Winter Celebration In Winnipeg By Winnipegers | Canada 🇨🇦 Winter 2021 Part-2| At The Forks


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Information Winter Celebration In Winnipeg By Winnipegers | Canada 🇨🇦 Winter 2021 Part-2| At The Forks

Title : Winter Celebration In Winnipeg By Winnipegers | Canada 🇨🇦 Winter 2021 Part-2| At The Forks

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Frames Winter Celebration In Winnipeg By Winnipegers | Canada 🇨🇦 Winter 2021 Part-2| At The Forks

Description Winter Celebration In Winnipeg By Winnipegers | Canada 🇨🇦 Winter 2021 Part-2| At The Forks

Winter Celebration In Winnipeg By Winnipegers | Canada 🇨🇦 Winter 2021 Part-2| At The Forks

Winter Celebration In Winnipeg By Winnipegers | Canada 🇨🇦 Winter 2021 Part-2| At The Forks

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CHOCO CHANNEL 2 months ago

Beautiful sharing ❤ it's really nice vedio .. stay connected friend..

Riya Patel
Riya Patel 2 months ago

Beautiful place …

SOUND WAY 2 months ago

Fun activities😃thanks for sharing :-))

blessgirl 2 months ago

Hello 👋 my friend 😁👍😎
Everything is so beautiful I love it all 🤩 Blessings Blessings Always 🌺💝 Have a Blessed day and night with your loved ones 🌠🙏💫👑✝️🛐❣️

Explorefood 715
Explorefood 715 2 months ago

Very nice thank you!


The night view is so beautiful.
I'll come visit often.
I always go to a neighborhood that gives me strength.
Thank you.

Exploring Soul
Exploring Soul 2 months ago

Beautiful sharing, big like.

INDO Fishing Story
INDO Fishing Story 2 months ago

Wow, very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Alberta Adventurer Family

Only been to Winnipeg twice and both times it was a blizzard; would love to go visit in the summer!

Hing Rai
Hing Rai 2 months ago

Wow this is awesome 🤩🤩❄️❄️❄️brilliant work 🙋🏻‍♀️

COOK MODE 2 months ago

Beautiful sharing ❤️ please stay connected all the time, full watch

Brenda Baclig Sol
Brenda Baclig Sol 2 months ago

wow winter celebrations beautiful my friend so fun to play keep warm watching here at Switzerland

Neneng Jenn
Neneng Jenn 2 months ago

Beautiful Canada ...I can tell how cold is the place

thrifty lemon chef
thrifty lemon chef 2 months ago

Nice one my friend. Great video. 👍

jieun Gold 금지은라인댄스

Watch until the ead and go. Have a happy time⚘⚘⚘💕

Nature's Cook Flavor
Nature's Cook Flavor 2 months ago

Cheers to Canada Snowflakes!

Khuku Cooking
Khuku Cooking 2 months ago

Wow beautiful...

Диана Love
Диана Love 2 months ago

Wow! Super! Amazing! 👍

ОрхиФлора 2 months ago

Какая у Вас красивая зима ☃️☃️☃️! Like 👍👍👍

Maria Hany
Maria Hany 2 months ago

منظر جميله جدا جدا تزحلك علي الجليد ❤❤❤👍👍👍😘😘😘

783nata 2 months ago

Wonderful video. We now have the same picture outside the window. The snow has not stopped for several days. Thank you so much! Happy weekend! Warm greetings from snowy Russia!

Simantinee's Cuisine
Simantinee's Cuisine 2 months ago

Nice shareing dear friend 😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

Зинаида Матук

Cood video my friend! Thanks you

verca422 2 months ago

Hello dear friend ...This was a nice video..I liked it very much 😊 Thanks for sharing and take care!

Mariby Feda
Mariby Feda 2 months ago

Wooow amazing place full love here friend

Рецепты и Советы

Столько снега, такая радость детям, катание на коньках. с горки. Столько радости приносит зима.

Mangil Berau
Mangil Berau 2 months ago

Super ❣️

Houda Life
Houda Life 2 months ago


Aleena Arts
Aleena Arts 2 months ago

The place so beautifully 😍 wow snow have completely covered the entire compound.. so amazing..

Tasty & Quick Recipes

Nice video
Thank you so much for sharing
Stay connected

Al-Kubra's Kitchen
Al-Kubra's Kitchen 2 months ago

Amazing 👍,

Kath Beredo Art
Kath Beredo Art 2 months ago

So beautiful! I love to skate. ⛸😊

Mandailing Nopan City

beatifull place, thanks for sharing

Total Gaming
Total Gaming 2 months ago

V NYC video 🌹😁😁😁

Ritz Brocoy
Ritz Brocoy 2 months ago

Wow snow beautiful winter activities. Amazing place

Apbt Thailand Kennel
Apbt Thailand Kennel 2 months ago

Great video wish you a great weekend send you all my love hope you will send your love back best greetings from Thailand ❤️

Hobby Ideas from My Diary

Hi a new friend here stay connected


It must be very nice to see snow, I never saw it but I want to see it one day, in my land it's forty degrees kkk

طور نفسك اتعلم مع محمد كمال

Thank you my friend ❣️❤️💞😊 very nice work 💗👍

تاتي واحفادي شو


Bears and Butters
Bears and Butters 2 months ago

Hey Nilkanth Vlogger!! Love the music you used in this video, and so cool you're in Winnipeg! Butters is from Canada, but it's nice to see Winterpeg!! :D Love the skating rink! So much fun day or night!! Great video and thanks for taking us with you!

chhiwat fatima channel شهيوات مغربية

Nice video 👍👍👍❤❤❤🔔🔔🔔👈👈

Best channel & BOUKHAIMA

Merci pour ton partage! bises et bon week-end, big like

يوميات ام الولاد هيثم وايمان

ماشاء الله ربنا يوفقك يارب ❤️ احلي لايك
مكان تحفه ومنظر الثلج جميل جدا
ربنا يوفقكم ويسعدكم ويفرحكم يارب ❤️

I Love Walks & Rides
I Love Walks & Rides 2 months ago

Hey buddy, mid-way through and loving it. New sub. Always great to experience new celebrations with a new friend 👍.

The fish tubers
The fish tubers 2 months ago

I love to play in the snow it is really fun

Molly's 360 Kitchen
Molly's 360 Kitchen 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing 👍👍👍

توتي وبناتها في المطبخ ToTy

Wow, a very beautiful tour. I wish you good luck and lasting success, my friend

Agrofloresta e etnobotânica no bioma caatinga

Hi! Gratitude for sharing! Beautiful place!

cuisine nadia oussadi

Très belle neige, très bonne chance

Lê Musicas
Lê Musicas 2 months ago

hello my friend, great video, I'm here to add, thanks for sharing this video, kiss

Manju Tales and Stories's beautiful, magical winter wonderland 👌👌

Lícia Flor
Lícia Flor 2 months ago

Olá, boa tarde!
Passando para te prestigiar e fortalecendo.
Sucesso na sua jornada.

Sara Alfad
Sara Alfad 2 months ago

What a beautiful place. Have blissful year.

Remya’s Curryworld
Remya’s Curryworld 2 months ago

Winter ❄️ celebrations 🎊 looks good.. thanks 😊...and keep sharing my friend

اكلات ماما
اكلات ماما 2 months ago

ماشاءالله تبارك جميل جدا 🌹💖🍒

Slatki Recepti - Sweet Recipes

Nice video, big greetings 👍🥰🥰

Chappy's Tiki Bar
Chappy's Tiki Bar 2 months ago

great job, I like the added snow flakes. ❤️

Ellen Rubia
Ellen Rubia 2 months ago

hello my friend, beautiful video, thanks for sharing kiss

SENAA vlogs
SENAA vlogs 2 months ago

woooow 🌷🌷Supar video 👍👍👍👍

SENAA vlogs
SENAA vlogs 2 months ago

Hiiii my friend 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷👍👍👍🌷

เกษตรกร ชาวบ้าน

I am going to admiring you for making new vedios with different concept.
Keep sharing your thoughts through videos.

MHEL’Z VLOG UK 2 months ago

Hiw pretty in there
The snow falls looks amazing
Everybody are enjoy the ice
skating! Thanks for sharing this video
Stay safe and enjoy

Готовим с Душой ТВ

Спасибо. Лайк.👀😊👍

Danielle Eynius
Danielle Eynius 2 months ago

Wow! What a pleasure to see all these people having fun skating on the ice. I even thought I saw someone with a baby pram. It's a very nice video my friend 👍. Happy New Year my new friend. ☃️

Olivier Rod Channel
Olivier Rod Channel 2 months ago

Fantastic city... wow. I remember winter games. Greetings.

National Toygraphic TV

너무 멋진 영상입니다~~! 대단해요~~~건강 유의하세요~~~^^
It's a great video~~! Awesome~~~Take care of your health~~~^^

Simple Telugu Mom
Simple Telugu Mom 2 months ago

Beautiful sharing new frnd stay connected dear

Marilyn’s Vlog
Marilyn’s Vlog 2 months ago

Hi 🙋🏼‍♀️! Nice, thank you for sharing 👍🏼 new supporter here hope we can stay connected


Ermoso video me gustaría estar en esa nieve es estar como en un sueño bendiciones

wasfa 2 months ago

Wow, that’s a great upload!

Abdul rehaman
Abdul rehaman 2 months ago

Nice good video m ny ap ko positive answer kar dia hai ap Deluxe kitchen with Muskan ko positive answer kar dy

Lulu na Cozinha
Lulu na Cozinha 2 months ago

Que lindo ver a neve ❄ caindo

Art and Decoration by Ay

Beautiful celebration, and it looks very fun ! I enjoyed watching ! Thank you for sharing 😊💕

ZEMD CHANNEL 2 months ago

Wowww... Amazing.. Beautiful sharing bro.... See you around...

Hajar giyomi et sa Maman

Waaw beautiful 🔔👍🏻lucky you my friend but so cold hahaha looks lot of fun there

CAESAR 48 2 months ago

Super like 128

smart teluginti ammai

Beautiful 🥰👍

종이접기 다락방 Origami Attic

와우! 눈오는날 스케이트. 웬지 마음이 예뻐지네요. '구독, 좋아요, 전체알람'까지 했습니다. 알람 울릴적마다 들리겠습니다. 행복하세요.

Laudicéia Vitória
Laudicéia Vitória 2 months ago

Bom dia passando para fortalecer que Deus te abençoe!!

zbiba serghinya
zbiba serghinya 2 months ago

Bravo bravo bravo machallah 👍👍

Salyn & Gen
Salyn & Gen 2 months ago

Hi, thank you so much for visiting our channel and for the great comment. Winnipeg is a beautiful City. Stay safe , warm and enjoy always.

مطبخ نادي مليكة Cuisine Nadi Malika

ماشاء آلله بالتوفيق

سمو الاميره نونا

Like 🖒🖒🖒

Sidik Pemancing
Sidik Pemancing 2 months ago

It's amazing....

oum islam DZ /ام اسلام الجزائرية

Likkkkkk 122 and 👍👁️ machAllah very good

Ai Kubo ASMR
Ai Kubo ASMR 2 months ago

Oh so pretty but it’s freezing .. enjoy friends !! Keep safe

AB's Kitchen Recipes & Vlogs

Super Video ! Very good! I love it! Love! 2:24

AW-LAJOR VLOGS 2 months ago

Awesomely beautiful place. So great to see the snow flakes floating down slowly. Feeling of calmness and serenity. Thank you for sharing it.

FL MARYELEC 2 months ago

Pretty beautiful song cool video 👍😎

Rose Spicy
Rose Spicy 2 months ago

Nice sharing ❤👍

Nazmina's Daily life Routine

Wow what a beauty 👍👍👍👍

SETIA POOL Karang Rayung

Nice video good luck.. 👍

어머나!윤쌤 2 months ago


Yousaf Aseels
Yousaf Aseels 2 months ago

Nice vlogging

C and k Commenting
C and k Commenting 2 months ago

Wow amazing share my dear new friend.❤️💕😍👍👌👍👌😍💕👍😍💕. I am here to say stay connected @ c and k world of origami .

Root to Fruit
Root to Fruit 2 months ago

great composition, (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) Big Like, Very Beautiful !! Thank you my dear friend! ! (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) Big Like:)