How Jalen Hurts Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports


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Information How Jalen Hurts Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports

Title : How Jalen Hurts Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports

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Frames How Jalen Hurts Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports

Description How Jalen Hurts Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports

How Jalen Hurts Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports

How Jalen Hurts Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports

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Zack 2 months ago

Mans hasn't hit 25 yrs old but he gave advice and act like 30+ yrs old

Anita Naylor
Anita Naylor 2 months ago

sophmore slump coming in

Ethan ψ
Ethan ψ 2 months ago

Jalen is such a good and classy guy.

Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong 2 months ago

Jalen sounds cool. Literally the way he talks sounds cool.

CB_ HU 23
CB_ HU 23 2 months ago

dude gave a stranger $60,000 for Christmas and his brother a grand for his wedding lmao

James B. Knight
James B. Knight 2 months ago


sammie hilton
sammie hilton 2 months ago

262k in savings, that Alabama education paid off 👏

HoodiexDir 2 months ago

Mans hurts is thurl #philly

JoeSaidWut 2 months ago

I find it hard to not root for this man. God bless Jalen Hurts.

Wallace - F.I.R.E Collection

By far the most financial literate athlete on GQ Sports. May God bless you with a success/healthy career...🏈💵💯💵🤑

Farrenz 2 months ago

i love how he is simple. doesnt go out buying a bunch of lambos and wasting it. he got a nice little apartment, treated himself, and donated a lot to charity

S H 2 months ago

This guy will go far in life financially, amazing how humble and thoughtful he is about spending 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Let's go #2
I was hoping he gets a chance since his rookie year.

Josean Cruz
Josean Cruz 2 months ago

Smart investments by him

Passport Stamps Pete
Passport Stamps Pete 2 months ago

I clicked when I read “sister’s education” on the thumbnail

M Davis
M Davis 2 months ago

Im a basketball dude...dont watch football...but he seems like a good dude...much success to this man

Jalen Hurts
Jalen Hurts 2 months ago

I got the big stacks

MIKE Beats
MIKE Beats 2 months ago

Love this dude

iamchillydogg 2 months ago

Buy Dogecoin son!

Mtb Ridingog
Mtb Ridingog 2 months ago

Stay humble .. the humble dont stumble ..

marskeins 2 months ago

Smart guy bruh! How he spent his first million is why he'll go far in life even after football.

Ray From VA
Ray From VA 2 months ago

After the league finds out to can't pass for ish...You gonna wish you had saved. 🦅🤺

Zane Stackhouse
Zane Stackhouse 2 months ago

Solid Mature young Fella

KR 2 months ago

Smart with his money

Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 2 months ago

My first milli would have been spent on tesla calls lol

Chuky Martinez
Chuky Martinez 2 months ago

seen this guy eating at wingstop back in Norman real chill guy man. humble as well cool people 👍🏻

Michael H
Michael H 2 months ago

This is a smart guy!

Caleb Johnson
Caleb Johnson 2 months ago

Not a clout chaser at all

Ryan Smelliott
Ryan Smelliott 2 months ago


Ron E
Ron E 2 months ago

Well brought up young man. Too bad he plays for a classless team like Philly.

ecoyt1 2 months ago

Smart and humble kid.

Thomas Lankster
Thomas Lankster 2 months ago

Smart Man

K A 2 months ago

It ain't called Hustle Town for nothin' 😎 #Htine

Felicity 2 months ago

my first day i wouldve spent 150k on a Audi r8 and a few thousand more for rims and a chrome wrap

Lucane 2 months ago

How you gonna root against this guy lol.. not even an eagles fan but hopes he succeeds

D News
D News 2 months ago

Jalen Hurts is the real deal. You will never see Jalen do anything to embarrass his teammates or the organization he works for. He gave his all at Alabama and will always be one of my favorite players ever!

Marvin Castro
Marvin Castro 2 months ago


Eli Saltzman
Eli Saltzman 2 months ago

Finally, we have somebody that actually knows how to manage his money.

Jake Farmer
Jake Farmer 2 months ago

That's a real man. He spent money on important things for others.

Dan Freeman
Dan Freeman 2 months ago

Probably the most frugal and disciplined rookie with this money since Ron Artest (Meeta World Peace). Meeta kept driving a used Chevy SUV he had at St John's. Dude applied for a P/T job at Circuit City as a rookie, so he could get an employee discount. But some vets were like bro, you can play with the Chicago Bulls & people see you in Circuit City selling TVs. So, he changed his mind 😂.

Don Page
Don Page 2 months ago

If you look up "it factor" in the dictionary you will see Jalen Hurts pic and bio. He is going to crush it in Philly this season. Fly Eagles Fly.

Jaylen Brown Fan
Jaylen Brown Fan 2 months ago

What's up GQ. This is how I spent my first stimulus check. Bought a lawnmower.

Timothy Hahn
Timothy Hahn 2 months ago

Incredible character in this young man. He was raised right. Wishing the best for him in his NFL career.

Alex Crockett
Alex Crockett 2 months ago

Hes gotta workers mentality. He'll be the man in philly and will only continue to get better

Kingg 2 months ago

Ion care how many millions I got my moms wouldn’t let me leave either 😂

Kyle DaNiell
Kyle DaNiell 2 months ago

Hopefully he does well!! He has spent almost half his money for 4 years

610Vatorspeed 2 months ago

That’s my qb let’s go

Roberto Ortiz
Roberto Ortiz 2 months ago

This man dont need no financial advisor. He smart enough to.not need one

Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell 2 months ago

Great view and good person

Tammy Anderson
Tammy Anderson 2 months ago

nope. they gwt paid too mych. president only mskes. 450,000. thts ridiculous

Buddy Dooley
Buddy Dooley 2 months ago

lil sis is a lucky kid

me me
me me 2 months ago

6 min in I already love this guy, Humble to the core, I would exactly dothe same in his position, what great human being...amazing

Dan F
Dan F 2 months ago

Mad Dak vibes. Future of the league, can only imagine how Eagles fans feel🙏

Throw communists out of helicopters

Finally professional athletes are becoming fiscally smart.

Maria Cutone
Maria Cutone 2 months ago

He's so smart also the way he talks about and treats his family is lovely

Maddox Hight
Maddox Hight 2 months ago

Technically speaking if you want to save money you were just mow your own lawn

Rosy V
Rosy V 2 months ago

you better produce or your going to need to save that money!

bee dot a dot
bee dot a dot 2 months ago

1k for his brother sheesh that’s not much and didn’t even go to his wedding

Angel Aguirre
Angel Aguirre 2 months ago

Notice how much money he spent on his family. RESPECT.

Kyle Connell
Kyle Connell 2 months ago

He's got a good head on his shoulders. I commend him.

Used some of his wealth to help his sister, lived off of some of it, and put a bunch of it in savings.

Eric Stanford
Eric Stanford 2 months ago

Respect!! Wisdom and maturity beyond his years. My favorite bama player ever!! Go Jalen!!

Vanessa Amesty
Vanessa Amesty 2 months ago

Probably the most humble NFL player out there

Team LJ Henderson
Team LJ Henderson 2 months ago

Great young talent wish him tha best in Philly this up coming season BUT I’d have hired my Dad r Older Brother as my agent/financial advisor and kept that money in tha family!

Brendan Larsen
Brendan Larsen 2 months ago

He should've gave 60k to his parents n 15 to charity

Gemini Intellect
Gemini Intellect 2 months ago

Only mistake I say he made was joining a fraternity. 👎🏾

Gemini Intellect
Gemini Intellect 2 months ago

How bro slipped to the 2nd round is beyond me

Michael Cavasinni
Michael Cavasinni 2 months ago

Jalen has to be one of the most respectable guys in the NFL


100% FACTS

Chris D
Chris D 2 months ago

Much love to jalen we miss you at Bama! Roll Tide Roll!

SCUBA Steve 2 months ago

Dude saved almost 9x his living expenses?!?!?!?!?!? WOW, good job! Smart young fella.

Tone Ellerby
Tone Ellerby 2 months ago

And that's why he's made for PHILLY

Wanda Gillis
Wanda Gillis 2 months ago

Really like his sweet demeanor. LOL...did he say: "Uncle Sam is real?!" LOL, love this kid! He will be okay as long as he maintains his healthy attitude about money.

NxHart 2 months ago

The biggest mistake people make is spending a lot on cars and clothes and other accessories.

Jonas B
Jonas B 2 months ago

This man is smart with his money he doesn’t buy like 5 cars like all the other ones.

ES-II C 2 months ago

Many this man is humble and smart. If you make that a million and make wise investments and give, you have my respect. My thing is splurge when you truly have excess after taking care of the essentials. This gentleman didn't even splurge that much!

Musical Artist
Musical Artist 2 months ago

Obviously worked with a PR person to spin this humble lies!!!!

Randy McCall
Randy McCall 2 months ago

Thanks but his don't pay none of my bills. Good to see you made it

Eddie Villaseñor
Eddie Villaseñor 2 months ago

By savings he means taxes

CrommzZ 2 months ago

Der arme Drucker

panson grim
panson grim 2 months ago

60 for charity , 1k for bro😣

GAMESon pC 2 months ago

Need to put aside 5k for that crooked hairline

BreAijah Hicks
BreAijah Hicks 2 months ago

Very humble young man

S P 2 months ago

Smart man: saving a huge chunk of his income, and putting some to his family’s education 👍

OPE_Playboi 2 months ago

I’m a saints fan and I was mad when they beat us this season but now I’m happy for hurts he seems like a great man and I hope he has a great career

Case Herc
Case Herc 2 months ago

30k on clothes but only 1k for your brothers wedding????!!! Sounds like a cheapskate and a clown.

Tj Garza
Tj Garza 2 months ago


ked Duff
ked Duff 2 months ago

Mom and Dad first then charity and then lastly himself... God will Bless this man surely.

ked Duff
ked Duff 2 months ago

His last statement is the truth, "it goes by quick and uncle Sam want their cut."
Gotta be smart with the money. Any athlete can have bad luck and have a career ending injury the first year, they'll be happy they didn't spend all their money on a buggati veyron and big house.

City Slickers Prepping

God bless this young man. Wish you the best and many blessings!

DOC Ohm 2 months ago

Jalen Hurts has got his act together, very impressed. Raised right.

Dollar Bill
Dollar Bill 2 months ago


John Ennis
John Ennis 2 months ago

Just when i didn't think I could be a bigger Jalen Hurts fan, this video comes out. Such a great and grounded young man!! You make H-Town proud!!

Valerio Bunyamin
Valerio Bunyamin 2 months ago

great guy

OhhWee Reactions
OhhWee Reactions 2 months ago

He only gave his brother 1k for a wedding gift lol. Did him wrong imo

Calvin Jr
Calvin Jr 2 months ago

Come to Zimbabwe Jalen 🇿🇼

Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 2 months ago


Tyler Biros
Tyler Biros 2 months ago

He chill ash😭and he aint spending that much on dumb stuff

Stephen Ryan
Stephen Ryan 2 months ago

Do NOT lease a car! That is NOT a smart way to save money. if you need to lease a car, buy a cheaper car.

MOD ASAP 2 months ago

Do investing to get more money 💰 but he’s good with his money tho

Freeloading Rusty
Freeloading Rusty 2 months ago

I love this guy i wanted him as a steeler so bad and after seeing this i am so upset we dont have him leading our locker room to the future

C.S Hunter
C.S Hunter 2 months ago

I’m waiting for the guy who’s on this and didn’t spend his first million dollars. Just put it away until after football and focuses on his craft