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Information How To Fix Broken LED Christmas Lights | LED Keeper

Title : How To Fix Broken LED Christmas Lights | LED Keeper

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Frames How To Fix Broken LED Christmas Lights | LED Keeper

Description How To Fix Broken LED Christmas Lights | LED Keeper

How To Fix Broken LED Christmas Lights | LED Keeper

How To Fix Broken LED Christmas Lights | LED Keeper

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Showbiz Wisconsin
Showbiz Wisconsin 2 months ago

I have this tool and I use it SO much! Every year a few strands manage to go out so this is a huge money saver!

Annette Mohling
Annette Mohling 2 months ago

Can you demonstrate repairing LED icicle lights

Samuel the LED fixer Sellers

I love the LED keeper because it fixes my LED lights and I like it how about you

Vince Pettinelli
Vince Pettinelli 2 months ago

HELP-I just bought this and cannot get ti to work. My outside display has always been incandescents and I love the light keeper pro. That has helped countless times. As I am slowly going to LED, i bought some LED's from ACE hardware after Christmas and placed them to see how they will look next year. I have the mini lights 100 red set. After a few days, in 2 separate strands, half of the lights stopped working. I checked the wires to make sure nothing was loose and they weren't. So, I bought the led keeper. When I plug the lights into the yellow plug, nothing goes on, even the ones that work. The red light powers on the tester but when testing the wires on either side, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

JM C 2 months ago

I picked one up years ago and it has saved me so many strings, the first one I got at Ace hardware, and I picked another one up this year for sale after Christmas for about 6 dollars at Home Depot, I have consumer grade LED strings that are now going on over 15 years of use because I can fix the fault in the string!

Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt 2 months ago

After the wire gets pierced, are you still able to use the lights outdoors and when it rains is there a chance that it could lead to the GFCI tripping?

michael kadziolka
michael kadziolka 2 months ago

Just wanted to point out that the pods can be used if the wire is bad (like you said) but also when you have commercial grade lights which have non-removeable bulb. You cut the bulb out and replace it with the pod.

Jeane Fink
Jeane Fink 2 months ago

Charlie, I have a string of C3s, with 3 strings, that has one section (about 1/4 of the way in) that is out. How do you work with the multiple strings to determine where/which light might be out?

Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham 2 months ago

I've got LED C6 lights and I've watched this video a thousand times trying to fix them. When I do the part of pinching the wire with the machine nothing lights up at all. But there is a section 40ish lights in the middle that won't come on, lights work on either side. I dont know what I'm doing wrong. Any thoughts?

David Funger
David Funger 2 months ago

Hi Charlie. Do you know where I can get a replacement wire piercing pin for my Light Keeper?

J Farm_13
J Farm_13 2 months ago

I had a squirrel chew a socket off a strand of led c9s. With the socket missing what is the best way to fix this? Only the one wire that goes into the socket was cut and the socket and bulb no where to be found. Thanks for the great content

myqwerty20 2 months ago

Hey, I would actually like if you could show us how to work on and fix issues with the “Orchestra of lights” light set. I have some strands that all went out except for only 2 bulbs that still worked. I don’t know if this tool would work for that. I usually find the lights at Lowe’s but they are hard to come by.

Michelle Aversano
Michelle Aversano 2 months ago

Help Charile!! I am trying to repair my nativity set. The star is out. I have no idea what I am doing!! I was trying to follow the instructions and only one small section of lights lit...and I couldn't get them to light again. If you can help that would be amazing!!

Joseph Nuzzo
Joseph Nuzzo 2 months ago

Bought the tester. Worked perfectly as demonstrated! I guess this ol' shop teacher can still learn about a new tool! Thank You! Merry Christmas!

Ken Handley
Ken Handley 2 months ago


Nathan 2 months ago

If you don't have any more pods you could rewire it?

orionfreeman7 2 months ago

Hey there: need some help PLS! We just got the Keeper, and I am trying to test strings of lights. The problem is that when I plug the lights into the LED Keeper, and go to test a bad or good bulb section, none of the lights actually come on, at all. They only light back up, when plugged into an outlet direct. Please assist ASAP! Very Much Appreciated for any help here!

209RezNDN 2 months ago

Just purchased the LED keeper and would like to see a video on C7 bulbs

Mathieu Leblanc
Mathieu Leblanc 2 months ago

Home Hardware in Canada had them but you had to get it ordered through them, they would call you when it was delivered and ready for pick-up

Okie Rider
Okie Rider 2 months ago


nordello65 2 months ago

Is it possible that every bulb can be burned out. Is it possible too much current could fry every bulb. String was working, then stopped. I took off -- entire string wasn't working. Help

tacotac10 2 months ago

Well, I fixed mine, I had to add one of those green little plastic box things and cut the wires to put in it. Everything worked after that and replacing a couple dead bulbs. However, after about a week or two of the lights working perfectly.... most of the lights went out again. All of them were out to the point where I had installed the little green box thing. When I pushed in the neutral wire in the box, the lights went back on again. So I noticed that metal piece inside that looks like a razor blade cut around the insulation on the neutral wire. I trimmed it back again and tried once more so that the neutral wire wasn't exposed. Lights worked once again. 10 min. later... they went back out. I don't know what to do now about that neutral wire that keeps getting cut and exposed by that metal razor piece inside the green plastic thing. That is what the problem is.

Sheri Karanasos
Sheri Karanasos 2 months ago

I have never had so much trouble with Christmas lights! The LED lights don’t want to cooperate. I can’t get the LED keeper to work for nothing. I even reversed the “pin” that pricks the wire. The only thing I can get to work is the bulb tester. For lights that I thought would last a long time, well, I think the others are less a pain.

Gabriel Lutchman
Gabriel Lutchman 2 months ago

Hi , I have a stand of led multi function c9 . All the blue bulbs started to go dim and a few actually were not working. So I went out and bought some blue 3mm led diodes to replace the diodes and did a few and it was fine so I then proceeded to take out the remaining 18 blue bulbs and swapped them out. After doing that plugged the set in and all the blue bulbs are dim now .what could have caused that ?

Shane Roberts
Shane Roberts 2 months ago

Has anyone had a problem with the pin on the LED Keeper? The reviews in my neck of the woods are all about the pins breaking and no way to get replacements.

WiLinda Ward Gordon
WiLinda Ward Gordon 2 months ago

I used the incandescent one to fix my led set. I just used the voltage and bulb tester part. I couldn't find the led keeper 🤦‍♀️

dana smith
dana smith 2 months ago

I just got one today, found it at home depot, it was $27 and helped me find a bad light real quick!!!

Scotty D
Scotty D 2 months ago

I just bought this tool... very useful! The one thing I am finding challenging is... Where can I buy bulk spare LED bulbs online? Most light strings only provide 2 spare bulbs.

phillyflash 2 months ago

Saw this today and didn't buy it. Can you tellme please is it just as simple to repair net lights?

Nick Rodriguez
Nick Rodriguez 2 months ago

Was kinda leary of that Tool.. Looks gimmicky. Until I couldn't find a matching replacement Strand of lights anywhere. So I grabbed one and brought my old LED strand back to life. Thanks for the video and very helpful information.

Aerica Bailey
Aerica Bailey 2 months ago

What happens when you have a set of net lights with only half of the set working? test each wire with the LED Keeper and nothing lights up on the “bad side” of the Xmas lights?

Ro Lene Preator
Ro Lene Preator 2 months ago

Home depot in Utah sells them.

Philsy S
Philsy S 2 months ago

Great video,my problem is that I have a middle section out ,but both ends light up.the section that is out the bulbs at each end have 3 wires going in,so testing there is always a dim light.l ended up checking each build separately,fixed 2 but still not lighting up.any help would be great.

Dave Smith
Dave Smith 2 months ago

Thanks "Champ'... Wammmyyy..

Kbalz 2 months ago

Where is a good source of replacement bulbs?

Lorie Wright
Lorie Wright 2 months ago

How do you test C6 LED light.

Susan K
Susan K 2 months ago

What do you do when a socket is bad? How do you fix it?

Lorene Wasland
Lorene Wasland 2 months ago

Show me how to do c9 led.... the immediate bulb doesn’t light on one side, but the other side immediate lights and all up to it

Bobbi Unbehaun-Wise
Bobbi Unbehaun-Wise 2 months ago

Need the video for C-9 repair please

Janice Urffer
Janice Urffer 2 months ago

Great video

D W 2 months ago

How do you fix icicle lights?

Reuben Hubert
Reuben Hubert 2 months ago

Thank you for the information.
I have four long strands I need to troubleshoot.
I have plenty of replacement bulbs. I have one strand that some jackass ruined. The wire was cut and the last socket was cut completely off.
I kept the ruined strand for replacement bulbs.

Victor Medina
Victor Medina 2 months ago

$20 right now at Ace Hardware. Illinois

Kimberley Peterkin
Kimberley Peterkin 2 months ago

Just ordered this tool on amazon in 🇨🇦. Went to put the lights up today and about 95% of our lights are like this 😭. Curious if the cut through the plastic to test the bulb will cause any further damage with ice and snow. Should we put electrical tape around it?

D Tap
D Tap 2 months ago

Available at Canadian Tire

tacotac10 2 months ago

I am failing here. Mine has the 3 wires. Half the strand is out. I clipped the last bulb that was lit. I tested midway on the strand that was out and nothing lit up. I tested closer to the other end and it lit up... so I worked my way in from the other end of the strand that was out. It started to get hit or miss. At one point I tested a bulb and like, 5 lit up and the rest on either side were out.

High Speed Media
High Speed Media 2 months ago

Thanks for the video! This will save me a ton of money! Do you know where I can get more replacement bulbs? Most light strings only come with 2 or so replacements. I've mostly bought the Holiday Time ones as well. Thanks!

David Beaupre
David Beaupre 2 months ago

Fantastic! Thanks for the info. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot a RGBW Christmas Tree where all White are working on tree but some parts of tree where RGB part of light isn't working? So bulbs are getting power but for some reason RGB isn't but W part of bulb is. Any ideas?

Joshua Dyer
Joshua Dyer 2 months ago

Would this work on color and motion effects led C9 lights and how would you test if the lights have four wires on each LED Thanks!!!

Off Kilter Homestead
Off Kilter Homestead 2 months ago

I gave up. Lol. I’m just going to start buying new lights. I bought a bunch from yard sales so many where half the lights don’t work. It’s going LED the way to go?

Janet Marlowe
Janet Marlowe 2 months ago

Thanks you, good information

godrocks2107 2 months ago

This is awesome, thank you!

moma bear
moma bear 2 months ago

moma bear
moma bear 2 months ago

Whiskey n Sunshine Off Grid

Now that’s a cool gadget and useful. Never knew they made such a thing. Thanks for showing how simple it is to use. 👍🏻

yesok 2 months ago

Interesting tool... Thanks for the info! Very convenient.

Scott P
Scott P 2 months ago

Just picked one up at Home Depot. Don't trust the battery that comes installed when you get it. I was ready to return it after having zero luck testing sections. It would test individual LEDs and fuses but would not light sections I knew worked. I swapped out the battery and then had no issues. Fixed a string of 300 lights in less than 5 minutes.

Morynna - Yarnin’ and Darnin’

Handy handy tool! Thank you, Charlie!

Donna Mocko
Donna Mocko 2 months ago

Hi Charlie. Thanks for the great info! I have the incandescent Light Pro, but not the LED. I just checked & Amazon has the LED Light Pro in stock now.
Good to see you. Take care! God Bless!💜

The Robbins' Nest
The Robbins' Nest 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing these products Charlie! Those are such a $ savers!! 💜

Whiskey N Wings
Whiskey N Wings 2 months ago

Perfect timing, Charlie Christmas. I'll be putting up lights this weekend and I'm certain I'll be needing this.

The Crepe Paper Hooligans

Lol I do enjoy saving money. I'm always having to run out and get replacements and they always seem to be sold out of the color I need. This was help solve that issue. Fantastic Tip!

Margie L
Margie L 2 months ago

Wow amazing so glad you showed this now to find one of those thingys . Thank you for sharing Charlie 👍

Kagawa 2345
Kagawa 2345 2 months ago

Cool video Charlie!

The B.B. Family
The B.B. Family 2 months ago

Well, that seems like it's extremely handy. I've never heard of this tool before so thanks for the share!

Megan Deitchler
Megan Deitchler 2 months ago

That's nifty.

Braydon Stewart
Braydon Stewart 2 months ago

This video will help me a lot with me not having my own money that will save me a lot of money and time

Braydon Stewart
Braydon Stewart 2 months ago

Got everything put up except 900 red lights in a tree and my life size nativity scene

Braydon Stewart
Braydon Stewart 2 months ago

I’m actually watching this on top of my roof putting up lights

Jandi Ferreira
Jandi Ferreira 2 months ago

Like 🌲🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅