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Carolyn Manno
Carolyn Manno 2 months ago

I would like to see a what they are doing now in one tree hill show think that would be great.

Annie Nagel
Annie Nagel 2 months ago

we want more episodes one tree hill one tree hill!

thinq about it
thinq about it 2 months ago

but does he say "you were...acceptable" to the crowd he plays for?

Saarah Latif
Saarah Latif 2 months ago

Yes! Chris Keller

christy wep12
christy wep12 2 months ago

Oh wow memories..i remember watching One Tree Hill high school days..ahh

K Smith
K Smith 2 months ago

We're not ready for the Chris Keller!

Justyna Sawicka
Justyna Sawicka 2 months ago

Omg yeees I'm so happy hahah