Debate over real vs. fake Christmas trees heats up


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Information Debate over real vs. fake Christmas trees heats up

Title : Debate over real vs. fake Christmas trees heats up

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Frames Debate over real vs. fake Christmas trees heats up

Description Debate over real vs. fake Christmas trees heats up

Debate over real vs. fake Christmas trees heats up

Debate over real vs. fake Christmas trees heats up

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Aray Perez
Aray Perez 2 months ago

I hate Boston Hill

wildbill9919 2 months ago

We have a fake tree because you only have to pay for it and bring it home once.

iiroyal_rxsesii 2 months ago

i think real ttrees are better because the help the eyco system by providing clean oxogen and then the give shelters for other animals like for real coment for fake also im in 5th grade and we just had a debate about this in class lol.

Sir. Fuentes
Sir. Fuentes 2 months ago

Most of these natural trees are engineered to grow faster, produce stronger limbs and shed less. Unfortunately that beautiful scent that was synonimous with Christmas that filled the home has been sacrificed. It was because of this beautiful scent that people tolerated the mess that it created. The ones I've seen in the past years have a faint smell if any. Because of this I choose
a realistic artificial tree over a natural one.

gummybear gummybear
gummybear gummybear 2 months ago

artificial trees are carcinogenic

Caitie 2 months ago

Lol theres no debate I stg. But I will say that I have severe allergies and asthma so, fake it is, although I love a real tree.

TheMeganWh0 2 months ago

What do you mean 9k? I bought a gorgeous realistic fake tree for 180€

Road Kill
Road Kill 2 months ago

It’s just chrismast tree for god sake

Caleb Grill
Caleb Grill 2 months ago

1:52 my man you are great.

Caleb Grill
Caleb Grill 2 months ago

Real Trees they make a house smell great.

Grime 2 months ago

Reasons artificial trees are better.
1. You don’t have to water artificial trees.
2. They are fire retardant
3. They make less mess
4. They are good for people with allergies
5. They are cheaper
6. They can be used again next year.
7. They don’t have bugs in them.

Reasons to buy a real tree
1. It looks more realistic

kamela da real biden's bedwinch

christmas tree lives matters!

Rob Rob
Rob Rob 2 months ago

9 - 19 thousand dollars for an artificial tree??? Something is NOT right. $9,000 - $19,000 ??? No...

Ross City of Liverpool.

What a crap thing to moan about. Save a tree and the world looks better and ends up doing a little good.

rhodium69 2 months ago

Nothing like the smell and excitement of a real Christmas tree, its a tradition that supports our growers. As we discuss Christmas tree's , lets not forget the reason we put up a tree , which is Jesus Christ our Lord birth .Real or fake tree don't make a difference to me if you remember why we celebrate that wonderful day , keep Jesus Christ in your thought's as he love's us all .

Metal Art Spiveys Creations

7 to 10 years to grow 30 days in the trash. Are we really thinking about the environment. Can anybody Explain the origin of Christmas trees because I don't know. And can we replant them. we need a buyback of Christmas trees. Even if we didn't have them this season is about love Merry Christmas everyone

stealthkillah122 2 months ago


Fanty Morfa
Fanty Morfa 2 months ago

Artificial tree is a bad thing, real tree is a GOOD thing, believe me.
Nobody knew this....😊....believe me.
And .....Gail should not wear Red, makes her look fat, ask Oprah.😊

Terry Ambrogio
Terry Ambrogio 2 months ago

the fake tree is not a fire hazard doesn't have bugs you don't have to worry about watering it or cleaning up after it it saves you money cuz you buy it once and then you have it forever and when you're tired of that fake tree just drop it off at the thrift store. sure seems a lot easier than having to cut up a real tree and put it into the garbage can a little bit at a time...

Steve C
Steve C 2 months ago


mikedabuc 2 months ago

Real 🌲

Al 2 months ago

fake holiday

Rebecca Becca123b
Rebecca Becca123b 2 months ago

For first time owner of w faketree it's sooo much better less hassle. No mess with pine needles. Dose not die 2 day after buying it. It's fire proof best thing about it. And I can use it over and over again.

Otto Keiser
Otto Keiser 2 months ago

I buy fake Christmas trees because I don't have to water them and they're flame retardant.

*.*':RickK* *RocKStar:'*.*

SJW handbook
Chapter: 6
What to Hate About Holidays?


Lisa Rand
Lisa Rand 2 months ago

This is not news. This is foolishness. Means nothing. Just more agitation from a weak media source. You at CBS are just plain stupid!

Randomtwixy33 2 months ago

Yeah but are real trees hypoallergenic? Cuz I’m allergic to nature.

_Samuel_ 2 months ago

Funny, I haven't heard any "heated debate" until this video posted. Media trying to cause division over anything, even Christmas isn't safe. πŸ˜‚

Arcaneus Umbra
Arcaneus Umbra 2 months ago

Doesn't matter what kind you get it's a damn mess to put up every year.

Mike's Movie Club
Mike's Movie Club 2 months ago

stop trying to incite a jonathan swift style "egg war"

Random User
Random User 2 months ago

They should be called "Holiday Trees" for those of us that don't celebrate Christmas. I'm very offended right now...😑😑😑

Lore Barragan
Lore Barragan 2 months ago


Liliya Nosarev
Liliya Nosarev 2 months ago

Fake News πŸ€—

Masked Manatee
Masked Manatee 2 months ago

I am allergic to Fir trees sooo

Diciembre Gonzalez
Diciembre Gonzalez 2 months ago

but with few decoations

Diciembre Gonzalez
Diciembre Gonzalez 2 months ago

i love wide trees

Diciembre Gonzalez
Diciembre Gonzalez 2 months ago

but i got zero help just family friends

Diciembre Gonzalez
Diciembre Gonzalez 2 months ago

i put up air freshners cause its rememberal

Gilbert Flores
Gilbert Flores 2 months ago


A la Verga
A la Verga 2 months ago

Ever seen a real one catch fire?

falcon7350 2 months ago

i am a full time RVer so in the state and gov park system its all ways said love the land /pack in pack out . so i dont like to see real trees cut down and i feel sad of any home /place that has 1 . fake trees last long and are safer from fire and for pets

No Face No Case
No Face No Case 2 months ago

Real Christmas trees forever !!

Corn Pop
Corn Pop 2 months ago

I would get a real tree but my ma is allergic to em

NatureMan 2 months ago

I hate artificial trees. Nothing beats the real deal! I have been getting Fraser Fir and Canaan Fir every year. This year I got a Scotch Pine. Nothing brings out the the Christmas magic than a real Christmas tree. Not those crummy fake ones (which are a disgrace!) Keep it real friends! πŸŽ„

20 years ago
20 years ago 2 months ago

I'd love to see that 19k tree!

Mr.Rogers Play House
Mr.Rogers Play House 2 months ago

Love My Real 🌲

Bradley Cotton
Bradley Cotton 2 months ago


grabir01 2 months ago

The American Christmas Tree Association is an American, non-profit organization and industry trade group that represents those involved in the artificial Christmas tree industry. Thought I would report some news since CNN Zucker has no clue.

Elowen Ellswell
Elowen Ellswell 2 months ago

Some people can't have real trees. I have an allergy to pine and get severe allergic reaction from having a real tree at Christmas.