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Susan Reynolds
Susan Reynolds 2 months ago

I enjoyed seeing the French Christmas food. I'm in the US... for Christmas we have country cured Ham or turkey (no liver pate), oysters (stew not on the half shell), greens like collards and turnip greens , cookies and pies and spice cakes like applesauce cake. One time I did make a chocolate noel log / yule log like the ones you showed.

Wendy Gillard
Wendy Gillard 2 months ago

Makes my mouth water!

christophe77700 2 months ago

2€70 the Macaron. Well, it is also the party at the baker's.

Bao Tran
Bao Tran 2 months ago

My dream is to have a wonderful trip in France and I will go visit all of famous places like Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Normandy, Nice...etc. I LOVE France. French culture and the language affect my philosophy too much.

Michael Hale
Michael Hale 2 months ago

I’ll be taking a holiday in the south of France this year in August. I’ll be in Nice, Monaco and Antibes. Do you have any suggestions for men’s fashion and possibly a ‘don’t miss list’ of French culture while I’m there?

Michael Hale
Michael Hale 2 months ago

I enjoy your videos on cooking, food and holiday, especially your baguette video. I do love fresh bread!! I loved your video on Aspinal, introducing me to a new brand. I would love to see videos on fine French gifts such as Laguiole Knives, French linens, French table top, flowers and French culture. You're incredibly inspiring!

Capital M M
Capital M M 2 months ago

2€ for the one small cookie? Not surprised by the yellow vests protest. Or maybe French people remember the famous sentence - if they have no bread tell them to eat cookies. Otherwise hoping the Xmas stuff is halal this year.

Diane Laurin
Diane Laurin 2 months ago

Tout cela me semble délicieux. Pour notre part, au Canada, ma famille aimons bien cuisiner ensemble les plats suivants pour Noël - la tourtière au porc et veau, la dinde, sa farce et une sauce, un ragoût de boulettes et de pieds de porc, des patates en purée, des patates douces, des petits légumes et une salade aux agrumes et graines de pomme grenade. Pour le dessert, les tartes (au sucre d’érable, bleuets sauvages), la bûche de Noël et une multitude de carrés, les préférés de ma mère et maintenant des petits-enfants. J’essaie de donner toutes ces gâteries afin de ne pas prendre de poids au mois de janvier! Bonne Année!

LadyLiberty WDC
LadyLiberty WDC 2 months ago

Noel! Beautiful presentation. May you & your loved ones have a happy & healthy New Year. May your country keep its sovreignty & culture forever. Vive la France! (watching news daily & praying for French citizens in these tumultuous times.)

Julie Young
Julie Young 2 months ago

You have a beautiful shape. Do you exercise ? If so? Would you please make a video of what you do ?

Diane Doherty
Diane Doherty 2 months ago

Nice, I can’t eat any of those pastries, but they look nice

angela gregory
angela gregory 2 months ago

Happy Christmas .xx

Norma Zaharioudakis
Norma Zaharioudakis 2 months ago

Hi Marie-Anne’ is there a good receipt for the beaches de Noel love your videos thank you so much wish you and your family aMerry Christmas

R 2 months ago

that was fun!

SimplyCJ 2 months ago

Joyeux Noel, Marie-Anne. Which is your favorite pastry, and what main dish will you serve at your Christmas dinner?

58southwinds 2 months ago

Pity you missed a voice over...of what's what...traditions...your favourites etc...

Sarah Brennan
Sarah Brennan 2 months ago

Looks fab... ♥️....Happy Christmas 🎄 to you and yours ♥️🙏🏻♥️

Ida Guerra
Ida Guerra 2 months ago

French are the FINEST to pastries !

Ida Guerra
Ida Guerra 2 months ago


Carrie Moon-Dupree
Carrie Moon-Dupree 2 months ago

Several years ago I did a “ French Country Christmas” & has to look high & low for some of these items in Michigan. It turned out lovely. Merry Christmas.

TheOrganiclady 2 months ago

Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm! Vive la France ! Joyeux Noel. ; )

mary odwyer
mary odwyer 2 months ago

oh dear just looking at these I am gaining weight

Dr. Soma Biswas
Dr. Soma Biswas 2 months ago

Joyeux Noël à vous Madame...

Alex Vlachoulis
Alex Vlachoulis 2 months ago

Beautiful displays. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas, Marie-Anne!

Star Oliva
Star Oliva 2 months ago

Absolutely Delicious. Everything looks so Festive and upscale. Happy Christmas 🎄

Anne2 B
Anne2 B 2 months ago

I don 't care much about the food at Christmas, myself,but it all does look very festive and of course the pastry beautiful as well ❤ Joyeux Noel Marianne ,and Thank you for all wonderful inspiration from the past year !

Kay Allen
Kay Allen 2 months ago

SUPERB! as always !! Merry Christmas, Marie-Anne !! This is also why I had best not to go France - I'd eat and eat and EAT !!! sigh Time to get out my Escoffier.

Sallie 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and much happiness in the New Year,

Elizabeth Dabor
Elizabeth Dabor 2 months ago

Oh how beautifully displayed!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Marie-Anne! 🙋💕🇨🇦

Angela Gina
Angela Gina 2 months ago

Yum! Merry Christmas 🎄

Hawkfeather Stories
Hawkfeather Stories 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Marie-Anne

Becky Watts
Becky Watts 2 months ago

Hi Marie-Anne, the pastries looked fabulous. What kind of meats were there? Please forgive my ignorance but was that a pig? LOL Thank you for this beautiful video.

Nanna Lambert
Nanna Lambert 2 months ago

Sorry Marie, but as soon as the video began I had to run to my kitchen and grab a piece of flan( I am Cuban)to continue watching your lovely

Patricia Carragon
Patricia Carragon 2 months ago

joyeux noel oxoxo

ms.morbier 2 months ago

Thank you for the Christmas food tour! When in France we enjoy eating foie gras with a nice glass of champagne or chardonnay!

Marta Martin
Marta Martin 2 months ago

Thank you Marie anne, everything looks yummy , joueux Noel.

Denise Herud
Denise Herud 2 months ago

La bouche de Noël 💕💕💕 C'est mon favorite! Et père Noël donne les bonbons aux chausseurs des enfants. Monsieur Bonhomme est la version Françoise de "Frosty the Snowman." Joyeux Noël!🎄🎁

henrietta henson
henrietta henson 2 months ago

Oh how stunning ...everything looks so [email protected] fatening...but it is nearly Christmas so what the heck 🎅hope you have a good one 🎅🤶🤶🎅🎅🎅🤶🎅🤶🎅🤶🎅l am lucky to have a French style sweet shop next to my Salon it's so cute ..😍

Смеяна Жемчужная

I am a raw food vegan :)

Brett Nine
Brett Nine 2 months ago

Oh my goodness, Marie-Anne, but everything looks delicious, and so beautifully presented. Thank you very much for sharing with us. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Maria Vieira
Maria Vieira 2 months ago

Joyeux Noel🎄🎁

Pat McFadyen
Pat McFadyen 2 months ago

Oh, my goodness, delicious looking!

Byrl Staples
Byrl Staples 2 months ago

Joyeux Noel to you & all your family Marie-Anne. Thank you for sharing the video of all the wonderful breads, pastries & cheeses as well as the foie gras.

Dina Wiltshire
Dina Wiltshire 2 months ago

I would dive into that bakery and you would find me on the shelf in a food coma the next morning.....ROFL....Merci beaucoup pour votre Joyeux Noelle Marie-Anne....Calins..

Ambrose Joseph
Ambrose Joseph 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Courtney Richardson
Courtney Richardson 2 months ago

Oh my goodness - the cakes and pastries! They look divine! 😊

Gill D'achada
Gill D'achada 2 months ago

Wonderful. Joyeux Noel. xxx