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Title : How to Make Soup for the Poor – The Victorian Way

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How to Make Soup for the Poor – The Victorian Way

How to Make Soup for the Poor – The Victorian Way

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English Heritage
English Heritage 2 months ago

As always, thanks for watching! We’re glad to see so many of you have enjoyed this episode and intend on trying the recipe at home.

We’ve pulled together answers to some of your FAQs below. For those of you asking about a Mrs Crocombe cookbook, be sure to check out this link:

Any stock would work well. For a veggie soup, use vegetable stock (and substitute the bacon for something else rich in umami, such as mushrooms). The Victorian kitchen would have had several different grades of stock on hand, from fine white (veal) stock to a general stock made of offcuts of vegetables and spare bones.

Mint is a popular accompaniment to peas. It is often put in pea soup, or in peas pudding. You can use other herbs but it gives the soup a very pleasant bite - we suggest you give it a try and let us know what you think.

Well spotted. We hate to break the magic but this video was filmed in and around 2020. This soup is a scaled down version, as we didn’t want to make an enormous batch that might be wasted. Besides, in 1881, the number of those in need varied widely. Audley End is surrounded by several small villages and one small town. As such, there was no need to feed everyone.

They most certainly did. It was an accepted part of how royal food worked, to the point that when Edward VII's coronation was postponed, all the goodies went out to the poor of the parish, who feasted on truffles and foie gras for a few days. You can find out more about this in Dr Annie Gray’s book ‘The Greedy Queen’.

This soup is for the poor, not for the poor to cook i.e. it is being cooked for them. Bacon was one of the cheapest meats around, often the only meat a poor household would see with any regularity. It punched above its weight, adding salt, flavour and fat. If you can't obtain decent bacon for your kitchen we suggest using some gammon ham.

AGayAssBeech 2 months ago

Recipes for the poor and soldiers in the crimirror

Me Here
Me Here 2 months ago

I’ve made a similar soup very often, but I’ve never tried mint. Guess what I'll be making next week?

Not my Name
Not my Name 2 months ago

I'd like to believe that the real Mrs Crocombe has the personality similar to this.

Craig Clements
Craig Clements 2 months ago

Fun fact you can also use red lentils as a base over split peas. This has been passed down within my family for decades if not longer.

peanut butter
peanut butter 2 months ago

that feeling after you binge watch Anne with an E and u just need to travel back in time just to relieve that moment, THAT'S WHY I AM HERE

stuart jenkins
stuart jenkins 2 months ago

why add mint if you could add


ZombieLogic101 2 months ago

.......Soup for the poor nothing nowdays that's food for fancy folks anymore.

Dayra Yaneth López Villareal

Me quede esperando,ver como le repartian la sopa a los pobres😕🥘

Margaret Felixmena
Margaret Felixmena 2 months ago

Madam Victoria. Yung utang ko sayo. Nextweek nalang ahh wala pa kaseng sahod asawa ko

Rachel Zamstein
Rachel Zamstein 2 months ago

Interesting she uses mint, I wonder if we swap that with parsley today.

MissyB 2 months ago

You will need: soilent green. Water. Heat.

Nikki Coristine
Nikki Coristine 2 months ago

i followed this recipe and made it for my family for dinner. They loved it, even the picky eaters

Rovana Jean
Rovana Jean 2 months ago

I never noticed this until now but I think Ms.Crocombe spoke with the upper class accent (which easier to hear for us foreigners). Is this possibly an effect from serving the BrayBrookes ?

Cutie Bear
Cutie Bear 2 months ago

She looks like Billie Eillish

Prathama Roy
Prathama Roy 2 months ago

Everything is fine just only that much😐

Tedly M.
Tedly M. 2 months ago

Thank you Mrs. Crocombe!

dr handle
dr handle 2 months ago

This recipe will make enough to feed six poor Victorian urchins or nineteen university students.

Deal Finder00
Deal Finder00 2 months ago

So does everyone get a teaspoon? That was a very small amount of soup

Khanh Kha Minh
Khanh Kha Minh 2 months ago

It may carry some negative connotation, but that soup for the poor looks amazing. I’d gladly have it.
I tend to make a similar version of it in winter. Mine also has fried bacon and mirepoix, and sometimes I just end there. But when I’m feeling fancier, I would add more spices, corn, and shredded chicken.

a 2 months ago

finally mrs crocombe feeds us

M MALLICK 2 months ago

You Englishmen created many new recipies while ruling India. I hope Mrs. Crocombe has some related recipies which Lord Lady Braybrook may also like.

Mervin Singh
Mervin Singh 2 months ago

i feel attacked

Kristian Neitsch
Kristian Neitsch 2 months ago

I hope they made a bit more originally.

cockroach city
cockroach city 2 months ago

What is stock..

CAMILO RODAS 2 months ago

It's perfect 👁️👄👁️

Cameron Miyao
Cameron Miyao 2 months ago

"I like to season my soups very well" = putting a pinch of salt and pepper
"I'm going to add a pinch of pepper. A very large pinch" = dumps the whole bowl of pepper into the mix

Mrs. Crocombe, pls my heart

Filipino Archmage
Filipino Archmage 2 months ago

We don't usually see Mrs. Crocombe take a nibble on some ingredients when she's cooking and she just popped a slice of celery into her mouth.
She be like, "It's for the poor anyways" 😁

Dee Wilson
Dee Wilson 2 months ago

You had me at "fry the bacon in butter!" 🥓🥓

B 2 months ago

Can i use any other meat like chicken,lamb,or cow?

Dante Halos Gaming
Dante Halos Gaming 2 months ago

When you realize the poor back then had better meal than yours now in university

Scrambled 59
Scrambled 59 2 months ago

How to make soup

How to make soup for the poor

Denz Plays
Denz Plays 2 months ago

Ah yes... a soup for me

dan the man
dan the man 2 months ago

"i like to season my soups very well"

adds salt, pepper, and mint

Beatrice Jackson
Beatrice Jackson 2 months ago

She makes me feel at home

jill chris
jill chris 2 months ago


Dennis Beers
Dennis Beers 2 months ago

What a wonderful episode and a great message.

MissYellowCat 2 months ago

This is honestly my regular vegetable soup but with less seasoning.

apcadd80 2 months ago

Things you will need…
Cement …
Me, doing a double check..since I am mostly listening.
Oh she said..some mint..
that makes more sense.

Tennille J
Tennille J 2 months ago

I thought this said soap

sincerus113 2 months ago

why did youtube recommend this for me...

April Hitchcock
April Hitchcock 2 months ago

Someone needs to show Jess Day this episode. Nick knew how to cook bacon all along.

Holly L.
Holly L. 2 months ago

Give me a reason ppl dislike this video

Joseph Charles
Joseph Charles 2 months ago

Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?

Alexandra Hill
Alexandra Hill 2 months ago

The great potato famine?…I think you mean the great genocide.

Nanirossa Kenchana
Nanirossa Kenchana 2 months ago

Me making "soup for the poor" for myself to not die of hunger.

Plump Granny Lover
Plump Granny Lover 2 months ago

"And I'm going to add a little mint to lift the flavor"

Pauses, carefully attempts to add a little mint, dumps all the mint. Lmao

Eyeriz 2 months ago

"Whats for dinner, honey?"
"Soup for the poor, dear"

Bernadette Rocha
Bernadette Rocha 2 months ago

I'm poor and I plan to make this today🤩

moonglow630 2 months ago

Soup for the poor?? This is a heartier split pea soup than I grew up having.

babie girl
babie girl 2 months ago

6:41 thisss

Srygvfsfbb Ghbcdstvvb

Hmmm that knife didn’t look very Victorian….. Love your videos btw

Quiznos 2 months ago

Bacon poor ppl food?

sid viscus
sid viscus 2 months ago

yay, i can't wait to try this recipe so i can feel poor too

Maria Mahalimuyak
Maria Mahalimuyak 2 months ago

For the "poor" and the thumbnail of her is looking at me.
Dang gurl why u gotta be cruel 😭

Cationna 2 months ago

To me, any soup that uses stock is fancy. Unless it's a stock cube lol

Randy Jaeya
Randy Jaeya 2 months ago

Everytime she says poor I almost feel she was attacking me.

Ramon christoff Dela cerna

masarap po yan kainin

Aryan Chettri:D
Aryan Chettri:D 2 months ago

ok,was this filmed a 100 years ago!!!the videography makes me timetravel!!

Valentina Centamore
Valentina Centamore 2 months ago

Am I the only one who thinks that this soup looks/sounds great

ItsYaLilPhoenix 2 months ago

guh- she really called out us high school/college students 😭

Mcormic 2 months ago

"First I'm going to fry the bacon in butter." Now that's what I'm talking about!

The Sarcastic Potato
The Sarcastic Potato 2 months ago

I'm getting a strong Downton abbey vibes lol 😅😅

EliTheGreat7969 2 months ago

There's no new food vids so in rewatching them all

carnatic classical
carnatic classical 2 months ago

There is no such thing called "English Heritage", it's all culmination of all the colonies

김승철 2 months ago

아 자막 있는 건 다 봤어 ㅜㅠ 다른 것도 자막 좀...

HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama

Can we have an episode with lady braybrooke please

ram .
ram . 2 months ago

This is not dhal

A Deca
A Deca 2 months ago

That straw hanging out from the basket irritated me.

Aaliyah Isador
Aaliyah Isador 2 months ago

Seasonings: salt✨

Xhander Pionan
Xhander Pionan 2 months ago

The title is a mood 💀

yamamoto1206 2 months ago

"And I'm going to add a little mint to lift the flavour."


Alejandra Tovar
Alejandra Tovar 2 months ago

Those carrots look like they came out of a can🐸, but I won't complain anymore

Yehuda Maimon
Yehuda Maimon 2 months ago

I like season my soups very well, but she just put salt, pepper, and mint that's whitest soup I ever watch lmao 😂😆😁

B B 2 months ago

Am I the only one thinking how much all that copper is??? Lol

Шорти і Труси

Soup for poor but first ingredient is bacon......

카쵸 2 months ago

다른영상두 자막있음 좋겠다

Anaya Weick
Anaya Weick 2 months ago

Idk why but I was upset by her adding the carrots at the same time as the onions because carrots take so much longer to cook. However, she didn’t want caramelized onions and the carrots would cook in the stock. As always, Mrs. Crocombe is right and I am an absolute buffoon

HIRAM DOMINICUS 2 months ago

She doesn’t know how to chop and corn was not known in those times 😆😆😆😆

Pahan Jayasooriya
Pahan Jayasooriya 2 months ago

I can't afford the soup for the poor.

Dean_dabbles 2 months ago

Back when food wasn't wasted, and the poor weren't social outcasts to the point no one paid them any mind.

Presley Surface
Presley Surface 2 months ago

I love these videos I stay up a night binge watching them I’m even going to be trying the cucumber ice cream recipe with my grandma! Thank you so much Mrs Crocombe!!

John Peter Tolio
John Peter Tolio 2 months ago

For this recipe you will need ....


cat 2 months ago

Why is this in my recommended

Vela Bela
Vela Bela 2 months ago

Lol I love her!!

수하긴 2 months ago


Snotty McSnot dragger

Instructions unclear, added cement in my soup instead of some mint

Hans Roberts
Hans Roberts 2 months ago

I make this soup😭

Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma 2 months ago

She is really polite in assertive way

Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes 2 months ago

Oh that’s just for show… What they really do is take all the plate scrapings from the table throw them in a pot and boil them and then strain it and call it soup

psammiad 2 months ago

A harsh reminder at the end of the realities of Victorian Britain: if you were old, sick or poor and couldn't work, you starved.

Francis 2 months ago

6:40- 😍😍

Owen Brady
Owen Brady 2 months ago

She has such a rhotic R that she adds Rs to words that don't even have them

Gandy Gandy
Gandy Gandy 2 months ago

Was that Smint or cement?

Hello Handsome
Hello Handsome 2 months ago

Judging by the comments, ppl seem to think this is real, it's just a cookery prog showing how to make victoria dishes, it not scoring the poor or anyone else

hyeon 2 months ago

은은한 중독영상.....

Safrarara 2 months ago

Idk why but i just love the way she says butter 💀💀

sunmarsh 2 months ago

That look she gave after tasting the soup sent me. 😭😂

Sarah H
Sarah H 2 months ago

Mint? Not basil or oregano? MA'AM-