The Andy Williams Christmas Show (1966)


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The Andy Williams Christmas Show (1966)

The Andy Williams Christmas Show (1966)

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Cost Ander
Cost Ander 2 months ago

Another magnificent concert of Andy in Tokyo (1988):

Virginia Rubino
Virginia Rubino 2 months ago

It's too bad there aren't anymore tv shows and specials like this anymore. The world needs this more than ever.

yousukeangel 2 months ago

This baby, his son Christian, died in an accident in 2019.
I pray for your soul.

Shania gordon
Shania gordon 2 months ago


Lee Quigley
Lee Quigley 2 months ago

God love him. He was out of this world! They don't make singers like them anymore unfortunately!

Sloan Champion
Sloan Champion 2 months ago

I remember watching this special as a was another much better

zachery alderton
zachery alderton 2 months ago

who is the announcer

MarianolikesGabbanelli’s 710

December, 24, 2020 11:20 am. All my family, ipod’s,ipad’s, cell phones, insta facebook twitter logged out. No rap, no country, no nothing all just some real family time. Amen!

moon glow
moon glow 2 months ago

Thank u

Anders lundblad
Anders lundblad 2 months ago

Puré Gold.
I Watch it every Christmas!
An absolute Gem!

William Gruendler
William Gruendler 2 months ago

Warm and - on our 65" Sony HDTV - fuzzy!

Linda M
Linda M 2 months ago

I watch Any Williams Christmas specials every year. I used to watch them as a kid.

Keith Naylor
Keith Naylor 2 months ago

19:46 Don Williams - he and Andy look like twins!!!

Keith Naylor
Keith Naylor 2 months ago

The lovely Mrs Williams - Claudine Longet - stars in a very funny comedy with Peter Sellers - The Party, as funny as the best Pink Panther film!

Michael Lim
Michael Lim 2 months ago

Its a pity this was videotaped, not filmed, in 1966., resulting in irreparably woolly images. Since this was meant for TV, it was neither recorded in stereo. So we have to live with its shortfalls for posterity!

Erich Hoefert
Erich Hoefert 2 months ago

Andy’s voice was just great here!

Rich in 212
Rich in 212 2 months ago

What, no COOKIE BEAR??

Deadhead Nurse
Deadhead Nurse 2 months ago

Life was so much better then.

Chris Moses
Chris Moses 2 months ago

Great stuff!

Bob Dewey
Bob Dewey 2 months ago

I remember watching this show with Mom & Dad and my Brothers when it first aired.

Mark Casey
Mark Casey 2 months ago

I don’t know what’s whiter? The snow or the people? Needs to be cancelled. Hey YouTube, shouldn’t you have a “Biden election fact” banner here?

Johann Arocho
Johann Arocho 2 months ago

Loved his shows and Perry Como's.

Dolphin 2121
Dolphin 2121 2 months ago

Beautiful. Remember sitting with my parents watching this. Lovely.

Michelle George
Michelle George 2 months ago

Here I am 2020. How I long for the old days.

Stephen in DC
Stephen in DC 2 months ago

Real family. And this appears to be a real-time live-to-tape show.

omendjadi 2 months ago

I learned to speak French because I wanted to marry someone like Claudine Longet. Boy was i fooled.

ospiegler1 2 months ago

He was one in a million, a born entertainer and a marvelous singer. My late mother, a professional pianist, had the privilege of working with Andy Williams in Pittsburgh when both were in their 20's in the 1950's. I miss them both.

RD Lewis
RD Lewis 2 months ago

In 1960 there were only 3 billion people on earth, now there are almost 8 billion. I think that explains what we call simpler, more calm and slower times.

Tiffany Franks
Tiffany Franks 2 months ago

I’m 38 and this reminds me of my grandparents.
Turkey, big family gatherings , love , holidays
Now that they are gone , all I have is my family of 5 . My parents disowned me, I feel empty especially on Christmas Eve, that’s the day they disowned me.

Chris Trevino
Chris Trevino 2 months ago

When America was really America

Belle LaVerne
Belle LaVerne 2 months ago

Where are the times when things were less complicated, at least seemed....Watch this show every year around this time. 😃 Oh, I wish I had a time machine......

julia armato
julia armato 2 months ago

Thank you. I loved it very much. Reminds me of those years when I was a small child. God bless you.

Matthew Hartt
Matthew Hartt 2 months ago

God, I miss you Andy!

Chris M.
Chris M. 2 months ago

people inside the prop - straight women and all gay men, less Andy Williams - guaranteed.

Tim Gish
Tim Gish 2 months ago

Haven't seen this in years. Such good times then. The children are absolutely adorable! Really great scene. Merry Christmas to all

Silver Dragonfly Tears

Thank you for posting this, I miss decency so much.

Daniel Finn
Daniel Finn 2 months ago

There are some good vocalists of that time. Como,Mathis and Crosby, but Andy had a great flexible voice. Especially his Christmas music I really enjoyed.

justme justme
justme justme 2 months ago

I can see it now, dad laying on the couch with his feet laying on mom's lap. I was laid out on the floor more interested in watching the lights on the tree than Andy Williams and my little brother irritating me by just being in the same room. oh for just five minutes of that one moment back in that little girls life..... I'd settle for two.

Fluffy Cat
Fluffy Cat 2 months ago

Andy Williams fue el cantante preferido de mi papá.. Hoy con 94 años., todavía lo escucha♥️en videos..... Extraño esa epoca tan maravillosa

gomphrena -beautiful flower-

Andy was a wonderful family man. Years later, after he and Claudine divorced, he stood by her side and even paid for her criminal defense when she was charged with killing her then-boyfriend, Vladimir “Spider” Sabich. They remained friends, as far as I know, until Andy’s death in 2012.

Sandra Roarty
Sandra Roarty 2 months ago

Donny was couldn't do shows like these its all garish, super sexy outfits and dancing and basically destroying the traditional Christmas songs to update them. You don't update things like those. You can keep Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson and all the rest. I'd rather watch Andy.

Chris Allen
Chris Allen 2 months ago

You can't help but wonder if this was the entertainment and music the World heard in 2020, what a Wonderful World this would be. "You Can Tell When There is Love in a Home" makes me cry every time I hear it.

vwbug1971 2 months ago

The progression we are witnessing that is rushing so many away from the most beloved Christian traditions that emerged from our very sacred, heartfelt knowledge of Jesus' birth, death and resurrection. We must not let it pass into oblivion. Let us keep it alive, ever loving the music and message.

Shawn Malone
Shawn Malone 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2020! 🎄🎄🎅🎅🎁🎁

tanny victor
tanny victor 2 months ago


Lisa Mathis
Lisa Mathis 2 months ago

Remembering watching Andy Williams along with The Osmonds . My sister and I would already had our baths and hair washed and in curlers. Our dad would had popped popcorn over the fireplace and it would be ready for us when the Andy Williams show would come on . Wonderful memories growing up in the 60's and the 70's ! I just have to make a remark though who would not dislike Andy Williams and to give a thumbs down which I have noticed . Obviously , they do not know anything about worth and values when it comes to family , friends and people of all ages and the differences in others .

janine cox
janine cox 2 months ago

This show screams Christmas 2 me!

Michael Babbitt
Michael Babbitt 2 months ago

The Progressive Left has destroyed everything precious and wholesome and innocent. I enjoy these old shows which I probably watched as a kid with my parents. But I do mourn for how much we lost in our culture.

Anonymous Bullfrog
Anonymous Bullfrog 2 months ago

This is my favorite thing on the whole planet!!!!

Buck plus Marie equals Me

Good, clean, wholesome, family entertainment - I miss you.

LINDA EWALD 2 months ago

I always looked forward to his Christmas shows! I was a kid back then. He played in my town for a Christmas show just before he died. I couldn't have been more excited!!

Ricardo Mon Vonalot
Ricardo Mon Vonalot 2 months ago

It's so tragic there are people who, in the name of all manner of evils, would call this toxic. All this family stuff makes them sick. It's really sad.

susan ferrara
susan ferrara 2 months ago

My six-year-old daughter wants me to comment and say how good that was. It must be a classic!

Richard Alvarez
Richard Alvarez 2 months ago

This is awesome I grew up to this so much better than the no talent crap they have now

AC Stinnette Country Music

Love the old holiday Christmas specials

Odee Dillon
Odee Dillon 2 months ago

Back again in 2020. Not for CV19 hiding. But for all around great memories, of a once great America & Family Entertainment I well recall helping dad build that Heathkit COLOR TV, and this was the 1st Holiday Special we got to see in Living Color! And singing along with Mom to all the Carols? Life just didn't get any better.

leslie matyas
leslie matyas 2 months ago

what a voice ....i listen to his christmas cd every night as i go to sleep .....its so warm and welcoming .

ncavlleguy 2 months ago


zachery alderton
zachery alderton 2 months ago


Rex Lex
Rex Lex 2 months ago

This was America before the invasion of the political correct culture. We will never see this type of entertainment again. Today's actors and singers are dull, bland, and devoid of talent. And today's music sucks.

Margie Rogers
Margie Rogers 2 months ago

The minute this started I had this calm ,happy feeling come over me . Just the best time of my life . Decent ,respectful loving family and such talent ! Love the Osmond .

William Marrero
William Marrero 2 months ago

Those were the best family 👪 Christmas show. Today's culture all they want is to destroy Christmas.

miguel delacruz
miguel delacruz 2 months ago

We used to have shows like this, but now we see artists like Cardi B make inappropriate music videos. So much for evolution.

Howard Moore
Howard Moore 2 months ago

I’m doing a paper for my tv appreciation class so I’m watching variety shows from the past. It’s hard to believe people actually sat down for an hour and watched these corny shows. I guess they weren’t very demanding back then considering there were only 3 channels.

Shawn Malone
Shawn Malone 2 months ago

It's Christmas in July. I'm watching this on a hot summer day and drinking lemonade. I hope everyone is safe from the Corona Virus Pandemic and we can watch this show around Christmas 2020.

MarianolikesGabbanelli’s 710

13:20 😂😂😂😂 love the Williams family

Charles Mandus
Charles Mandus 2 months ago

My mother said it all before she passed away in 2013, "I miss the of Andy Williams." I agree even though this show was made the year I was born.

WinslowSly1 2 months ago

Andy Williams and family were the greatest!

Zachery Alderton
Zachery Alderton 2 months ago

Who is the announcer

Zachery Alderton
Zachery Alderton 2 months ago

Can you help me

MarianolikesGabbanelli’s 710

Who is watching in Quarantine, May 2020

Jim Bo
Jim Bo 2 months ago

What a lovely show. All that’s best. We’ve gone backwards since in so many ways.

Chris Bruinsma
Chris Bruinsma 2 months ago

Now hope carpenters christmas specials will be released ever

Ronald Co Seteng
Ronald Co Seteng 2 months ago

Does anyone have the episode he was talking about at 5he end. The one with Peggy Fleming?

Zachery Alderton
Zachery Alderton 2 months ago

Who is the announcer

Mutter 2 months ago


tigertbalm 2 months ago

The twins Andy and David were pre-teen idols for a while when they were around 13. .

tigertbalm 2 months ago

What is sad is that in his autobiography,Andy seems to regret most how little time he spent with his family because he was always working. He remained friendly with Claudine after the divorce because realized it was his fault they grew apart.

Greg LaPrade
Greg LaPrade 2 months ago

The song at 31:30 is better than gold. The fact that it couldn't air on American television today is one sign that His return is immanent.

Katrina McIntyre
Katrina McIntyre 2 months ago

Jan 28, 2020: For God did not send his Son Jesus to condemn the world but to save it. John 3:17

protochris 2 months ago

Claudine before she shot Spider Sabich.

Robert Ota
Robert Ota 2 months ago

Jesus came into the world not to condemn it but to save it. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus. Emanuel. HALLELUJAH to the Lamb of God.

Victoria Flatgard
Victoria Flatgard 2 months ago

How lucky we were, to have dad, these great memories, including Christmas pageants at our schools and Santa Claus coming to hear our Xmas lists, I hope I never forget these memories! Thanks for posting! Merry Christmas to you all!

Richard Landis
Richard Landis 2 months ago

Andy Williams has always been one of my favorite singers.

Marilyn B
Marilyn B 2 months ago

Absolutely magical!!!!

Patricia Bilinkas
Patricia Bilinkas 2 months ago

His shows were so great. It felt like Christmas when his specials came on yearly. I miss those times.

Baritone45 2 months ago

Claudine Longet is so sweet and petite. Must be a black widow. She was convicted (but only of negligent homicide and sentenced for 30 DAYS) of killing her later boyfriend Spider Sabich in '76. She proceeded to steal her defense attorney away from his wife. Happy ending, though. They're still married today and Claudine is 78.

Hylia 2 months ago

Cute! Andy certainly had a lovely voice. As did his brothers! My mom has always told me how much my family looked forward to his shows when she was growing up, and I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about (I was born in 1980, so this was certainly a bit of a ways before my time). So I got her a DVD about his shows last year for Christmas--she was thrilled to pieces, I'm happy to say. And I'm very surprised to see that the majority of the clips I saw on that DVD were from this episode!

Hugh Haefner
Hugh Haefner 2 months ago

Claudine proved to be an expert firearms aim. Spider Sabich, skier, her target. Sad.

Hugh Haefner
Hugh Haefner 2 months ago

Classic reminder of my childhood. Thanks for posting it. Brought back great memories.

WMJCPA 2 months ago

I had forgotten that Andy Williams introduced The Osmonds to America on his TV specials. It's strange to see Donny as a little boy again. Also, his wife Claudine Longet, had a rather tragic ending. She was either murdered or killed herself I can't remember which. Still shows like this back in the day were something that brought families together in front of the TV. Thanks for the look back.

Shawn Malone
Shawn Malone 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2019 everyone!

carman geek
carman geek 2 months ago

We will not see anything like those Christmas shows of the 60s ever again.

Job38 Four
Job38 Four 2 months ago

That was a great Christmas show, why cant there be more of this type....

reealitychick 2 months ago

Beautiful show -- beautiful man wife children mom and dad and brothers... too bad his wife had to mess things up .. He should have picked another woman.. one who was more earthly and IN LOVE with him and not his fame and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

The Jersey J
The Jersey J 2 months ago

My wife says I sound like (kind of like) Andy Williams when we sing at our Kingdom Hall.
Greatest compliment I've ever received !

onefatstratcat 2 months ago

I was born in 1960. While I have a very faint memories of the holiday specials from that era my dad belonged to the Columbia record club and I know Mr Williams music very well. Christmas is not Christmas without his voice and songs. Merry Christmas to all :)

Janadu 2 months ago

I was 10 and remember loving all these Christmas specials. An era gone.

Brian Keller
Brian Keller 2 months ago

No. It's the most wonderful time for a beer!

Kenny Kittrell
Kenny Kittrell 2 months ago

Brings me back to the time when I was just a kid great time and still enjoying the memerois