Bruce Springsteen - Purple rain - Prince tribute - Brooklyn 25.4.2016



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Information Bruce Springsteen - Purple rain - Prince tribute - Brooklyn 25.4.2016

Title : Bruce Springsteen - Purple rain - Prince tribute - Brooklyn 25.4.2016

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Frames Bruce Springsteen - Purple rain - Prince tribute - Brooklyn 25.4.2016

Description Bruce Springsteen - Purple rain - Prince tribute - Brooklyn 25.4.2016

Bruce Springsteen - Purple rain - Prince tribute - Brooklyn 25.4.2016

Bruce Springsteen - Purple rain - Prince tribute - Brooklyn 25.4.2016

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Susanne Jacobsen
Susanne Jacobsen 2 months ago


Leanna Deo
Leanna Deo 2 months ago

So nice of Bruce to do a tribute to PRINCE
Love it so much ❤❤❤❤

Paolo Bertorelli
Paolo Bertorelli 2 months ago

How a Great gives his tribute to a Great...

Marilena Letizia
Marilena Letizia 2 months ago

Una vita imbrogliona perché il bene e il male vivono insieme se il male cresce gli imbroglioni aumentano

Marie Christine Lemonnier


fabrisoto 2 months ago


Maria Moura
Maria Moura 2 months ago

Lovely 🌹

GoXy Sss
GoXy Sss 2 months ago

This is the most respecful and BEST tribute Purple Rain after Prince passed :

Marilena Letizia
Marilena Letizia 2 months ago

Il potere comanda e l amore lo usa come gli pare

Edward Collins
Edward Collins 2 months ago

At that moment in time, if you were going to pick that song to honor Prince, with that solo, you'd better come heavy or not come at all, and Nils came heavy, you think?

Marilena Letizia
Marilena Letizia 2 months ago

Cadere nella trappola di un potere che brilla e spegne i nostri sogni è pietoso

Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 2 months ago

Prince watching down and smiling, " yeah, that's ok"

Philippe Michou
Philippe Michou 2 months ago

Something funny about Springsteen is that when he covers another artists, he makes gold. Dylan, Clash, Prince, The Ramones… he improves everything, or more clearly, he pushes their art to another level or into another space.
Why funny? Because he looks like the old chaps

Marilena Letizia
Marilena Letizia 2 months ago

Perché non gli dei inventano e creano materie tossiche e dopo che le abbiamo pagate ci fanno sentire responsabili

christopher donatelli

Hands down the greatest cover ever.

sunburst strat
sunburst strat 2 months ago

Very nice.Nice tribute..but here's some Bruce!!

Esaul Garcia Munoz
Esaul Garcia Munoz 2 months ago

El más grande de los inmortales ,the boss ,el día que se retiré ,ojalá que nunca llegue ese día ,la música rock no tendrá sentido único y eterno the boss

Maria Angelica Dos anjos

Amo demais

Mug maz
Mug maz 2 months ago

Sweden are proud of Nils Lövgren.

Jon Mcglynn
Jon Mcglynn 2 months ago

Who else could cover this great song and blow it out of the ball park

anouck connolly
anouck connolly 2 months ago

Est Super Belle Cette Chanson la 👌👍✌😉
J'💖.... 😊

Alberto Rossetti
Alberto Rossetti 2 months ago

An extraordinary song performed by a fantastic artist. Tanks Boss

ISAAC GONZALEZ 2 months ago

Respect..This man truly IS THE BOSS👍👍

Inger Söderberg
Inger Söderberg 2 months ago


Marilena Letizia
Marilena Letizia 2 months ago

Ciao nella tua musica trasmetti tutto quello il mondo ci da la giustizia non esiste

daremo2010 2 months ago

Yep this is the better version. Better vocal delivery and Lofgren’s solo was more articulatr. IMO, natch

C'MARIE KIDD 2 months ago

Bruce killed it💯

NPA1001 2 months ago


Kris LaMar
Kris LaMar 2 months ago

Go, Nils!

KE KICSI 2 months ago

The REAL BOSS, thank you!

D70 2 months ago

So much Soul, so much Respect, so much Love......Incredible Tribute.....No one comes near The Boss (and Prince for that matter)

ChellerKz 2 months ago


Marilena Letizia
Marilena Letizia 2 months ago

Grazie mentre camminiamo nel calvario che i potenti ci impongono e che ci fanno pagare solo per guadagnare

Célio Roberto Cantor

Very very very good job guys!!! Great, excellent!!! God bless you!!! Prince RIP...🙏🏼❤️🇧🇷

Marilena Letizia
Marilena Letizia 2 months ago

Un anima nasce sulla terra e la terra la illude assaggia quello che ti do e l anima inizia a capire che la vita è piena di trappole e l anima paga le sue ignoranze

Donald Leider
Donald Leider 2 months ago

Was at this show, Bruce opened up the concert with this beautiful tribute to Prince!

michael wray
michael wray 2 months ago


Marilena Letizia
Marilena Letizia 2 months ago

Cosa vuole il potere che comanda la vita dei burattini deficienti

Ernesto Rivera
Ernesto Rivera 2 months ago

The best cover there is .

CallmeToddy 2 months ago

Missing Patties voice hereon. And a good versión.

Angela Brown
Angela Brown 2 months ago

Prince would be very proud.Excellent tribute

Leandra Dalloglio
Leandra Dalloglio 2 months ago

Julho 2021, eu aqui com o coração saindo bela boca com Bruce

pramesh gurung
pramesh gurung 2 months ago

God that solo was insane

M. Swee
M. Swee 2 months ago

5 guitars? Why not make it a dozen?

Satvinder Mudan
Satvinder Mudan 2 months ago

Total respect for them both.

Itsjonobcool 2 months ago

What a cover....this was played with real emotion. Love it 🖤✌

Andrea Belle
Andrea Belle 2 months ago

Like peanut butter and jelly very cool this' is bruce everyone if ya can't sing humm.

Rosineia Teles
Rosineia Teles 2 months ago

Maravilhoso Bruce❤

cristian romero
cristian romero 2 months ago

Como es el nombre del guitarrista???

Marilena Letizia
Marilena Letizia 2 months ago

Grazie infinite

Gene Johnson
Gene Johnson 2 months ago

The best by the best. Saw Bruce in Perth a couple of years back. Just great. Hope he returns again . His latest music is fantastic. Western Stars is a great story. Isn't that what music should be?

Miguel Gisbert blasco

God bless you,the boss

DS 2 months ago

Great! And great solo!

Super Sled Online
Super Sled Online 2 months ago

My God, this is an amazing tribute!

TR L 2 months ago


Tracey M
Tracey M 2 months ago

That is pure class all the way

Michael Louis
Michael Louis 2 months ago

What an awful version of a mediocre song. Springsteen is a clown.

Edio Bassi
Edio Bassi 2 months ago

Excelente, gracias Bruce!

Atkins Smith
Atkins Smith 2 months ago

tremendous, i cried. thanks bro. never paid much attention to u but this to my favorite entertainer got my everlasting respect for u. thanks bro. luv Bruce

Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 2 months ago

Nils is a great guitar player but you can only do so much with a devine spark from a musical genius, great effort no one but the prince himself could have done better

Arancha Otero
Arancha Otero 2 months ago

Ya,tengo sustituto pero trabaja por semana

Arancha Otero
Arancha Otero 2 months ago

Vete ya anda

Arancha Otero
Arancha Otero 2 months ago

Se llama iban 50años

Arancha Otero
Arancha Otero 2 months ago

Comoci.hoy a viste con.el. lo conoco hoy

Steve Frisbie
Steve Frisbie 2 months ago

Niles was so tasteful and respectful in his solo. Then, at 4:28, Nils sent it tight up to Prince.

GOBA RE 2 months ago

Den hatten wir in Germany genügend JUNI 2021. Mein Lieblingssänger

michael middleton
michael middleton 2 months ago

Wow.brilliant from the Boss

Joe Hmingsanga
Joe Hmingsanga 2 months ago

Living legend gives a tribute!

richardervins 2 months ago

Ha! The Boss solved the problem for struggling guitarists with the stretches you have to make for those rather unusual chords! Where‘s my capo…? 😁

Bobby Parisien
Bobby Parisien 2 months ago

Fucker sounds good!

yccmzimmy 2 months ago

wooh oh oh ooooh, wooh oh oh ooooh

yccmzimmy 2 months ago

probably little steven is overrrated, nowadays...

David Brennan
David Brennan 2 months ago

Best live act in the world ,the boss and the e street band

James Pendleton
James Pendleton 2 months ago


Silvestra Sanja Timarac

The Boss is great,but can't be compared with Prince's electricity and the magical guitar playing .I miss that in this performance.

Monie Mone
Monie Mone 2 months ago


Mark Munger
Mark Munger 2 months ago

Great tribute to a great Minnesota musician. Nils, Prince is smiling after that solo.

Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton 2 months ago

Perhaps the best tribute to Prince. May he RIP.

Adriana De Oliveira Xavier

Simplesmente maravilhoso ...

Neidimar Moreira
Neidimar Moreira 2 months ago

Sempre fui fan dele top

Gianluca Mantegazza
Gianluca Mantegazza 2 months ago

Nils... I have no words...... italiano: non ho parole... GREAT !!!

Estifano Ramos
Estifano Ramos 2 months ago

The best tribute from the Boss, Nils and the rest of the band. Even Prince would probably want to rise and listen to this cover.

Brenda Glast
Brenda Glast 2 months ago

Wow Bruce really is the boss. Did a great job. Prince would have been proud.

rtechnik 2 months ago

One of the very best pieces of music on YouTube.

yccmzimmy 2 months ago

Nils Lofgren is not underrated, as a good number of comment suggest: he does have a bunch of hardcore fan that duly respect him, and i am pretty sure that he does not need more. he is still playing with the best artists in the world (the top of that "hardcore fan" basis that he has). I believe he is in line with his wishes :)

Bujumbura 2 months ago

Super cool !

Daria Miletic
Daria Miletic 2 months ago

The Man has voice and style

Richard Hoffman Live Music Channel

Nils - i love u ❤️💯🎸🔝

Brett Dawson
Brett Dawson 2 months ago

Lick my balls Youtube. I will not listen to some jerkoff from New Jersey ripoff a great song.

Cida Pamplona
Cida Pamplona 2 months ago

Wonderful as always!

João Ferreira
João Ferreira 2 months ago

Nils Lofgren, God bless you!

crazychris 2 months ago

Cant stop watching/listening, everything about it is A1...Vocals Guitar .👌

Luzinete Da Silva de Lima

Espetacular! O cara não faz nada para perder,só valorizou ainda mais....subiu a temperatura aqui.kkkk🎶🥰👋💯🇧🇷🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Esse é de tirar o fôlego

Aud Toril Karlsmoen
Aud Toril Karlsmoen 2 months ago

This tribute to Prince is absolut fantastic💜

Hanne Hau
Hanne Hau 2 months ago

Rock meets Soul
I love it

Alessandro Dessi
Alessandro Dessi 2 months ago

R. I. P grande Prince.
Chi all amicizia a dedicati questo testo stupendo.
Persona speciale che a tutti noi lascia un eredità di profonda umanità.
Grande Boss che ci delizia con un tributo fantastico.
W la musica

Marie Christine Lemonnier


David Sichone
David Sichone 2 months ago

The Boss! Massive respect!

Nicole Pla Jacquet
Nicole Pla Jacquet 2 months ago

Extraordinaire ! Sublime chanson interprétée par un artiste merveilleux Bruce Springsteen ! 💜👍

Sixfoursoul 2 months ago

Wow that Guitar player slayed it !