Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers - The Greatest Gift of All (Official Audio)


Dolly Parton

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Information Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers - The Greatest Gift of All (Official Audio)

Title : Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers - The Greatest Gift of All (Official Audio)

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Frames Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers - The Greatest Gift of All (Official Audio)

Description Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers - The Greatest Gift of All (Official Audio)

Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers - The Greatest Gift of All (Official Audio)

Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers - The Greatest Gift of All (Official Audio)

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Kitch G
Kitch G 2 months ago

I went to Baguio city for college, was introduced to country music, loved it since. This was always the number one song in 99.9FM every Christmas season,😬😬.

Bernard Birmingham
Bernard Birmingham 2 months ago

I just love this song it brings back a lot of good memories

avicky Avicky
avicky Avicky 2 months ago

My fav Xmas song.
Rest in piece Ken.

Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore 2 months ago

Song hits differently this year. RIP Kenny.

Jules La Rose
Jules La Rose 2 months ago

I actually seen him do a Christmas concert once. He kicked butt!! What a performer!

Lanchenba Leishangthem

We Miss You Kenny Rogers

Ronny Charles Music
Ronny Charles Music 2 months ago

This song makes me wanna cry.....R.I.P Kenny I love you soo much

Puii Remruat
Puii Remruat 2 months ago

Malsawmtluang hmangaih cheeee

EngaPheniks 2 months ago

this song never gets old and is renewed in people's hearts every year

EngaPheniks 2 months ago

Kenny Rogers is now with the One who gave the Greatest gift of all to Mankind

Jolane Bailey
Jolane Bailey 2 months ago

Miss and luv u.U can sing anything to me.Rip .Not another like u.World greatess.

Allen Trice
Allen Trice 2 months ago

I felt like I missed old Kenny Rogers so much! It's not Christmas without him! Thanks! 👍⛄❄👱🎅🎄

Rob Naillon
Rob Naillon 2 months ago

We did it Aunt Dolly and please send my christmas wishes to Barbra and Jackline!!! Thank you for that example and cherished Style, Fire and Grace that you nurture and set life on fire with!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! Merry Christmas and Holidays!!!!!!!!

Izzy Lourenco
Izzy Lourenco 2 months ago


Bobby W
Bobby W 2 months ago

❤️❤️ Merry Christmas.
R.i.p Kenny x

Linda Osada
Linda Osada 2 months ago

Hi, good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Thank You So Much!!!"for sharing this "Song" I miss Kenny Rogers😥😂😂

P Rod
P Rod 2 months ago

Kenny Rogers is definitely missed ! I love him! And of course Dolly 😘😘😘😘

Michu 2 months ago

Great 😍

Isaac’s To do list
Isaac’s To do list 2 months ago

Dolly Parton is the greatest singer ever

Lalthantluangi Ralte
Lalthantluangi Ralte 2 months ago

Bestest💞💞💞 missing Kenny ❤️

The Great Greathouses

Lol I Miss Kenny he was the best. I love you Dolly your the best my fav song is mine to five or dumb blonde even tho I am 11

Dona Glosser
Dona Glosser 2 months ago

Love this 💕

Mai Mohamed
Mai Mohamed 2 months ago


Flordeliza Cabading
Flordeliza Cabading 2 months ago

You been missed Kenny Rogers, You are with God in heaven now.

brandon jodrey
brandon jodrey 2 months ago

Great song Dolly and Rest In Peace Kenny Rogers

Anshu Kalra
Anshu Kalra 2 months ago

I love this song the most ❤️😍😘 but i love Dolly and Kenny even more 💖😍😘🦋

Ky 2 months ago

Love love this classic🥰🥰🥰 love u kenny

Eileen Davey
Eileen Davey 2 months ago

Nice one you both sing lovely together

Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker 2 months ago

Nice on miss Dolly RIP sir you are still the best.

Steve Bakewell
Steve Bakewell 2 months ago

Fabulous artistes really lovely

Lawmpuii Hrahsel
Lawmpuii Hrahsel 2 months ago

So nice, my role model dollyparton😍😍

beibei siakhai
beibei siakhai 2 months ago

It's my favourite Christmas songs 🧡♥️

Rache Box
Rache Box 2 months ago

Ms Dolly, You shoulf watch 4 years old Mizo girl Esther hnamte ft Lalramchhana covering this song. Im sure you'll love it. ❤️❤️❤️ Her vocal range is really amazing. .

You're a legend , an icon and inspiration for thousands. God bless you❤️❤️❤️

ally page
ally page 2 months ago


Poeticsam 2 months ago

Ms. Dolly you are the world's "Greatest Gift of All" 🦋❤
R.I.P. Mr. Kenny Rogers

Apuii Lalpuii
Apuii Lalpuii 2 months ago

R.I.P kenny rogers

Cecily Erker
Cecily Erker 2 months ago

RIP Kenny Rogers

Briana De Luca
Briana De Luca 2 months ago

ICONIC Christmas ☃️