Shelley Spent Only $1,000 on Her Daughter's Wedding! | Extreme Cheapskates



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Information Shelley Spent Only $1,000 on Her Daughter's Wedding! | Extreme Cheapskates

Title : Shelley Spent Only $1,000 on Her Daughter's Wedding! | Extreme Cheapskates

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Frames Shelley Spent Only $1,000 on Her Daughter's Wedding! | Extreme Cheapskates

Description Shelley Spent Only $1,000 on Her Daughter's Wedding! | Extreme Cheapskates

Shelley Spent Only $1,000 on Her Daughter's Wedding! | Extreme Cheapskates

Shelley Spent Only $1,000 on Her Daughter's Wedding! | Extreme Cheapskates

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Lun Alb
Lun Alb 2 months ago

lets be honest here it doesnt have to be the most expensive place and food and all for a weeding to be good...but come on bruh this is just sad man

iiSaraLaw 2 months ago

Mom: I'd rather be cheap than give you a good wedding.

What an absolute idiot, the people who are cheapskates are unintelligent and unhygienic.

Fern Leaves Studio
Fern Leaves Studio 2 months ago

What cheapskates don't understand is that budgeting is different than penny-pinching. Even on a budget you can get really really good things that are good quality, not torn nor dirty and are very good... Most cheapskates are just tacky...

maafhariinilibur 2 months ago

It's very reasonable. Why spend a lot of money for wedding party? There a lot of important things than wedding party. Better use money for other important things.

Wonderfull wedding party dont guarantee the married life is also great like the wedding party.

Betilyn Edubala
Betilyn Edubala 2 months ago

My godness....

Len 2 months ago

Why doesn’t the daughter pay for her own wedding?

Matilda Agboyin
Matilda Agboyin 2 months ago

"Do you want the dress?"
I can't believe she said she likes the dress. What is wrong with the daughter? Are the couples so broke to let this happen to them? They should have just gone to the court house to get married and avoid this crap and embarrassment.

Pvl Emam
Pvl Emam 2 months ago

Aint no way this gotta be staged

david Guilmette
david Guilmette 2 months ago

As a parent the 2 things you know when you have a daughter is 1. Sweet 16 2. Wedding. Right there you should be saving years before so when the time comes you make your daughter or maybe son as happy as they can be on that special day. Most of the time it only happens 1s. That fact that she wont do something special for her daughter is sad. If that were my mom i would sit her to the side and say if we cant have a decent wedding where I chip in then you are not coming simple and ill plan it myself!!!

Poulami Sarkar
Poulami Sarkar 2 months ago

The groom looks like Justin Bieber

Isadora Moreira
Isadora Moreira 2 months ago

I know that she wanted to save on a venue but she could look more online, like there’s nicer parks who cost a little more or the same as the school gym

Isadora Moreira
Isadora Moreira 2 months ago

If she saved in decorations and food she could get a nicer dress

Inheritancefreak127 2 months ago

I do agree paying 400 on a cake is really crazy, I heard Walmart is cheaper for wedding cakes

Kenan Chambers
Kenan Chambers 2 months ago

If this was my mum I'd run to another country

jenna mary
jenna mary 2 months ago

This is sad :(


Now this Mom here is a true definition of AFRICAN MUM 🤣💔

shattleDown 2 months ago

shelley is a iresbonsible mom lol

New View Nature
New View Nature 2 months ago

screw this I am having my wedding at home lol

jiro 2 months ago

7:26 it seems like she didn’t go to school either

“one hundred AND fifty”

GiGi W.
GiGi W. 2 months ago

I spent 96$ on my wedding. 😹

Aussie ASMR
Aussie ASMR 2 months ago

I was getting a lot of Justin Biber vibes from the dude

Cake Bi the Ocean
Cake Bi the Ocean 2 months ago

You could also... I don't know... pay for your own wedding... These two look like actual high schoolers; it's not like they don't have time...

PartyForever 2 months ago

All those dresses actually look good on her, I like the first one lol. She could easily go to Amazon and find brand new dresses for $50 or $100!

T Duong
T Duong 2 months ago

I feel bad for the daughter

Kendra McCord
Kendra McCord 2 months ago


*Blissful Love*
*Blissful Love* 2 months ago

Why is the mother planning the wedding?

Caleb William Diaz
Caleb William Diaz 2 months ago

I can get behind the venue, the display cake, and the dress for my wedding. But the food, cheese sandwiches?

{*TAPIOCA * DUST*} 2 months ago

She even has the Karen haircut lol 🌚

Castro Ice Cream
Castro Ice Cream 2 months ago

Wait that pawnshop is next to my old school

morrigan grey
morrigan grey 2 months ago

She looks like she's being forced to say it lol

susan marshall
susan marshall 2 months ago

did she spend any money?

Brian Adams
Brian Adams 2 months ago

They'll be divorced soon anyway, if not already. Never marry young.

Lee sun sun
Lee sun sun 2 months ago

结婚当然要用钱啦!!! 当然不能像选老公那样,可能出自贫寒,非贵族不行,你没有那个本事,养宠物???sohai is you

Paul 2 months ago

Imagine showing up to a wedding in a school gym and eating cheese and mayo and sandwiches.

Niyat Kachru
Niyat Kachru 2 months ago

Omg this is like my sister getting married and my mom looked for legit cheapest venues. Then she got her husband to book a nice banquet. My mom reasoned with her just like this lol

c white
c white 2 months ago

at this point you should go to the court house or pay for it yourself not gonna let my mom do this to me

Nathaniel Evangelista

I didn’t know this was in az until I saw that pawn shop

Lily Pad
Lily Pad 2 months ago

Update please.

Ron LaFlamme
Ron LaFlamme 2 months ago

"Nobody's gonna look up"

Rin Reborn
Rin Reborn 2 months ago

How fake can this be lol? Her daughter is laughing and stuff, 100% fake. No way a real person would agree to this lol

Rin Reborn
Rin Reborn 2 months ago

Why is she paying the wedding anyway lol, tell the groom the pay. Idk

Maram 2 months ago

If that happened to me I would have another one

Lilly North
Lilly North 2 months ago

Feeling so sorry for the bride and groom, it's like they're being punished for getting married. save money yes sure but not at any price., In a school? the cake/food ? but the dress?????? NONONONO!! but way do they agre to it??????????????????????????????

Beautifully Mastered
Beautifully Mastered 2 months ago

If I was Ashley I would just save up and pay for it along with my fiancé! This is just too cheap the Mother and Law was willing to help! There is no way I would’ve done this I would’ve went to the court house and saved up on my own!

Sapient. 2 months ago

If I was her daughter I would much rather run away instead of being married like THIS.
Bro your daughter is literally going to another house and all you care about is MONEY?!

riki. 2 months ago

i just know this mom shares minion memes on facebook and plays candy crush during the wedding

Subham Debnath
Subham Debnath 2 months ago

I am shocked by her confidence and shamelessness

Projeta 2 months ago

I don't get the point. Why do they do it. Why do they save money if they aren't going to buy anything? They are just going to uncomfortably live an unfulfilling life until they die, even worse if you have children/people who depend on you because you're just affecting them in a negative way. And then what happens to the money? Well guess what, you can't take it with you after you die.

vintxqe 2 months ago


Anna X
Anna X 2 months ago

Wait how old is the girl maybe she can get a job also how about the husband doesn’t both sides pay for a wedding

Killstepz 2 months ago

Why dont the guy pay extra 9000 for his wedding...

MC Rapit
MC Rapit 2 months ago

My parents paid over $10,000 on my sisters wedding… it’s events like weddings that I feel it’s acceptable to spend some money.. I mean it’s the day your child gets married.. it’s the most beautiful, important, special day of their life and it should be treated as such.. you shouldn’t have to get married in a school gym because your cheapskate Mum wants to budget under $1000

Rajikhya Gogoi
Rajikhya Gogoi 2 months ago

If i was her daughter.. i would just run away wd my husband...n ask my mother to just keep the 1000$ as my wedding gift fr her

Ang Ace
Ang Ace 2 months ago

Sorry but throw the whole mom away!

Bogdan Radu
Bogdan Radu 2 months ago

And with all her saved money during her entire life she will buy a very big and nice grave with marbel and everything.

Connor Cohan
Connor Cohan 2 months ago

The whole point a lot of us watch this show is because it’s so absurd , pathetic yet interesting how these people try to cut costs to the bare minimum lmao.

cactus leoni
cactus leoni 2 months ago

if you stay at a sandals resort for 3 nights they throw in the wedding lol

Yummy Cookie
Yummy Cookie 2 months ago

Show us the wedding 😨

Da Ghûl
Da Ghûl 2 months ago

To be fair nobody put in a single penny for my wedding. Not my mom or dad, not my wife’s mom or dad and not anyone but me. So this mom is pretty awesome in my eyes.

Ferdian Betta fish
Ferdian Betta fish 2 months ago

At least grill the cheese sandwich
Holy macaroni

Rick Roberts
Rick Roberts 2 months ago

Just pathetic shows that she is that selfish she dont even want to splatter some money on her daughters weddin ( KAREN ALERT )

Arjun 2 months ago

If ur just gonna get married in a gym, just go to the courthouse
Edit: I think the couple themselves were cheap cos if they rlly wanted to, they coulda chipped in and gotten a better wedding.

{kuromi} 2 months ago

i wish my mom would

The Greek Pianist
The Greek Pianist 2 months ago

3:15 “I think spending $400 on a wedding cake is ridiculous
And I think being so cheap for your own daughter’s wedding, something she’s only going to get to have once, is ridiculous. Horrible mother

Blue Clouds
Blue Clouds 2 months ago

$1,000 sounds like a lot 😬 why have the wedding? All you need is the marriage (any costs that come with it) and MAYBE a small get together with some food. Bruh

Isabel Diaz
Isabel Diaz 2 months ago

So fake! In the most recent episodes Ashley was so proud to say that she was okay with her mom being cheap for her wedding and now I see it’s Bs😅

Ciara Sayre
Ciara Sayre 2 months ago

I will not be attending

R.O 2 months ago

The couple deserve this why you getting married you're broke

Kanaria Kana
Kanaria Kana 2 months ago

I can do better just ≥400$ 🤡

I'm a cheapskate too but not that extreme...
I can't say that I'm a cheapskate...I'm just good at handling money.

-Dress&attire: Do it by myself cuz I'm already educated in sewing=150$
-Cake: Just bake it/don't need it(I don't like cakes tbh)=0$~7$
-Small banquet: My family will handle it=25$
-Only invite family as a guest
-get married in a garden or just in my house=0$
-no need dj...just let family be a dj(if they want to)=0$
-electric&water bill for doing it all at home=≥100$

Chelsea Blue
Chelsea Blue 2 months ago

The kid could contribute something no

PAIN_731 Joint
PAIN_731 Joint 2 months ago

Just accept it

•Satuяn• 2 months ago

"MOm there's LEPTOSPIROSIS in my drEss 😥😨😨"

The mom: *happi dancing*

Berrii 2 months ago

I watched the episode where she was throwing her other daughter a wedding and she said she only wanted to spend 750 on her wedding-
The worst part was that she wanted her daughter to have her wedding at a orthodontist office…😭✋🏿

Bryn Waw
Bryn Waw 2 months ago

The fact that she probably could have gone to a park or a desolate beach. It would be almost nothing, maybe even free.

Make up star ⭐️
Make up star ⭐️ 2 months ago

She thinks wedding cakes are expensive and out of the world you’re out of the world .

ChristieCat 2 months ago

I think spending $400 on a wedding cake is ridiculous.

QasPlayz 2 months ago

1:07 she looks like that lady from dhar mann

Keshie Moreno
Keshie Moreno 2 months ago

The fiancé should have run!!!

nuirim^° 2 months ago

Why is the groom not paying for anything and just complaining? Like it's your day too. Don't you want it to be a good one ?

Im just Ann
Im just Ann 2 months ago

Wtf? The woman acts as if her daughter was getting married every day. It's a once in a life time occasion 🤦

Lemøn 2 months ago

Guess her mom had a normal wedding, why doesn't she get the privilege to have a normal wedding?

Disgraced Grace
Disgraced Grace 2 months ago

I hate making blanket statements about people when I watch these videos because the reality is we see a very small portion of their life and who they are, but if you do this to your kids you're a bad mom Point Blank Period. Their wedding isn't about you and if you don't want to pay at least stand aside and let them work it out for themselves or with their partners family don't force her into a wedding she doesn't want because of YOUR lifestyle

Kikyo Wolf
Kikyo Wolf 2 months ago

that is soooo much money saved it is soooo cool!!! now i want her mom to plan my wedding

Chelsea Snyder
Chelsea Snyder 2 months ago

LMAO you can get brand new wedding dresses at David’s Bridal starting at $99 😂😂😂

MR BONG 006 2 months ago

This is a freaknn joke right🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

Socom Master
Socom Master 2 months ago

The pawn shop owner definitely watched the security tapes when the girl changed 🤣

Grace Hall
Grace Hall 2 months ago

Why didn't they just have a backyard wedding, you would've saved money. Duh?

Grace Hall
Grace Hall 2 months ago

Stop complaining and get a damn job and buy your own damn wedding dress, stop complaining. Your not a child.

Grace Hall
Grace Hall 2 months ago

That's a lot, and it's her owns daughters responsibility to pay for her own wedding. No one has to even have a wedding, when she can just go to the court house and get her marriage certificate. The only thing she has to pay for is a minister. Make it simpler. Don't cry and complain if you can't pay for your own wedding. Having a wedding is so cliche, it's just a way to pay uncle sam more taxes.

Samantha Jackson
Samantha Jackson 2 months ago

My parents got married in their apartment my mom wore her navy blue dress suit and they had my grandma and uncle there just to sign the witness sheet and then everyone went home! And then my parents had their honeymoon in Niagara Falls! And are still married 33 years! If these two really love each other this will be fine

xacha yaun
xacha yaun 2 months ago

This is so sad

aidas adomonis
aidas adomonis 2 months ago

I think she made it to less than 1k 🤣

Akmal Hisyam
Akmal Hisyam 2 months ago

Such a cheap mother..please don't include your cheap mother in your weeding

LupiGoopi 2 months ago

I wouldn’t get married at all I’m sorry

Morgan C 🌻
Morgan C 🌻 2 months ago

And her other daughter got a $750 budget , why can't they both have $1,000?

Veka Sukhanova
Veka Sukhanova 2 months ago

Oh my God this reminds me of my wedding from my ex-husband. Come to think of it it was super cheap too. They got my dress from a thrift store for $75 it was the perfect fit and the perfect style I couldn't have asked for a better dress. All our flowers we got from like Michael's or somewhere like that and they turned out absolutely beautiful realistic looking. They made horderves for food. I can't remember if it was his aunt or his mom that made the food but they were both good cooks and my mom provided pretty bowls and plates which were real. My dad keeps bees so we had free local honey as favors. The wedding was about 8 or 9 hundred dollars.

elita dream
elita dream 2 months ago

(Mom talking about the wedding dress): "That'll look good in the gymnasium!"

There are so many things wrong about this sentence alone, I can't- 😂😭

Q Stunndagoatt
Q Stunndagoatt 2 months ago

Throw the mom away 🗑

HardyGirl66 2 months ago

Not that I condone this, but my wedding (in 1986) cost $1000. I used my prom dress (white lace), our pastor gifted us his services and the church (which had chairs, not pews so the reception was there too). Another member of the church who was a florist, gifted us $1000 worth of flowers, The bridesmaids wore pretty matching dresses that were practical and could be used to church or going to dinner, all the same kind, (forgot the prices, but really reasonable), we rented tuxes for the guys including the ring bearer, bought a cute dress for the flower girl, we had a really nice cake made from a bakery and the food was pot luck. And someone gifted us and photographer and videographer.

MusiBearPlayz WazHere

If my mom would did that i wouldve go home and never come with her 😭😭😭✋