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How I Met Your Mother - Christmas

How I Met Your Mother - Christmas

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Mauricio Correa Meza
Mauricio Correa Meza 2 months ago

She deserved all kinds of adjectives for what she did to Marshall tbh

Ольга Майка

Episode and season please

Quentin Khoo
Quentin Khoo 2 months ago

Does anyone know the brand of jacket ted mosby wore in this episode?

MJN SEIFER 2 months ago

I am 100% certain that the word Ted called Lily started with a "C".  You'd have to be really sensitive to be that offended by anything less, even if it was one of your best friends saying it.  The gang have used words like "bitch" in joke with each other, as well, so I don't think they consider it to be that bad unless it is used in hate, and even then Lily would be more offended by Ted betraying her than the actual word if that was the case, yet she is shown to be offended by the word.

It can't be anything worst than the most insulting English swearword ever - everything else would be a big overreaction, unless you had a personal emotional hate for any lesser insults (which Lily is not shown to have with "bitch".)

Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift 2 months ago

Lily 😆

TheIceSamurai 2 months ago

So grinch meant cunt right

love shadowhunters
love shadowhunters 2 months ago

I know I am late, and I loooove Lily but she says son of a bitch in almost every episode and the whole gang curse all the time sooo....

Ronald Hmangte
Ronald Hmangte 2 months ago

i really didnt like lily in the first 2 seasons

dabian 2 months ago

this video is 1.25 speed

Santosh sharma
Santosh sharma 2 months ago

can someone tell me the real word

Soumya Sharan
Soumya Sharan 2 months ago

What's the original word that they're using for Grinch?

InanimateSum 2 months ago

She left him to pursue a selfish dream that didn't even work out when she left.

Jm Lim
Jm Lim 2 months ago

Isn't this an example of 'Aldrin Justice'?

the brave one
the brave one 2 months ago

How come no one's talking about barney's "dary" sleep

TheDarkarrow7 2 months ago


Jareth The Goblin King

This one time at band camp..

Kagereneko 2 months ago

Robin face here is what my dreams are made of...

onE mEmbEr studio
onE mEmbEr studio 2 months ago

Merry Christmas, assface!

darthen856 2 months ago

I am not normally one of those guys who complain about Lily. But she totally annoyed me in this episode. Talk about overreacting.