DIY homemade Christmas light controller


Michael Yusi

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Information DIY homemade Christmas light controller

Title : DIY homemade Christmas light controller

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Frames DIY homemade Christmas light controller

Description DIY homemade Christmas light controller

DIY homemade Christmas light controller

DIY homemade Christmas light controller

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Dayana Pena
Dayana Pena 2 months ago

Where can I buy and I what’s the name of it?

Jean Michaud
Jean Michaud 2 months ago

Good work! Very interesting project.

Rick Saffery
Rick Saffery 2 months ago

I built and 8 outlet version of this to drive some lamps. The SainSmart relays couldn't handle fast cycling and the contacts fused. This happened when using only 60W incandescent bulbs across each relay. That's well below each relays rated current threshold. Anyone building a lamp controller like this would be advised to either slow their cycle rate or use better relays. Solid state relays may work better, especially for low current draw setups running LED lights.

Monty Montemayor
Monty Montemayor 2 months ago

Nice. This mechanical relay would drive me nuts especially at night. Solid state relay would last longer, would respond faster and don't make that annoying sounds. I'm building a similar project but will be wireless using xsource 433mhz transceiver, less wires, and i can put lights 100 feet away from the controller as long as there is power source.

A M 2 months ago

Could someon explain me is this dangeereus because you are usinf one power input to power 7 of them. I live in europe where we 2 holed sockets and 220 V power so can someon tell me is this dangereus or safe?

More ST6
More ST6 2 months ago

Know I Remember Why I Bought Solid State Relays Instead Of Maniacal Relays. I Would End Up Throwing A Chair At It If I Had To Licen To That In My Living Room

In Cog
In Cog 2 months ago

Cool setup. This eliminated destroying lights in order to hardwire. Now I just have to learn how to sync the lights with sound.

Ronald Youvan
Ronald Youvan 2 months ago

Slow Blow, not slow burn.

gregory breland
gregory breland 2 months ago

I have 2 sainsmart 8-channel relay modules and a arduino uno.. I'm trying to hook them up together can u help with the wire hook up

Jesse Magaña
Jesse Magaña 2 months ago

you left out the part on how to program the micro controller and how hard and head braking it could be for 1st time people working with arduino

bobby royster
bobby royster 2 months ago

Hi I am running an home automation software HA,, Can the relay handle
hooking up to a washing machine (+or-) to cut the power off? I have some
5v single relay and I like to ask 1st before I start connecting them to
receptacles. Also I notice an 14gauge with cannot fit the relay
because the screw cannot screw in. any ideas of relays I can use for my
project . I want to cut off my washing machine and well pump when its
not is use... I notice those relays are only 10amps

BlazingSilver1 2 months ago

I would love to buy one!!!

Michael Yusi
Michael Yusi 2 months ago

Arduino Uno (or homemade as seen). Sainsmart 8 relay module 5v. 2 - deep 4square boxes. 2 - double duplex raised covers. 3 - duplex recepts (break only ungrounded tab on each). 1 - switch/recept combo. 10a inline slowburn fuse 250v. Power cord. 6in. din rail. 6 terminal strips with jumpers and 2 end stops. #16 awg stranded wire. Misc wires, crimps, fork terminals, wire nuts. Let me know if you have more questions on operation, assembly, parts etc. I can be more specific if needed.

Grady Hollars
Grady Hollars 2 months ago

Could you put up a parts list?

Chris 2 months ago

use a new rhythm yusi!