Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decorations / Rustic DIY Large Christmas Wreaths


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Information Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decorations / Rustic DIY Large Christmas Wreaths

Title : Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decorations / Rustic DIY Large Christmas Wreaths

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Frames Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decorations / Rustic DIY Large Christmas Wreaths

Description Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decorations / Rustic DIY Large Christmas Wreaths

Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decorations / Rustic DIY Large Christmas Wreaths

Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decorations / Rustic DIY Large Christmas Wreaths

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Mary Barton
Mary Barton 2 months ago

I love your wreaths, they're all beautiful

Crystal Collins
Crystal Collins 2 months ago

These are gorgeous!!!!

Gina Cable
Gina Cable 2 months ago

The outside wreath was stunning.

Tracy Lu
Tracy Lu 2 months ago

Australia is out of Christmas trees! I have a question, will I still get gifts from Santa if I don’t have a Christmas tree, but decorated my house and my front garden, will I still get gifts in my stocking? Please answer me, cause I want gifts! 😢😢😢

Sandy Johnson
Sandy Johnson 2 months ago

Love it

B McDonald
B McDonald 2 months ago

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks 😊

Bud Latham
Bud Latham 2 months ago

Hula hoop is brilliant, had no idea what t use. Using real pine boughs, wire ties. great idea.

Roxanne Munoz
Roxanne Munoz 2 months ago

Wow so beautiful :) Thankyou for sharing.

Lauri Snipes
Lauri Snipes 2 months ago

Thanks for getting right to the point and not telling your whole life story first. 🤣

Linda DeChow
Linda DeChow 2 months ago

I really like how you dab on the white paint as snow! Wow, I don't know why but I had not thought of that, so easy, thanks for these wonderful ideas. The small wreath is so pretty and for a couple of bucks, what a great idea.

Sprogo Home & Away
Sprogo Home & Away 2 months ago

Great wreaths, especially love the berry one, that can be very expensive from the shops. xxx

Zoe Harris
Zoe Harris 2 months ago

I’m gonna try this 😀 thank you

Bette Gregory
Bette Gregory 2 months ago

Should have spray painted hoop dar green firsr

Karen Butcher
Karen Butcher 2 months ago

I'm not really ready for Christmas videos but had to see what you were up to! I just love your no nonsense attitude. I can see white on the red balls. Could you cover them with a little paint or would that show?

Jay 2 months ago

That white paint for snow is so simple and yet it looks beautiful! Just goes to show that nothing needs to be as complicated as we think it needs to be. Thank you for sharing!!

Jaci H
Jaci H 2 months ago

The hula hoop wreaths ......crazy cute n so creative Megan. Berry wreath incredible.

Annabella-Bug 2 months ago

Omg your large wreaths looks better than the ones at hobby lobby that are close to $200.00 ✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️

Thea Hopson
Thea Hopson 2 months ago

All 3 are Beautiful, TFS!

Andrea Vazquez
Andrea Vazquez 2 months ago

I really loved the red berries one! i was wondering where you got the red berries for that one because i looked at all my local dollar trees and there isn’t any like those :(

Michele Lomeli
Michele Lomeli 2 months ago

I love the berry wreath, its so beautiful! Deffinitly gunna make that one. Thank you for sharing with us.

Bevey Hawco
Bevey Hawco 2 months ago

I love your wreaths. Inexpensive & easy , great for new crafters as well. Thank you for sharing.

April Bunn
April Bunn 2 months ago

I love this idea so much that I made 2 of the hula hoop wreaths with a floating silver reindeer in the middle tht came out beautiful thank u for sharing 🤗

Dr Sky
Dr Sky 2 months ago

You sound like my cousins girlfriend sherry ! I miss her company 😭💓

Darlene Mullins
Darlene Mullins 2 months ago

They're all so beautiful ❤️

sue cooley
sue cooley 2 months ago

Just saw your channel and watched your Diy, those turned out soo Amazing! New sub here.and thumbs up😊

R Duckster
R Duckster 2 months ago

Can’t believe you’re hot gluing while on your carpet...I’d have it everywhere! Looks great though

Michelle K Price
Michelle K Price 2 months ago

the hula hoop wreath is the best that I have seen so far what a brilliant idea and thanks for sharing. I just came across your channel and I had to hit the Subscribe button I would love to see more Creations from you again thank you so much.

LifeAt50&Beyond DIY
LifeAt50&Beyond DIY 2 months ago

Love all 3...My fave is the first one! Great job!!! TFS, hugs~ Josie :)

Jade Stone
Jade Stone 2 months ago

These wreaths are awesome. I love what you did!

Shawnetta Jacomé
Shawnetta Jacomé 2 months ago

Well how bout that!! 😁 Now I gotta find me a hula hoop somewhere lol I'm absolutely loving these!! Tfs

aneciafinch 2 months ago

You did that! I love all of them! I bought the 2 18 inch wreaths and plan to put them together to make a fuller wreath. I thought about buying the DT Garland to add to make the wreaths fuller with that. I think I may keep them separate and grab some garland and create 2 wreaths.

Karen McDaris
Karen McDaris 2 months ago

Great job! They’re beautiful!
I would never have guessed they cost so little. I definitely have to make these. Thank you so much for the craft ideas and God Bless You❤️🦋

Panyia Xiong
Panyia Xiong 2 months ago

Omg! Love them!

Denise Lenhardt
Denise Lenhardt 2 months ago

All three are gorgeous

Kara Shea
Kara Shea 2 months ago

Dig those wreaths!

Ramon - at HOME
Ramon - at HOME 2 months ago

this turned out so beautiful thank you so much for sharing with all of us.
you inspire me to continue my 25 days of Christmas series and gave me some ideas for my videos YAY
Ramon @ Home

granny lit
granny lit 2 months ago

so very pretty

Sonia Alvarado
Sonia Alvarado 2 months ago

Love the berry but they are all great!

Erics Granny
Erics Granny 2 months ago

Love all these wreaths! Super cute!

Cynthia shesobless
Cynthia shesobless 2 months ago

New subscriber love ❤️ love your diy

Wendy Longwill
Wendy Longwill 2 months ago

Loved the berry wreath!!! new sub T Y FS this enjoyed.

Irita Bella
Irita Bella 2 months ago

Wow thanks so much for sharing I love love all of them

lalalal696969 2 months ago

I'm going to make two of the berry wreaths to hang on the windows looking out to my backyard. Thanks for sharing! :)

81Malaguena 2 months ago


melanie s
melanie s 2 months ago

These diy wreaths are absolutely awesome! I love all three😍 Super happy I found your channel😊 I'm a new subie, just subscribed to channel right now. Can't wait to see all your other diy videos. From what I've seen already, I know I'm going to love this channel. Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas, take care and GOD bless!

Penny Santana
Penny Santana 2 months ago

Awsome idea, the small berry and largest ones are my favorite 🙏

Laurie Russo
Laurie Russo 2 months ago

These are all fantastic! Wondering if they need to be treated somehow to hang outside? Much love!!

octavia brown crafts and diys

Love the third one

Deb Teramani
Deb Teramani 2 months ago

LOVE the wreaths! Going to try the berry style, looks beautiful and easy! Thanks for these great ideas❤️

laby angel
laby angel 2 months ago

Love the small berry wreath!

Donna Smith
Donna Smith 2 months ago

very cool!

Jessica Lynn at Home
Jessica Lynn at Home 2 months ago

I love the wreaths! The berry one is so cute! 💕💕

Misty Baker
Misty Baker 2 months ago

Your berry wreath is friggin awesome! 🎄🎄🎄

Keisha Keys
Keisha Keys 2 months ago


Carol Thomas
Carol Thomas 2 months ago

All 3 ate beautiful. The berry one is my favourite.

Crystal Dawn
Crystal Dawn 2 months ago

The berry wreath is soooo pretty!

DIY By Bella House
DIY By Bella House 2 months ago

Love the red berry one the most! They all look great 😍

Kristin Kay
Kristin Kay 2 months ago

I love the huge wreaths you make. The berry one was defiantly my favorite!!! 😃😃

Karen O'Hara
Karen O'Hara 2 months ago

Wow! These are really lovely. Good job! Thanks for sharing 🎄🐧🎀🎁

Overwhelmed Mommy
Overwhelmed Mommy 2 months ago

Love all 3

Pam Preast
Pam Preast 2 months ago

WOW those are all awesome!!!! TFS

AtHomeWithZane R.
AtHomeWithZane R. 2 months ago

I love the berry wreath. I have one I paid a ridiculous amount of money for years ago and yours looks better!!

mcota5 2 months ago

Very nice diys thank you for sharing the tutorial.

YariGlows215 2 months ago

Can you create a Lamp post for Christmas?

Eileen Carter
Eileen Carter 2 months ago

I like all three, but the red is the best.

B wynn
B wynn 2 months ago

Omgosh I love these. I've been trying to finish using hula hoops n have not found many, then today you shared this. Oh how thrilled I am, ty so much fs. Take care

Betty Wilson
Betty Wilson 2 months ago

Love them all . Thanks for sharing !!

Allison Mertzman
Allison Mertzman 2 months ago

Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing, they’re all gorgeous

Karie R
Karie R 2 months ago

Awesome! Love that you can make a huge wreath on a budget!

Meemaw Diana
Meemaw Diana 2 months ago

Absolutely love this!!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕

Ashleigh Lauren
Ashleigh Lauren 2 months ago

Love them Megan! My fav is the berry wreath! ❤️

Libby Gibson
Libby Gibson 2 months ago

Great projects!

Tina Rice
Tina Rice 2 months ago

Nice & Easy Wreaths To Make. The first wreath speaks to me! I love it!!! 🦌🎅🏿🎄🤶🌲🎅

KraftsbyKatelyn 2 months ago

I love the 3rd one! ❤❤❤

Charlii C
Charlii C 2 months ago

I love the first wreath!

Autmazing 2 months ago

They are all so pretty! Thank you for the inspiration!

SftbalMom17 2 months ago

That would be a perfect wreath to put on top of my mantel. TFS. Love it!

A L 2 months ago

Love!! Thaks for the ideas!