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Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song

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Mostly Based But A Little Bit Cringe

My most favorite, nostalgic Christmas song 😭


Its not even Christmas but this is one of my favorite songs •U•

2 Dudes
2 Dudes 2 months ago

January 11th and I’m already waiting for Christmas lol it’s the only season I feel truly happy

Heaven Mcgriff
Heaven Mcgriff 2 months ago

I listen to this song whether it’s Christmas or not Nat King Cole does not fail to impress me


Watching this on Jan 1st hope I can survive till another Christmas to hear this song.

Winston Shull
Winston Shull 2 months ago

Though it's been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you.

Astracraft 2 months ago

Merry christmas

Sour_ 360
Sour_ 360 2 months ago

Kid number 93: 👁💧👄💧👁

Dark12 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!

Zxl Sergio
Zxl Sergio 2 months ago


Bubblegum 2 months ago

So beautiful

Angela Pampalone
Angela Pampalone 2 months ago

never felt more warm all i need now is hot coco!

Midalia César Alexandre

Here for it .This is one of my grow up christmas songs!!! Thanks Dad for letting me discovering this.

Tristan 2 months ago

I have gf and every time i hear that song...i think her

SyncedIsASweat 2 months ago

The 2nd best song for Christmas music 1 is silent night

BraydinFN 2 months ago

Anyone else came from Rae stream and heard this song and was like I low key love this song and just got happy for finding it bc that was me

amanda mooney
amanda mooney 2 months ago

i know covid is bad but fall asleep to this and you will feel like a young child again waiting for santa.

Abby Cow
Abby Cow 2 months ago

This is amazing 🔥🎄

admin 096
admin 096 2 months ago

It’s December and it’s rainy outside and this song is perfect

Omeger 2 months ago

Merry Chungmas to yall

Ahnika 2 months ago

2020 ain't gonna ruin Christmas for me. Boutta go bake stuff and watch Christmas movies lol

JS VIDz 2 months ago

Who’s here in 2020

T 2 months ago

This song brings me back to simpler times, when my family loved each other and gathered around in the same room conversating amongst each other watching the kids open presents, now it’s just this song I’m left with to try to keep the tradition going... gets harder every year. Please people cherish what you have. These are times your gonna remember for the rest of your life.

sylas 2 months ago

I always come downstairs on Christmas eve night to this song playing.

WeBaReBeArS 2 months ago

Catch me if you can deserves more respect

brionnarenee lol
brionnarenee lol 2 months ago

wow lud can sing this good lol

Chris 2 months ago

Walking out at night in the snow next to a dim street light..... just poetry

cursed channel
cursed channel 2 months ago


Piotrek Kaszkur
Piotrek Kaszkur 2 months ago

Pozdrawiam serdecznie was wszystkich kochani moi drodzy państwo Piter Artist from Poland

Lilmanj476 2 months ago

i love this song i dont get it why but its just such a good song

PluxToons10 2 months ago

This is my favorite Christmas song

This Toaster
This Toaster 2 months ago

2:40 my great grandmother is 93 :(

cool kid
cool kid 2 months ago

Seasons almost here

Jessica Hosein
Jessica Hosein 2 months ago

This song warms my heart even in 2020

Jose Bonifacio8
Jose Bonifacio8 2 months ago


TK_ KILLAH808 2 months ago

My mans is still hearting comment even tho he posted this 5 years ago

NovusGem 2 months ago


Black-John Wic Gaming

Who’s listening right now 2020 and it just put a smile on your face 😌

Symphony Carr
Symphony Carr 2 months ago

this is my FAVORITE christmas song!!!!

Alexander Abell
Alexander Abell 2 months ago

I love Christmas I hope all of us will have a good Christmas so merry Christmas to all love all of u stay warm safe and at home with your family

198_6 2 months ago

A favorite song

Ivanovic Sonja
Ivanovic Sonja 2 months ago

Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh..... Magnificoooooo

Angelo_MnK 2 months ago

Dash&Lily :)

Sin Higa
Sin Higa 2 months ago

I'm here 42 days till Christmas 🎄 this makes me wanna cry I really wasted all the years when I was younger not appreciating Christmas and now I have 3 years till I'm 18 😢

Gloria Barajas
Gloria Barajas 2 months ago

Poopoop and ccaccaccaca

Christmas Song 2021
Christmas Song 2021 2 months ago

I listen every day because it takes me to my happy place
Please support us for a merry and merry Christmas❤️

Hippip 92
Hippip 92 2 months ago

This song reminds me of the time I can’t get back i really miss the old days 😭

Jackie the snackie
Jackie the snackie 2 months ago


Nicooole Lilnas
Nicooole Lilnas 2 months ago

Who's here October 2020🛎🎄🎊

kairi mais
kairi mais 2 months ago

I know we are in October, but I gotta listen to this song! I dont know what it is about This Weather, but I feel as if it Christmas.

Wavyyy Dee
Wavyyy Dee 2 months ago

This that 50 vibe like if this was in Rudolph I would have jumped in the tv and sung to

Ren 2 months ago

This song is literally serotonin🥺

Ascher 2 months ago

I don’t care what anyone says about Christmas, Christmas is just something else and will ALWAYS have a very special place in my heart. <3

Claire Ferguson
Claire Ferguson 2 months ago

I'm 93 do I still count

Ocean Aquarist
Ocean Aquarist 2 months ago

It’s never too early for a little Christmas

False Michael
False Michael 2 months ago

Season has started for me already!

Jake Micheletti
Jake Micheletti 2 months ago

This is a comfy listen

MyaStackzz 2 months ago

I’m here in 2020 and this song gives the best feeling ever. I have so much Christmas spirit for some reason 🤨.

Add dat insta 😼: Myastackzz

Keezyx FiZZle
Keezyx FiZZle 2 months ago

I finna vibe to this in December

connor mackey
connor mackey 2 months ago

This song has always made me fall in love with wife and kids I haven't even had/met yet

Fake Tyrone Moore
Fake Tyrone Moore 2 months ago

Oh God 2020 Christmas... what’s gonna happen?

SLOOPY 2 months ago

This music reminds me of 7 seven fortnite

Rony Rodriguez
Rony Rodriguez 2 months ago

This makes me miss Christmas

Bruh a RaT
Bruh a RaT 2 months ago

Man its october and I feel the Christmas vibe already

Chae-Young Park
Chae-Young Park 2 months ago

This year flew by🎄
This mix is also wonderful, so please listen to it!🎁

Nigel 2 months ago

This hits different at midnight

Matheus Motta
Matheus Motta 2 months ago

Catch me if you can

a8174c productions
a8174c productions 2 months ago

I found this video yesterday and I didn’t even notice it was the videos 5th birthday

a8174c productions
a8174c productions 2 months ago

Christmas 2019 didn’t feel like Christmas hopefully this year it will be different

Lil Babo
Lil Babo 2 months ago

This gets me so nostalgic and sad asf😭😭

Candy Colon
Candy Colon 2 months ago

If you are seeing this your lucky you have made it out of protest and covid-19 welcome and stay as long as you want have some hot coco

kwaqt 2 months ago

Its been a while since ive seen my family, this song we would always play at my christmas partys. It just warms my heart.

eduard guarino
eduard guarino 2 months ago

date check its September 24, 3 more lovely months =)

Tripp Sola
Tripp Sola 2 months ago

This song made me sad in a happy way

Patrick Immelman
Patrick Immelman 2 months ago

Why does this song make me sad that I’ll never have 2018 and true good Fortnite ever again

sophia salisbury
sophia salisbury 2 months ago

almost october 2020 ( a.k.a my birthday month ) and it'll be christmas in about 100 days left !!

SoupyBoi 2 months ago

It’s incredible how fast this year went, to think Christmas was 9 months go is crazy

Ram Trucks
Ram Trucks 2 months ago

September 14 and here I am

blnkzy 2 months ago

Ok but like it doesn’t even feel like we had Christmas last year

999wrld 2 months ago

Whenever i hear this song, it makes me feel comfy and warm🥰🥰

Terence Bergensten
Terence Bergensten 2 months ago

September 10 2020 Anyone?.

Nigel 2 months ago

2020 but still listening

Thomas Green
Thomas Green 2 months ago

No matter what I can always rely on Christmas to cheer me up. It’s just so cheerful and calming

Kurgix 2 months ago

Who else just gets good vibes when u listen to christmas music

William Dharmawan
William Dharmawan 2 months ago

Missing 2004-2008s Christmass :(

Jacob Arevalio
Jacob Arevalio 2 months ago

last Christmas my little
Brother had to go through a surgery AND we had to move from one house to another and barely had any time to catch up on gaining that Christmas feeling, and all that comes along with it. My dad knowing it’s my favorite holiday, tried his absolute best to revive it by constantly playing Christmas music to and from the hospital. A nice memory.

Min YN
Min YN 2 months ago

This gives me just such a warm feeling

The science professional

Its September, but it feels like Christmas time, help. 👁👄👁

Rhiley Mills
Rhiley Mills 2 months ago

They played this in they hospital when I was born

Almighty 5
Almighty 5 2 months ago

2020 is the worst year by far in over 200 years but this Christmas will be even more special where ever there’s evil there’s good.

Playboiddd 2 months ago

I’ll be back for 2020 Christmas see you guys there❄️🤍

keli p.
keli p. 2 months ago

im here cause 2020 has been absolute shit. can’t wait for christmas this year 🥺

3limz 2 months ago

i cant wait to wake up on a snowy day and open presents, just the best feeling ever.

Ankle snatcher
Ankle snatcher 2 months ago

Bruh when i heard this i felt all type of different inside idk why

Fabian Rubio
Fabian Rubio 2 months ago

Can’t wait till Christmas.

Warfare 0G
Warfare 0G 2 months ago

Screw you 2020......

Sheen from Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

It’s August 30th and I’m listening to Christmas music, what am I doing

cfc 2 months ago

Who’s here from tik tok

sintsy 2 months ago

This is my favorite Christmas song but it makes me so sad

jared 2 months ago

Everything will be okay