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Ally Murphy
Ally Murphy 2 months ago

Does anyone know what who composed this version of “I know my redeemer lives” or how I can find this version anywhere else? I can’t find this version anywhere besides this devotional but I love it and want to be able to save the song!

Mawuhlume Sibabalwe Mtyobile

The Spirit of peace that emanates from this sweet devotional! Thank you Elder Christofferson. And that beautiful number at the end "I know that my Redeemer lives!"

Maryrose Poi
Maryrose Poi 2 months ago

Such a wonderful and spiritual musical piece, it is truly inspiring and humbling to the soul.

Kate Turner
Kate Turner 2 months ago


Joe Afu
Joe Afu 2 months ago

Are families only forever together if we all keep our covenants? And endure to the end?

Jake K Horlacher
Jake K Horlacher 2 months ago

“ I tell you as one who knows, that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer”
So humble, meek and direct!

No one testifies like they do, it feels different, it is different. And it is in that difference that whispers to me the fullness of truth carried in and by the Restored Gospel!

Yicheng Liu
Yicheng Liu 2 months ago

This is such a beautiful devotional!!

Gongoozler I am
Gongoozler I am 2 months ago

Man I’m holding back tears hearing Sissel sing and I’m on the bus trying not to look like a blubbering baby lol that’s a beautiful song wow

Gongoozler I am
Gongoozler I am 2 months ago

Too many dental fillings LOL that what really made me laugh! XD

Bertony Hubert
Bertony Hubert 2 months ago

Good gospel

Mimi Morea
Mimi Morea 2 months ago

I love all the talks from Elder Christofferson 😌

Karlyn Castro
Karlyn Castro 2 months ago

I totally love it. I'm speechless. Thank you very much!

Maureen Maddy
Maureen Maddy 2 months ago

It is very uplifting. Thank you so much Elder Christofferson.

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 2 months ago

I completely hated my years as a young adult in this silly fraud religion. I witnessed conflict and gossip that should never exist in this religion. The youth back then were fake...... the current you are fake. The mormon church is fake.

David Muanda
David Muanda 2 months ago

It's just powerful for me to see how Technology is a great blessing for me today! Sister Christopherson said that on their time it was impossible for them to get a Credit card, that is really touching!

peggy bogar
peggy bogar 2 months ago

Slow Down beautifully sung. Love the examples in the talks. Thank you.

Latter-day Saint pud
Latter-day Saint pud 2 months ago

Wonderful 😆

Rebecca Larson
Rebecca Larson 2 months ago

God is good at answering our prayers and helping us be successful like assimilating our food to fit our stomachs.

Phil Plank P1 Racing
Phil Plank P1 Racing 2 months ago

It’s a cult..!😢

Linda Angel
Linda Angel 2 months ago


Ashley Aguirre Alcauter

Does anybody know where can I find the music sheet of the last hymn? (I know that my Redeemer lives)

th3 gov3rnm3nt
th3 gov3rnm3nt 2 months ago

I didn't know the cult of latter day saints had a youtube channel wow

Marinne Rhodes
Marinne Rhodes 2 months ago

This really impacted me!

CJ Madsen
CJ Madsen 2 months ago

Simply beautiful. Slow down and know that He is God.

Shawna Jensen Johnson

The musical piece, "Slow down," is SO beautiful! Thank you Christopherson for your prophetic guidance in these troubled last days.

Nicholas Win
Nicholas Win 2 months ago

This is the most important uplifting devotional I would highly recommend this to everyone

Saparmurat Niyazov
Saparmurat Niyazov 2 months ago

I love Elder Christofferson! A great devotional to start the year.

Matthew Foote
Matthew Foote 2 months ago


Vinie Camille
Vinie Camille 2 months ago

So beautiful! ❤️

chepe alvsantiago
chepe alvsantiago 2 months ago


tempusball 2 months ago

yay 1.3k views. Unfortunately the younguns and most ppl just dont care enough. Im of course glad for the success and work the church is doing to get their attention thankfully.
Ill pray for success

TJ Edwards
TJ Edwards 2 months ago

22:30 for those here to save time

Kevin Schwartz
Kevin Schwartz 2 months ago

Definitely an amazing devotional. I gonna need to listen to his talk again!

Blessed one Brave Hearted

If any Mormons watching, please remember that Mormonism is a Blasphemy and invented/fabricated satanic CULT founded by satan himself through his agent the false prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormons is Cursed Satanic Manuel which LEADS ALL MORMONS TO ETERNAL DAMNATION therefore please take the "Holy Bible" and Read and study for yourselves to Carefully check how The Cult Book of Mormons CONTRADICTS THE ETERNAL WORD OF GOD,"THE HOLY BIBLE" And leave that Joseph Smith's satanic CULT MORMONISM and Repent and Accept Jesus Christ as your Only Saviour and Lord and FOLLOW HIM NOW.!!
👉John 3:1-36; 8:24,31-32;8:24;10:1-42; 12:44-48;14:6-9; 17:1-26; 2Corinthians 4:3-4; 5:17-21; 11:14-15; Colossians1:13-20; GALATIANS1:6-9; Hebrews1:1-13; Revelation12:9; 20:3,10-15; 21:5-8; 22:10-15.!!👈

zippyman818 2 months ago

Thanks for allowing comments!

Ryjel Destiny
Ryjel Destiny 2 months ago

I love how Sister Christofferson tells that Elder Christofferson was gullible with the car accident, and he mentions it at the beginning of his talk!
Great apostle! Wonderful devotional!

random man
random man 2 months ago

Love That Song 👏♥️🎶🎵🎶

Beta Capista
Beta Capista 2 months ago

BAgus Sekali. Salam Dari Maluku

Suit 2 months ago

Emma @ 8:00 Allie @ 8:43

LogTyn 2 months ago

Such a good devotional!! Enjoyed it and got a lot out of it