripper 2 months ago

I am half Russian and half German and grew up in Germany with Russian traditions and I am so grateful that I know what Nicolaus is

flubber030 2 months ago

I Miss lumumba

Sturmkind LP
Sturmkind LP 2 months ago

#teamsenf auf jeden! Oder Currywurscht 😆

Rachel 2 months ago

I need to know! When you get a mug from a drink stand: do you return the mug to the stand when you are done drinking it or do you pay extra and you can keep it?

GermanBurleyLover 777

I'm now proud owner of one of these plushie hats, in the pikachu design. They're just awesome

Solvej Pedersen
Solvej Pedersen 2 months ago

Love from Denmark❤️🙏🏻

Agi r-z
Agi r-z 2 months ago

Wir sind Deutsch, aber sind in Amerika aufgewachsen. Unsere Nachbarn waren immer ganz neidisch , dass der Weihnachtsmann immer irgendwie 12 Stunden früher bei uns war 😅

tgk 2 months ago

Love this! I can't wait to travel and actually be at a Christmas market!

Yyr69 2 months ago

Würstchen mit Kartoffelsalat und dazu am besten noch ein Oettinger..... neee bei uns gibts immer Ente, Gans oder Hähnchen!

Alex Funk
Alex Funk 2 months ago

Awesome video! I'm currently living abroad and this made me a bit homesick haha

michaelgrella 2 months ago

When I was a child living in Germany it was Christkind that brought the presents and we opened all of our presents on Christmas Eve. When I moved to the US, my first Christmas in the US was when I was 10 and it was a culture shock that everybody waited until Christmas morning and that Santa Claus brought the gifts because to me his day was December 6th. Anyways, my family stayed with the German tradition even when we lived in the US, it was always interesting explain to my friends that I get to open all of my presents on Christmas Eve, they were all jealous.

bri sue mari
bri sue mari 2 months ago

Haha. Yes, cute idea and I need some of those hats!! Happy holidays.

DanVibes 2 months ago

I always thought that Santa Claus is something like a "jazzed up" version of Nikolaus. Like, moving him from side to main character. They even have the same name -> Heiliger Nikolaus -> Santa Claus -> Claus/Klaus is a short version of Nikolaus.

Kilse Stoffel
Kilse Stoffel 2 months ago

I have a little poem, not really traditional..

Das Christkind - Gedicht

Denkt Euch, ich hab´ das Christkind gesehen,
es kam aus der Kneipe und konnte kaum noch stehen.

Auf Geschenke braucht ihr nicht zu hoffen,
es hat das ganze Geld versoffen.

Es wankte hin zum Tannenwald und hatte den Ar*** voll Nadeln bald.

Gestern hab´ ich´s wieder getroffen, und denkt Euch.
es war schon wieder besoffen.

Ich blieb gleich stehen und sprach es an :
Sag ´ Christkind, wo ist der Weihnachtsmann ??

Das Christkind sprach : Auf den brauchst du nicht zu hoffen.
der liegt im Wald und ist besoffen.

Gemeinsam gingen wir zum Weihnachtsmann,
der sah uns mit glasigen Augen an und lallte :
Tag lieber Bruder, Tag liebe Schwester,
leckt´s mich am Ar***, bald ist Silvester !?

Bella_Isabella 2 months ago

Team mustard 😀😋

Daniel Holm
Daniel Holm 2 months ago

Das Christkind ist son religiöses Ding. Bei uns Atheisten kam der Weihnachtsmann.

patricia sherman
patricia sherman 2 months ago

we did st. nick day as kids and i did it for my kids.

patricia sherman
patricia sherman 2 months ago

liebe, liebe weihnacht's mann,
seh' mich nicht so boese an.
stecke deine rote ein,
ich werde immer gute sein!
or close!!

scriper 2 months ago

Eggnogg is das beste!!!

Miriam Montenbruck
Miriam Montenbruck 2 months ago

I always thought the Christkind was a little girl :D we had a festive meal on Christmas eve...used to be something with Knödel and Rotkraut now we eat lamb roast with green beans and Knödel :) the first day of Christmas was just TV, cookies and leftovers. I had a boyfriend when I was 19 to 26 who lived in a village ...they had a massive goose on the first day... at that time that Was foodcomaday for me :D

Jae Haspels
Jae Haspels 2 months ago

Aw, its sad how the stupid covid has ruined all of the fun holiday stuff like festivals and markets. I'm glad to see you're making the best of it. My family is Dutch. We also celebrated Sinterklaas Dag on the 6th of December. The night before, I'd put my wooden shoes filled w/ an orange and hay on the front steps of the house. The orange was for Sinterklaas the hay was for his horse. The next morning the shoes would be filled w/ cookies, chocolate and coins from Sinterklaas. My Dad's wife liked to throw a huge open house party w/ all kinds of Dutch food and beverages for the whole neighborhood and my Dad's church. He was a Minister and his wife was a religious freak, so we went to church a lot during the holidays. I was not a fan. Since I'm not a kid or christian, I don't do that stuff but my cats get lots of treats and toys during the winter solstice. Happy Holidays!

cneuoqet 2 months ago

What the heck is a "BratSwurst"?

Michael Von Friedrich

It’s a good thing I ate before watching you this time!! 🤣

Людмила Студенна

In Ukraine, we have St.Nicholas Day on the 19th of December (means today) and it's more common for kids here to find the presents in the morning neither in socks nor in boots but under the pillows!

JosephCultureHill 2 months ago

I'm from the Niederrhein and grew up in a catholic family. When we were kids the Christkind came, not the Weihnachtsmann. :-)

Black Wolf Ian not Lan

My family did the whole "weihnachtsmann" thing
Not only my family the Kindergarden and the School too
But i am from east germany Leipzig
i think the Christkind is either south or west german dunno

but yeah we would eat supper? (Fesper) at my grandparents place and then i would have to go home with my mother
and in this time santa would bring the presents to my grandparents house and later we would come back for dinner we always ate the goose on the 24 and then we did the Bescherung and the 25 and on the 26 we would eat something else

when i got 6 years old i knew what was going on and we stoped doing it that way and celebrated and my mothers home
i was quite the clever kid some of my classmated belived in santa till they got 10 or so

Christine K.
Christine K. 2 months ago

We made a little christmasmarket to at home. Was really good because no one has to drive after two Heidelbeerglühwein with a shot (or a little bit more shots) Amaretto. We made the Baguette with ham and cheese baked in the oven. Was reaaaaallly delicous. 🤤🤤🤤Today we make Maronen 😉 i miss the feeling on the Christmasmarket... Everyone is very nice and the christmas music in the backround.. Talk with your friends and have a good time together. ♥️

Mom Wlf
Mom Wlf 2 months ago

This is so sweet, you make your own Christmas market at home. I live in Goslar and we have one of the most beautiful and popular Christmas markets in whole German. But not this year. I miss it so much. But you inspired me, to make my own at home.

Tobias Schlamminger
Tobias Schlamminger 2 months ago

Where did you get these cool hats from? They look awesome 😍😊😊👌🏽

Martina Spohr
Martina Spohr 2 months ago

Deana and Phil
Thank you for spreading Cheer for all of us! This was a lot of fun!
“Merry Christmas” to you both!

susans 2 months ago

I love your market one. Dancing!! I thought I was the only one that thought about that!! Merry Christmas and where can I get a Deana and Phil mug!!!

Uwe Polifka
Uwe Polifka 2 months ago

Try the crepes with "Rübenkraut" this black sugar beet syrup.

Phil Tssiaf
Phil Tssiaf 2 months ago

tschuldigung, flammkuchen ist kein Christmas-Item. Das ist einfach nur die beste Pizza.

Dragonlover 2 months ago

And when you have drunken enough Glühwein, the carousel will turn around in your head

Michael Gallasch
Michael Gallasch 2 months ago

Hi Phil, füll das Brötchen mal mit gebratenen Zwiebeln und dann die Wurst drauf, ober lecker und nicht so trocken ;)

Pascal Brand
Pascal Brand 2 months ago

Wollte schon vorbeikommen 😃 mir fehlen die Weihnachtsmärkte sehr

Lexie Lollis
Lexie Lollis 2 months ago

Yall always crack me up! Deana, I'm from SC! My boyfriend is German. I'm looking forward to visiting Germany with him next year...hopefully.

scubawrestler 2 months ago

I have two recipes for Lebkucken. One is made primarily of ground nuts, "nach Nürnberger Art" the other is flour based. Both are baked on Oblaten, or undedicated Sacrament Host. They are delightfully fruity and sweet. This year, because no Gäste are coming, I have made none. May our new year be better for all of us.

Iglus Mulmus
Iglus Mulmus 2 months ago

Bei mir kam immer das Christkind

Pavani Toro
Pavani Toro 2 months ago

Thank you both for spreading so much fun in this dark times. It helps a lot <3

HauptgefreiterB 2 months ago

3:55 that quick glance into the camera by both of you made me really laugh loud. Love the innuendos.

WES ELINO 2 months ago

2nd day of christmas is Stephanus steinigen....

WES ELINO 2 months ago

Bei uns kam das Christkind... Weihnachtsmann ist mit der Zeit durch amerikanische Filme etc. gekommen

Thomas Schumacher
Thomas Schumacher 2 months ago

Its a wurst not a worst

svenny sven
svenny sven 2 months ago

Mein lieber scholli die dame hat ja ordentlichen einen sitzen?!

Storm Breaker
Storm Breaker 2 months ago

The are TWO specialities with meat at the christmas market:
At first bratwurst!! The best one is the little Nürnberg sausage with a lenth of ca. 8 cm or the big fraconian one with 20 cm length.
AND only with original mustard from Bautzen (formerly Eastern Germany)
Shashlik with a hot and spicy curry chili Ketchup sauce.

Franz markmann
Franz markmann 2 months ago

Wir haben immer an Nikolaus kekse und Milch nach draußen gestellt

Ellie Culver
Ellie Culver 2 months ago

I have to say I love watching your videos!! I am currently learning German and it's so fun watching you guys and learning a bit more about the country!! Thank you for making your videos! Makes my day watching them

schwambo wambo
schwambo wambo 2 months ago

Deanas Mütze ist geil.😂

Pamela Koehler-Zastrow

We do St. Nicks day in northeast Wisconsin. We put out stockings rather than shoes. Oddly is traditional to receive an orange as part of the stocking fill.

random account
random account 2 months ago

Deana and Phil: talking about their wish to party and interact with strangers, dancing and sweating in full clubs...
Me, dedicated introvert, thriving during this socially distanced year, already dreading the day when everything will be back to normal: uuh, yes😶

Love your mini Christmas market :D

123Sarracenia 2 months ago

I grew up near Braunschweig in Germany and for us Bescherung was usually the same as at Phil's home, with the exception that at in our area the gift bringer is the Weihnachtsmann which is Santa Claus but he comes on Christmas Eve (sometimes in person played by a relative/neighbour/other person who got paid ) At our house he would usually arrive during Dinner leave the presents and then leave unseen...except for the two times my parents had my uncle dress up. Good times.

Miss Deegee
Miss Deegee 2 months ago

I'm german. In my childhood, the Christkindchen came, like you described. But there was no explaination about what the Weihnachtsmann has to do with it. Later, when I became a mother myself, I though I need to find a comprehensible way to explain this to my child. ( we are christians, so there is of course the Jesus Child/ The angels interfering,too ). I made up the following: Because little Christkindchen is not able to carry aaallll the gifts by herself, she needs Assistant Santa to help her. Tadaaa. So they both come together and Santa transports and carrys the gifts with his sleigh and reindeers and hands them over to Christkindchen inside the house to be put under the tree. One has to be creative, right g ...! Apart from that, I am sure , in my childhood, one night I heard the sleighbells of Santa...I swear :) happy holidays ya'll.

Alina Honold
Alina Honold 2 months ago

Ich komme aus der Nähe von Ulm (Heidenheim an der Brenz) also aus dem Schwabenland und bei uns kommt das Christkind 😇

TheCotzi 2 months ago

you could et the the hearts but they taste fing dry

TheCotzi 2 months ago

I would totally love to go eat out with you where i live and would invite you when this shit is gone

TheCotzi 2 months ago

Thumbs up at the start then play because i love you both

Joshua's Wifeu
Joshua's Wifeu 2 months ago

love from brazil🇧🇷♥️♥️ I'm trying to learn german because I just love Germany so wish me luck!

Ru Real
Ru Real 2 months ago

AND, why was Phil looking at a gigantic potato on the computer when Deana came running up at the beginning 🤣🤣 had the look of being caught red-handed with the hot potato

Marcus Schenk
Marcus Schenk 2 months ago

Ich darf keinen Kartoffelsalat zu Weihnachten machen.
In meiner Familie war das so üblich - und in die Familie meiner Frau sagt immer „das ist doch kein Essen“ und seit Jahren gibt es keinen Kartoffelsalat.

Aaaaber dieses Jahr werde ich heimlich eine Schüssel für mich machen 😅
Die können mich mal gerne haben

Marcus Schenk
Marcus Schenk 2 months ago

Ich brauch auch einen Glühwein wenn ich Deana so ansehe 😅

Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly 2 months ago

Ich trinke nicht, ich rauche nicht, ich schwöre nicht. Verdammt, ich habe meine Rechte an der Bar gehört.

NGiustizia 2 months ago

Weihnachtsmann! Ich dachte immer, dass man nur im Süden und in Österreich Christkind sagt?!

TheDonDope 2 months ago

The 𝚌̶𝚊̶𝚛̶𝚙̶𝚎̶𝚝̶ hats really tied the 𝚛̶𝚘̶𝚘̶𝚖̶ video together.

Trakonor Dharokhor
Trakonor Dharokhor 2 months ago

Favorite holiday drink? Hot Mead... but IMO that's not mead what you're drinking there. If I saw that correctly during your preparation, you used Katlenburger. That stuff has so much sulfites in it, you could as well chew on a match stick. ;)

Torsten Breswald
Torsten Breswald 2 months ago

#1 you need other fat for the pan
#2 "my sausage is longer than yours" ... ?
#3 there was some blood orange flavored glühwein on christmas market the last years, that was awesome, otherwise met ftw
#4 another lesson i learned on a christmas market: stay away from garlic bread and mushroom pans, they smell so good, but the first my stomach don't like anymore, and the second fills the belly up so you cannot try all the other tasty stuff :)
#5 gingerbread hearts are never eaten, or at least i can't remember anyone eating it, although i would eat it, but there's better tasting gingerbread available actually

Vayne Cookie
Vayne Cookie 2 months ago

Uh Deana, sexy Outfit ;) especially the hat ;) 😅

MC LAINE 2 months ago

Wir mussten immer im Badezimmer warten und wenn wir das Glöckchen gehört haben, durften wir rauskommen!^^

Ooschiie 2 months ago

😂 very cool hat...!!!

Michael Heinz
Michael Heinz 2 months ago

Glühwein schmeckt am besten wenn er selbst gemacht ist.
1flasche met, 2 Flaschen Wein, 2orangen, 1 Vanille Schoten, ne Hand voll Nelken und 2stangen Zimt. Gut kochen und am nächsten Tag erhitzen zum trinken, dann ist alles schön eingezogen. 😋

Grandlosers grandioses Gaming

Hier im Osten ist es der Weihnachtsmann.

Thorsten Hindermann
Thorsten Hindermann 2 months ago

Hmm… Baumkuchen, lecker 😋

Thorsten Hindermann
Thorsten Hindermann 2 months ago

Snow comes in January 2021!😂

Thorsten Hindermann
Thorsten Hindermann 2 months ago


Michael Game101
Michael Game101 2 months ago

Wow Deana i Love your hat. where did you get it?

Thorsten Hindermann
Thorsten Hindermann 2 months ago

DIY Weihnachtsmarkt

James Moffat
James Moffat 2 months ago

You guys have kindled my Christmas spirit. Now I am nostalgic for the springerle, pfeffernusse, and lebcuchen my Mom used to make.

Norm Clayvin
Norm Clayvin 2 months ago

Should have been first time to go to Christmas markets this year (thanks coronavirus). Hopefully can go to them next year, and indulge in all the great German food.

Baltic Sea Family
Baltic Sea Family 2 months ago

You guys are so funny😅 you should get a tv show

GHOST_97 2 months ago

In Kiel liegt auch kein Schnee

Margrit Piepes
Margrit Piepes 2 months ago

Yesses! That's what I call Christmas the Heart and in the Cup😁!I love Deana's Hat.see the Flammkuchen needs to have a little gluehwein on the side.We had Santa or der Weihnachtsman coming on the Eve of the 24th.My Mom made Goose and Red Cabbage ,potato's and collard greens.Marzipankartoffeln are so yummy .Don't forget to get a Good Luck Marzipan piggy with a Pfennig stuck in for an Lucky next year.🐷🐽🐖yeah Florida don't have a Christmas markets Frohe Weihnachten und schoene Feiertage.🎄🎄🎅🤶☃️❄️

CarstenHuntzSilver 2 months ago

Great idea with the “Weihnachtsmarkt” at home. I love your videos. May I ask, where you got this cute heads? Greetings from Hamburg

velvet malkavian
velvet malkavian 2 months ago

ich mag nichts alkoholisches aaaber heißer, trüber apfelsaft mit zimt <3 <3 <3

wer wills wissen
wer wills wissen 2 months ago

Der Weihnachtsmann (verkleideter Verwandter oder Nachbar)kam uns fragte ob man brav war. Ausserdem mußte ich immer ein Gedicht oder Lied vortragen bevor es Geschenke gab.

Kelly G
Kelly G 2 months ago

Great! I'm doing the same with my boyfriend this weekend. Making Riebekuchen and champignons yum yum. I miss Fuersangenbowle

Passport Two
Passport Two 2 months ago

Sorry for all the snow pictures we were posting....😂

Ralf Meske
Ralf Meske 2 months ago

Cacao with brown rum and on the top cream - tastes very yummy ;-)

sonntagskindlein 2 months ago

Deana, what‘s the brand of your plush bear? I‘m craving to have one too.