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Title : How To Train Your Voice To Sing Tenor

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How To Train Your Voice To Sing Tenor

How To Train Your Voice To Sing Tenor

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Rees-Mogg for PM
Rees-Mogg for PM 2 months ago

Contralto, not in training anymore, so on the look for some exercises, accessing the upper register is a challenge.

ForeverSleepy 2 months ago

You definitely aren't a baritone, dude. If you are, you're one convincing tenor. Your head voice has that classic tenor quality like that dancing ghost in Luigi's Mansion.

abhijeet dutta
abhijeet dutta 2 months ago


Sami Cirja
Sami Cirja 2 months ago

I’m a tenor and I can tell, this is very helpful.

1SunScope 2 months ago


Jojo’s toenail
Jojo’s toenail 2 months ago

I’m tryna be like dimash

First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 2 months ago


woofy 29
woofy 29 2 months ago

me too love to learn tenor style to sing those theatrical reach d high notes but lackg in vibrato..fullness

Slav Kulikov
Slav Kulikov 2 months ago are pathetic....

PotatoHead 2 months ago

Me watching at night and practicing it like 👁👄👁(shh)

TAEKOOK 2 months ago

Welcome army

chuang kim
chuang kim 2 months ago

He doesn't know how to sing passaggio. Don't believe.

Handsome Squidward
Handsome Squidward 2 months ago

I want to be an opera singer so bad but i cant sing

Ashwini Kamble
Ashwini Kamble 2 months ago

U r voice nice.. Sir

Rhoie Sundolan
Rhoie Sundolan 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing ♥️

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 2 months ago

I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover how to hit high notes singing without straining try Proutklarton Awaken Wish Plan (should be on google have a look )?

It is a good one of a kind product for discovering how to become a better singer without the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

It'sYaBoiiChris 2 months ago

Me learning this to sing your are the reason while playing on piano for my crush
Most everybody learning to get better at singing it general and to be in a quor or opera

Odin Sørensen
Odin Sørensen 2 months ago

Of course, the tenors on the radio sound nowhere as good as this.

Steve Gold
Steve Gold 2 months ago

Great video another tip is don't allow yourself to get louder as you move up in chest towards the break try to keep the volume constant then the transistor thru the break will appear to be seamless which Is what every singer is after.

Denis Morissette
Denis Morissette 2 months ago

I tried the NG sound and released. The released AH is weak, suppressed, not convincing at all. I hurt my throat at one occasion.

Ok fine
Ok fine 2 months ago

Being a baritone really sucks..

Wilson Bela
Wilson Bela 2 months ago

This is way too advanced for beginners Sir

Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira 2 months ago

Step No.1 is to sound nasal? What advantage does sounding nasal have? It sounds bad

Jasmine Williams
Jasmine Williams 2 months ago

You sound like Prince Philip.

Ensy Next
Ensy Next 2 months ago

*me trying to sleep at 3AM

flies on my ear: 0:57

Darren 2 months ago

Why would they show a close up of his eyes when he's demonstrating? I really enjoy this guy BUT I don't like "video jug" sorry what a name....

John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago

Never do they teach anything successful they just show off the techniques they learned and hold off sharing the secrets

Kenny Flores
Kenny Flores 2 months ago

Something’s telling me that this guy never sleeps

Thomas Nicholson
Thomas Nicholson 2 months ago

It was nice to hear a singing tutorial that didn't make me cringe.

Caprio Mrówkicz
Caprio Mrówkicz 2 months ago


khalid Azka
khalid Azka 2 months ago


Perv Mind
Perv Mind 2 months ago

i sound like a dying chicken

Joshua Andrei Cuenta
Joshua Andrei Cuenta 2 months ago

0:41, IMPASTA 👌

larence nova
larence nova 2 months ago

He blinked at 2:03


Sir do you mean that nasal is so helpful for hitting high notes?

MLBB FRUZE 2 months ago


Virgen Barton
Virgen Barton 2 months ago

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Marly b Marlinho
Marly b Marlinho 2 months ago

Check out this song. Its lovely

Gary X
Gary X 2 months ago

Not in the music playlist then.

indigo purple
indigo purple 2 months ago

how to sing like jungkook?
how bts warm up vocals?

Doow Gelin
Doow Gelin 2 months ago

How to boost your voice with this book you got it

Jb Diaz
Jb Diaz 2 months ago

he sounds like a disney Prince

LieutenantDark 2 months ago

0:42 You kinda sus

Hans Aldrin
Hans Aldrin 2 months ago

Can't stop laughing HAHAHAHA sounds like a buffed mosquito

Jerard 2 months ago

22 year old male soprano here ‼️‼️

honest._.hangman /\
honest._.hangman /\ 2 months ago

2:49... HE BLINKED🧐

𝓡𝓮𝓲𝓰𝓷 2 months ago

I actually figured out that i am a Tenor.
Yesterday, i had a big yawn and i was yelling loudly at the same time.. so yah that was pretty much it😂😂
Lmao jk✌😂

KeyboardKramer 2 months ago

Alright, so why did Vic Berger edit this?

joktan japet
joktan japet 2 months ago

Hi. can you please react to Marcelito Pomoy singing "The prayer" by Celine Dione and Andrea Boccelli?

Isaac Kungkho
Isaac Kungkho 2 months ago

All the steps taught here I do it perfectly during yawning ....😜

MICRONAUTIC YT 2 months ago

1:28 1:35 blink

Salim Raihan
Salim Raihan 2 months ago

Does anyone feel like this guy is an Illuminati?

Caiphus Mahlakwane
Caiphus Mahlakwane 2 months ago

Can someone please help me with this tenor singing .. like lesson please WhatsApp me I'm from South Africa (+27814168248)

Catherine Katelemuel
Catherine Katelemuel 2 months ago

I really want learn tenor by all cost not only it but I want to learn all the parts as a pls I really need ur help thank u all

Catherine Katelemuel
Catherine Katelemuel 2 months ago

I really want learn tenor by all cost not only it but I want to learn all the parts as a pls I really need ur help thank u all

Lucas Molina
Lucas Molina 2 months ago

he really do be good looking

MOsborneMcGregorGirl 2 months ago

Where did that voice come from? Is anyone else hearing voices???

Matteo Mangialetti
Matteo Mangialetti 2 months ago

The chest voice is the skeleton of the tenor voice.

18_XI MIPA 6 M. Ridwan Wirasasmita

I just want to scream like Sam Carter :(

Einezweioctopi 2 months ago

I'm not exactly sure I could buy this dude a beer without getting arrested for providing alcohol to a minor or not. He's really gonna enjoy that when he's 90 and looks about 35.

Izuu M.Nicholas Anonye

How do I develop a good vibrato for my baritone

Parzival Knight
Parzival Knight 2 months ago

Is this safe?

Phantom 2 months ago

i wanna sing like jungkook from BTS

jools sweller
jools sweller 2 months ago

So no online courses for this ?

Saturn666 2 months ago

Great guide, but really strange camera work ^-^'

Alexandru Ali
Alexandru Ali 2 months ago

F2 G4 i’m Baritone bass Baritone?

Stefan Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore 2 months ago

this guy scares me

Smart paramee
Smart paramee 2 months ago

Im 16 i start singing for 5 months and i cant reached F4 my voice will strain and cracked is it possible to train my voice to tenor?

patty toussaint
patty toussaint 2 months ago

A VOICE1 Soto nice

Poke Bantot
Poke Bantot 2 months ago

He blinks guys 2 times i gues? Just watch the Video every milisecond😂

salvador Gonzalez
salvador Gonzalez 2 months ago

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 2 months ago

I’m a bass I’m just hella bored lel

Alex Canaris
Alex Canaris 2 months ago

young man with a big 'WOBBLE' Shame. no future. Alex Canaris, singing teacher.

Slim One
Slim One 2 months ago

What's the name of the high pitch voice boys lose some of when they become a teenager?

Severin's Classical Karaoke House

Good advice! Thank you for sharing.

Mysterium Vitae
Mysterium Vitae 2 months ago

Does somebody think you should train your voice to sing tenor if you aren't one naturally? I dunno. Many choirs have the problem that the SATB system is designed for a T/B ratio of about 1:2, but cannot find enough true tenors for the T part. Ones with a real tenor timbre and range. This is a problem, but think twice before choosing the tenor voice in a SATB choir if you're a baritone. It's not only about the top notes. Many baritons hit an A4 (more or less top of the choral tenor range), of course. It's also about the average pitch, about "soaring" in quite a height over long times and being good at that. If you can it, in whatever way in terms of technics, and are fine with this, go singing tenor as a baritone. Probably many people do that. But even lyrical baritones have hurt themselves in the role of a tenor already, so be careful.

Eden Webley
Eden Webley 2 months ago

Baritone teaches us how to be tenor

Nez Ynez
Nez Ynez 2 months ago

He blinked.

Incredible fun
Incredible fun 2 months ago


Ziad S.Y
Ziad S.Y 2 months ago

I can hit a C#6 (falsetto) but chest voice (high) C5 and low note G2 what am I

Icz_Blnx 2 months ago

What!!!!, he wasn't blinking for a long time!!!!!

Uber King
Uber King 2 months ago

Sounds like Jimmy Carr

Paul Son
Paul Son 2 months ago

You're excellent! I loved the video.

Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man 2 months ago

Half a year ago, I was comfortably singing tenor. Now, I can only sing up to G4..

Ken Rivero
Ken Rivero 2 months ago

2020 here

Thanatos 2 months ago

he blinks at 1:17

rmpht 2 months ago

lol 420 dislikes

Ed Hooper
Ed Hooper 2 months ago

Why was I scared to look into his eyes

Gilon Kraft
Gilon Kraft 2 months ago

Honestly, I don't know what voice type I have. I might be a bass because I have a very "heavy" tone when I sing low and the bottom of my range is around a B1-D2 depending on how I feel; however, I can sing all the way up to a D6-G#6 fairly depending on how I feel with not much strain except if I am "not feeling it" and trying to go higher than I should. And if I use my whistle register, something that is very undeveloped in my voice right now, I can go as high as a C7? Any clue as to what voice type I might have or, not desiring to blaspheme, just possess a massive vocal range?

Marcello Berry
Marcello Berry 2 months ago

i have no inserest in being a tenor im happy as a bass

Jared Jones
Jared Jones 2 months ago

They ban this video from FB. Horrible

Enzo Aquino
Enzo Aquino 2 months ago

He blinks at 1:15 so chill out people, we are safe

Georges Tatarian
Georges Tatarian 2 months ago

Never sing nasal, very bad technique that most modern tenors use. (advice for opera singers)

Peekay Njagi
Peekay Njagi 2 months ago

OMG! This guy doesn't blink. Not even once.

EARGASM ASMR 2 months ago

im just mesmerized how handsome he is. Amazing coach !

Superman's Babygirl
Superman's Babygirl 2 months ago

what am i if i’m a man and can sing c2-c6 (my tessatura is like d2 to a5 i think)

alex 2 months ago

2:45 oh my god the camera work

Eric Dolman
Eric Dolman 2 months ago

Very interesting and informative. Thankyou.

Aindrias Hirt
Aindrias Hirt 2 months ago

'A lot of trolls here. He has some good points.

geespar1 2 months ago

Excellent lesson