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Title : Lino Cut Christmas Cards and Tags

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Lino Cut Christmas Cards and Tags

Lino Cut Christmas Cards and Tags

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Tricia B
Tricia B 2 months ago

Love that you shared your trials with the lino

Florence Smith
Florence Smith 2 months ago

Wow never heard of this so now I have to go and explore this new technique looks like a lot of fun. TFS

G. Alexandr
G. Alexandr 2 months ago

This is fabulous, I love your videos. Thank you for sharing. The cards turned out beautiful!! P.S. Love your dog too :)

Lori Bain
Lori Bain 2 months ago

I've never done lino printing, but this makes me want to try it! What about rolling a brayer over the lino to get the ink to soak into the paper better?

Bella Popish
Bella Popish 2 months ago

Wow I didn’t know what Lino was... until I was reading one of the other comments and it reminded me that I had made one in school by using the old floor tiles. I wonder if that is where Lino’s name came from... ? Linoleum ... It brought back a piece of childhood that I forgot about (I guess this dates me). Thank you for sharing and your creativity the cards and tags are very beautiful.

Emer Henry
Emer Henry 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this. I have the lino and all the tools and been too afraid to try so far. Have to make some time tomorrow. Again, thank you.

susan greffard
susan greffard 2 months ago

Stumbled on your video, and was intrigued by your learning process, and results. Thank you for being brave enough to share it all! Thank you.

Sue Cox
Sue Cox 2 months ago

That's a lovely result of your experiments--and I'm sure the recipients will be delighted.

Angela Kenny
Angela Kenny 2 months ago

They are really lovely , I like the simplicity of them ,I will have to have a go ,maybe next year. Thanks for sharing

Heleen Glazenburg
Heleen Glazenburg 2 months ago

When I was a chip we made lino cute in school more than fifty years ago.We didn't use all the beautiful materials,we used old piece of floor lino with old knifes.I likes it than I like IT even more now.Thank you for showingen this techniek.

kmwwrench 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing a new technique. Your cards and tags are lovely. I don't know how thick the lino is, but I wonder if you could run the inked lino and the heavier paper through your die cut machine to get more ink to transfer.

Lynn Gregory
Lynn Gregory 2 months ago

I haven't done lino cutting for years. You have reminded me just how much fun it is. It seems I will be trying it again, just not yet, I'm too busy right now, but in the new year.

Sandra Embrey
Sandra Embrey 2 months ago

You seem to have the knack of making everything look easy! I now have another technique to try out when I can spend more time in my craft room 😉. I was waiting for you to say you were cutting the block "on the wonk" but alas it wasn't to be 😂. Thanks for another great tutorial.