40 MMA \u0026 Boxing Moments You Will Never Forget !



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Information 40 MMA \u0026 Boxing Moments You Will Never Forget !

Title : 40 MMA \u0026 Boxing Moments You Will Never Forget !

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Frames 40 MMA \u0026 Boxing Moments You Will Never Forget !

Description 40 MMA \u0026 Boxing Moments You Will Never Forget !

40 MMA \u0026 Boxing Moments You Will Never Forget !

40 MMA \u0026 Boxing Moments You Will Never Forget !

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Shayne Hunter
Shayne Hunter 2 months ago

Don't call them ring girls for nothing.

tic toc
tic toc 2 months ago

That first bllack show boater going down fucking ace thatl teach him hahahaha


watched in full 👍👌👏 KEEP SAFE I SUBSCRIBED🙏🏊

Rex RazoRanto
Rex RazoRanto 2 months ago

Best dance

Mass Production
Mass Production 2 months ago

When she said cut that means off cam she's getting plowed

JASON GOLSON 2 months ago

5:50 :-O lol smdh, I can't imagine how much money was offered to see this go down and dirty somewhere online.

Satan Son
Satan Son 2 months ago

Omg 2:55 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣💀😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂💀

Claus bmf
Claus bmf 2 months ago

1:10 what a bitchass good for him

DJ O 2 months ago

deam i need that beat

DenisVD 2 months ago

3:08 - Dark Souls moments, good memories

Gabriel Stoqnov
Gabriel Stoqnov 2 months ago


Наско G's
Наско G's 2 months ago

2:27 Its Bulgarian and i was the match in bulgaria on live

Manuel Herk
Manuel Herk 2 months ago

7:30 they should definitely talk with their human resources manager about picking the right sized person:D

nexxusty 2 months ago

That UFC girl in the blue shirt is so unattractive. Why is she there?

Tak Wong
Tak Wong 2 months ago


Analisa Elena
Analisa Elena 2 months ago

A list of fighters or the fights themselves would be helpful.

Aaron Loiselle
Aaron Loiselle 2 months ago

Fact: All ring-girls are whores.

Philpot Hemmings
Philpot Hemmings 2 months ago


goodposture소중한 바른자세

8:00... envy you... 이건 좀 부럽네

Uly Ses
Uly Ses 2 months ago

Muy bueno

Rnj Solo
Rnj Solo 2 months ago


Biff Danielson
Biff Danielson 2 months ago


Guillermo elias Dinamarca


Relax Music
Relax Music 2 months ago


Fist Yondu
Fist Yondu 2 months ago

The way that dancing guy knocked out was some how satisfying🤣🤣

Лдимль Бдлив


Pat Deen
Pat Deen 2 months ago

Why is Ken Shamrock wearing Tito's shorts? 3:06

Xabi Perez
Xabi Perez 2 months ago

6:31 a man has priorities

Prime Matt
Prime Matt 2 months ago

VERY annoying background music 🤬


6:31 when you have lost all of your mental health 'cause of the multiple punches and so you refold on the only thing that has not yet been touched in the match

Topsy Krett
Topsy Krett 2 months ago

I already forgot all of these... 🙄

Dr.Crimp 2 months ago

That dude jumping off the ropes had me cracking hard 😂

Inadhi Banimoyo
Inadhi Banimoyo 2 months ago

1:29 looks like Charlie chaplin movie

DeeJay1210 2 months ago


Langdon Owen
Langdon Owen 2 months ago

I feel like i got clickbaited but still good vidoe

Coach WKF
Coach WKF 2 months ago

0:35 это что было???)))) Судью намолотили в синем сбежал...ахахаха

eUsahawan Shah Alam
eUsahawan Shah Alam 2 months ago

1:49 one in thousand

Johny Relax
Johny Relax 2 months ago

epic shit

theOrangekindle 2 months ago


Nicolás Gallardo
Nicolás Gallardo 2 months ago

5:11 i want to see the hole figth!!

Master sam
Master sam 2 months ago

5:36 guy was charged for sexual harrassment from a previous show girl for putting his hand around her. That's why he's scared of getting near another show girl. 😂😂😂😅 I kinda rate that 🔥

BJBDF 2 months ago

Same old tired clips that have been posted for years.
How do you fudge your numbers like this because you certainly have not gotten 4+ million views in just 5+ weeks.

1001 Kisah Dunia Channel

I like it.....

Johyn 2 months ago

it was great that the church woman who was elbowed in the breast did not move out of the way. just put her hand up to do nothing.

Jeremiah Pangurian
Jeremiah Pangurian 2 months ago


Jazzelynn 2 months ago

Both of the bald guys getting knocked out at the exact same time was a glitch in the matrix 😂

ツMarlenzo 2 months ago

holy fuck what did i just watch haha

Trending Viral
Trending Viral 2 months ago


Doopster 77
Doopster 77 2 months ago

The ref in the first clip kinda deserved it.

ricardo faria de souza

Anderson Silva 2.
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

X Rottiers
X Rottiers 2 months ago

most stupid sport ever seen

M33D8N FF 2 months ago

2:31 Name full match please haahaa

Mask Psychoses
Mask Psychoses 2 months ago

I think that is totally disrespectful to make those fighters take off their clothes for a weigh in.

Big Mac
Big Mac 2 months ago

This was funny😂😂😂🇸🇪

KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin

Lmao 😂

Sad Heart
Sad Heart 2 months ago

3:43, leg lock on the judge, i laughed a lot, greetings from Brazil.

Fernando Ferreira
Fernando Ferreira 2 months ago

7:21 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

Джон Траволта

Посмеялся от души)))

AHMAD M.J 2 months ago

what is that girl name back at 4:30 to 4:45

Underground Evolution Of Hip Hop TV

Alot of boxing is staged ,slow it down and see no real connections and they go down ,alot in tyson fights to ,, he didn't bite ,,he spat the mouth guard out after lol ,, who can bite with teeth covered up,, 😆

Ciaran T
Ciaran T 2 months ago

It’s crazy that Kevin lee went on to win that fight after that crazy kick

Jorge Bandeiras
Jorge Bandeiras 2 months ago


Charlotte Edward
Charlotte Edward 2 months ago

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Forsaken Trio
Forsaken Trio 2 months ago

6:35 Dude like:"I would like to have her "and
The Manager: "if you win I will ask for you"

Ivan KGY
Ivan KGY 2 months ago

1.47 the judge fucked up

Ivan KGY
Ivan KGY 2 months ago

1.15 idiot

Juan Ramos
Juan Ramos 2 months ago

I wish they would've dropped Miesha's towel...I mean equal rights and all....

Kil Zoldyck
Kil Zoldyck 2 months ago

3:08 Bob from tekken

wisdoom operational
wisdoom operational 2 months ago

YE te rampage bullshit should not be among those, and in fact should be forgotten, that shite lame and foul and cringe

mares81 2 months ago

These are not athletes, are barbarians

Loris White's
Loris White's 2 months ago

Omg 😂

Drstoo Stewart
Drstoo Stewart 2 months ago

The music really added to this.

Shingeki1000 2 months ago

4:07 pretty forgettable to me

Mohammad Hoseini
Mohammad Hoseini 2 months ago

Human being is beast kinda.

Trident Gameing
Trident Gameing 2 months ago

6:21 why she became nude?

Trident Gameing
Trident Gameing 2 months ago

Sometimes really respect someone they doing there duty don't do shit things they also has family and feel bad about it

Trident Gameing
Trident Gameing 2 months ago

Why she became nude anyone can explain it?

Fast_hands_Dan 2 months ago

What did I just watch?

Beck Ponce
Beck Ponce 2 months ago

Thanks YouTube!!

mstrmo 47
mstrmo 47 2 months ago


⚡ĞÑ_ß⚜§ 2 months ago

Coach: left right and a quick jab

Sheldоn Сооpег
Sheldоn Сооpег 2 months ago

Min 6:33 Este muchacho me llena de orgullo.

Sheldоn Сооpег
Sheldоn Сооpег 2 months ago

Min 5:26 Vegueta: "No puedo creer que el hombre más fuerte del universo le tenga miedo a una mujer...!

Frank Beltran
Frank Beltran 2 months ago

I watched all of these last month and forgot them all !

Thirupathi priyadharshan U

The last one 😂😂😂

Karen Sharma
Karen Sharma 2 months ago

5.03 sec pe girl name

Евгений Береговой

Нам всем вместе предстоит решить не простую задачу 👉 катаклизмы+экология+кризис - технологии/ Х = выживание человечества. Где значение Х 👉 на Международной конференции, которая прошла 24.08.2021 года. ГЛОБАЛЬНЫЙ КРИЗИС. ЭТО УЖЕ КАСАЕТСЯ КАЖДОГО. .

Nathan McDonald
Nathan McDonald 2 months ago

My favorite thing is watching the cocky ones who let the guard down get knocked the fuck out. People like that really need/deserve that kind of humbling.

Jeff Musyoka
Jeff Musyoka 2 months ago

The last guy is Crazy Horse😂

Simba Mongzar
Simba Mongzar 2 months ago

4:29..she did it intentionally 😁😁😂😂😂😂

scottdetter 2 months ago

6:26 Kamala Harris?

No1rongfr Freedum
No1rongfr Freedum 2 months ago

Ref got what was coming to him 👏

teroafreak 2 months ago

One of the best complications

Cryptology 2 months ago

6:31 🤣

Jal Teco
Jal Teco 2 months ago

Tate is the finest mma fighter ever in history

Erna Athiyah
Erna Athiyah 2 months ago

ketawa saya melihatnya,seperti wiro sableng klo bertarung becanda mulu dak serius

George Roman
George Roman 2 months ago

Lol! The dude in the red skivvies at 8.1 seems to have stuffed a weeks worth of socks in his drawers, no pun intended!! 🤣

One_to channel
One_to channel 2 months ago

Josssss gandos....

Jadwiga 2 months ago

Okropnie wyglądasz kobieto👎 jak sterowany robot 👎👎👎