The Evolution Of The Kardashian Christmas Card



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Information The Evolution Of The Kardashian Christmas Card

Title : The Evolution Of The Kardashian Christmas Card

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Description The Evolution Of The Kardashian Christmas Card

The Evolution Of The Kardashian Christmas Card

The Evolution Of The Kardashian Christmas Card

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Parker Jenson
Parker Jenson 2 months ago

I thought Kylie was older than kendel

jill herfs
jill herfs 2 months ago

Kim was always beautiful

M J 2 months ago

Please update this vid lol

Nisha 2 months ago

1:57 oml that looks so much like some Christmas movie from the 90s. Something like home alone or Nanny McPhee (if it was set in the 90s) 😍

GamingPotato123 2 months ago




Zacky Poarch
Zacky Poarch 2 months ago


James Paterson
James Paterson 2 months ago

seeing Khloe and Rob. Its just crazy

MC StarryKitty
MC StarryKitty 2 months ago

"North West" is a cutie. But I think that someone can easily bully her because of her name

Darlene Duggan
Darlene Duggan 2 months ago

Yeah anyone can become famous but I might be wrong , but weren't they already half Rich and famous back then

Betty Miller
Betty Miller 2 months ago

I liked the last one best

z.araT 2 months ago

6:11 mason looks like the wall lol

Alicja Pauley
Alicja Pauley 2 months ago

Kendall is so pretty x

Alivia1009 2 months ago

Who Else is watching this in 2020

Mystic Gaming
Mystic Gaming 2 months ago

6:07 lol her face around those kids though

Lyrics By me
Lyrics By me 2 months ago

BRUUUUH Khloe is gat AF

jerinet cabrera
jerinet cabrera 2 months ago

If they had more jenners how come I never herd of them

Christinaplayz 2 months ago

I like the red dress and some of them are on the stairs

Megan Xo
Megan Xo 2 months ago

Khloe looks like a friend of the family definitely not a kardashian

Amy Mifsud
Amy Mifsud 2 months ago

My favourite Christmas card photos was from the 90s

Chanvira TEA
Chanvira TEA 2 months ago

I like every card that has rob jr in it

シkexna 2 months ago

3 years later anyone

Bobby Lloyd
Bobby Lloyd 2 months ago

You mean

Kardashian Khristmas Kard

Leslie Garcia
Leslie Garcia 2 months ago

What about 2018?

Αφροδίτη Σαμίου


Andrei Marius
Andrei Marius 2 months ago

Sara Marie
Sara Marie 2 months ago

Khloe looks different from Kim and kourtney

Minahil Zara
Minahil Zara 2 months ago

This is wrong in 201 the was wrong

Caitlyn Sutrisno
Caitlyn Sutrisno 2 months ago

The 2012 Christmas card reminded me of Modern Family

Amarys Rivera
Amarys Rivera 2 months ago


OkayKaty 2 months ago


OkayKaty 2 months ago

So Kendal and kylie aren’t twins ? 😮🤨

So Sueann 76
So Sueann 76 2 months ago


Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther 2 months ago

whos 2019

Business Of Seyy
Business Of Seyy 2 months ago

You can tell Kim was the “hot” sister 😭

zoe 2 months ago

Harmony Royal Disick

Leen Yaghi
Leen Yaghi 2 months ago

2019 anyone???

Goofy Hope
Goofy Hope 2 months ago

The 2011 picture cause like it was bomb periodt

Louise Adayah Cerda
Louise Adayah Cerda 2 months ago

Hello its 2019

aleina hartono
aleina hartono 2 months ago

kris looks a lot like kendal

Aleata Illusion
Aleata Illusion 2 months ago

These are cute!

Jaya Kang
Jaya Kang 2 months ago

Who do you like more
1.Kim like 2.Chloe comment

peanut link
peanut link 2 months ago

Khloe is not robs child idc

Miracle Rivera
Miracle Rivera 2 months ago


Natalie Rozean
Natalie Rozean 2 months ago

Kanye’s “vision” .....🙄🙄🙄

Megan White
Megan White 2 months ago

Is it even called beauty when they’ve all had surgery to change their faces and bodies?

Ranumi Dharmadasa
Ranumi Dharmadasa 2 months ago

Why is Bruce reminding me of Chandler Bing?

Sylvia Doshier
Sylvia Doshier 2 months ago

2017 was my favo

My too Much Gene
My too Much Gene 2 months ago

Babababa khole looked so fat

Haqq 2 months ago

Got a kuwtk video

Story Telling
Story Telling 2 months ago

Do they pay you to make lot and lots of video of the kar/jenner

Sandra 2 months ago


I live for bangtan uwu

Talko:we love Kardashians as you do

*sees other video

:are you joking meee

HolyCowplants 2 months ago

Who is here from March 2019?

Carly forever
Carly forever 2 months ago

I love the kardashians and kylie and kendall! Love all the family the kids are so cute!

Kiara fried Chicken
Kiara fried Chicken 2 months ago

KYLIE look KD nothing like her family why

kogarashi kanbina
kogarashi kanbina 2 months ago

0:14 gunhoo why u here?

Gisel Lopez
Gisel Lopez 2 months ago

“ to see what they are doing in 2017 ...”
sorry I am living in 2019

Demi ungerer
Demi ungerer 2 months ago

Happy 2019

Sydney Simpson
Sydney Simpson 2 months ago

I'm soooooo late #2019

bhad bhaby fan
bhad bhaby fan 2 months ago

Finally I found a photoshot of them with clouth on

veronica walden
veronica walden 2 months ago

That pic tho..what's with the Roots Kim own your own color

nina jokelainen
nina jokelainen 2 months ago

My favorite is where is Robert Snr and kids without Kris. Just Robert Snr and kids.

demi briers
demi briers 2 months ago

I liked the kardashian jenner family 2017 christmas card and I am watching this in 2018

Amina Anjum
Amina Anjum 2 months ago

. 20 kris looks like tulsi virani. Only Indians can relate.

Calton Olive
Calton Olive 2 months ago

I love the kardashians😍

Eduardo Gutiérrez
Eduardo Gutiérrez 2 months ago

Khloe is not a Kardashian is soooo evident lmao

Chloe Lopez
Chloe Lopez 2 months ago

anyone notice how in their dads card they spelled khloe's name wrong

Yomna Gargoum
Yomna Gargoum 2 months ago

The one when they wore jeans and a plan white t-shirt that one was so cute ❤️

Queen Ferrari
Queen Ferrari 2 months ago

2:07 kim Looks stunning🤤

Maren Wing
Maren Wing 2 months ago

Bert Cassandra never herd of them

dani 2 months ago

Khloe is not robs daughter at all

Purple Cube
Purple Cube 2 months ago

How much Kylie Jenner has changed

youtube youtube
youtube youtube 2 months ago

kylie and kendall are not in the 2017 card

Jsd8675 2 months ago

You have trouble using the past tense of verbs.

Synch Simmer
Synch Simmer 2 months ago

I think my favorite was the 2017 Chrismas Card because all the kids we're there

Mozon ?
Mozon ? 2 months ago

Who is khloé’s daddy?

Olivier Manican
Olivier Manican 2 months ago

Literally obsessed stop pleaseeeeee!,!!!

Rosa Wall
Rosa Wall 2 months ago

Assume really ill noise lie link department corn difficulty launch.

itsyagirldaniela Raya

0:16 Khloe be like can I leave? Lol XD

It’s A Virus
It’s A Virus 2 months ago

2008 was my fav

Pink Heart
Pink Heart 2 months ago

They really know how to pose🤷‍♀️🤳

stan got7
stan got7 2 months ago

The kardashians look like nothing now then when they did as kids.

Mr. Grapes _YT
Mr. Grapes _YT 2 months ago

Your channel’s fake AF

Kimberlee Mckeon
Kimberlee Mckeon 2 months ago

Beautiful family and kids

seraby 2 months ago

2012 was the best but 2017 had a nice idea too. Too bad kylie and rob werent around

RONN HENSLEY 2 months ago

I really never thought about my favorite one but when the 2013 card came out and I could see all the Illuminati symbolism, I was rendered speechless.

ayesha khan
ayesha khan 2 months ago

Popular women in world !? Seriously ?? Mostly no one knows them i guess ...

Stranger Things Fan
Stranger Things Fan 2 months ago

I love the Talko

Brianna Ellis
Brianna Ellis 2 months ago

STOP IT!!! Y’all r bringing others down if u don’t like em stop watching videos of them like quit it😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

-thelma- 2 months ago

I t s 2018

Izzy Sprouls
Izzy Sprouls 2 months ago


jazmine spam
jazmine spam 2 months ago

my favorite was 2012 it looks so cute ;3 <3

Jolina Dilan
Jolina Dilan 2 months ago

The girl on the ladder at 3.36 does not look like kylie

Jolina Dilan
Jolina Dilan 2 months ago

At 3.24 which one is Kendall and which one is Kylie

Jolina Dilan
Jolina Dilan 2 months ago

At 2.26 one of Bruce's kids from his other wife was missing

Jolina Dilan
Jolina Dilan 2 months ago

In 2006 Bruce could have been spending time with his children instead of his second wife's children who despite him raising them since they were children haven't not and will never see him as their dad, I mean they didn't even have the decency to tell him they got engaged or are having a baby. He had to find out from the news.

Princess Bear
Princess Bear 2 months ago

in the card with just robert and the kids, they spelled Khloe's name wrong

Areyouserious !?
Areyouserious !? 2 months ago

The didn't ask Santa to make them famous..... they ask devil to make them famous and now they are famous with that they are devil worshippers there's an "all seeing eye" of illuminati behind Kendall and khloè on 2013 Christmas card

Samantha Fable
Samantha Fable 2 months ago

Watching 2018