Sid Kingsley Performs the Leon Bridges Song "Beyond" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020


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Information Sid Kingsley Performs the Leon Bridges Song "Beyond" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020

Title : Sid Kingsley Performs the Leon Bridges Song "Beyond" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020

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Frames Sid Kingsley Performs the Leon Bridges Song "Beyond" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020

Description Sid Kingsley Performs the Leon Bridges Song "Beyond" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020

Sid Kingsley Performs the Leon Bridges Song "Beyond" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020

Sid Kingsley Performs the Leon Bridges Song "Beyond" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020

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Gary Willens
Gary Willens 2 months ago

Hi Sid. Just Excellent, but I so enjoy your stage presence much more when you are wearing your hat. It is like your signature look.

Christine Barnett
Christine Barnett 2 months ago

I love Sid's voice and music!!!!!

Bomga Eatz
Bomga Eatz 2 months ago

He sounds frickin amazing if you play it at 1.75 speed

D Bizzy
D Bizzy 2 months ago

I been waiting for someone to sing this song on the voice cuz I luv Leon's muzik, but I don't think it was a great song for Sid. I'm a huge of Sid, but his vocal register isn't where Leon's is. I hope he keeps goin' tho, cuz not many singers have that much soul inside.

Steve Gillings
Steve Gillings 2 months ago

He should have been in the finals. Rules were changed for coaches to have 1 each in the finals. Previously Blake had 2 in the finals due to overall votes. If the rule change did not come in Kingsley would have been in the Finals. The last 2 would have been Kingsley and Carter Rubin. And Carter deserved the win competing with adults, a 15 year old won.

Renee Bohling
Renee Bohling 2 months ago

Sid does have the full package! Wish he would of won the voice. He is not just good, there's something amazing about this musician.

Aisyah Chearani
Aisyah Chearani 2 months ago

i love sid sm

Diana Felker
Diana Felker 2 months ago

I'm so in love with his performance. He is so good !

Kris Chan
Kris Chan 2 months ago

I was rooting for Sid. I'm so sad he didn't make it to the finale. 😢

Lil Beau Peep
Lil Beau Peep 2 months ago

Go listen to James Pyle cover of the same song and see who sang it better. IMO James did

Dukesofhazzard 2 months ago

Raw Talent !!!

Summer Rain
Summer Rain 2 months ago

How this guy is not between the 9? 😐😲

Fernanda Brigatto
Fernanda Brigatto 2 months ago

O melhor da noite pra mim!👏👏👏👏

The Henning Channel
The Henning Channel 2 months ago

How is this song not paying royalties to Clarence Carter for stealing bits of Drift Away???

Renee Bohling
Renee Bohling 2 months ago

I love this guy. His voice is like nobody else's voice! So different. It gives me chills when he sings. ♡

Gina Petolicchio
Gina Petolicchio 2 months ago

You can't win if he picked sid jim would have been gone so what could blake have done

Bob alloo
Bob alloo 2 months ago

Didn't care for the song, but I really like the singer.

Cesc Isaac
Cesc Isaac 2 months ago

Can’t believe he didn’t make it through top 9

Jéssica SC
Jéssica SC 2 months ago

Canta muitoooo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

susana soto
susana soto 2 months ago

Tenía todo para ganar, la vida es aveces injusta para los buenos.

Januel DeSouza
Januel DeSouza 2 months ago

A shame he got eliminated

Kevin Ramsey
Kevin Ramsey 2 months ago

My absolute favorite artist this season of the voice. Amazing performer, amazing voice

Junior Vieira
Junior Vieira 2 months ago

I think there was something missing in this performance, I found it kind of embarrassing!
It's certainly not his best performance on The Voice!
At times his voice was very low!
It was not a very melodic performance for me!

Debra McDaniel
Debra McDaniel 2 months ago

That's the best sound and The Best Voice anywhere. Purity and heart.

Cherry Gomez
Cherry Gomez 2 months ago

If i see this guy performing, I'll definitely stop and listen to him til the concert is done.

Byron Anderson
Byron Anderson 2 months ago

America slept in sid

Cynthia Gage
Cynthia Gage 2 months ago

He is the dark horse in this year's line up

sweetangiegirl1 2 months ago

I can't be the only one who didn't know Jamie Lannister could sing like this. 😂😂😂 He looks so much like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Jakeified 2 months ago

Niklaus Mikaelson you can’t fool me! I cannot be compelled!

Polish Patriot
Polish Patriot 2 months ago

Sid, hopefully you read this.
After years of watching shows like idol, AGT, and the voice, I have come to the conclusion that most if America does not know what good music is. You were hands down the best voice and should have won the whole thing. Although the other artists are good, you are far beyond all of them with your talent. Just amazing bro. I look forward to buying your albums/cds every time you record one. Keep doing what you are doing....your music will stand the test of time...I guarantee it.

Isaiah Vega
Isaiah Vega 2 months ago

If you’re a true fan, out of all seasons, who is your favorite singer and performance?

Νατάσσα Ρακιτζή

He reminds me of Mick Hucknall of simply red.

theseeker123 2 months ago


Cindy Oconnor
Cindy Oconnor 2 months ago

Love him

Errold Tumaque
Errold Tumaque 2 months ago

loved this performance

Paul Amos
Paul Amos 2 months ago

The winner , for me , even if he dose not win the como ...
All the best in the competition, I will buy your recording From 🇿🇦


Que voz mas bonita tienes!! Desde España y te deseo mucha suerte!! 😍

Shonta Taylor
Shonta Taylor 2 months ago

He’s something special but the song choice was crap 💩

Javier Michaels
Javier Michaels 2 months ago

This touched my heart, and I don't even have a heart. Hahahaha

Gerelt M'
Gerelt M' 2 months ago

Love his tone. From Mongolia 🙌🏻

dangerous infran
dangerous infran 2 months ago

I think he would sound really good singing aint no sunshine with all that soul he has and make it his own just really let go.

Isaias Christian
Isaias Christian 2 months ago

another potential winner given to blake sksksksks why do coaches keep on throwing away people like Sid

Lebanese 2 months ago

Sid is absolutely amazing. Sad to see him go. Hope to hear more music from him. He is a face that should be on the radio. In the opening credits of shows and movies. A nostalgic voice ❤️

Idzwan Afiz
Idzwan Afiz 2 months ago

is that chris hemsworth singing?

Randall Wilson
Randall Wilson 2 months ago

The main Dude from Idol would have stopped him a told him to pick a different song! Ithink his name is Simon.

I catch Small Fish
I catch Small Fish 2 months ago

Noooo where’s the hat at it just brought him together

Heidi A. Thomson BSc Biology & Life Coach

Love his voice, not so much the song in places!

Jack Kelly Dunn
Jack Kelly Dunn 2 months ago

I would have saved Sid.He has a more original and unique sound.

Lisa Graham
Lisa Graham 2 months ago

One of my favorites this season - I love his gruffness and his versatile voice!

Shivani Rawat
Shivani Rawat 2 months ago


Devis Tumundo
Devis Tumundo 2 months ago

i want to see some Billy Joel from him

Mariana Martins Villas

Missing you already!!!!

Noer Dean
Noer Dean 2 months ago

It weirds how his voice makes me fall in love with him. The more I listen to it, the deeper I love his voice. Keep me questioning myself all the time.

Adnane 2 months ago

He looks straight out of the peaky blinders

XCallMeBuddyX 2 months ago

Did sid proceed to the next? Or he didn't?

Hadis Mir
Hadis Mir 2 months ago

I think Kelly was completely crazy to let her go

Maria Benjamin
Maria Benjamin 2 months ago

Sounds like he's yelling tho

Steve H.
Steve H. 2 months ago

dude is good. the audio was not great, bgv's arrangement and levels were terrible.

Mary Steele
Mary Steele 2 months ago

Every time I hear him sing, I think it’s Mick Hucknall (Simply Red) and that’s a good thing.

Thandaza Piliso
Thandaza Piliso 2 months ago

Sid😍😍😍😍😍 I love how he does everything that needs to be done anytime it is doable I don't know what I'm saying but I hope I'm hearable😣😣 Oh My God let me just stop

Micah Council
Micah Council 2 months ago

gonna miss Sid 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Micah Council
Micah Council 2 months ago

Sid deserved to move on. He would’ve won the Instant Save :(

James Smith
James Smith 2 months ago

Is it just my Peanut brain or does everyone have their hair different except Carter and Chole-

M K 2 months ago

I wanna hear him sing David Grey or Sister Hazel

Sachin J.
Sachin J. 2 months ago

Should of stayed

Eric Lien
Eric Lien 2 months ago

Whoever the sound engineer was on this track, sure didn't have a good balance. And those backup singers added nothing, if anything they distracted from the song. I think the song could have had a lot more power if it had been planned out a little better by the show.

Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas

The Voice Sid Kingsley Live Round 1 Judged By The Truth Hurts LINK:

blissful and bookish
blissful and bookish 2 months ago

Way to go, Sid!

Sandra Newcomb
Sandra Newcomb 2 months ago

He nailed this song! Better than the original singer 😍

chrislim coro
chrislim coro 2 months ago

I was really rooting for Julia, if Sid will not make it to the final i will def boycott this show

toytoy413 2 months ago

I love this guy voice. I can't get over that rasp

Khanza Aqilla
Khanza Aqilla 2 months ago

He do be fine though

Patrice Hall, RN
Patrice Hall, RN 2 months ago

Dayum! I love it!

Tenna Jones
Tenna Jones 2 months ago

I kinda like him

Karen Abbott
Karen Abbott 2 months ago

Yeah, sing it, Sid! Wow!

Haslinda Masud
Haslinda Masud 2 months ago

irony..sounds like ray charles :P

Edits&Chill 2 months ago

Heh he shouldve been saved

Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen 2 months ago

Ok, how the actual hell did Sid not make top 9?

Archer06 2 months ago

This guy was robbed!!!

Maicon Rogerio
Maicon Rogerio 2 months ago

QUE VOZ VELHO♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

S Kitty
S Kitty 2 months ago

Welp, now that Ryan is gone, I want Sid and John H. in the Finale. Please.

North Land
North Land 2 months ago

he tries to hard to be agressive... he forgets what "key" to maintain.
= awful.

Drew Chandler
Drew Chandler 2 months ago

Love this!

Tori W
Tori W 2 months ago

Sid, you have one heck of a voice! Send him to the finals!!
Rooting for you from RVA.

peggy ann
peggy ann 2 months ago

I adore Sid....amazing talent !

Hope 2 months ago


Karina Marocho
Karina Marocho 2 months ago

Sid truly makes you dream when he sings, it's like he sings just for you.

Windsor Kid
Windsor Kid 2 months ago

Every time I hear him I can't help but think of Greg Allman. Man, I'd love to see him do a set with the Allman Brothers band, my all time favorite.

Mohdmawi Awi
Mohdmawi Awi 2 months ago

I'm a fan from Malaysia.. really love his tone.. so powerful.

REXI STAR 2 months ago

My favourite! His voice remindes me a little of Mick Hucknall from Simply Red

victoria clarke
victoria clarke 2 months ago

Wurli keyboard. Looks like it.

Love JuanAnother
Love JuanAnother 2 months ago

Sid left a lot in the tank, which is a good thing - if he can advance. We need some more of that jazzy, blues soul music!

Life Abroad
Life Abroad 2 months ago

Always amazed me bro😎

rosarita x
rosarita x 2 months ago


Pedro Augusto Fernandes

Crazy!!! Sid all the way. Would love to hear him singing Stapleton's "Cold", "I was wrong" or "Sometimes I Cry". Pleaaase Blake and Sid make that happen!!! Rooting for you to go straight to finale 🥸👏

MATTHU MENZ 2 months ago

I hope he moves on but I feel like America’s not gonna fully appreciate this performance for what what it was

David Garrett
David Garrett 2 months ago

I agree I would give him a 10

KatieBlueBird 2 months ago

This is a voice I could listen to over and over again on an album. Incredible!!

Gladys Solayao
Gladys Solayao 2 months ago

Team Blake 4 the win! 😍❤ its Sid & Ian❤❤❤

zabdiel de jesus
zabdiel de jesus 2 months ago

Tooth fairy 🧚 left the chat