How to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in Japanese



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Information How to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in Japanese

Title : How to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in Japanese

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Frames How to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in Japanese

Description How to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in Japanese

How to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in Japanese

How to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in Japanese

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Pj PjPJ 2 months ago

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu- Happy new year 🥳🥳

Starr RL
Starr RL 2 months ago

Thank you! Very clever

Aaron 2 months ago

1:13 . Thanks a lot man! Going to have an activity where Im skyping w japan and a "Happy japanese new year" intro would be perfect.😄

Walter Baldemor
Walter Baldemor 2 months ago

Hi, can i use hajimete instead of shin nen? Thanks

Charles Waterman
Charles Waterman 2 months ago

I just read that a "shortened version" is also "あけおめことよろ". Do you ever use this? I've never heard anyone say the short version to me here in Kumamoto. Do you hear other Japanese people saying that? If so, when is it OK to be that casual?

alpha 666
alpha 666 2 months ago


Christine Stewart
Christine Stewart 2 months ago


val ara
val ara 2 months ago

LMFAO so funny

Susan Eliason
Susan Eliason 2 months ago


Paulius Markulis
Paulius Markulis 2 months ago

Just what I needed, thanks!
And this is Lithuanian version: Su Naujais metais!
New Year's cheers from Vilnius  ;)

Mr T
Mr T 2 months ago

My God..My dentures just popped out while I tried saying it

sammimitsu 2 months ago

Lovely. I love Japanese language and culture. ♡♡♡

デビルチョコ 2 months ago


James Long
James Long 2 months ago

On my Facebook feed I saw ハッピーニュエア。Is that a common phrase or just a mid translation?

EtherSword 2 months ago

That was great lol.