DIY Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornament Tutorial



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Information DIY Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornament Tutorial

Title : DIY Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornament Tutorial

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Frames DIY Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornament Tutorial

Description DIY Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornament Tutorial

DIY Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornament Tutorial

DIY Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornament Tutorial

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Lori/Peyton Aguilar
Lori/Peyton Aguilar 2 months ago

You are the best! So thoughtful and caring...everything you do is made with love, which is obvious. I'm grateful for all of your talent and creativity :)

LeighRose1321 2 months ago

My style is similar. I also have those mason jar ornaments, I took every one they had on stock last year. I love this DIY! They turned out beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Brilliant as always miss crafty!

Karen Manning
Karen Manning 2 months ago

I love these! Just saw this today for the first time. I was watching another craft video the other day, and the person suggested using the top of a plastic Dollar Tree butter dish for holding your hot glue gun. I thought it was a good idea and thought I'd pass it along to you. I haven't tried it but it looked like it works well for keeping the glue gun upright. : )

Robin Lemoine
Robin Lemoine 2 months ago

I painted some pinecones I got out of my yard and my boyfriend made me a reindeer so I put them in there and I put lights around it. So pretty by my Christmas tree. If you like I could send you a picture . Just let me know . Thank you for sharing your videos with usπŸŽ…πŸŒ²

Sophie Penny
Sophie Penny 2 months ago

the bows look absolutely amazing. I am already chucking all my loose change into a jar to save for Christmas craft materials. Definitely going to do the advent bags :) x

K G 2 months ago

How have I never seen a bow made like that before?!? So easy and perfect. Thank you so much. I love your crafts!!! They have transformed my house. I just finished "wrapping" my kitchen cabinets. They look festive and adorable. πŸ˜ƒπŸŽπŸŽ„β˜ƒ

Lizbeth 2 months ago

This is so awesome! Love your channel and you are so unique, BTW Love love your Christmas TreeπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸ’œπŸŽ…

Rhonda Weber
Rhonda Weber 2 months ago

Those are very pretty and elegant!

Connie Bradley
Connie Bradley 2 months ago

Love that ideal. Your tree looks gorgeous !!!! TFS...

Virginia Hardisty
Virginia Hardisty 2 months ago

I like the way you make your bows I always have trouble making them you made it look really easy thanks for sharing

Mooseluv 5
Mooseluv 5 2 months ago

Great ideal for pine cones that I have as extras. So pretty with the glittered tips thanks!

ThriftyP31 2 months ago

SO glam! gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes yes yes! love these and you, mostly you but these too <3

D J 2 months ago

Pretty tfs be blessed

Katie Bookser
Katie Bookser 2 months ago

These came out really great! Love anything with pinecones :)

Tracyts14 2 months ago

Your tree is beautiful... LOVE the plaid ribbon...

judithapoulos 2 months ago

Soooooo cute! I need to make some for my tree. TFS β™₯ judy

Being Nancy
Being Nancy 2 months ago

Your tree is absolutely beautiful.

Deonna Caldwell
Deonna Caldwell 2 months ago

simple yet beautiful very nice

Joann Porter
Joann Porter 2 months ago

They are so pretty. Your tutorials are always great.

Indigo Gypsy
Indigo Gypsy 2 months ago

I just had to stop over after the most lovely @thriftyp31 gave you a holla! one video and I am already a faithful subscriber! You rock and I can not wait to check out all your videos!

The G Life
The G Life 2 months ago

I love doing this too! I've made a couple to put in a basket and I've had them for so long! They look so pretty!

Ninju Mathew
Ninju Mathew 2 months ago

I have reindeer ornaments and I always smile because I think of you! Miss talking to you! :)

Gail Houston
Gail Houston 2 months ago

Omglory......I absolutely love them!!!!!!

Deb Illes
Deb Illes 2 months ago

What a great idea I love them! Yet another diy to add to my list lol.

Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez 2 months ago

Those ornaments are so cute!! Love how you do such beautiful crafts on a budget. I've been decorating our home all day today. Found a basket of pine cones from last year. Now I know what fo with them. TYFS

Terry Coleman
Terry Coleman 2 months ago

So cute your tree to beautiful thks peace / love

retrobebop61 2 months ago

Especially love the bow tutorial! That is one thing I've always struggled with....thank you so much! Love your vids! Lynne P.S. Who sings that version of Deck the Halls? Thanks!

scrap happy
scrap happy 2 months ago

I love the pine cones. I have made some last year myself.

Kat Creighton
Kat Creighton 2 months ago

I really love the way you make the bows! That is an awesome tip, and so much easier than the way I've always done it. The ornaments are lovely. TFS!

Bernice Slade Slade
Bernice Slade Slade 2 months ago

oh wow beautiful, I'm going to do some also, ur so so, my god I can't describe what an awesom person u r, if more people in the world were as nice as r, wow wonderful world gir.....hugsl

Lynda Tidman
Lynda Tidman 2 months ago

i did these before in silver glitter and gold glitter i love them they fit in any where thanks for sharing

Brittany Thompson
Brittany Thompson 2 months ago

My son and I made pine cone ornaments for our tree last year and I love them!

Priscilla Cerda
Priscilla Cerda 2 months ago

I love this pine cone ornament you should make more DIY ornaments 😊 πŸŽ„

Just Jerri
Just Jerri 2 months ago

beautiful tree

Gilda Crolla
Gilda Crolla 2 months ago

Love them. They are beautiful. Especiaally your bows!!

Marivell 2 months ago

Love it β€οΈπŸŽ„. Pure genius on how to make a bow. Now I can make dozens of hair bows for my little girl. I could overlap two ribbons to make a two tone hair bow ribbon.

Jill Shelton
Jill Shelton 2 months ago

very nice beautiful tree well done jill

B B 2 months ago

i really like the ribbon garland 😊

Lala Hastings
Lala Hastings 2 months ago

Pinecones are one of my favorite decor for Christmas and on into winter. Very cute

Dorianne Murtiff
Dorianne Murtiff 2 months ago

So cute.

Shimmer Craft
Shimmer Craft 2 months ago

I've never seen a bow made that way. Love it. Thank you.

Chrissi Millar
Chrissi Millar 2 months ago

Such a great idea and your tree looks gorgeous. :) Thanks for sharing.

Rose Moseley
Rose Moseley 2 months ago

I love theme

Carmen Martinez
Carmen Martinez 2 months ago

I love these! I have a tree right outside and I always find a ton of pine cones on the ground. I am going to have to make some of these! I love your videos!

SuperSpecialS1 2 months ago

Hello! That looks so beautiful! I just love this idea and I'm totally gonna make a bunch! TFS!😍 Have a blessed day!
AKA Stephanie🌸

Marie Sprowl
Marie Sprowl 2 months ago

thx so much for showing how to make a bow for a clueless person like me !
The ornaments are very rich and warm !!!

NothingButNealie 2 months ago

I love ALL of your videos BUT I love these Christmas ones EXTRA! My boyfriend and I are in college and we just moved in together into an apartment so I'm decorating my first whole apartment for Christmas and let me tell you... The college budget for Christmas decorating is hardly enough for a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree... HOWEVER, thanks to your videos I know what I can do with things from the Dollar Tree! I have decorated my ENTIRE APARTMENT when I originally thought I would hardly be able to afford a tree. I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH! Thank you for everything!

It's A Deal
It's A Deal 2 months ago

it turned out so cute and perfect for your theme:)

shannon waege
shannon waege 2 months ago

You are the perfect bow maker! you made that look so easy, I didn't realize it could be that easy! I LOVE THIS! tfs beautiful

lrwilson01 2 months ago

very cute! You should heat seal the end of the ribbon with a lighter so it doesnt fary over time.

JK Period!
JK Period! 2 months ago

you would have thought it was my birthday because i was so excited to see your version of how to make the perfect bow. thank you.. thank you.. thank you. i never cared for pinecones that you usually see in garlands. you have changed my mind. so excited to do some of these . i think i will try some burlap bows with plaid.

Sullivan Homesteader
Sullivan Homesteader 2 months ago

I am saving this video in my faves as I love how you showed us how to make a simple bow. Thank yoy

Pathological Buyer
Pathological Buyer 2 months ago

I love LOVE love these!!

Crystal C
Crystal C 2 months ago

Great idea love it😊

Marley Angell
Marley Angell 2 months ago

The pinecones are beautiful!!!

Gaye Lee
Gaye Lee 2 months ago

Love it!!

janel caitlyn
janel caitlyn 2 months ago

So cute what a great idea!!

Vera L
Vera L 2 months ago

Coffee Break!! You're tree looks beautiful and so rustic, I love it! The pinecones looks so cute and its so easy. I may try to attempt these, need to find me some pinecones.

Phoebe 2 months ago

WOW! They are beautiful! =)
Sometimes "simple" is spectacular. ;)

Cool bow making tutorial. =)

linda chapman
linda chapman 2 months ago

My goodness your ideas are just fab, so stylish and easy to do, your tree looks amazingΒ  thankyou for sharing xxx

kgirl701 2 months ago

Are you kidding me???? These are the cutest things ever!!! Squealing and doing a happy dance. My entire back yard is full of pine cones. I never know what to do with them. Thank you so much for this adorable idea. And what in the world that bow idea is genius. How did I never know this? I can't wait to get started on these. Thank you thank thank youπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„ your Christmas tree is gorgeous by the way!!!

Kerennys Rivera
Kerennys Rivera 2 months ago

i am so doing this with my kids! they are soooo cute! what a great idea πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Loretta Davis
Loretta Davis 2 months ago

they are awesome! I now need pinecones! πŸ™Œ

Lupe J
Lupe J 2 months ago


Angie Guyette
Angie Guyette 2 months ago

very pretty! you have such great ideas! thanks for sharing!

Erin Kea
Erin Kea 2 months ago

your tree is Beautiful. love the idea of the pine cones.

Brittany McComber
Brittany McComber 2 months ago

do you have a real tree?

Yoli1978 2 months ago

love it. tfs

Roberta Botello
Roberta Botello 2 months ago

so this! i think it'd be cute on door handle, even to bathrooms / rooms or front door cloets

nessas creations
nessas creations 2 months ago

those pinecones are adorable!😊

nessas creations
nessas creations 2 months ago

I just loooove your videosπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–and you are beautiful inside n out😘😘😘