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Renee Montejano
Renee Montejano 2 months ago

Hi Haniela, can I refrigerate the dough for 2-3 days before cooking?

sun flower
sun flower 2 months ago

Amazing but how many spoon is the baking powder , suger and better??

Amany 2 months ago

Looove this recipe. But I do have one problem every time I make this. It gets too soft when I’m rolling it and I keep having to go back and forth to the freezer to firm it. Could I add more flour to the dough? Bc I even put the dough in the fridge overnight and as soon as I roll out and start cutting it gets too soft.

His Daughter (Mel)
His Daughter (Mel) 2 months ago

I've researched more recipes than I can even count. This is the first time I've found one that works FLAWLESSLY! I've always kept it in the freezer over night,but that wasn't the issue. The problem I found from watching your video is those recipes I've used were way too wet. Yours has more flour so it's a much thicker batter. I Just made the PERFECT sugar cookies 🍪 Thank. You so much!

Park TaeJoon
Park TaeJoon 2 months ago

I have to say although I have found the perfect recipe for my shortbreads, yours looks exactly like mine! Absolutely LOVE the thickness, same as mine only I use my cup and get huge ones! Frosting them is fun. I just did an Earth Day theme. Happy baking to all.

Maria Collado
Maria Collado 2 months ago

Hi Haniela..
I have many years making my cookies with your recipes..
I think I am doing something wrong when my Royal icing gets dry.. I would like to know why my Royal icing gets yellow? 🥺

Mayrene Acosta
Mayrene Acosta 2 months ago

Thank you

It's me
It's me 2 months ago

I will try your recipe❤🙏

Princess kaur
Princess kaur 2 months ago

hello,,will you please tell me ,,,for how many days we can use cookies with icing??

JC Engelhardt
JC Engelhardt 2 months ago

This is my go to sugar cookie recipe! Turns out great and taste delicious every time. Thank you!

lena sultan
lena sultan 2 months ago

Hi ! When I put the dough in the fridge or freezer, can I roll out the dough, cut out my shapes abs then put them in the fridge over night or freezer for abs hour or so ? Or is that gonna make the cookie spread in the oven ? Thank you !!

Romaissae Loukili
Romaissae Loukili 2 months ago

Love the recipe! Can you please tell me how many grams of butter u used? We don’t have these butter sticks where I live

jay jay
jay jay 2 months ago

This is yummy thank you

jay jay
jay jay 2 months ago


GOLANOO 2 months ago

Nice work

Anna 2 months ago

I used this recipe like 100 times

Rebecca Bell
Rebecca Bell 2 months ago

Is all purpose also known as plain flour or self raising flour??

Suspicious_Simp 2 months ago

I really hope these work

Pamela Pick
Pamela Pick 2 months ago

How thick do you cut out your cookies? Thanks!

Yasmine J
Yasmine J 2 months ago

My fav sugar cookie recipe!!

Esther Orduño
Esther Orduño 2 months ago

How long can I store it in the fridge for?

Eli Duran
Eli Duran 2 months ago

Great cookies!! I followed the recipe but I used 150 grams of white sugar and 50 grams of brown sugar. I bake them for about 14 minutes. Thanks for the recipe.

P La
P La 2 months ago

I tried your recipe a few years ago and its the BEST sugar cookie recipe EVER!!

Choconettie 2 months ago

Sugar cookies turned out great, and it’s such a simple to follow recipe! I chilled the dough in the freezer for an 50 minutes - 1hr and was able to shape the cookie right after! Thank you! 🤗

Cakes Cupcakes
Cakes Cupcakes 2 months ago

Hi is this cookie soft?. Thank you

J mallory
J mallory 2 months ago

Thank you for the great tips & recipe!

Sbg brown
Sbg brown 2 months ago

I made a bunch recently and they came out excellent! Everyone loved them.

Sheen Tazbah
Sheen Tazbah 2 months ago

Why is my dough coming out floury

M Allison
M Allison 2 months ago

I have been eyeballing this recipe for a few years now. Today was the day I finally tried these sugar cookies and let me just say these cookies are amazing. I followed your instructions to the tee, I opted to use the vanilla bean paste listed on your tip sheet and loved it. Thank you for a great easy to follow recipe!!!

Reanna Cordova
Reanna Cordova 2 months ago

Best sugar cookies!!

PlaceboFXMakeup 2 months ago

Just wanted to let you know I used your recipe last week to make Christmas cookies with royal icing, and sent a couple dozen with my husband to his work to share. He told me his coworkers kept raving, saying they were bakery quality, and asked why I wasn’t selling them. This really is the best sugar cookie recipe!!

Nina M
Nina M 2 months ago

I made these for thanksgiving. They were delicious. The dough was easy to work with not sticky. My tip is to roll it out between sheets or parchment paper after mixing , cut out shapes , and place on a lined sheet . Then place it to chill in the fridge. It’s so, much easier to work with

Barbara Stadler
Barbara Stadler 2 months ago

I just made a double batch of sugar cookie dough! I cannot wait to roll it out tomorrow. I have used your recipe since you first published it and it's always perfect! My daughter bought a lobster cookie cutter from Maine and the cookies always turned out as one big blob until I switched to your recipe ( I should mention that I use no leavening agent as suggested in one of your other videos). Thanks, Haniela!

Irene Padilla
Irene Padilla 2 months ago

These are truly the BEST. I made them last year and will make them again this year for Christmas. Everyone loves them! Thank you for this recipe❤️

Abreah Hoyte
Abreah Hoyte 2 months ago

This cookies were amazing I just had to add a little milk because the dough was a little dry

Ba Ba
Ba Ba 2 months ago

Hi Haniela! I wanted to confirm that your recipe is the best sugar cookies recipe ever!! Thank you so much! I'm using your recipe for 3 years now, for christmas & birthdays. The best!! I add almond extract + the vanilla. My royal icing is the one with meringue powder. The combination of the cookie with the icing gives an amazing taste .
Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, your family, friends and to all people who celebrate Christmas 🎄🎄

Belamita Guedes
Belamita Guedes 2 months ago

Like the way you teach step by step and slow you dont rush God bless you

Sweet Shay
Sweet Shay 2 months ago

Great information

Marie 2 months ago

Made these for the first time tonight. In the fridge for 4 hours and they still turned out amazing! Sadly on the second round i made the dough too thin and they turned out crunchy, I wanted them soft but that's my fault. The first round was great! I usually SUCK at anything with baking, I can't be trusted with anything sweet but these were lovely. Thank you, will do them every Christmas

Fabiana Hartmann
Fabiana Hartmann 2 months ago

Hi, Haniela! Have you tried to use this dough to make lace cookies using silicone mold? Do you think it would work?

Renee Stratulate
Renee Stratulate 2 months ago

It’s my second year using this recipe. Pitch perfect instructions and tips. Cookies are perfect every time.

Pat Clary
Pat Clary 2 months ago

Trying to find the recipe,in comments but unable , these look great so I would like to try them

v 2 months ago

made these yesterday and they were amazing! thank you :D

The Pink Bake House
The Pink Bake House 2 months ago

Your cookie recipe is perfect I've been making them for a while and it comes out perfect all the time
Thank you for sharing

Adriana Andablo
Adriana Andablo 2 months ago

Thank you, my first try ever and they turned out perfect! I was scared when my dough was too hard after leaving it refrigerated over night but after letting it sit it out it was great and cookies are delicious my kids and parents love them!

AnimalLover 3,000
AnimalLover 3,000 2 months ago

whear are the amounts and the backing temp u are very bad at this you cant make anything I had to just the recipe and now I cant bake it because I don't know how long or what temp

Katie Payton
Katie Payton 2 months ago

Bendable butter is the way to go! I’ve always had my butter at a super soft stage: oops! I also didn’t know the hand mixer is good for cookies, and it worked really well.
My opinion on taste: they don’t taste good fresh. They taste chalky and disappointing. But 3 days later (because I didn’t eat any yesterday) they taste a lot better, and not chalky. Good recipe. Thanks Haniela!

Melissa Perez
Melissa Perez 2 months ago


Honey48 2 months ago

For the last three years, I have been on a mission to find a GOOD sugar cookie--one with delicious taste & the perfect texture & thickness. I was looking up Halloween ideas on here, & this was over on the side. I just clicked on it out of curiosity since it was another one of those "best" sugar cookie recipes. I decided to finally try them yesterday, & OMG!!😍😍😍 Haniela, you are a GENIUS!!!❤️ THANK U SOO VERY MUCH for even sharing this with the public!! I haven't even decorated them yet, & my kids & I have almost eaten all of them!😄 I gotta make a brand new batch in time for Halloween! I did put in a little lemon zest (didn't know the measurement for it but didn't want to overwhelm them), & they are THEE perfect tasting sugar cookie! I don't even wanna LOOK @ other people's sugar cookie videos now!! LOL!

I am going to attempt the lemon royal icing recipe & see how it comes out. If it works out like these cookies did, I'm SURE it'll be a KILLER sugar cookie! (You have saved my pre-Christnas cookie search, Haniela!😄 Thank you!)

Christina P
Christina P 2 months ago

I’ve been using your recipe! & people say it’s yummy and really soft! :) my mom likes it to!
Will this be okay to make 3-4 days in advanced?
Also is it okay if I make royal icing with meringue powder 3-4 days ahead too?

Tiana Contreras
Tiana Contreras 2 months ago

BEST recipe for sugar cookies, hands down!!❤️❤️❤️

Katherine de la Cruz
Katherine de la Cruz 2 months ago

Hi Hanie! Is it supposed to come out stone hard after chilling overnight? My dough is rock hard.

Levi Gladue
Levi Gladue 2 months ago

They are so yummy thanks 100times

Ms Forsale
Ms Forsale 2 months ago

Hi Hani, this recipe is great, thanks for sharing. My only issue was a few of my cookie cutters have thin/small parts that broke off when pulling the cutter off or transferring to sheet. Any suggestions??

Logo Bagus
Logo Bagus 2 months ago

good video
wanna be friend?

Shaira Bhatti
Shaira Bhatti 2 months ago

How many cookies would you say this makes?

Chaveski UwU
Chaveski UwU 2 months ago

Hi I have a quick question! (love your video by the way will most definitely be subscribing) so with the dough and chilling it, do you recommend the freezer or the fridge? also my memaw told me a few years ago that if you put something in the freezer you can take it out half the time so does that go with this recipe as well?

Saved4life 2 months ago

amazing recipe thank you

Réka Buzássy
Réka Buzássy 2 months ago

So nice:)

Safra Nizar
Safra Nizar 2 months ago

can i get this recipe in grams please 😒

Emilee 2 months ago

I will subscribe to u :)

Toby-Jeanne Almy
Toby-Jeanne Almy 2 months ago

SO happy I found this! I've been looking for a good recipe to use flavoring oils and gluten free substitutes for!🙏👏

Sarwat Dogar
Sarwat Dogar 2 months ago

Excellent yummy 😋 recipe 😋 I will try these

Bambii Moore
Bambii Moore 2 months ago

How long do I let the cookies chill before I decorate and can I freeze them to speed the time up?

Maya C
Maya C 2 months ago

How do you prevent the bottom parchment paper not to slide all over the kitchen counter ? I had a very hard time rolling the dough because it keeps moving

Peaceful Homestead
Peaceful Homestead 2 months ago

I can not find the measurements

Angie Angie
Angie Angie 2 months ago

I wanna give this recipe a try, but I want to know if they remain soft?

RyanVCooks 2 months ago

I tried using the regular measuring cups but after I weighed my flour, it only weighs 320 grams but the recipe says 450 grams even after compacting the flour. Are you guys just using the cups?

Aneeqah Adams
Aneeqah Adams 2 months ago

I tried this was awesome thank you! Also I did use cake flour turned out perfectly fine if anyone wants to know.

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Huma Ahmed
Huma Ahmed 2 months ago

But ma'am on what degree Celsius it has to be baked?

Pearl 2 months ago

Wow. I tried this recipe and your chocolate one. They came out perfect! I have tried so many sugar cookie recipes and they all were bland like cardboard or fell short. But these are it! Soft. Just the right level of sweet. And can be decorated. I hesitated to add the combination of lemon almond and vanilla extract but I went for it. And man! So glad I did. I highly recommend everyone tries it. Gives the cookie such a depth of flavors. Thank you so much for sharing. Subscribed.

IamPhixo Desu
IamPhixo Desu 2 months ago

The cookies are amazing

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 2 months ago

These cookies are so much easier to make and tasted better than videos above it. If you try it you will love it.

Sofia Wang
Sofia Wang 2 months ago

mine ended up very wet for some reason:/

Rayna Alexandra Valenzuela Larios

Hi. Do I need this type of standing mixer? I have one but it is not like this one. It just has the beaters and one for dough but not sure for cookie dough. Thank you. 😊

Tamara Johnson
Tamara Johnson 2 months ago

Can you make this recipe with salted butter?

Star Lisa Matope
Star Lisa Matope 2 months ago

I tried these yesterday... omg sooo good

Twoheartnotes Notes
Twoheartnotes Notes 2 months ago

wonderful recipe and baking tips!

ruba L
ruba L 2 months ago

I have always come back to this recipe for years now and it’s always perfect. Your direction is clear and it’s always a winning cookie at my kids birthdays! Thank you so much!

Deep Garima Soni
Deep Garima Soni 2 months ago

Hi....what can we use instead of eggs

Sireesha Magedara
Sireesha Magedara 2 months ago

Very informative !

SM 2 months ago

I don’t have an electric mixer, would a electric had whisk work as well?

Martha Barrera
Martha Barrera 2 months ago

Yesss thanks for the video, finally got to make these the other day and they came out perfect thanks to your video😉 taste just like the bakery

Jen M
Jen M 2 months ago

They look perfect!!!

Tania Carta
Tania Carta 2 months ago

Hello. How thick do you roll your cookies?

Martha Barrera
Martha Barrera 2 months ago

Ahhh I love that brand of pan ,they don't stick 😁

Anisha Phillip
Anisha Phillip 2 months ago

Hello I would like to try these cookies but the client wants fondant instead of royal icing.. what thickness should i make the cookies1/4 or 1/2? T.I.A

hilbil2242 2 months ago

I chilled mine for 4 hours, but it didn’t mention that it would come out hard as a rock. Did I do something wrong?

Yvette Breann
Yvette Breann 2 months ago

Why is my dough always sticky after

moonshine aesthetic lifeu

Can i use a hand mixer with this? Please respond as soon as possible, i would greatly appreciate it. (:

Ashley Huertas
Ashley Huertas 2 months ago

I just used this recipe, they came out perfect :) I did not use a mixer, I used a spoon to mix and it worked the same

Um Ibrahim
Um Ibrahim 2 months ago

I used this recipe and the cookies were perfect. After cutting the shapes, I rolled the dough back and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes then repeated.

Jazzyyy 2 months ago

These really are the best sugar cookies. I use this recipe every time and comes out so delicious.

Sagitario_YT 2 months ago

Ingredientes en español por favor?

Glenda Roberts
Glenda Roberts 2 months ago

Quarter your dough and go ahead and roll it out after mixing before you put it in the fridge/freezer. It’s much easier to handle. And I never use baking powder.....ever.

Anya Yarde
Anya Yarde 2 months ago

Tried these last night with my son and they were awesome