5 EASY last minute gifts TO SEW that people will LOVE!


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Information 5 EASY last minute gifts TO SEW that people will LOVE!

Title : 5 EASY last minute gifts TO SEW that people will LOVE!

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Frames 5 EASY last minute gifts TO SEW that people will LOVE!

Description 5 EASY last minute gifts TO SEW that people will LOVE!

5 EASY last minute gifts TO SEW that people will LOVE!

5 EASY last minute gifts TO SEW that people will LOVE!

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UCF Mum 2 months ago

What wonderful ideas 👏 We can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2021. Thank you for sharing 👍👍 Stay safe healthy and happy ❤️✝️🇺🇸

Janet Schiffman
Janet Schiffman 2 months ago

How do you price your hand made items?

Ronaldo Valdez
Ronaldo Valdez 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing, i love your ideas and creations specially you, God bless you! :)

Francien Daniels-Webb

Check out Taylah Rose’s YouTube how she make a hundred scrunches per day and she shows you how and many other tips and tricks in selling.

Mary Kunst
Mary Kunst 2 months ago

Your choices of prints are so lovely. ❤️

Susan Turner
Susan Turner 2 months ago

Would love to see your price point on these. Obviously different depending where you are selling, but would give a general idea.

Anne-Marie Mckechan
Anne-Marie Mckechan 2 months ago

Seen quite a few scrunchie methods, but now I found this one, its going to be the one I continue to use! love it

Henriette Oosthuizen
Henriette Oosthuizen 2 months ago

Love your tipe of sowing, you, r a good teatcher! 💕

Alice Johnson
Alice Johnson 2 months ago

I love your practical gifts in your tutorials. I have been sharing what I have learned with others. You're a good teacher and I love your enthusiasm. Good work!

Vridhi Thapa
Vridhi Thapa 2 months ago

You are so talented person 😄love your all video 😍😍😍

Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene 2 months ago

You give great ideas and such, but would suggest that you tone it down a bit. You talk a lot more than is needed and that is a turn off to many viewers. Just trying to give critical feedback that may help you retain more viewers.

Elizabeth E
Elizabeth E 2 months ago

Just discovered your channel this month and I love all of these ideas! I actually ended up making the no-sew blanket for my friend's toddler who's a little over a year old and it turned out great - was super easy and calming to do.

Nina Obewu
Nina Obewu 2 months ago

You should get more subscribers

Marian Weber
Marian Weber 2 months ago

Thank you for the wonerful quick Christmas gifts to make. I loved them all.

Martina Delvai
Martina Delvai 2 months ago

OMG I'm so happy I sumbled over your channel again! I watched a bunch of your videos last year and in the beginning of this year but somehow didn't subscribe (until now) and I forgot the channel name. Just as handmate Crhistmas gift videos started to pop up in my recomended I was thinking about your videos and how I always found them usefull and full with great ideas. Every video says "...gifts people really want" and I feel your ideas are some of the only ones people would really be happy about.

Nina Obewu
Nina Obewu 2 months ago

I love your vídeos they are really easy to do and they aren't confusing at all. Keep up the good work

Deana Loves Sew’n
Deana Loves Sew’n 2 months ago

Hi Alisa!! Wonderful vlog.. Absolutely fabulous tips & Ideas.. Nice to know some of these can be hand sewn, coz that’s the only way I’m going to be able to finish some of my gifts....

Martha Villanueva
Martha Villanueva 2 months ago

Does anyone else find her voice 😠

Jessica Wery
Jessica Wery 2 months ago

many of us are probably adding a goal/resolution in the coming year to
"use up our stash" - I would love to see a video highlighting patterns
that use less than 1 yard/meter, 1.5yard/meter, and 2 yards/meters.
Perhaps others would, as well. Great vids!

Darnelle Echols
Darnelle Echols 2 months ago

Really nice and useful gifts. ❤️
Love your Packaging ideas!

Kat 2 months ago

Hope you are well
Do you have any tips/advice and patterns for menswear? I want to make my dad and boyfriend some things but unsure where to start

Pamela Hill
Pamela Hill 2 months ago

I just love your ideas and videos. You have brought my sewing back to life and got me excited again. Happy Holidays to you and your family

ibarramarthaf 2 months ago

Hi!! Great you're feeling better. Sorry I cant find how much fabric We need for the scarf. Sorry my my english isnt very good. Greetings from México city. 😊

Somewhere in Oregon
Somewhere in Oregon 2 months ago

Another great video! And a new scrunchie method!? Awesome!

Michelle Park
Michelle Park 2 months ago

Meri Kirihimete me te Hape Nū Ia

Rosy Reina
Rosy Reina 2 months ago

Beautiful 👏💖

Namrata Dangar
Namrata Dangar 2 months ago

Wowww..... amazing idea Thank you ma'am

Arlene Wade
Arlene Wade 2 months ago

Love it✂️🧵🪡❤️

Ange VPV
Ange VPV 2 months ago

Great teacher! I love your videos!

I’m Sew Blessed
I’m Sew Blessed 2 months ago

Oh dear. Hope your on the mend now. These are great quick useful ideas. 👍👍🥰

Angel 2 months ago

Awesome love holiday gift guides.

Anneka winckler
Anneka winckler 2 months ago

Hello 👋 love these ideas going to make them for my family xx

Thoughtful Creativity - CRAFT, SEW, DIY

Dear Sewing Friends, I am just recovering from a week-long sickness, so I am super happy to be here today with you and bring a little cheer with a gift video! I hope you enjoy, happy sewing! - Alisa