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KIT999 2 months ago

anyways this is a thing

Harris Khan
Harris Khan 2 months ago


Rice Donut
Rice Donut 2 months ago

Sam: Your sensei will never see eye to eye with my dad
Miguel: I think it’s the other way around

Actually, it’s both, I can already see what’s gonna happen in season 4

Johnny: Balance at the pond? What are they practicing for ballet?

Daniel: You are out of your mind if you’re thinking I’m letting my students into that cement truck

Earl Burns
Earl Burns 2 months ago

Honestly, Miguel and Sam are a better couple rather than dating their other x’s. As well, I’m confinement that Robbie and Tory will become a couple themselves

Prince Kalender
Prince Kalender 2 months ago

This series is so 90's that I love it :D

kralnoobz# 2 months ago

4. Season please :F

Zak 2 months ago

1:18 1:18 1:18
1:18 1:18 1:18

The Roman Empire
The Roman Empire 2 months ago

A subset of Miyagi's theme playjng over these two snaking each other 💀

Robin Ceuleers
Robin Ceuleers 2 months ago

Miguel & Sam looks like Max and Roxanne from Goofy movie 😍❤️

Palo Sparrow
Palo Sparrow 2 months ago

Si, les cagó el momento, pero fue la mejor opción, sino, quien sabe lo que pudo haber pasado...

funnymeowcat 2 months ago

The way she graps his shirt 😂😂

Jerry Flores
Jerry Flores 2 months ago


R U 2 months ago


Zephyth3 Bomb
Zephyth3 Bomb 2 months ago

1:19 its weird if you keep playing it over and over 🤯1:17

Life With Kalyn!!
Life With Kalyn!! 2 months ago

anybody else notice they were using tounge

The Devil Breaker
The Devil Breaker 2 months ago


The WhiteOnion
The WhiteOnion 2 months ago

Only if DANIEL didn’t walk in I wanted them to kiss longer

Kennedy Wilson
Kennedy Wilson 2 months ago

I wonder if miyagi ever caught Daniel doing the same with one of his gf’s before he met Amanda

Brooke Plays Roblox
Brooke Plays Roblox 2 months ago

Who else thinks they might “do it” in next season on the date he wanted to take her

Roro Maheswari Yakti
Roro Maheswari Yakti 2 months ago

1:18 kiss

Pac Bites
Pac Bites 2 months ago

Sometimes the best defense is No Mercy

ZerticalGames 2 months ago

The strongest defence is a swift and decisive offence

Mohammad Deoun
Mohammad Deoun 2 months ago

Hey don't swallow each other there 😂😂😂😂😂

Ronnie 2 months ago

Stop With Nerd Shit....

Tbirder 2 months ago

Daniel is always walking in on Sam

VanityTL 2 months ago

"Is that my drum in your pocket?"

Miguel: 😅😅..😳😳😳😳

VanityTL 2 months ago

Wonder how many times the crew had to reshoot this one.

Alicia Kamrowski
Alicia Kamrowski 2 months ago

I have a feeling that maybe Robby and Tory might kiss

Kennedy Wilson
Kennedy Wilson 2 months ago

Miyagi’s looking at them like: the hell, I used to sleep in that spot.

Michael Jackson Videos

I wonder how Mary’s boyfriend deals with seeing her kiss other guys

Justin Gunn
Justin Gunn 2 months ago

How Romantic

Khea Estrella
Khea Estrella 2 months ago


Gurmit Kler
Gurmit Kler 2 months ago

Sam’s cool and a cutie

Gurmit Kler
Gurmit Kler 2 months ago

Sam so annoying when her dad walks in when they were kissing😳😳

Gurmit Kler
Gurmit Kler 2 months ago

There so cute🥰😘

Chrisselle Ward
Chrisselle Ward 2 months ago

Sam had issues

Cobra Coven
Cobra Coven 2 months ago

Samantha Larusso: mr miyagi was nothing like kreese??? Were both in the military, knew Karate, taught karate

Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey 2 months ago

Missed opportunity right here to teach Miguel the rules of Miyagi Do Karate.

Viraaj mehta
Viraaj mehta 2 months ago

The 31 dislikes are from the people that want Sam to be their girlfriend

Bob the builder’s wife

how was he so calm

The WhiteOnion
The WhiteOnion 2 months ago

Next up: Tory, Sam Miguel go on a thre- oh god

Rico Miller
Rico Miller 2 months ago

If Sam and Miguel did not kiss the time before this, Tory doesn’t lose her shit and the school brawl and Miguel’s injury never happen.

Bingbonglol R
Bingbonglol R 2 months ago

sam and miguel is soo immature

Guesty Boy
Guesty Boy 2 months ago

Sam always smiles xD

alice fermin
alice fermin 2 months ago



i hope in season 4 they go back to golf n stuff and recreate they're first date/kiss that would be legit awesome

Nigel Johnson
Nigel Johnson 2 months ago

Soooooooo[oo[oo[ooooo[ooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!×!!!!!×!!!!!××!!!!!

L2 Ashyッ
L2 Ashyッ 2 months ago

Is that my drum in your pocket?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧)

Ghost FN
Ghost FN 2 months ago

The way Miguel looks at Daniel after taking the drum from his pocket is hilarious

Reese_the Avocado
Reese_the Avocado 2 months ago


WhyShouldI Korah
WhyShouldI Korah 2 months ago

When this happened i lost a lot of respect for Sam

백이 2 months ago


Ivy Williams
Ivy Williams 2 months ago

That was slick as fuck my guy

jim zimmer
jim zimmer 2 months ago

when ever they kiss it looks like there gonna bone

TishFishFurgus123 OwO

when my dad saw this in the episode when we where watching this on Netflix he was like “OOPS DONT LOOK” *slaps pillow in face lol*

Osman Yousif
Osman Yousif 2 months ago

1:28 Why do I think this is gonna lead to more future conflict?

Terrick Mark
Terrick Mark 2 months ago

I really like how Miguel and Sam got back together since Tory is quite a violent person

Rajesh Mungal
Rajesh Mungal 2 months ago

No one saw the tongue...

oh hello
oh hello 2 months ago

was the tongue part of the act??

Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah 2 months ago

I wonder if it’s possible that Miguel will propose to Samantha after Graduation?

Spider-Man 2 months ago

Pause at 1:24 Sam's legs r🥵🥵

Leadoof 2 months ago

guys dont read the pinned comment

Xmas 2 months ago

They were gonna get dirty

El Hamster Original
El Hamster Original 2 months ago

Imagine Daniel wouldn't been caught lol

Pyrosaur c:
Pyrosaur c: 2 months ago


Xmas 2 months ago

The deepest kiss on the series

TheGamer's World
TheGamer's World 2 months ago

Is it me or do I just love the way Sam pulls Miguel’s hoodie to kiss him

JuliaMaffei 2 months ago

Miguel and tory>>>>>>>>

blockpostmobile pro gamer


Ferry Pierre
Ferry Pierre 2 months ago

Whoa daniel how do u know it was the drum in his pocket lmfao

Naomi Rice
Naomi Rice 2 months ago

i saw that tounge tho-

Franco Is Awesome
Franco Is Awesome 2 months ago

Omg Daniel is ruining Miguel and Sams best time ever lol. #Embarrasing

Alan Wright
Alan Wright 2 months ago

I love how Miguel gets so defensive about Johnny. He will be loyal to Johnny till the end.

Timmy Dupuis
Timmy Dupuis 2 months ago

They enjoyed it a little bit too much

Intense78 2 months ago


Molly Mckinlay
Molly Mckinlay 2 months ago

I’ll do it for you
1:18 the part we are all going back to

Fiona Keany
Fiona Keany 2 months ago

re watching all of sam and miguels scenes from s1 to 3 they are either kissing, fighting or looking at each other like their going to kiss.

André Felipe
André Felipe 2 months ago

Que lindo, porra ! 🇧🇷

HyriicsYT 2 months ago

I could see tongue

Aditya Pai
Aditya Pai 2 months ago

Wow it didn't take much for her to go behind robbies back did it???? And wtf does she mean miguel has changed and become good. He was never bad to begin with. She flirted with another guy in front of him what did she expect him to do applaud ofc he is gonna get angry

Lar Bear
Lar Bear 2 months ago

At 1:21 The Last Jedi Style.

brooke 2 months ago

I love how he was so gentle with her when making her fall to the ground.

itz me neera yeet
itz me neera yeet 2 months ago

Daniel really said: ME DRUMS ✊👊

Dylan Gaddy
Dylan Gaddy 2 months ago

Miguel has a point here Johnny understand's Daniel's POV on Karate and never told him Myagi-do was the wrong form of karate where as Daniel is over here saying Johnny's style of Karate is wrong because it focuses more on offense.

Nayops 20
Nayops 20 2 months ago

Yeah they got way too comfortable in this season👀

Obed Luyilama-Nvuala
Obed Luyilama-Nvuala 2 months ago

Is Sam gaining weight?

Leon Knight
Leon Knight 2 months ago

miyagi is light kreese is dark

Shadow Spidey
Shadow Spidey 2 months ago

Yes so glad they got back together Miguel and Sam are endgame.

Quatavalon Perry
Quatavalon Perry 2 months ago

Since she's clearly back with Miguel i think in season 4 he brings her to the original date he planned for them in season 1

Harry Hazard
Harry Hazard 2 months ago

She is sweet.

Wonga Nyathela
Wonga Nyathela 2 months ago

Is that my drum in your pocket?? Or are you just happy to see my daughter??

Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez 2 months ago

They was toungin 😂😂

Omar Dawson
Omar Dawson 2 months ago

Now that I think of it Sam has never had any privacy, when she was unzipping kylers belt, when she kissed miguel at the party and tory watched, when she was having dinner with robby and miguel watched, when she was holding arms with Miguel and Robby watched and now when she kissed miguel and daniel comes in

Charlie Mata
Charlie Mata 2 months ago


Charlie Mata
Charlie Mata 2 months ago


Charlie Mata
Charlie Mata 2 months ago


Charlie Mata
Charlie Mata 2 months ago


The Golden Skeleton
The Golden Skeleton 2 months ago

Xolo slipped in a little tongue. Mary could have said something or looked surprised but.....hmmmmmmmmmm.

Jk i know they have their own love life

C4 2 months ago

he really tonguing doe

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