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Disney World Christmas 2013

Disney World Christmas 2013

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808natee 2 months ago

the spirit of the season from polar express is my favorite xmas song!

h Tighe
h Tighe 2 months ago

you are so cool

Jon Hunter
Jon Hunter 2 months ago

Carol of the bells/little drummer boy.  

Karen Hoffman
Karen Hoffman 2 months ago

my fave carol is jingle bell rock

Xbinx06 2 months ago

Carol of the Bells is my favorite 

Xbinx06 2 months ago

I've really wanted to go to Walt Disney World during the Christmas season! But of course you need money to go..... 

larissa barias
larissa barias 2 months ago

Silver bells! Hands DOWN!

Homesick 4 Disney
Homesick 4 Disney 2 months ago

White Christmas is a fave!! Love the movie too!! I can't wait to see all this in December for the first time!! Yay!!!!

Nhat Nguyen
Nhat Nguyen 2 months ago

Silent Night

Lonny Ballesteros
Lonny Ballesteros 2 months ago

Jingle bells !!

Candi andPinkie
Candi andPinkie 2 months ago

ajruck , you are so lucky! I have never been to Disney world!

Felicia Patterson
Felicia Patterson 2 months ago

makes me sad u spend the beginning of the day alone but glad you had company later :) My favorite christmas song is silent night 

Story Time
Story Time 2 months ago

You and Brian are really cute together. It's too bad he lives in Orlando and you are in Dallas. I hope one day soon you can live together. 

QuesadillaFamily 2 months ago

Adam's videos are so fun! He is a big reason why we started vlogging at Disney! 

Nicole S
Nicole S 2 months ago

i was in the Christmas parade

Jakob Reedy
Jakob Reedy 2 months ago

Adam all i want for Christmas is you was really sung in the 1990's by Vince Vance

itslauraslife 2 months ago

The first noel!

Walli Baig
Walli Baig 2 months ago

I love th carol of the bells

CC Brown
CC Brown 2 months ago

It would be a toss up between Little Drummer Boy and O' Come All Ye Faithful.

ben stinson
ben stinson 2 months ago

i go by myself all the time its acually kinda nice just going on the rides you want to go on :)

Tucker St. Ivany
Tucker St. Ivany 2 months ago

It was starting to "snow"

Michele Rendon
Michele Rendon 2 months ago

Carol of the Bells, the best

Nathaniel Hulme
Nathaniel Hulme 2 months ago

Hark the Herald Angels Sing probably.

Andrew Yacos
Andrew Yacos 2 months ago

Hey Adam, how about 'Dinosaur' in AK?  Loudest coolest Disney attraction, I think?

Abigail Freel
Abigail Freel 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas Carol (not really a carol) is probably Baby It's Cold Outside! 

Sorry to see youtube take down your video for the music! Must be difficult!

Cayla Wood
Cayla Wood 2 months ago

do u have a girlfriend 

Q GS 2 months ago

'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' is my fave carol. Great vid, Animal Kingdom looked stunning! Thanks for sharing and taking us there!

Rafael Castro
Rafael Castro 2 months ago

I'm there right now

DisneyNerd2319 2 months ago

Im sorry but i dont like the idea of avatar land

Sarah C.
Sarah C. 2 months ago

Disney by yourself is awesome

Dizzy Starr
Dizzy Starr 2 months ago

i just recently went to disneyland for christmas

Kelsey Boren
Kelsey Boren 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas Carol is any version involving Carol of the Bells!  Particularly any instrumental version or A Capella!

Fluent in Fashion
Fluent in Fashion 2 months ago

So happy I can watch this now! Xc

Melissa Backovich
Melissa Backovich 2 months ago

I've always wanted to do Disney solo!

Cheryl Thompson
Cheryl Thompson 2 months ago

I can't believe they made you take out the song the lights were synced to! That's ridiculous. There are tons of videos on here of popular Christmas music synced with Christmas lights. Who did you p*** off at YouTube? Geez...

Kyampo 2 months ago

In 6:08 it was so pretty, seeing all those lights shining. > u < 

Marissa Calderon
Marissa Calderon 2 months ago

Carol of the bells jk it's Santa claws is coming to town

Siubhan Pabst
Siubhan Pabst 2 months ago

Jingle Bell rock

shortcake99 2 months ago

For first time visit to Disney World is the park hopper worth it, or better to do one park each day? I will have about 7 or 8 days

Hailey Jones
Hailey Jones 2 months ago

i love your videos

MIZAEL_RGIBERT 2 months ago

are you going to disneyland  CA this holidays!?

Aaron Ogitis
Aaron Ogitis 2 months ago

Your are the best adam!!!!!  My favorite carol is the one Brian said as well.  
    I would say it's beginning to look like Christmas.

earthlingsvibes 2 months ago

JINGLE BELL JINGLE BELL JINGLE BELL puts down rock whispers rock

Nicole F
Nicole F 2 months ago

I'm re-watching this just so I can see it on my phone. Do I have a problem? Lol!

MsWDWFAN1 2 months ago

So they got you too with the music? You're not the only one. Love your videos.
Have a Great Christmas Adam!

Ann Radaza
Ann Radaza 2 months ago

My fav xmas carol is deck the halls

rosserm11 2 months ago


Kailee Mckenzie
Kailee Mckenzie 2 months ago

Are they still keeping festival of the lion king show or are they getting rid of the whole thing and not doing it again?

Disney4ever 2 months ago

Did anyone see a hidden Micky in the tree

Matt Sinton
Matt Sinton 2 months ago

You rock adam I love you videos

Kaira Michelle
Kaira Michelle 2 months ago

I totally would have gone with you, Adam! In fact, I'm going late May through early June! Maybe you'll be there!

Gabriella Mott
Gabriella Mott 2 months ago


Francesca Frasco
Francesca Frasco 2 months ago

believe from the polar express <3

mike88nyc 2 months ago

 my favorite is hark the herald angels sing!

LeftyBlue 2 months ago

A reload??  This one was already published like last week.  Weird.

Arielvon Alberto
Arielvon Alberto 2 months ago

Nooooo im going tuesday!!! I wanted to meet you!!

gilbertpsp 2 months ago

I want go one day :(