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Lynda Good
Lynda Good 2 months ago

Can’t see prices. Going to fast!!

Yorkshire Lass
Yorkshire Lass 2 months ago

GROSSLY overpriced

Elizabeth Guilbe
Elizabeth Guilbe 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing 💕 Pottery Barn has fun decor, too Bought my lanterns from there Better quality 🌲

Максим Тарковский

Как на барахолке блядь, тупо все в кучу свалено...

Anne Ramsey
Anne Ramsey 2 months ago

Sadly they no longer ship to the uk.

emm y
emm y 2 months ago

Thanks for the all christmas decorations store videos!!!

Christina Delrio
Christina Delrio 2 months ago


socorrito59 socorrito59

Thank you very much NJShoreBeachLife . . beautiful . . .beautiful . . Greetings from Guadalajara , México . Muchas gracias por compartir . . hermoso . .hermoso . . saludos desde México ! . . . Tutto meraviglioso . . .saluti dal Messico !

JLou C
JLou C 2 months ago

Video moved to fast and abruptly. Looks like PB has lovely decor but I like HL prices😊

Verónica 21
Verónica 21 2 months ago

I was wondering if American people know that it's Christmas because Jesus Christ was born. ..

Morti Hernandez Mora
Morti Hernandez Mora 2 months ago

Is very motivant

enrico santos
enrico santos 2 months ago

I loved window shopping at pottery Barn , their store so beautiful during Christmas but buying no I cant afford it so expensive other store much cheaper and quality products too..

IconicMakeUp &FX
IconicMakeUp &FX 2 months ago


IconicMakeUp &FX
IconicMakeUp &FX 2 months ago


IconicMakeUp &FX
IconicMakeUp &FX 2 months ago


moda dünyası musiqi


Candice Briddell
Candice Briddell 2 months ago


Iwonka K.
Iwonka K. 2 months ago

$30 for that tiny tree in a pot? While nice stuff.. I'm not rich. I couldnt afford the majority of these things. Back to the dollar tree hauls for me. Best wishes.

God's Girl Taylor
God's Girl Taylor 2 months ago

You need to slow down when looking at prices we can see them.

Jason Rork
Jason Rork 2 months ago

This is so much fun, I have never been to the Pottery Barn, so this was exciting, thanks

Always Late
Always Late 2 months ago

Never been in Pottery Barn, probably a good thing.

Service Dog Chopper
Service Dog Chopper 2 months ago

Why would anyone spend that much money when you can make so much of that yourself for way cheaper or find things just like it for way cheaper? Money to throw around?

Tsomo B
Tsomo B 2 months ago


Russell Hogben
Russell Hogben 2 months ago


Peg Karrasch
Peg Karrasch 2 months ago

What lovely things. Thank you for this great tour. My nearest Pottery Barn in Buffalo is an hour and a half away so I really appreciated this.

Liliana Cerna
Liliana Cerna 2 months ago

The tings beautiful the price 😱😳😭

Liliana Cerna
Liliana Cerna 2 months ago

Las cosas son hermosas pero los precios son😱😳😭

Tina cruz
Tina cruz 2 months ago

same old stuff, probably why I haven't been in one for 2 years. sad