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"I love You Mom" Poem

"I love You Mom" Poem

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brenda maillet
brenda maillet 2 months ago

If you do love find me a place to live , I do not love your dad


I love momi niidodae

Tiona Iceyy
Tiona Iceyy 2 months ago


sara aboud
sara aboud 2 months ago


Harman Kaur
Harman Kaur 2 months ago

This poem almost maked me cry my mum is in italy 😢

faiza ali
faiza ali 2 months ago


mardin neemat
mardin neemat 2 months ago

I lose my mom😭😭

cookie crumbs
cookie crumbs 2 months ago

Aww, there is so many pretty and cute comments. Bless YOU.

cookie crumbs
cookie crumbs 2 months ago

Thank you so much😭today is my mum's birthday and I wrote a letter and this poem and she was so happy ❤️😭she hugged me tight which I missed for 5 months😭thanks so much. May God bless you bro. Keep it up we will be supporting you. 🙏🏻LOVE FROM UNITED KINGDOM ❤️

Angie Vega
Angie Vega 2 months ago

Thank you for this its almost my mothers birthday she went to the doctor and they said she had depression and she didnt want to live anymore.

ByGuti978 2 months ago

I love my mom


i love my mom to so much

reetam panjiyara
reetam panjiyara 2 months ago


Makensly Charles
Makensly Charles 2 months ago

I love it 😭😭🌹

Angie 2 months ago

I love my mom more than the moon and moonlight... I will try to make her happy the best way I can!! Love my mommy!!♡

esme horsesrein
esme horsesrein 2 months ago

I love you mom

Sayali S
Sayali S 2 months ago

👌 👏

M PN 2 months ago

Beautiful message for all lovely mom's.

_0Dead _Rxses0
_0Dead _Rxses0 2 months ago

Im gonna cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Kathy Ancao
Kathy Ancao 2 months ago


Kathy Ancao
Kathy Ancao 2 months ago

i really love my mom! she is the one who feeds us take care of us when our dads are gone and anything!

Kaushalendra Pratap
Kaushalendra Pratap 2 months ago

I love you sooo much my sweetie sweetie cutie cutie mom

abcxyz401 2 months ago

I love my mom that much that I can even die for her

Gracy Vl D
Gracy Vl D 2 months ago

I love my mom very very very very very much.💘💝💖💖

Reagan Douglas
Reagan Douglas 2 months ago

im gonna show my mom this

Mariam Kasmani
Mariam Kasmani 2 months ago

I love my mom

Aaira and Adyaan Gulraiz

I love my mom me and my mom ❤️

Rose Klotz
Rose Klotz 2 months ago

My mom's the only one I really can count on.....

Maaui Cck
Maaui Cck 2 months ago

I love my mom

Manas Kalra
Manas Kalra 2 months ago

I love my manas kalra 6A

Sonali Rastogi
Sonali Rastogi 2 months ago

Thanks for this

Rhyana Romero
Rhyana Romero 2 months ago

I love my mom so much because she the best and she is always there for me

Arya sharma 6E ,31
Arya sharma 6E ,31 2 months ago


Sujata Gupta
Sujata Gupta 2 months ago

I love you mom❤️

Valkyrie 2 months ago

Oh my god this is making me cry 😭 I love this poem

• Suger Sunset •
• Suger Sunset • 2 months ago

It was bed time And Idk I wanted a poem A I love you for my mum so I took tis :3

Raima Majumder
Raima Majumder 2 months ago

Thanks best poem ❤️

Adjo Mable
Adjo Mable 2 months ago

I showed my mum and she cried😭

Lopeti Samiu
Lopeti Samiu 2 months ago

Please dont tell me its a song oh wait no beat oh

Laraib Fatima
Laraib Fatima 2 months ago

I like it

Fatima Abu El Khair
Fatima Abu El Khair 2 months ago

God gave us the best gift and ofcourse its our mom

sophie jeme
sophie jeme 2 months ago

I love my mummy so much

Noor Ali
Noor Ali 2 months ago

This is amazing

Selena And Mack Mckinney

My mom is so nice to me when im lying

Ollie McKain
Ollie McKain 2 months ago

i love my sooooo much

SKZ * 2 months ago

I love u mummy♡♡

iiGolden_Pearlzii 2 months ago

That helped with my mom not killing me for me being “bad”

Maricela Hinojosa
Maricela Hinojosa 2 months ago

It’s sad but I love it

Prakash Chand Sharma
Prakash Chand Sharma 2 months ago

💐Adorable 🌷🌷poem 💐

Tito 2 months ago

I love my mom even though i have been through tough times in life i love her

iJoshuaR 2 months ago

I miss my mom and dad 😭😢

farhans vlog
farhans vlog 2 months ago

Who is writer of the poem

BruvStop Tryinn_-
BruvStop Tryinn_- 2 months ago

I love my mum and no one can ever get in between and I want everyone to know that she is my queen

Danjel Kola
Danjel Kola 2 months ago

My mom is the best

Gigi Espinosa
Gigi Espinosa 2 months ago

It made so much because she left then i started to cry i love my mom so much

shesha balkunde
shesha balkunde 2 months ago

My precious mom

Natasha Lingo
Natasha Lingo 2 months ago

ill love my mom forever

A Potato With A Gun
A Potato With A Gun 2 months ago

Thank you, this helped me and my mum get over an argument that's been going on for almost a week so thank you for that.

Neema Raj
Neema Raj 2 months ago

I lv u maattee more thn any one in this world......I lv u so much thnks 4 showing me light in the dark..........u r the one who could make me able to beliv myself thnk u mom , 4 everything.

Aliza Farooq
Aliza Farooq 2 months ago

Maa ke qadmo tale jannat hai who agree maa ke liye aik like zaroor banta hai i love you mom 😍😍😘😘

Sanjana Patil
Sanjana Patil 2 months ago

best poem

Natalie Pattison
Natalie Pattison 2 months ago

I love you mommy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hi Stranger •••

I love my mom💜

Hi Stranger •••


eleanor arispe
eleanor arispe 2 months ago

This is so cute