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Title : 🎄Christmas Candle Centerpiece DIY🎄

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🎄Christmas Candle Centerpiece DIY🎄

🎄Christmas Candle Centerpiece DIY🎄

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Sherry Hunter
Sherry Hunter 2 months ago

Elegant and beautiful.

Noelle Boehm
Noelle Boehm 2 months ago

This is just what I wanted to learn. Love it. Thanks Jody.

Maria Arenivas
Maria Arenivas 2 months ago

Wow it beautiful 300%😍😷

Sandra Van Buren
Sandra Van Buren 2 months ago

Beautiful. Love it with the whit flowers. Glad u didnt use red. Again thanks for sharing. You must have a good dollar tree

ronda harlow
ronda harlow 2 months ago

Nice center piece. I love it Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy your videos. Love and God Bless.

Jerrilyn Ernsting
Jerrilyn Ernsting 2 months ago

Thanks jody for your christmas. Ideas so pretty i love wreaths a cadle center pieces

Rebecca Swain
Rebecca Swain 2 months ago


Donna Medellin
Donna Medellin 2 months ago

Good job Jody. Looks beautiful

Danielle 2 months ago

This is beautiful!

Terry Ciavola
Terry Ciavola 2 months ago

Jody this is a beautiful centerpiece. I think I'll use it as my inspiration!

Loretta Perry
Loretta Perry 2 months ago

Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Jane Overbay
Jane Overbay 2 months ago

Love it.....

Margaret Tamlin
Margaret Tamlin 2 months ago

Joyed love you video cute🙋❤️❤️❤️❤️😇

rena arney
rena arney 2 months ago

very nice centerpiece

Debbie Clifton
Debbie Clifton 2 months ago

This is very pretty 😊

Lori Ayres
Lori Ayres 2 months ago

Jody I sure enjoy watching you! Thanks for all the great ideas

Joyce Cantrell
Joyce Cantrell 2 months ago

Jody, I love to watch how your mind works as you’re putting things together! Your “blundering “ is very inspiring!

Juanita Vasquez-Hinkhouse

I love this centerpiece, it is very pretty. I need to try my hand at one of these. Thank you

Gloria Polite
Gloria Polite 2 months ago

Very nice centerpiece , love how easy it was to make. Thanks.🌺

Rosemary Dixon
Rosemary Dixon 2 months ago

Very very pretty your full of fabulous ideas! I enjoy watching you so much!

Jojo 2 months ago

Love you crafts ideas. Thank you for sharing

Vicky Miller
Vicky Miller 2 months ago

Love you crafts... they are beautiful!!!

tksixangels 2 months ago

How do you take everything apart since its glued on?

Rebecca Bates
Rebecca Bates 2 months ago

Very pretty

Kathy Tincler
Kathy Tincler 2 months ago

Beautiful, inspiring and a 'must do'! Thanx again for sharing :D

JoAnne Smith
JoAnne Smith 2 months ago

Very, Very pretty. I will make this for sure 😊 I might add fairy lights too 🌹

Francine Rollin
Francine Rollin 2 months ago

Hi Jody, I love your Christmas Centerpiece it's so beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial and have a great week.

Michele Bracewell
Michele Bracewell 2 months ago

I think it's beautiful

Althea McNabb
Althea McNabb 2 months ago

you do great floral arrangements. I love your designs.

OreoTime1 2 months ago

BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job, and TFS!

Bevey Hawco
Bevey Hawco 2 months ago

Jody this centrepiece is gorgeous, it really brings out the colours in your table runner . Thank you so much for sharing.

Mary Allen
Mary Allen 2 months ago

Gorgeouse. Thanks for sharing.

PATSY JACKSON 2 months ago

Love this idea jody.

Jacqueline’s Crafts & Hauls

Super pretty 😊👍

June Cyprus
June Cyprus 2 months ago

Just beautiful x

Voilet Sinclair
Voilet Sinclair 2 months ago

That is very nice

Brenda Spagnola
Brenda Spagnola 2 months ago

Gorgeous! Hard to believe you made this from things you already had.
Question: how do you take apart things that you've hot glued?

MARY 2 months ago

Really nice!!

csawgle 2 months ago

very pretty goes good with the runner

Debbie Capaldi
Debbie Capaldi 2 months ago

Very pretty and...I enjoy your channel very much. Thanks for sharing.

Hillbilly FamLife
Hillbilly FamLife 2 months ago

Love it!!

Wendy Herrell
Wendy Herrell 2 months ago

but Mommy, that's my yard love the candle holder

Vicki Paczesny
Vicki Paczesny 2 months ago

I love it!!! Beautiful Jody, Thank you!!

Sherry McFadden
Sherry McFadden 2 months ago

Luv your videos thank u

heather white
heather white 2 months ago

lovely Jody.

Good Vibes Only SC
Good Vibes Only SC 2 months ago

Lovely as always 💜💜

THERESA GUEST 2 months ago


Linda Kelly
Linda Kelly 2 months ago

Beautiful centerpiece Jodi. Tfs xx

Ann Foresman
Ann Foresman 2 months ago

Beautiful i love you always come up with great ideas

Overwhelmed Mommy
Overwhelmed Mommy 2 months ago

I'm making one of these glad u made a video because I was going to guess. 💖💖💖💖💖💖