REPLACE Your RV Bulbs!


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Title : REPLACE Your RV Bulbs!

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Description REPLACE Your RV Bulbs!

REPLACE Your RV Bulbs!

REPLACE Your RV Bulbs!

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MrThidj901 2 months ago

starts at 2:35ish

Phat Girl
Phat Girl 2 months ago

I did...I clicked it! 👍🏼

Donald Diltz
Donald Diltz 2 months ago

Who cares about your life , just want how to remove bulbs

Mike Heiler
Mike Heiler 2 months ago

Just a FYI: The Range of Color Temperature
The higher the Degrees Kelvin, the whiter the color temperature. Although the whiter lights will appear "brighter" than those of a lower Kelvin reading, the amount of lumens (measurement for brightness) does not change, and true brightness is not affected. From cool white to warm white no matter the difference in the color temp it is still the same for lumens Just a different color in the light spectrum.

Scottie McFrugal
Scottie McFrugal 2 months ago

cute but useless

The Road
The Road 2 months ago

Everything but seeing how to change the bulbs. How the heck do you get those out?

JOSHUA RIVERA 2 months ago

should have went with the daylight bulb

Fly Oz
Fly Oz 2 months ago

Lose the music its a pain. I turned off the sound yep still nothing of value

Julie Richardson
Julie Richardson 2 months ago

No one asked you about ur quesadilla, vents, things to do at that park or delivery. You talk to much and ur an idiot!

Tim Sutton
Tim Sutton 2 months ago

Your title sux. I want to SEE the bulb removed. Not fast motion and BS

ARGOS CENTURIAN 2 months ago

Justbuy a larger wattage led bulb

Ribbon Candy
Ribbon Candy 2 months ago

Thanks for video! Looks like I bought the same exact LED's on Amazon. They burnt out in no time - it began with an irritating flickering which drove me crazy. I also hated the light and I've gone back to incandescent for the time being. Definitely going to check out some of the alternative, higher-quality LED's. Great Video!

Kris 2 months ago

I tried the LEDs too. They only emit light out of the diode and well, it’s like a fluorescent. Where the light shines is right but shadows really are deep

LD ODOM 2 months ago

You can order LED's in various warmths & hues – but they're definitely the way to roll, with regard to not overburdening your electrical system. Especially if you're disconnected from shore power.

I freaking love the way you express yourself. Quesadilla coma. LMAO

Dave Leclair
Dave Leclair 2 months ago

Did you get natural daylight led and right size.

Gary Thomas
Gary Thomas 2 months ago

If you are boondocking the battery will last a lot longer.

Gee Moe
Gee Moe 2 months ago

There are some that look like small paddles and the lights are on one side. We got those for the ceiling lights and they are so bright, we only need one in the dual light fixture. We are using the round ones for some of the wall lighting and they are not as bright. Lights also come in warm - cool and daylight - kelvin rating.

jacques levesque
jacques levesque 2 months ago

I certainly don t like the fact that they are not as bright. My motorhome is dark enough as it is and getting less light would be a big NONO for me. Thanks for showing us this though!

Laszlo Horvath
Laszlo Horvath 2 months ago

Why did you choose a diesel vs gas truck?
What kind of insurance coverage do you have on your 5th wheel? Thx
Love your videos!

Bounder With Chris
Bounder With Chris 2 months ago

You need to go with M4led bulbs, they are super high quality. Also, you want to go with warm Light for the inside.

Kevin JS USA
Kevin JS USA 2 months ago

I switched a few of my bulbs to LED. Yes, they are cooler and use less power, but they're ugly. Not as bright, and not as warm feeling. Sort of torn.

Mikey mike
Mikey mike 2 months ago

I would definitely use some lap seal caulking around the vent, RV's are prone to leak, I'm dealing with what I thought was a pin whole on marker light that has caused major damage on my RV, better safe than sorry.

surearrow 2 months ago

>>--------------------------> Most likely many LEDs are a cool blue light and the incandescents are a typical warm yellow. I guess humans tend to gravitate to the warm yellow - after all, that's the color of a wood fire (and recently oil lamps), something we've used to for thousands and even millions of years. It's kinda built into our DNA now. I bet we''ll have "warm" LEDs on the market soon.

kauai diver
kauai diver 2 months ago

Amazon has a great selection of LED lighting. I replaced most of my cfl and incandescents in my house and garage. For garage I got the cheap white led strip ones but for inside get the more expensive nicer ones for warmer lighting. BTW new subscriber, awesome channel! I might hit the road when I'm older.

Kevin JS USA
Kevin JS USA 2 months ago

New sub here. Hello!

Jeff Eisenbrei
Jeff Eisenbrei 2 months ago

You anti yellow?

LuckyChow99 2 months ago

Sam, Steve Brooks (comments below) got it right. There are also differences between manufacturers. I try to find the lumens rating on the bulbs to compare the brightness. Some put it in their literature but some don't. Some put it on there, but don't tell the truth, so it's hit and miss. The best led bulbs for the rv I've found are also the most expensive I've bought. I got them at an RV dealer and they are the Star Lights brand. I knew I was getting taken, but in the end it was worth the $95 to get the brightness and color I wanted. I also bought the 20 for $25 off of Amazon too. They aren't as bright and don't appear to be the best quality either, so I put them in the basement compartments. The lights that I leave on at night if I'm away from the RV are the good quality ones. I have dogs and I don't want to take any chances with something going bonkers with one of these bulbs and starting a fire ---- especially if I'm not there. It's not likely to happen, even with the poor quality ones, but better safe than sorry.

To get the same color of light as your incandescents, you will need to buy a bulb in the color range of 3000 kelvin. The bulbs you bought look like they are in the 6000 - 7000 kelvin range. Sometimes the sellers call this color "daylight". I don't like that color, but some people do. I prefer the much warmer tone of 3000 kelvin, which is sometimes called warm white by the sellers.

In regards to finding an american manufacturer, I doubt you will find one. All the leds I've seen are made in China. Some are just better quality than others.

californiacurt 2 months ago

There's definitely a difference between LED bulbs. I bought the cheap ones for my RV as well and didn't like them. They burned out quicker than regular bulbs as well. The quality LED bulbs are quite expensive, though. So, I haven't tried those out yet.

Quesadillas are the bomb! I like to add Sriracha to mine. Yum!

Dave Roe
Dave Roe 2 months ago

Sam when in doubt.....seal it !

Janne King
Janne King 2 months ago

Great Sam... lol u funny..

William Nau
William Nau 2 months ago

I have the same light fixtures and found some flat disc shaped LEDs on Amazon that are almost identical to the original bulbs in color and brightness.

Carl Key
Carl Key 2 months ago

Next project to replace your outside bulbs to LED 🤪

Doleta Wood
Doleta Wood 2 months ago

You are the new bulb, we are the old bulbs. We have been married 47 yrs. But we are hotter (hardee har) We will be newbie RVers. But I don't know how to work the Yu Toob machine😫 Yours would be more entertaining anyway. Keep up the good work!

Elyan Le Blanc
Elyan Le Blanc 2 months ago

Are you going to review military campgrounds?

Sonny Massey
Sonny Massey 2 months ago

I would put a line of caulk over the top at least always safe than sorry.

Jeff 2 months ago

yes there are different strengths of LED bulbs and different shades. Buyer be aware. And the cheaper you pay the more they will explode