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Gift Ideas for Autistic People

Gift Ideas for Autistic People

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Yo Samdy Sam
Yo Samdy Sam 2 months ago

Disclaimer because I'm already dreading the comments:

1. No, not ALL autistic people, but some (many?) will like these suggestions
2. Hyper-consumerism is bad, but gift giving is part of our cultural tradition and not going anywhere anytime soon. Thoughtful gifts are much better than unwanted gifts.
3. You don't have to spend any money, these are just fun ideas
4. Affiliate links do help support my channel so I can make content, so making videos like these are necessary for me. If you don't like them you don't have to watch them 🙃

Angelica Pgore
Angelica Pgore 2 months ago

I love unicorns. Any unicorn items help my autism. I have soo many unicorn toys. I also love my weighted blanket. It helps me sleep. It feels like a hug

julie 2 months ago

Hi Sam. Every time you say, 'that's what she said', I blush/freeze, as the Office US is a massive special interest of mine! Ha

andrew prettyquick
andrew prettyquick 2 months ago

Foods touching - that nearly got me expelled - They made burger and beans pie. It may not be relevant. Three wonderful things - Burger, lovely, super - BEANS! Nothing wrong with beans - Pie - ??? Never bothered me. I did a big swear. What the.... is that?!.

Dyesce 2 months ago

Recommendation: World beyond my shadow by Daniela Schreiter. Autobiographic graphic novel by an autistic woman.

Ian Bailey-Mortimer
Ian Bailey-Mortimer 2 months ago

You forgot to say: If you're not autistic, you might think it will spoil the fun to ask them first about what they want. It won't. It will heighten the excitement - not only will we know we're going to get a present, we'll also know there's a good chance we'll like it!

Rebecca Nelson
Rebecca Nelson 2 months ago

i literally just went out and bought neurotribes today!

Rachel Howard
Rachel Howard 2 months ago

All I wanted for Christmas was blue jeans and socks
But they gave me devotionals and chapstick..

Martian Pudding
Martian Pudding 2 months ago

I'd be mindful when buying someone yarn. Most knitting projects require several balls of yarn, so if you buy one ball of really expensive yarn they may not be able to make anything out of that or they might have to buy several more balls and end up spending more money than if they just bought themselves inexpensive yarn.

Martian Pudding
Martian Pudding 2 months ago

For several years now I've had an ongoing online wishlist that I give to people. I try to vary the types of wishes between specific items and more generic categories (for example, a link to a specific hobby kit, or something like "chocolates", or "lush bathbombs") and different price ranges, so whoever is giving me a gift can decide how much money and effort they want to put into it. I find people usually appreciate it and it has drastically improved how much I like the gifts I get.

Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 2 months ago

This is so spot on. Thank you!

Masks Off Mute
Masks Off Mute 2 months ago


MinDeRien Sims
MinDeRien Sims 2 months ago

Got a weighted blanket for Christmas ; Cried for an hour. I’d been wanting one for years.

Laurie Herman
Laurie Herman 2 months ago

My dad got me an Ecodot. I hate the Eco dots so much it never hears me so I end up yelling at it which usually leads to a meltdown because I dont know what I am doing wrong and my dad wont listen to me when I say its fucking up. 😪

Endorolf Greenwolf
Endorolf Greenwolf 2 months ago

I never liked those robotic massagers. They don’t work for me. I believe the actual massage therapists are better due to them being able to feel where the tension is. The robotic thing wouldn’t know. I have however tried the head massagers and they are great. Obviously they aren’t robotic and you can use it yourself.

Florin Ardelian
Florin Ardelian 2 months ago

That cushion triggered by trypophobia. My point is, make sure you know what you're getting someone, because not all autistic gifts are suited for everyone. Also, I've played with fidget spinners long before they were cool and now I find them more boring than fascinating. Again, an important point, you don't have to fit all the popular symptoms of autism and ADHD. Like Sam said in other videos, we're all different.

Autisticleigh Me
Autisticleigh Me 2 months ago

FOOOOOOOOOD DIVIDERS! Where have these been since it became awkward for me to use my bunnykins plates? I’m melting into an anticipatory pile of happy goo.

Ella Louise
Ella Louise 2 months ago

Living in Australia with less than great cooling, I was so unsure about a weighted blanket. Instead, I found something called a body sock! Also very good for travel

Peanutcat 2 months ago

I hate gifts. People force shit on you that you don't want after you specifically say that you don't want anything and they expect you to thank them for ignoring your wishes? Like what the fuck?

Coloring Bunnies
Coloring Bunnies 2 months ago

Honestly, I just like gifts I can use. I'll be much happier if you spend $10 to get me a bottle of salicylic acid than I would be if you bought me a $60 game I know I'm never gonna play.
Like literally, I'll give you my "to buy" grocery list and I'll be very happy to get some chapsticks and mousse because I know you saved me the trouble and money of getting it myself.

That's What
That's What "i" Said 2 months ago

WEIGHTED BLANKETS helps one sleep.

bobtheduck 2 months ago

I really wanted to find a floater tank, but I can't find one near me in China. China is a nightmare of insane noises, I teach kids that can't go a minute without yelling at someone or throwing something at someone, and I could REALLY use some time in a floater tank, but I can't find any.

This Girl
This Girl 2 months ago

Weighted blankets and noise machines for sleep. Or just money, lol. But really, anything PRACTICAL. Eg; a month's worth of free groceries would be screamingly useful! And I started typing this before your video ended and you just said PRACTICAL!

Hattie Lankford
Hattie Lankford 2 months ago

Great call for the dateless 2020 planner!!! 🤣🤣🤣😕

Hattie Lankford
Hattie Lankford 2 months ago


Susy Neufeld
Susy Neufeld 2 months ago

As a kid/teen I HATED Christmas gift giving. I honestly never understood why until I was diagnosed with ASD. As it turned out, I HATED people watching for my reactions. I was always so worried I would give the wrong reaction and it caused a lot of anxiety.

Stella strong Bow
Stella strong Bow 2 months ago

Neurotribes is available on Amazon prime incase anyone is interested

Stella strong Bow
Stella strong Bow 2 months ago

For any hand fidgetters out there I absolutely love to crochet while I’m watching YouTube videos or the Tv. It stops me from chain smoking 50 cigarettes which is what I normally end up doing when watching things without realising hahah

Ahti Jansson
Ahti Jansson 2 months ago

its so interesting how we all cope. my dad has hearing problems and the tv is often too loud so i stay upstairs. and i never have my tv on only when I'm sorting or clearing out. But I will often have my laptop on and my switch on but i cant have both sounds going. but the likes of velvet and velour and Velcro I hate. and I can't stand the coming up to and the days after Christmas i get a lot of anxiety. Also i hate Christmas smells like cinnamon candles etc and some of the food and drinks make me feel sick. I hate receiving perfumes not that I'm not grateful but I don't wear them and I have a hamster and smells can affect them hence why I don't eat in my room unless it has a more neutral smell or burn candles. I'm very into The Moomins so my partner nearly cleared my amazon wish list this year and last year got me a rare dvd set of them among other Moomin things . And I've asked for craft stuff previous years which I'm happy with I never ask for anything expensive people sometimes just get me them like my boss at work I volunteer for a big children's charity for the last 7 years and about 2 chrismas' ago she got me a voucher to get acrylic nails and a facial done and bought me lunch when I went and had it done. And this year when things have been awful I've been so afraid to get on the busses because people are just not considerate of what's going on and for other's safety and my anxiety and stress had become really bad, my boss has paid for taxis for me from her own pocket which was really kind of her just so I can get out and go to work and have something. But although I'm grateful for it I feel guilty that she's done it all for me but at least I know I have good friends and family.

Arielle Macuch
Arielle Macuch 2 months ago

I like the Skillshare membership idea ! I (1) like being surprised and (2) like gifts that are related to my current obsession. XD I also don't like gifts related to my old obsession that I'm not into anymore. LOL I love receiving gifts, but I hate opening them up in front of the person since I'm worried my face isn't cooperating and they think I hate the gift. And of course I appreciate the thought, so I love anything someone gives me, but if I'm thinking, "What is this???" then I might look upset or angry or something.

Charlotte Ice
Charlotte Ice 2 months ago

"make it through until 2020" wow, this did not age well at all

C K 2 months ago

Is this a sneaky way of letting your friends and family know what you want without asking or hinting.
I like it 👌

Death I Am
Death I Am 2 months ago

'soft things'

Is that the sound of my obsession with cuddly toys?

Death I Am
Death I Am 2 months ago

I once had a similar thing to the cube but it was made for three hours olds to learn their times tables so it was in bright colours with humanoid stylised animals and writing all over it

I would sell my soul for a black one

Death I Am
Death I Am 2 months ago

'because you can rearrange the order of the colours'

I'll take one🤤🤤

Death I Am
Death I Am 2 months ago

'dream job tho' same girl

Death I Am
Death I Am 2 months ago

Who else smiled just from seeing reversible sequins at the beginning? Not because it was listed as a good gift or anything, just because REVERSIBLE SEQUINS ARE SO DAMN SATISFYING LIKE OMG

Glenn 2 months ago

A bit late to the party but I think this is the oil thingy that Sam showed.

Faffle the Awful waffle

My favorite present that I ever got was a dollfin my best friend gave me for my 10th birthday. She made it out of a water bottle and blue duck tape.

Mazing Worldof Megan
Mazing Worldof Megan 2 months ago

That opening music was extremely loud in comparison to your softer voice

Sr. Papí Rìcky
Sr. Papí Rìcky 2 months ago

I really appreciate you and your channel.

Prince Remus October
Prince Remus October 2 months ago

I'm watching this to decide how to spend my birthday money haha

B V 2 months ago

i tend to prefer functional and practical gifts

Michelle Tate
Michelle Tate 2 months ago

Thank you for your video. I have a darling niece with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ideas and awareness are always welcome. Thank you!

Zechariah Tienter
Zechariah Tienter 2 months ago

I love watching movies and I love oldies music to a lot to Sam you never afend me I love you Sam your the coolest. Im a huge fan love you Sam you rock girl.

Zechariah Tienter
Zechariah Tienter 2 months ago

I all So love dogs cats and I love. Insects and spiders. And snakes were cool I love crocodiles and alligaters too and I love lizards. To Sam !!!

Zechariah Tienter
Zechariah Tienter 2 months ago

I'm passinate about dinosaurs. Like meat eating ones mostly. I'm a huge fan of the hole Jurassic Park franchise. I know a lot about dinosaurs. I love turtles and tortoises a lot and I love birds I use to own cockatiels and parakeets and I even had pet ring neck doves.

Zechariah Tienter
Zechariah Tienter 2 months ago

I like your rainbow 6 sided fidgit spinner it's very awesome it's beautiful. I love cats to I have 2 cats too named. Tigger and my black cat. Shadow. I all So own 4 pet turtles. I love turtles as pets. One is a male russian tortoise his name is max and I have a pet female 3 toed box turtle. Her name is. Allowishiss but I call her Allie for short and I have 2 pet red eared slider turtles male and female one. My male one is. Speedy and my female is. Doris.

Zechariah Tienter
Zechariah Tienter 2 months ago

I'm autistic I have aspergers autism I was diagnosed at age 2 yrs old I'm 39 I'll be 40 on Jan 11th I'm a capricorn. I'm into dinosaurs I love jurassic Park movies. Franchise. Im really into velociraptor blue and. T rex

Zechariah Tienter
Zechariah Tienter 2 months ago

I love fidgit spinners and I have a pillow sham I love to roll up and running it on my eye lids and my ears. I call it my. Pillow sham. Beebee

Valhalla 2 months ago

CAREFUL with gifts regarding special interests: my lifelong special interest has been sketching and as a kid I was often given 'color by numbers' and I absolutely hated it. I guess they just went in a store and asked the shop owner what was age appropriate and then bought that. But autistic people often have savant-like abilities in their field of special interest. Color by number would have been my preschool-ability-level. By the time I was given the gift, I was at the same level of artschool-graduates (not bragging! Even my neruotypical friends said that).

Give them a gift that allows them certain liberties, like a giftcard.

Bianca Barillas Aguilar

Shucks! I could have bought a weighted blanket for black Friday

D Fostman
D Fostman 2 months ago

Gift cards to places you KNOW the person had shopped at. And never a bad idea to ask for ideas. That saves someone pretending to like the gift and also spares the givers feelings from making poor choices.

Miollvynir 2 months ago

I love my sony noise cancelling headphones and earplugs.

Rho Rosana
Rho Rosana 2 months ago

I dont really like getting gifts bc i hate having to go to the store to change it. Just bc im a girl i dont like clothes or freaking purses. Why??? Just give me the money and im the happiest

Miss Lucy
Miss Lucy 2 months ago

5 below for a weighted blanket

Alyssa Moody
Alyssa Moody 2 months ago

THERE ARE SEAMLESS SOCKS? Oh my god why did nobody ever tell me.

Aurelle LB
Aurelle LB 2 months ago

I was skeptical at first but these are great ideas ! Excellent job here.

Amber B.
Amber B. 2 months ago

I freaking love those pillows with the sequins!! I once spent like 20 minutes making a snowman pattern on it because I wanted it to be perfect

Denise F Fulmer
Denise F Fulmer 2 months ago

I enjoy soft things in the form of stuffed animals of different materials, microfiber blankets, soft sleepwear, velvety anything...also soft virtual hugs ((((((hugs))))))

TheRastarina 2 months ago

Me watching this one year after being released to get self gifting ideas
"Make it until 2020" - hah, little did we know!

Raxando Rxnt
Raxando Rxnt 2 months ago

Igh i wish people would buy me tight socks i hate lose socks and thats all i get i need tight socks

Madison Jackson
Madison Jackson 2 months ago

If you want to make something for someone who likes heavy things and likes plush animals, make (you can use an existing pattern) or take an existing plushie with velcro hugging arms (maybe sew on cover flaps or use plastic snap buttons if they don't like velcro) and make a pouch full of the beads you would use to make a weighted blanket!

The pouch allows for the weight to be in one specific place, the hugging limbs allow them to attach the stuffie to their backs, necks, etc, and the plushie would just make for an amazingly cute/soft cuddle buddy.

Optional: you could make it so that the pouches are removable, but if you decide to use a mix of polyfill (the stuffing typically used for plushies) and plastic pellets without the polyfill being secure in place, this may lead to an unevenly stuffed teddy.

Also, if you make another pouch and fill it with rice (depending on size), you could have a heatable/scentable teddy! Just make sure that they don't wash the rice pouch because it could get moldy.

Elric Kinslayer
Elric Kinslayer 2 months ago

Thanks Sam. Brilliant video.

Ruby 2 months ago

My mum just got me a weighted blanket to try out

Nyght 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this T_T I have SUCH a hard time making Christmas/wish lists for myself cause I just put a ton of practical stuff on there (there are bras on my Christmas list. Seriously.) or ask for money/gift cards much to a LOT of peoples' annoyance. I'm finally going to put a weighted blanket on my list & maybe some nice gel pens for my desk :)

ALSO. The 'it's always better to check with the person before spending money, especially a large amount' hit home HARD. My husband surprised me with an ipad Pro & Pen this year & I damn near had a breakdown cause I typically don't use apple products anymore, and I was SO afraid that I wouldn't use it enough to justify the cost. SUPER LUCKY for me, I found an app via a twitter retweet that lets me use it like a cintiq, and now it's replaced my decade old wacom tablet for drawing. But man, when I heard you say that.. I had to pause the video cause my brain just went blank for a minute.

Richard Green
Richard Green 2 months ago

How about none.. that's easiest for me. I hate giving and receiving gifts.

Ceil Constante
Ceil Constante 2 months ago

🎁🎅I got a Sandalwood Comb with large teeth from Amazon. It's perfectly smooth and amazing for long hair! I've had it for 2 yrs and absolutely love it! About $13. Sandalwood is naturally antibacterial. It reduces static in the dry season. It has the slightest smell of sandalwood if you put it directly up to your nose. (I have an acute sense of smell) otherwise I don't smell it.

RraMakutsi 2 months ago

the only gifts I want are love, respect, and a future worth looking forward to... I suspect I will get none of those this year, as usual :-(

Waterfall 2 months ago

Someone with a sensitivity to electrical applicatios and radiation will really not enjoy kindle, but prefer a real book with real paper, theres a complete other feel... endless access of books is nothing compared to a real physical book. The rest is good proporsitions, but for example if you already have one item it is pointless to have much of something you already have, ...thats just more stuff to tidy.

Skippy The Magnificent

Sequin cushions, even the sound of them, make me want to puke. I have no idea. Have an oil timer though, that thing is rad.

SMS 2 months ago

My favourite fidgets are the 5mm Neodymium rainbow coloured balls and a small also rainbow coloured stainless steel top that clips to my key chain. The magnet balls are the best though.

Ashley Bree
Ashley Bree 2 months ago

I vote Amazon gift cards all the way!!!

All Sorts of Lots of Things

Buying a subscription for a hobby magazine is also a good idea. For example, Crafting, Scrapbooking, Cats, Star Trek, Computers, Tech and so on.

All Sorts of Lots of Things

Oooooh!!!! What pretty things Sam! Thank you. Just writing my list to Santa...

Johnny Action
Johnny Action 2 months ago

Just buy your own gift and gift it to yourself, it’s so much easier and you are never disappointed.

Faerye LunaWolf
Faerye LunaWolf 2 months ago

Glittery sand art pictures are good ones too, they are very calming like the drip liquid art you showed. Also you can find phone cases that have glitter and confetti in them that moves within a liquid, I love mine as I am a huge fidgeter! If you look around you can often find those lovely weighted blankets on sale now that they aren't as popular among the neurotypical (I wish I had gotten mine sooner because I love it).

David1903 2 months ago

gifts especially cheap and very wrong makes me feel sad. I always say i dont want any gift. But I often buy others expensive crap.

Scott FW
Scott FW 2 months ago

If you are going to give them something for their trains (or planes, or cars, or trucks, or boats, or rockets) do try to find out what specific trains, or things about trains, they are in to, and there are So Many aspects to and elements of things about trains. I recently encountered someone, maybe on Wrong Planet, whose special interest about trains was level crossings/grade crossings and their different styles and details around the planet.

Raven Kitley
Raven Kitley 2 months ago

I am autistic YouTuber who reviews fidgets and toys for people who have autism and disabilities and I really have a hard time at Christmas because my dad’s family is gag gift people and last year they gave me a Nike giftcard thinking I want that but I love target gift card

dawidwsmole 2 months ago

I love being scrached :3

John Halder
John Halder 2 months ago

All I want is a cure.since that's at least centuries away, how about an effective treatment? That's ALL I want for Xmas.
So yet another Thanksgiving AND Xmas alone for this guy.also is there ANY group for autistics in East central florida?! I see autistics want to be alone and I get that! But I'd still like to meet at least one "of my kind" before I die.

Potatuh 2 months ago

Something that I really like is using utensils meant for baby’s or toddlers because I absolutely cannot stand the sound of a metal fork on a plate or bowl, and the baby forks are cheap and made of plastic so they don’t scrape. But i tried some bamboo ones and it still scraped. But regular baby forks work great, and i know there are spoons made like that for big kids/ adults but I don’t know about forks.

richardthered 2 months ago

I cant stand gifts, birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc. This causes massive issues. Christmas and birthdays are without doubt the worst because you must be grateful no matter what crap is brought for you and then its like you enter a contract you must buy them a present or gift back, its the normal peoples rules. No sod off dont buy me stuff and i will not buy you stuff is the motto. Its better to just ignore people as they dont get it.
There is no such thing as a free lunch as someone once said. I remember getting a birthday card at work once they used to loved getting involved with people personal life and spreading it about the work place, even work mates talking about others behind there back about personal issues i was awful i didnt want to get involved,. I remember once getting the card that was signed by 90% of people i worked with i didn't like at all and i didnt even want them to know nothing about my personal life let alone my birthday. I opened it, looked, straight in the bin, massive waste of a card. This was found by a work colleague who said why did i do that. To which i answered what should i do with it? Treasure it and frame it? Make a shine and worship it? If i dont celebrate my birthday why are others that are not even my friends getting involved.
I hated the job and the people, it was suffocating to say the least, Including after work do's and meet up, shunned around 20 events, Christmas parties, curry night, bowling etc . I spend 9-10hrs a day with people that im forced to get on with nearly all were 2 faced back stabbers and they expected me to drive and meet up with them in my personal time. Nah mate, not happening. It was hard enough doing my job and taking instructions, most nights i would meltdown and be in bed a 8pm from trying to mask all day. Asperger's make you a outcast. For me i really dont like 90% human beings, they have agendas. Would take a cat, dog or even a bird over human interaction.

stuffandstuff 2 months ago

Why do you have lights on your pillows?

Kruger Fuchs
Kruger Fuchs 2 months ago

Bloody ads

emma elson
emma elson 2 months ago

Zen boards

Ami Aileen Jones
Ami Aileen Jones 2 months ago

I am an undiagnosed 19yo afab autistic person. Watching this was like watching someone explain to my grandma why I never sent a thank you letter for the itchy and tight woolen socks she gave me and why it is so hard to pick a present. I wish my grandma spoke English, but we're German, so I guess I'll have to put this into my own words before Christmas.

Morghean 2 months ago

I tried to present myself an ANC headphones (sony) but it turned out, that I actually able to hear the noise cancelling (both of the xm3 & xm4) and it made my ear/head hurt. So I'm thinking now about those industrial headgears you can see on high-sound construction workers. :D

Corinne Salicco
Corinne Salicco 2 months ago

can you name the back massager? great video BTW :)

Natalia Bennett
Natalia Bennett 2 months ago

My weighted blanket is my favourite thing ive ever bought.

Laueij 2 months ago

Just watching this to treat myself lmao

Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer Mitchell 2 months ago

Very kindly your videos are great the intro is considerably louder than the part when you speak. No harm meant with this much love. Xoxo

OlaGar 2 months ago

Yes to all your ideas but for now I'm looking to gift myself a cleverfox journal! They're amazing!! For me the year starts on september (that's something I bring to my adulthood from my school time), I love stationery, journals, doing lists and having VERY SPECIFIC plannings spaces. BUT I hate selfmade bullet-journals as I can't decide easily and I waste too much time thinking about how to plan the planner... a mess XD
So thank you very much for such discovery!!!

Joh King
Joh King 2 months ago

My birthday is coming up and my mum asked me what I wanted and I thought for ages but then realised I need a new case for my tablet so I found the one I wanted (which is the exact same as my now 3 year old one) and I bought a new phone a few months ago so I asked for a phone case or two and sent mum a few pictures of patterns/styles/colours that I liked and she sent me a photo of one that was dark purple butterflies and glitter, not the pastels that I'd shown her so she had another look and got it right the second time. Only a few more days and I'll see how she really went with it...

Claudia Jeldrez
Claudia Jeldrez 2 months ago

Watching again this video. Love it. Still hate HATE hate the drums at the beginning...sorry 😁😊🤗

LadyZathara 2 months ago

My daughter loves oil timers she’s got about 20 😂 she’s got massive fidget boxes and I try to make her a new sensory bag every Christmas but am quickly running out of ideas. She’s obsessed with Windows at the moment so a sequin cushion with the windows logo would be amazing! - love these ideas x

Sophie McCormick
Sophie McCormick 2 months ago

I am not autistic but I would love anything on that list

Claudia Jeldrez
Claudia Jeldrez 2 months ago

Uff those drums in the introduction....kinda hated it.

Jenni T.I. Murphy
Jenni T.I. Murphy 2 months ago

When I was younger I was really into Star Trek, and my mom actually shared this interest to an extent and she was able to pick up on how much I was into it. And when I was 12 she got me the collector's set of the movies for Christmas, which at the time was the first five movies. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received. But now I tell people to just give me gift cards or money because I am more OCD and picky about what comes into my space. My mom is actually very good about this too because she sends me a Vanilla gift card for the holidays and money for my birthday which is usually equal to my age.