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Lorena Tuinenburg
Lorena Tuinenburg 2 months ago

YES! Decorate the whole house! Give’em a SHOW!

Faty Morel
Faty Morel 2 months ago


Jaime Constable
Jaime Constable 2 months ago

Lauren it’s just beautiful I’ve just watched a bunch of your videos….. girl you drop a serious amount of coin lol ( I wish) gorgeous ❀️

Melikishvili Mediko
Melikishvili Mediko 2 months ago


Mercedes Anita
Mercedes Anita 2 months ago

What song is playing in the beginning?

Germana Pertocoli
Germana Pertocoli 2 months ago

πŸ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Lisa Eason
Lisa Eason 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

Anwar Alamrad
Anwar Alamrad 2 months ago

Can anyone recommend to me a strong and stable stand for a 6 feet Christmas tree, please?Β 
I tried one from amazon and it wasn't holding my tree tight especially after I added the decorations.

Cece 2 months ago

Considering how much renovation you have done to the house, there is no point in not doing the threshold, the house is completely changed from its original design.

2020 2 months ago

Love this! ❀️

Linda Sampath
Linda Sampath 2 months ago

Made my day just a feeling of Christmas β˜ƒοΈ that makes me feel so happy no matter what time of the year

Brent McKee
Brent McKee 2 months ago

Do you know the name of the pencil trees from Michael’s? I love them!

Just A Small Town Girl_Lynne

Just watching this now as I just became a recent subscriber, it is June and 90Β° out in Iowa! LOL your porch turned out just adorableπŸŽ„β€¦ but I must ask you are you like one of the very first ones to decorate so early for Christmas? I decorate the day after Halloween. Do you do it before that? And do you do open house For Christmas?

Miss Bev R
Miss Bev R 2 months ago

Binge watching your channel and love it ! Will you please link the black rockers on your porch?

BRENDA Butler 2 months ago

Yes we do.

Jennifer Stratton
Jennifer Stratton 2 months ago

I found your channel because I was looking for St Patrick's Day decor. I LOVE your style and ideas! Literally been binging every holiday porch makeover you have! I make my porch over for every season too πŸ€— Not to your level, but someday! I also love that your outfits match your colors/decoration choices. Its just the right amount of extra πŸ€­πŸ˜‰

Jhana Rix
Jhana Rix 2 months ago

You just mentioned where the sleigh was from.

Jhana Rix
Jhana Rix 2 months ago

Sorry about your fur baby. That is so hard. Do you remember where you purchased the sleigh from? Soo cute.

Carla Gomes
Carla Gomes 2 months ago


Christine Nicholls
Christine Nicholls 2 months ago

Will you be doing any videos on storage for seasonal decor? Thanks!

Christine Nicholls
Christine Nicholls 2 months ago

I’m so sorry about your dog- lost my boy too. (This sentimental note really helped me relate to you - thanks for sharing. πŸ•β€οΈπŸŒˆMy neighbor places trees on her porch with a tall black flameless lantern that’s 5 - 6 feet tall like the ones you see in Thomas Kincade pics.

My Happy Nest
My Happy Nest 2 months ago

Very pretty. You must live in a warm climate to be able to put the poinsettias outside. Love all your decorations.

Dianne Willis
Dianne Willis 2 months ago

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. We get a lot of snow and wind in the winter so I can’t decorate my front porch but I have the cutest shed that my husband just built for me so I am going to decorate it and take pretty pictures of my Grand Kids.

Kathy Bommer
Kathy Bommer 2 months ago


Dolores Ramirez
Dolores Ramirez 2 months ago

You are awesome..jealous of your energy. Love the porch...Beautiful..πŸ™β€

Adriana Fossee
Adriana Fossee 2 months ago

Oh my gosh 4 kids AND you work?! HOW do you do all this?! You decorate beautifully!! I love all your videos.

Milgia Hernandez
Milgia Hernandez 2 months ago

Gorgeous...i love it...

Karen McDaris
Karen McDaris 2 months ago

Love it! The red with the beautiful white house for the backdrop is absolutely breathtaking. πŸ₯°

Wendy Sheriff
Wendy Sheriff 2 months ago

I love how the poinsettias turned out on the steps. Such an inviting front porch! Happy Holidays πŸŽ„πŸ˜Š

bjohnson1149 2 months ago

Yes, I use trees on my front porch on either side of my front door. Your decorations are lovely, but I have to say that I love the ribbon cascading down instead of wrapping around. Just personal taste, I know. I love your color choices.

Jackie Hammond
Jackie Hammond 2 months ago

I love it,I wish I could put poinsettias outside,but it gets to cold where I live,but I will have plenty insideπŸ˜†. Your home is beautiful.

filami joy billones
filami joy billones 2 months ago

Your a certified fabulous momma and it shows on how you decorate your front porch and ILOVE IT!!! Christmas in your house is soooo glamorous and can't wait to see your next video.

Maria Callahan
Maria Callahan 2 months ago

Love it neat.Merry Christmas.

Marie 2 months ago

Definitely decorate the entire property. I loved the snow on the porch. The snow made the biggest impact. Good call.

debbie gordon
debbie gordon 2 months ago

My sister and I made a tree for our deck from pine and fir branches and looks like a real tree with some white birch logs around it..

Ringpop617 2 months ago

So cute. Great job! 😊

Rachel Clark, RN
Rachel Clark, RN 2 months ago

Love this! So creative.

Artist In a Garden
Artist In a Garden 2 months ago

Great job Lauren! Just found your channel and enjoyed your video! Looks like your channel has taken off in the past few weeks! Congratulations! Keep doing what you do!

Paula c
Paula c 2 months ago

The entire porch looks fantastic. My fav would be the red wagon and the red potted trees. I know you said you got the tress with the red pot from Home Depot but I was wondering where did the red wagon come from? because I would like to purchase one for my little one-room decor. Thanks in advance for your reply back Lauren.

Jacqueline Jones
Jacqueline Jones 2 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Love what you've done to the front porch & exterior of your home, beautiful & inviting. Although I loved it all, I enjoyed the vignettes created around & near the porch trees, All striking!

Roy Dixon
Roy Dixon 2 months ago

Can't believe you have four children. Your porch looks great. Merry Christmas, Kay Dixon

Denise Praski
Denise Praski 2 months ago

Sorry for your loss of sweet Ellie πŸ˜ͺ we lost one of ours this fall as well.
Love your porch and yes we put a tree on ours too so fun! Just subscribed to your channel! Merry Christmas to you and your family!πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ€ΆπŸŽ…πŸŽ„β„β›„

Juanita Olson
Juanita Olson 2 months ago

Love your decor and sense of style. So many ideas for my own front porch;( minus the fake snow) I get the real stuff. LOL

Mary Elizabeth jaquay

Beautiful porch. I too place trees at my entry. Merry Christmas from Pittsburgh, PA.

Timeless Elegance Design by Vee

So very beautiful I love the poinsettias

Linda Haynes
Linda Haynes 2 months ago

Makes me sad. Texas panhandle has frequent 40 mile an hour winds in December. Very few Christmas decorations can survive that! I’ve picked up some that had blown two blocks away

Karon Wostenholme
Karon Wostenholme 2 months ago

Lovely. Xx

Margaret York
Margaret York 2 months ago

SOOOrry about the lost of Ellie! JUst lost my cat MYA a few weeks ago! So when i saw the sweet kittens touched my heart!

Margaret York
Margaret York 2 months ago

Love you Lauren! i know you are a fun mom! The kittens where so sweet! Hope yiu v=can keep one!

bini dishore
bini dishore 2 months ago

Loved those scratches on your door ❀

Phoebe Zarif
Phoebe Zarif 2 months ago

So beautiful I really like it God bless you and family enjoy Christmas and don’t forget to glorify Jesus the great aim of Christmas

Smt. P. B.
Smt. P. B. 2 months ago

Love from IndiaπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Karen Helm
Karen Helm 2 months ago

I love the trees , the wreath and the beautiful red poinsettias ... I remember from before you mentioned the scratches on the door. I’m the same, if I ever moved; I’d take the door with me.

123bojac 2 months ago

Beautiful, a 2 story White House with black shutters always looks great to me. We have a 2 story White House with black shutters also which sits on a corner lot. 2 years ago we decided to dress the windows all around. Wow, what a difference. We also have shutters on side and back windows which I found was different. It really makes the entire house pop. I may get poinsettias tomorrow for our steps. You did a great job. Thank you.

Beverly Wilkinson
Beverly Wilkinson 2 months ago

I am loving this Christmas porch decor, you always do the most beautiful porch throughout the different seasons and this is equally as lovely, the point setters are just so gorgeous the perfect finishing touchπŸ™πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸ€ΆπŸΌπŸ‘πŸ½β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡ΉπŸ’―

Flower Nbloom
Flower Nbloom 2 months ago

Don't throw your pumpkins away! Aren't there any horses around that you can donate them to?

Aneta Wiaderek
Aneta Wiaderek 2 months ago


SarahMW 2 months ago

Great decorations but way to much going on.


You are so talented. I never get tired of ur videos.πŸ₯°

Denise Throndsen
Denise Throndsen 2 months ago

Wow, everything is so gorgeous! Your house is a real showstopper! How fun to live in a beautiful, historic home that is important to your community. I love to decorate over the top also, so I LOVE everything! Love your content. Hugs from a cold 25 degrees in Utah!πŸŽ„

PegEgg Eggleston
PegEgg Eggleston 2 months ago

Your home is just beautiful. You did a great job on the front porch/steps. Loves lovely. And we too all enjoy our memories of our fur babies. Merry Christmas. Love PegEgg

karla morales
karla morales 2 months ago

Everything looks beautiful!!!

Lisa A
Lisa A 2 months ago

Turned out beautiful! πŸŽ„ ❄️ ⛄️

Bakin Mom
Bakin Mom 2 months ago

Great video, everything looks so beautiful. Looks like the ski resorts in Northern, Ontario Canada . We are around 32 degrees and have had snow. Keep safe

Faith Girton
Faith Girton 2 months ago

I go secondhand shopping and I start in October I have found so many trees and I have shared them with with people that are in need beautiful ones! I don’t have much I live in an apartment but I don’t want to look like I’m poor I have very expensive taste so therefore I look for what I can find that’s almost free and people always ask me where I found it there so surprised and I have trees on my porch and I have trees on my patio and it looks so pretty so you don’t have to have a lot of money to make something look beautiful!

Leslie Carson
Leslie Carson 2 months ago

Lauren, love how the porch turned out. I am a big fan of the lodge look. Only have a few pieces I have gathered thru the years... but love them and never grow tired of the look.

Sherry Dolen
Sherry Dolen 2 months ago

Love it all

MaryAnn Parsons.
MaryAnn Parsons. 2 months ago

It’s all beautiful!! Hard to pick a favorite! I do love the pencil trees though! 🌲🌲❀️

Linda Winchester
Linda Winchester 2 months ago


Carol Hague
Carol Hague 2 months ago

Out side looks so beautiful love all the decor 😍 πŸ’•

Bernice Warren
Bernice Warren 2 months ago

Very beautiful

Jeanie Turner
Jeanie Turner 2 months ago

Turned out amazing.

Teresa Galbreath
Teresa Galbreath 2 months ago

I would love to use "snow" on my front porch but the squirrels take it for nesting material. Two years ago I kept finding little pieces of it between us and the next door neighbor. lol

Sunginval 2 months ago

4 kids you look great!! Advice on how to bounce back after pregnancy. Wow!

Ruth P
Ruth P 2 months ago

I love every part of it.It's always so exciting to me to see what you describe to us come to life. The steps with the gift wrapped posts have given me inspiration to incorporate that into my front porch decor. Again,thx for always decorating the outdoor spaces TOO!! Love your channel.

Nancy Zahradnik
Nancy Zahradnik 2 months ago

I am so sorry about your fur babyπŸ™Your front porch looks amazing. I am loving your poinsettias.I live in the northeast and to put live plants out in the winter months is unheard of. For me they need to be fake. Merry Christmas LaurenπŸŽ„

Jackie Lucchesi
Jackie Lucchesi 2 months ago

Just found your channel and everything is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

Lidia Style
Lidia Style 2 months ago

Hello from Washington State 😁 Thank you for video πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸŒ·πŸŽ„

Wanda Vinson
Wanda Vinson 2 months ago

I have a tiny β€œporch” but I have a tree in the yard! πŸŽ„

Marcy Innocent
Marcy Innocent 2 months ago

My favorite part was everything in this video! So I am subscribing and looking for more to come!

marilyn tipton
marilyn tipton 2 months ago

Beautiful and very inspiring πŸ’•πŸ’•My favorite I think are the trees by door! I had poinsettias but read they will freeze and die outside..I'm in TN or are they faux? Thanks sooo much for sharing absolutely beautiful!

laurette Poulin
laurette Poulin 2 months ago

maybe a tiny bit to much ... but beautiful !

The Jolly Acorn
The Jolly Acorn 2 months ago

Awesome🀢 Have a Christmas Peak at featuring Handmade in NC Christmas Wreaths, Wrapping, Gifts, and Expandable cute..various options available..#shopsmall#ChristmasWreaths...Thanks, Merry Christmas

The_Holiday _Hutch
The_Holiday _Hutch 2 months ago

I cried like it was my dog when you spoke about the scratches on the front door! So sad and sweet! I absolutely love everything can’t choose one thing!

ANGELA DAVILA 2 months ago

Where did you get that big Merry Christmas sign?

Victoria Bourgeois
Victoria Bourgeois 2 months ago

You are absolutely an awesome woman. Mother of 4, works outside the home, fantastic decorator, thinking a student, and very enthusiastic individual. Can tell you are in love with life. So glad I found your channel awhile back. Great job as usual. Tfs cheers

Donna DeLany
Donna DeLany 2 months ago

I love it all! you are so creative! It's just so stinking cute! Your kids must love all the decorations you put out! I'm also very sorry to hear about the loss of your fur baby. :( Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and your talents with us! Blessings!

Vickie Ott
Vickie Ott 2 months ago

Your home is beautiful. I love everything,

Aunt Mary
Aunt Mary 2 months ago

Omg Lauren😭😘🐢!! The loss of a fur baby is brutal!! I’m so glad you kept her scratches on the door! Love your diy’s!!

Darla Shevelow
Darla Shevelow 2 months ago

I decorated my front porch for the first time in a very long time. I purchase a 5ft Christmas tree, a woodland star tree topper and a few red, white & silver plastic ornaments. Spruced up my very old door wreath using a few of the new ornaments. Use a few other items I’ve owned for years: small wood child size rocking chair; with a white fuzzy pillow (looks like snow), small stuffed snowman holding a sleigh. Wrapped the bottom of the tree with a tree skirt that I made long ago (before kids). I’m loving how it all came together πŸ’•πŸŽ„

Marylen Hastings
Marylen Hastings 2 months ago

Yes, we have a tree on our porch. Sorry for your loss of Ellie. It’s so hard to lose a fur baby. Absolutely love your porch decor! Your attention to detail is beautiful! The poinsettias make it pop!

Home Inspiration
Home Inspiration 2 months ago

Great job ... !!

Sara Carr
Sara Carr 2 months ago


Tracy Beehner
Tracy Beehner 2 months ago

I am new to your channel and absolutely love it! You can just see and feel the joy you get from decorating and making such a lovely and cozy home for your family. Love love,love. Thank you for sharing your ideas. The Poinsettia plants are so lovely. 🌲🌲🌲

Pat Farley
Pat Farley 2 months ago

Your bench is so cool and perfect for staging your decor. Love the ski lodge look! And the trees! So sorry about Miss Ellie! Losing a fur baby is so hard.

Tami Perkins-Trickett

Absolutely beautiful!

heather mason
heather mason 2 months ago

I do but our winds are so strong in nz

Janice Harrell
Janice Harrell 2 months ago


anita maerzke
anita maerzke 2 months ago

Dear Laureen,i like your Videos, you are realy talented,like your porch,it is very american and very kitch.maybe you schould try a litle less,to decorate with less but extraordinary things.too much is not always beautiful.merry christmas!

Andrea Rosales
Andrea Rosales 2 months ago

I love 😲😍